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Sennou no Shi, the City of Kings. The Shichou had traveled a long way to get here. It was said that Iron was becoming the new Rice country. Young Ayame-kage had been thinking of establishing relations with the Oto-nin for quite some time, both villages having been betrayed by other nations and forced in to live in situations less than ideal for their people. However before any official actions could be taken, Sound had some glorious rebirth thanks to what some of their own shinobi believed as selling their souls to devils. Many of whom had taken up field agent positions and were able to move around different countries as free agents, several choosing to set up small bases of operations in Iron. Now, the young leader was not so sure. She knew that she didn't want enemies, but she also knew the political importance of appearance so she sent out her senior diplomat to test the waters.

The porcelain princess, walked under her parasol and dressed in a bright crimson h?mongi with dark silver detailing, looked around the streets of the city with her nose upturned. A chuunin and two genin had accompanied her there, but not for the purpose of being part of the meeting. Their duty was to bring her Spring collection to the market place and inject some much needed culture and class in to this dreadful, drab place. The tiny group had set up a stall, and of course the Shichou needed to fuss over the tiniest details, down to threatening to send one of the genin all the way back home by his self.

Finally when she was somewhat content that her minions were going to be able to at least take the money for the clothing that should be able to sell themselves, she was free to go off to her meeting. To be totally honest, she wasn't looking forward to it at all but it was part of her duty to her country. She supposed that the poor shinobi of Otokagure had been without a home and proper clothing for far so long, they were probably nothing but militant idiots who knew so little civility. The man she was meeting probably wouldn't even know the difference between an oil painting or impressionist, much less haute couture or ready to wear. All the meeting was supposed to be was subtle small talk to see what could be weaseled out of the Oto-nin, seeing what was going on New Sound, the general populace's feelings on their leader, what they were in need of, so forth and so on.

With a heavy sigh, the woman gracefully slid in to one of the booths in a corner table of one of the finer restaurants in Sennou no Shi. The restaurant itself, a bit cut off from the main market place, built in a semi-circular design and in to the mountainside. The view was truly beautiful once you were actually out of all the bustle. The people below looked almost looked like little ants to the Shichou, then again, most were in comparison. Now it was just a waiting game.

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The midnight light illuminated the outer rims of the terrain beautifying the mountains afar with the eerie echoes of enlightenment. Although the night was at its peak, cascading down the mountainsides, light started to reflect over the residential section of Sennou no Shi. And passing on by, licking the shoulders of three men. Who were here on a mission, here to situate a meeting of sorts with the ambassador of the renowned Hidden Rain Village.

Yakamori Zen, a man with little words and probably over millions to count of his negative actions, looked down from the urban areas, to the actual spread of the city, watching the people in the distance walk as though life was as it was, but without shinobi in their presence. One of Zen's Genin didn't understand how people could live without Ninjas. A non-shinobi design force was all he knew of them, and couldn't understand their mathematics. In his mind, their 2 + 2 equaled 87.

Frustration could be noted from the way he looked at them all, lip turned, eyes narrowing, low.

"How can they live this way? I'm surprised no one ever took their spot in this world as the center of all political standing."

"Hey, I brought you here to simply escort me. I won't hear a word of that kind of talk," retorted in a calm voice Field Agent, Yakamori Zen.

"Besides," submitted the Chuunin ally. "They have their minds set to a stable path. It's like they're... our moral fiber. All what I can't stand for is the fact that we have to talk to some drenched, sewer-smelling, Shinobi of Amegakure. We deserve a chance to at least talk to Konohagakure--and that's going from the least. In my perspective, we have better needs to nego--"

"Enough. Leave."

And with one command, the men who brought Zen in, went out. In smoke. They were not of any importance to what he had to do, and for sure will not let their words pierce this moment. In fact, he knew it was a grand moment, to finally have his people negotiate with someone of another village, be it a leader or a Genin. He knew, to his people, it would be refreshing.

Although knowing all of this, he himself didn't care. Not even the least of it. He pictured it as simply a mission, and just knew of the grand consequences. It happened all the time. Especially on assassinations; where he had to kill someone in order to save a whole entire village. It wasn't for their sake, but for him to do his job right.

With that, he launched out into the city, and started walking and enter to the agreed rendezvous point. Entering inside the Restaurant, he saw her. Instantly his swagger turned from off to on, and he looked at her with his smokey-grey eyes, and asked her so gentlemanly,

"May I sit?"

