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04-12-2011, 04:02 PM
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It had been at least a year since she last saw the chuunin, who’s insane idea was it for her to ask HIM of all people? Her mother of all people, it was odd. She spoke of her want to go see Sennou no Shi after hearing about it from another genin. It was new, it was exotic, different from Konoha, and from the sounds of it far more peaceful. Either way she would require an escort that was at least of chuunin rank to let her out of her mothers’ sight, let alone outside the village walls. The village was in trying times as it was, and trips like this would take careful preparation.

All of this brought the girl and her bloodhound to this particular door. A door she had only been told off from a deceased brother, an old friend of his since before the untimely snowy death. She had remembered the slim body and red hair with the precision of only a young observant medic could. He had been good with her the brief moments that he had not been distracted by whatever he and Kaito had been doing.

The eleven year old had all this energy and confidence, almost verging on excitement at the prospect of this new trip, and seeing the elder chuunin once more; that she had completely ignored the fact that he may possibly deny her until she reached his door. It was there that her nervousness took over; what if he was different than before? He went to Yukigakure as well if she remembered what if the war had changed him to be different than she remembered? She had changed herself since that time, graduating, getting Mu-Su, and going to Fukou, the feelings of inadequacy. This was another reason why young Emi needed this trip, to release some of the tension that had been building up within her since Fukou and especially since that awkward meeting with Hyuuga Yuu.

With a nudge in her backside, she glanced back to the rather large looking eyes of her assistant who was silently encouraging her to either shit or get off the pot if we were going the cliché route. With a sigh, her fingers curled into a fist, turning so her fingers were facing her – Emi rapped on the door gently.

Dai Satsu
04-12-2011, 05:50 PM
''Another failure...''

Dai was getting rather annoyed. This was the third time this week he made a miscalculation when working on his invention. Building a Senbon Launcher was very challenging, especially the type he had in mind. In the past years his attic had become his workshop, his lair where he would spend most of the time working at various projects. Spare parts were scattered all over the place in a surprisingly tidy manner, a very unique tidiness; metallic objects in a corner, woods in another, but not arranged in any particular way; they were basically piles of stuff randomly placed on one-another. Dai noticed this configuration would spur his creativity when looking at them, trying to find their use for his inventions.

His hands palmed the back of his neck and gazed at the ceiling and asked himself with a low tone:

''Hmm... What mechanism should I try next?''

Suddenly, faint beats echoed throughout the room.

''Wood. Seems someone's at the door.''

He leaped out of his chair and trotted towards the window on his left. Upon facing the ground he noticed a young familiar looking child accompanied by a bloodhound. He had seen that girl before on a few occasions... She was Kaito's younger sister and the dog could be her little pet. She had grown a bit since last time he saw her. Memories of his lost friend flooded his mind. His fingers reached for his forehead:


He turned around and went out the door on the other side of the room and down the stairs. Considering the ties between him and the girl, the most probable motive behind her visit was to ask for a favor or something similar. But why him? This little puzzle entertained his mind. He was eager to find out whether his prediction was accurate or not and most importantly, why.

He opened the door with his left hand and stared at the young kunoichi for a split second. He carefully looked at her body language. He looked into her eyes slightly smiling hoping to encourage her a bit:

''Greetings, youngling. What brings you here?''

04-14-2011, 01:56 PM
The medic had not seen the elder in quite some time, and the diction he used to greet her with had left her reeling for a moment. She blinked, trying to recall if he normally talked that way from her limited interactions with Dai. Another thing that had the eleven years old slightly baffled was the fact that the chuunin looked and sounded as though he did not remember her. Sure, she had been kind of out of the way each time he and Kaito were at the house. He was never formerly introduced to the bloodhound assistant either.

The canine –as usual- had no qualms about being the first to make a move. He poked his head out from behind the pink haired ninja and stared curiously at the new person in the scene; not even a second later the rather large assistant was already at the nearly six foot chuunin at the door. His nose rifling at the boys’ feet first before working his way up, incasing each new scent and other scent that he would catergorize in his young puppy mind to be able to identify the man in an instant the next time they should meet.

Eventually after a few moments of awkward silence, Emi worked up the nerve to start speaking. “Uh, Yes, Satsu-sempai.” She started out with a severe edge of formality, due to the words that he started to use with her. It was a similar reaction she had when talking with Yuu-kun, who had made her oddly uncomfortable at first.

“I don’t know if you remember me…but I’m Haru Kaito’s little sister.” She had always coined herself as little sister versus younger sister, because in fact the height difference between her and Kaito was almost laughable. She looked straight at him again after adverting her eyes for a second; nervousness exuding almost from every pore. “I was wondering… I know this will sound forward and everything, but I was wondering if you would accompany me to Sennou no Shi. You see there is this medical convention going on there, and I really want to go, but my mom said I needed someone to go with me that was a chuunin or jounin. Then she suggested you, and well here I am. I understand if you say no…” The words flowed from her mouth at an increasingly fast pace, as she got more excited, or more nervous – it was likely both bubbling within her mind.

Dai Satsu
04-15-2011, 03:40 PM
The first thing that drew his attention when looking at the girl was the star on her right cheek. It was the one thing he could remember about her during the few times their eyes met in the past. His expression retorted back to normal as the girl in front of him stated the reason behind her presence here. So, it seems his prediction was quite accurate: since he was a friend with Kaito, the chances of accepting a request would be higher than if some other random Shinobi were to be asked. Yes... common behaviour pattern and-

Dai suddenly realised he was about to daydream again. It was one of his habits, a very useful one for that matter, but now it was not an appropriate time for that.

The idea of visiting Sennou no Shi appealed to him. This was the perfect opportunity to get out of the village and look for this Bakkun... his only lead to finding his lost brother. People from all around the world meet at that place, a city where violence is prohibited; perfect for investigating without getting into trouble. This journey would also serve as a potential source of inspiration for his invention. Nature always had a way of doing things, a way that Dai wanted to replicate with tools and machines. As far as he was concerned, everything that nature can do, can be replicated by technology sooner or later.

''Fine, I'll take you there. I will need your name so I can make the necessary arrangements.''

Just as he was about to let the youngling respond, he added with haste:

''Also... there is no need to be polite with me. Politeness limits a human's ability to converse and creates an illusion of inferiority in most cases which will, of course, hinder one's personal mental development. Don't let yourself intimidated by anyone, be more confident. Anyway... when are we supposed to leave?''

He did not expect her to fully understand what he just said nor did he care much; he was more interested in her reaction.