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  1. The Beginning of the End of the Beginning
  2. Reckoning: Into the Snake's pit
  3. Reckoning: The Pains of Rebirth [Completed]
  4. Reckoning: Smokescreen
  5. Reckoning: A Cacophony of Laughter
  6. Reckoning: To Immerse Oneself in Starlight [Completed]
  7. Reckoning: Blind Sight [Completed]
  8. Reckoning: Depths Unknown
  9. A Story About Losing Your Way...
  10. The Sound Of A Claw | Part 1: Drunk On Rice
  11. The Sound Of A Claw | Part 2: Rattling Bones
  12. The Sound of a Claw | Part 3: Return to Form