03-27-2011, 11:50 AM
She glanced up at the man; her hands were folded under chin, fingers interlaced. Titanium colored irises gave him a quick glance over, looking for the eighth note branding that most Sound shinobi were known to proudly display on their bodies. Having seen none, her eyes narrowed. There were many men who had tried to approach her during her short time here already for one reason or another, whether it being trying to sell her merchandise or trying to sell her themselves. After all, wasn't that what all dates were when it really came down to it? One party trying to boost their pros and hide their flaws to the other party until an agreement for company was made? It was really no wonder that the woman was single if you stopped to think about.

Regardless, she let released her right hand from her own grasp. The sleeve of her kimono barely falling down to her wrist as she held it out, open palm, to indicate the side of the booth across from her. "That depends my friend. You see, I'm afraid, I'm already waiting for someone. If you're," She had to pause for a moment. What was the man's name? Yashanori Ken? She had completely forgotten, having been sidetracked earlier. Her gaze cut to the side, glancing back out the window. Either way, there was always a fall back trick in these situations. If this was him, he'd reveal his name soon enough and jog her memory. "the highly praised Oto-nin who was to join me for a discussion, then yes, you may."

First impressions were important, and on none so much as a on Shichou. At least he seemed like a decent enough person when all things were considered: nicely dressed, well groomed, average appearance all things considered. She knew that the Sound nin had been nomadic for several years which would put a great deal of scars and musculature on the body; he seemed to be lacking both. Then again, her cousin Hei had undergone several medical procedures to make sure his own body was flawless and Otogakure had those Naga things. Who knows that those beasts were capable of?

03-27-2011, 04:57 PM
If only she knew of whom he was to be. The appearance of Yakamori Zen did look more like that of a jazzy person, with just a face hard and cold as stone. A quiet boss with no empathy. The flaws of his as a person was just the blood he had shed over the years since his youth, since he was a nomad, and like a daredevil business, if asked about his negativity, he wouldn't be afraid to spill the details, with no aims to please the woman's ears in search for positivity.

Then again, he was never good at being a businessman.

When he looked to the woman, he didn't remember her name. Usually he does when contracted to kills, but living the life as a normal ninja in a well-tamed village changed him entirely. He slowed down his missions, and was hardly given tasks simply to kill by the mark. It was normally kill when necessary over anyone in his way--typical experiences in Jounin-leveled missions.

The sight of her eye colors reminded of his own, but with more clarity and having a slight bit more of an understanding in ethical behavior and village pride, which he carried none in his arsenal. In his way of life, reasoning is only necessary when the contract says so. Because his contract was to make things situate reasonably with another country and village, he had to keep it as written in fine ink, without a chance to slip. And that's what made him a good contender in stuff like these: He keeps his word on what is written for him to do.

Since her name wasn't in the writing in his letter, he simply sat down after hearing what she was sitting for, displaying that he was the man she sought after all this time in her life. Now, with a neutral attitude, he looked at her with his grey eyes looking directly at hers, eyelids lower than usual.

"I am your man," he replied.

He couldn't smell sewer water from her. And the thought of what his Chuunin ally irritated him, for the stereotypes were starting to glue onto his noggin.

"So I hear your village is at its most calming time period, is this true or still there be wars roaming afoot as we speak?"

03-27-2011, 05:50 PM
The woman let out a soft, easily mistakable sigh. Well, impoliteness was on the list. Introductions for strangers were certainly a must, even if they were supposed to know each other's names. She saw where this meeting was going. If anything was going to be accomplished, she was going to be the one who'd have to take the lead role. Then what else could she expect.

"My name is Shichou Yuumei, senior diplomat of Amekagure. Pleasure to meet you."

At his question, she offered him a smile. Things were going well back at home and while most would hate the constant rain and grey skies, Yuumei almost seemed to yearn for it. Amanjou was almost ready to be occupied. Several of genin teams had been sent out to make sure the path would be free of rain military. The Shichou herself had been out on a few missions to make sure that things were set up between a few rebelling citizens who would provide safe passage and necessities to Ame's cities during the trip in case anything unforeseen were to happen.

"Yes, everything is going quite swimmingly actually. We're in the process of relocating. And while I certainly wouldn't call it anything close to a war, we still have the corrupt rain military in our way but they will always be just because they fight for their own selfish benefit and not for the county's. However they are quickly learning their place, and a perhaps a couple of diamyos who are a little resistant to the change but they are coming to see the return of the shinobi village will benefit everyone."

After all, no one was supposed to the location of the current Amegakure, having only announced their existence to the rest of the world a little over a year ago. Any rumors of rain shinobi would have been just that, rumors. Much like those of the Sound nin would have experienced before they had their village returned to them by the Naga.

"Then again, we didn't have anyone to create a whole village out of nothing. That must have been a sight to behold, eh?" It was a careful maneuver on her part, trying to steer the conversation towards something that was pertinent towards what the Amekage had asked for.

03-28-2011, 02:32 PM
"Swimmingly," he recalled and carried on a soft giggle. Not so in a way it made him smile large with his teeth all showing, but grin to a slight margin in respect of her characteristics. "You are truly a diplomat. I don't think I ever used that word. Then again, my actions speak for themselves usually.”

But he understood her very clearly. Her mentioning that there has been corruption, with many ups coming from such a heavy down, meant something a bit beneficial to the Shinobi inside her homeland at least. Though, like a lot of political undulations, not all things come to an abrupt bliss.

"Yes. It had shocked even me on how fast things were progressing. The people of Otogakure have been struck by a very lucky playing hand."--As if he believed in luck--"The mind is of the willing for change, but not all possible natures and backgrounds can fully transcend to said conversion." He was thinking of himself more than likely, and how difficult it felt to keep his own mind from not hoping for a war to come rear its face in haste. Although he was quite the neutral character, with a neutral perspective of everything, his nature, how he was raised of being, subconsciously, and apparently, had been experiencing a certain yearn.

"From what I can tell, eventually, all will be civilized on our side of the page; the nomadic life now long gone. Though tell me, what of your people's system for communication? Have there ever been conflictions with other nations, or any struggles inside? Is there a story to be said, or has things been in a certain consistency of merely Government vs Shinobi?"

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She lifted a hand as the man spoke, signaling to a near by waiter who arrived just as Zen had finished speaking. Holding her free hand out towards him, asking for a brief respite in conversation, she placed an order for a cup of Gyokuro. In a movement of perfectly time graced, she waved the hand that held the waiter's attention to dismiss him while dropping the one which was politely asking for the pause.

"I don't think any Hidden Village is really without its inside struggles I suppose. There is a faction among the village that, yes, does feel a bit hostile about the move we had to make. They didn't like the fact that Rain was betrayed by its own government all those years ago and the loss of the Yondaime from that period. They separated themselves from the rest of village, but their isn't any hostilities. I'm sure you can understand that... something about, Iron Laws?"

She said raising a questioning brow. Certainly one could not expect a diplomat of her caliber to go in to a negation, even an informal meeting, without having done their research first. At the perfect time, her tea was delivered and with a slight bow of her head and a smile she thanked the server. Yuumei carefully stirred the cloudy looking, dark green tea, watching the steam rise up from it before continuing.

"As for conflicts with other nations, you have to remember... we have only recently announced ourselves, sort of by surprise I suppose, at the Chuunin exams after being wiped from the world for almost fifty years." She said with a small laugh. "Konoha was quick to acknowledge and work with us. We're currently trying to establish relations with Kusa, but... everyone else seems to be in a bit of an upheaval these days. Some war, civil or otherwise. Some maniacal person or corrupt government intent on taking over. Speaking of which..."

She put sown the spoon and took a small sip of her tea. Carefully, she sat the cup back down again. It seemed like in the exact same spot as it had been in before, the exact same position even. "Tell me, what's your own opinion of the Naga? And, please, let me know if I am overstepping my boundaries here... but I heard their might be foul play involving the previous Otokage, with his own brother?"

Never let it be said that while a Shichou might chastise others for gossiping, they weren't above listening and remembering every word of it when it is was pertinent for something that might come up in later use.

03-29-2011, 06:26 PM
Zen could almost laugh at the word Iron Laws. Such word rang to and inside his ears and pictures of reminisce came falling inward. Raining inside his brain, with each droplet colored in scarlet red. In fact he, and many in his company, enforced these laws against runaways or stop disputes among each other and such. To speak of them would be treasonous. In fact, it was part of law #4. As Secrecy is a virtue among Sound. Although Yakamori Zen knew all of the 7 rules, he also knew of his ignorance. She may beat him over a sly intellectual gathering if he should reveal some of these rules, or even the name Bunraku or War Council.

All he knew there could be a loophole to the defeat of Sound, and wasn't up for any laws kept to be revealed unless the contract told him to do so. Call him old school in that department… to not reveal a law unless the law says that it can be revealed.

"Yes, that does make more sense. If you sought after to know of our Iron Laws, then I am terribly sorry to decline the offer to be in the making." It hadn't been a time like this he was given the opportunity to talk to an ambassador of another nation. He had to be on his toes, and drill in a nail in all the holes that he can see in his work before revealing it as a product to the consumer.

International documentaries wouldn't be hard to reveal. Any natural citizen of Otogakure may walk to Konohagakure now, and tell of the fate and struggles of the former leader of their people. So revealing about the Naga and the struggle for leadership could, to his knowledge, be possible to reveal by anyone and traveled to anyone these days.

"Kaigen was a valorous leading man for our movement as a people. He was open, creative. But his efforts went beyond with too many actions sprouting under his wing. It resulted to his death, with his brother, Raimei finding his body and being our current figurehead. Controversy can run wild and be filled with legend, but as you can see, as our leader, it isn't entirely proven that he killed his brother. Though that soft spot in our people's wound still sits there and is trying to be forgotten as we live with a grander lifestyle than ever before."

The waiter returned to their table. He was young, fragile, and forgot to ask Zen his order. He was a bit scared, and it was easy to read in Zen's experienced eyes. He figured the boy was scared of even asking the Senshi a question on how beautiful the moon is, let alone asking for what he wanted to eat. But Zen wasn't bothered by it at all, and reached into his pocket. The man froze. Out came a Ryo, and he flipped it with his thumb, allowing it to perfectly land on the boy's hair, resonating a fair and bouncy thud.

"I'll just have a glass of orange juice."

With that, the boy said thank you in stutter, and walked on to the kitchen area. Yakamori Zen didn't do much with his face to look at the young man, and simply turned his eyes back to the woman. Remembering her looks to be almost as piercing as his...maybe it was the color.

"Can't say the leader is milking it all by keeping the people at ease—that too would sound controversial," he finished.

Although he was a man of total secrecy, well trained to dispose in the shadows, he had to let up if he wanted to do his duty to get in to knowing more about the Country of Rain.

"From what I can see, our two nations are not so much different. The rumors about you and your people's struggles and rises would shock one of my very ignorant escorts."

"Oh, and my point of view of the Naga? Their minds are...a bit out there." The Senshi next placed both hands onto the table, waiting for his glass of orange juice, and also to make sure he can attain some information himself by looking like he is comfortable than rigid. Something tells him his people have their fair share of rumors as well.

"What of the allies and enemies of your nation. It might be kind of useful to us if we knew of this at least if we are to make a relationship."

03-31-2011, 02:16 AM
The woman's eyes widened, shaking her head in some surprise. This one was quite an odd creature. Several of the Oto-nin she'd ran in to had brandishing their scars, rattling off their precedents with a certain sense of pride. They told stories about how they bested their peers to advance in rank, giving her gory details about those who chose to betray the the village and how some were using the guise of field agents to do so. More over, that secrecy was held above all else and yet he was dishing a few tawdry details. True, it probably wasn't his intention to do so but all the same.

"I'd like to think of them as mostly rises." She said to the other Jounin with a polite smile. "After being betrayed by our own country all that time ago and having to flee in to such, deplorable conditions," She paused, never once stating that the Hidden Village was currently taking up quite a bit of Rice's subterranean depths, knowing that the Koukyo Meikyuu would certainly have anyone trying to infiltrate them being lost for months. "Well, after her father's death I think Ayame-kage really rose to the challenge and fulfilled all his and now her people's dreams. I think we're doing perfectly."

She watched his little trick with coin, half amused, as she took another sip from her cup. When he spoke of his ignorant companion, she couldn't help but think of her own in the market place and wonder how they were doing. Her mind drifting off to the business side of things rather than this small meeting. Her attention was waning.

"Allies, again, Konoha was the first to recognize us as a nation and we have an amicable treaty with them. Should be be attacked, they'll come to our aid and vice versa. Normally a very strong nation but they have been going through a bit of a time now, but they have yet to ask for our help so either they don't think it is too difficult or they're a bit prideful. I'm leaning toward the latter but, pride is never a horrible thing. No outright enemies yet but I don't think anyone would be that... "

She trailed off with a little laugh, her eyes cutting to the side to look out the window. Rain's tribulations had forced them to hold themselves to a higher standard when it came to shinobi lifestyle. All you had to do was take a look around to see that Rain was full of some of the best that there was to offer. Fuck, two words, one name: Meinaka Ishuro.

03-31-2011, 05:46 PM
Yakamori Zen had little to no care about his companions' emotional perspectives and belief in rumors. He knew from experience that everyone's different, and not all take information from an exact, raw source. Everyone pleases for their lives in different ways when near to their death... same when it came to social thinking, and maybe more so. One man may be the most prided shinobi in his nation, but with flaws to desire women from left to right because he thinks lusting over a woman keeps him hale and hearty. Zen understood the flaws of a human being, just cared little about the unforeseeable merits. And couldn't hold a grudge against escorts of his own.

As she explained of her events, Zen's mind started to enter her eyes, and try learning what she was informing him. He had to keep it all memorized, and think not of anything she may add on with emotion or with an ignorant perspective. Luckily, her profession wasn't something she could falsify naturally, for he heard only her voice in an unbiased and objective language.

He was reading her pretty much as of right now, even though she has earned enough of his trust to continue the conversation.

While she talked about her ally being Konoha, and having no enemies of any other nation as of yet, he looked at his glass of orange juice, starring directly into the cubes. The orange reminded him of fire. The Will of Fire. Konoha Village.

We have a small scar on us with Konohagakure no Sato, but it is ancient history, nearly forgotten probably by the majority. Even I don’t know why there’s this small, almost minute, tension, and would think it had to be before my time. I think it was about a assassination attempt...?

He wanted to say this kind of, but knew it might turn her alarm system on high. Besides, it was lacking true facts. What he had in mind on what to say may be different in her perspective, secondly. He wasn’t great at debating defensively on something he has no real truth or story holding his back in, and knew this had to be another key had to put down, find another, and turn to door number 2. Open it, and lead her to what contents lie in that instead.

“Sound had its rough times as well. Especially with Cloud for technological purposes, but have pledged a non-aggression treaty with them for that. So, to my knowledge, we have no real enemy, and can develop allies. Naga, as of now, are on our side.”

He touched his glass softly with his hands cupped around it.

“Hence why I am here.”

04-07-2011, 10:02 AM
The young woman nodded slightly, knowing that she had hit hit a sore point for the Oto-non. Not even she was sure how many countries had banded against the mighty Sound nation; it was an event left unspoken among the elders in her village, like it never happened, and when she had pressed on in her diplomatic duties it was met with a sharp tongue and even more distaste. It was obvious a sore subject for everyone, much like the war with Yukigakure and only Konahakure had bragged about that, but not even they had spoken a word about that, which lead the Shichou to believe multiple villages shared in the slaughter. Ah well, all was fine now it seemed.

"I know you have had your run in's with them in the past but, best to let sleeping dogs so they say." All Yuumei could offer him was a little shrug to comfort him as she stirred her tea again, keeping it from separating too much before lifting it to her almost to her ruby lips again. "While I can't say I fully trust them either, they are a strong force and every country has a few bad apples in their midst that haven't been plucked yet." She glanced up at him, finally sipping the mixture. It was like the liquid metal irises were staring right through him, could see the thoughts going on in his should: if he should stay or go, the inner turmoil ravaging his mind and she just smiled at him.

"So, while I know this isn't a formal diplomatic sojourn, would there be anything that your village requires... or you in particular? I'm sure you must have had to travel quite the long way from... where is it? Rice? I was just stopped in Fire."

04-07-2011, 01:53 PM
The days were wearing many who walked long out in the streets, but Zen's stamina trekked no where near to the end of the bridge at this point. It still sat steadily in the middle. Looking aimlessly out to the clear and clean river with no necessary places in thought of going.

His desires were aimless before this point throughout the day, though her words for a possible opening to something else made him sway to the characteristics he had attained as a city dweller. From an assassin to a neutrally minded gigolo. As a shinobi of Hidden Sound assassinations were little to nonexistent, it was natural for him to find a new habit and that was loving women, with still that neutral perspective in everything still there to bear.


They all seem to like my calm swagger. Even the very smart ones.

But this was a very non-diplomatic way of thinking. However, from what he could see, both he and she felt that their session clearly was drawing to a close. The sounds of doors were shutting as they sit. The night was young; practically morning to a time period of people's personal fulfillment and galore.

The contract was complete from what he saw. He was able to be as free as he was at Hidden Sound for a while longer till he received the next letter from his country again for another mission. It was different now. As as Field Agent, he had to get use to being back out in the open, and working. As trivial as it may sound, he had a small feeling wanting to visit his Hidden Village sometime soon.

He also didn't want to impose and assume of this woman's thoughts, or lose the other "flair" they had: keeping two countries at peace with one another. So he had to keep all this feeling, all these words of thought, covered, and erased off the chalkboard until he saw some kind of sign worth interpreting--which a second thought of his started to doubt to see from a diplomat.

He didn't even know of a professional way to flirt. So it went subliminally. Not even a new gesture or expression was given out for her to read.

"That is true. But you might be more tired than I if you came here all the way from over there."

He could tell she was penetrating his eyes, and smiled, so he had to make a comeback with his very own expression. Staring with an even lower level with his eyelids, directly defining the word "suave".

"But I should be more inclined to help, Madame. In compensation of you having to wait for me first in this meeting, and as a respectful form of gratitude of Rice Country, Hidden Sound, and as a man for a woman in nature, I will be asking that very same question."

He made it so that it wouldn't be seen if she didn't think at his channel of thought. If she did, he would expect a reply, sign, or anything to fit along the channel. If she didn't, he would expect a professional answer of something not related to what he was thinking, settled in another channel. Either way it went, he was satisfied that his mission was pretty much complete.

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Fucking Iron Country. Why’d they send him? Of course he knew the reason. The only person Yuumei would probably listen to at a time like this was him. Of course there were a thousand things he would rather be doing than fetching after his cousin though he did adore and admire her. She was an adult, the diplomat knew her way around with words and with fighting if need be. Of course an urgent message had come up and it was up to the younger of the two to retrieve the woman.

The village was nice, that wasn’t a stretch, but some of the people, if not most were definitely rough around the edges. A place where shinobi from all over the world gathered, the tension was definitely noticeable in the air. But none of that really mattered for there were all kinds of glances coming his way as he walked the streets, though that was nothing new. These people weren’t as used to seeing a Shichou walk around as they were an Amegakure. Hei was dressed in a black silk jumpsuit, light and navy blue stars adorning it, a little something he thought up, different than his normal pattern, but in the end still the same trademark he’d worked hard on.

As Hei walked the streets he asked around, trying to find his cousin. Of course she stuck out like a sore thumb everywhere she went, so it wasn’t too hard to begin to pinpoint her location. Finally he came to a restaurant on a mountain and walked in, talking to the host and figuring out the table location. Eyes looked inside and found the diplomat with another guy, no doubt the guy who she’s doing business with.

The other man looked quite tacky, perhaps trying too hard to impress someone. A sigh soon escaped Hei’s lips as he walked towards the table and he cleared his throat. ”Excuse me, Yuumei-san. I was sent to deliver an urgent message to you, if I could steal you away for a moment.”

04-19-2011, 08:57 PM
Shichou Yuumei, at her very best, could be called the queen of ice. It was certainly not for a lack of suitors, but for her incredibly high standards. With a breeding and background like hers, well, you just couldn't expect her to settle for a hook up with any Taro, Daichi, or Haru. It was because of that, that she was almost inapproachable in her home country. She could only arch her brow, head tilting in slight confusion, and wonder what all this show was about.

In truth, she wasn't at tired at all. She and her companions had traveled by rickshaw with their good. In fact, it had been quite the comfortable journey once they had gotten out of Rice and they could take the top down and see the whole of the other countries as they passed through them. Though it was only then did she notice that he was staring at her oddly, a fact that made her slightly uneasy. She shifted in her seat uncomfortably; maybe it was the fact that it was there wasn't enough padding in cushion on the booth.

It wasn't until then that she saw a pair of clothing that caught her eye. No one she had seen in Iron as of yet had managed to have such a flare. She leaned over to look past Zen and spot her cousin, the tiny confusion that was on her face earlier twisted up even more. Her cousin, here? Before he even got close to her table, she spoke out in surprise.

"Hei-ch...er, san"

There was no way that the male Shichou wasn't on her level when it came to his designs, despite being in a different genre. Although, in truth, it was probably better that the two stayed in separate clothing styles because that way they could have the amicable relationship they did. In her eyes, he was always going to be her little cousin, tending to his gardens. The one fought bravely in the Chuunin Exams when Amegakure revealed themselves and showed what the Shichou were capable of when he literally capable of. He always going to be endeared to her.

"Oh, I... um..."

Yuumei found herself in a very precarious position; she was working but if Hei came all the way out here on his on, it had to be an important family matter. She almost growled through her teeth. Her manicured nails could almost be heard digging in to bottom of the table. If there was anything the diplomat hated more than anything than a deal going sour, was being interrupted. It was like being between a rock and a hard place.

"Oh, Hei-san, is there any possible way it can wait? I'm in a meeting of a sorts of at the moment with um," She still had never gotten the Oto-nin's name throughout their conversing. "a very important person from Otogakure to see if Ayame-kage would like to establish relations with their country."

Her voice was higher than normal and the words were practically being forced out through clenched teeth.

04-22-2011, 08:34 PM
Yakamori Zen was a fool on his approach. He never really had any intentions to develop the feeling to flirt, but he saw subtle things in her eyes and latest words, he could only turn right when he was suppose to go left. Maybe, truly, it was here eyes. They seem to look similar to his every time he looked on to them.

Nevertheless, her words and signs of discomfort was only natural, and he learned that what she said wasn't implying to anything for him to fill in the blanks.

Silent as a mouse, and finding himself a little imbalanced, he looked out to the window and as soon as he did, he saw a young man enter the restaurant with the look to fulfill a certain duty. And Zen's assumption to his looks was correct, the boy had to do something, and it was with the woman he had been talking to as of current.

He didn't mind. And to make sure he said, "Nothing to worry. We both learned a lot about each others' homeland, and am pleased to know that your land is filled with some strong-willed people. Any ignorance about you from our part will be nonexistent by the time I return on home with my report."

Times were flying by. The moon shined bright, and the people were becoming more scarce. Children were already in bed, guards were all placed steady in their posts or sleeping till their shift was to come. Things were at ease here, and he kind of liked how laid-back it has been.

Feeling content, Zen lifted the arm closest to the window, and rested his chin on his forehand, thinking.

04-26-2011, 11:36 PM
It had seemed that the Chuunin put his older cousin in a rough predicament. Now he didn’t know the details on any sort of diplomacy, but he did figure that a sudden request as his own could hamper relations between two sets of people. Then again it wasn’t his idea nor under his own will to do such. This was a combined request of the Amekage and the elders of the Shichou. Hei was simply the errand boy, one that everyone knew wouldn’t get shot when delivering the message.

Yuumei asked for a little bit of time and there wasn’t any time frame put on the male Shichou. So as far as he was concerned, as long as the two of them returned together it was a success for him. Slowly the Chuunin nodded and grabbed a chair, pulling it up to the table that the two Jounin were sitting at. ”You can be granted time. I hope you don’t mind if I sit in, Yuumei-san. I always wanted to witness a diplomatic meeting and why not observe from one of the best.”

The male’s eyes then turned to the Oto-nin who soon began to speak about some nonsense. His words, what the fuck? Like seriously what was he saying, what was he talking about? Ignorance about us? As far as the two sitting in front of him? As far as the Shichou? Or maybe all of Amegakure as a whole. Perhaps he didn’t quite know who he was talking to. This nameless man just spouted off some bullshit without even thinking about what he was saying.

”Look, I’m sorry to interrupt but this is really nagging on me.” The Shichou’s eyes turned towards the Oto-nin, a cold stare forming behind hazel orbs.

”What do you mean by you? Surely you don’t mean me because you know nothing about me. And surely you don’t mean Yuumei. Perhaps you are saying her type of people? Those who actually dress to impress and don’t slouch around. People that don’t stumble through their words and people that don’t just say the first thing that comes to mind regardless of how ignorant and stupid it sounds? Or maybe you mean Amegakure. But with the way you said you, that doesn’t seem likely. It sounds to me that you were slighting either me or Yuumei-san. Neither of which I can stand for.”

05-04-2011, 01:56 PM

"That's fine Hei-san; it shouldn't take much longer I imagine."

Although the two Jounin had been in a rather redundant position and were wrapping things up, the Shichou felt that it was always the best to end on a good note and make sure that there weren't any additional questions or concerns that needed to be addressed. It seemed that some people needed to be beat over the head with something or had often forgot a topic that was previously addressed in the conversation; she had a feeling that this Oto-nin was one of those people and she was thankful for the time to end things properly.

After the Chuunin had made himself comfortable and stroked her ego a bit, she was about to continue on. However, that was when the sharp tongue of the Shichou lashed out. Being a diplomat, and having been smoothed of her rough edges, Yuumei was used to having to bite hers back no matter what she was thinking inside. Hei on the other hand had several disadvantages to this. He was a man, a young one at that, which already led him to short and firey tempers for whatever reason it was that males were cursed with it. The second was his pride for his family, which every one of them had, probably more so than their pride of Amegakure, which the other shinobi had also possibly offended. All she could do was stare at him, her jaw slackened for a moment, albeit brief. She could only let out a short laugh in astonishment before her attention turned back to the man sitting in front of her.

"Well, let me say this," She cleared her throat, sitting up straight as board with her hands folded in front of her, only fingers on the table. "Now you've seen both sides. I came here as a diplomat of Amegakure: affable, compromising, subdued, and fastidious. My cousin has brought the true side; the perfect example of a shinobi of Ame. He's not just strong, in both physical body and mental fortitude but he's driven, passionate, self-confident. He holds both his village and his clan dear to him. What he perceives any offense, even in the smallest slight, he'll point out and confront without hesitation."

What could have been a disastrous moment was hopefully salvaged as she tried to lead Zen to view it from that perspective.

05-05-2011, 10:18 PM
Yakamori Zen wouldn't dare try to retort. He understood the minds of many fiery youths, especially the ones he once called a friend... The first ninja he ever had to capture, who ended up dead in his very hands.

Zen thought well on the minds of many children's of war like him, and thought how they would turn out after being allowed a home in Rice Country. Maybe some where like this kid, fiery still, and nothing to halt them and their endeavors to manhood in accordance to their culture. Something as subconsciously driven as that, or subconsciously drawn to the exact opposite; finding contentment after now having a normal bed to rest their heads on. Zen himself found comfort in someways, and made love to women only after his people founded a new Hidden Village of Sound; one he has never seen before, for he was burn right at the brim of its catastrophic aftermath.

Zen thought back hard, trying to see who all had really changed. He quickly remembered by image of so many people smiling, and less and less of his assassin nomadic colleges working under simpler tasks; most that he knew did not hate it one bit. All known jobs one had before were less tense, less hidden. Leaving the pack without consent or death was as easy and natural as it sounded.

This may be one of the only few talks Otogakure ever had with another village in any diplomatic manner. If there had been so, it must've been rare or depending only by the decisions made with the higher up ranks beyond the knowledge of most Senshi.

He couldn't fathom of it no longer, and replied with nothing but the truth, "That is understandable." He finally looked up at both of the Ame Shinobi.

"We have our detachments in the same natural form, though find relief having a new home; just as you do. Sorry if my words strayed off into to much comfort it could have lead you to feel offended. Understand that we have similar struggles, and hope for nothing but better communications and an leveled understanding between us and our fellow neighbor, the Shinobi of the Hidden Rain."

Zen stood up, just to make sure he was trying to send them a message.

"The Shinobi once lived in the dark, and now come to light with our pasts cast away by strong wills. Once we shed light, cleansing away the ignorance from all our civilians, and know more of others around us, we'll understand everyone more and find peace and distant friendships."

"Like mere children with hands defensively covering our ears, children of the sound soon will release their palms from their face as we see the truth with our other senses. And listen ten times better with later the ability to use the sense what we are known best using. This is what was needed, this is the second reason why I was here."

"You can say...after I tell my people of our similar experiences, my people will have love for your people, simply cause we have undergone the same struggles you have undergone, nearly at the same time."

Zen put his hands in his pockets.