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04-20-2011, 12:08 AM
Closed for Dral and I.

It was a relief for the blonde haired crimson eyed chuunin of Konoha to have some personal time for herself. As a medical nin that worked both in the field and in the ward when not on missions, Kuzunoha Kana hardly had time to just sit back and breathe. In fact, she was technically working right then but it was relaxed recon in which she dilly dallied.

Shi no Sennou had become a mecca for nin from all different villages to interact. Where there was nin, there was knowledge. That was why Kana had made the trek to Iron country, searching for better medical procedures, equipment, and one thing in particular. Traditional herbs. While there was jutsus like Chiyute to heal comrades on the battlefield there was little to no backup for when a medical nin ran out of chakra. Once the medic was drained the team was in trouble. Thus, Kana was on the hunt for better medicinal plants to make longer lasting effects. An eye was kept wary for stronger fabric for bandages and suture threads. Lives depended on her, so she had to depend on her provisions.

Due to the snow and cold Kana had bundled herself up, yet not the point of squandering her assets. A fur lined white coat hugged her frame, the hood down and her long blonde hair spilling over it. An ice blue skirt came down to her mid thigh, skin tight white leggings underneath which tucked into fur lined white boots. The leaf headband was tied loosely around her neck, showing just above the coat's collar. Ice blue mittens and earmuffs adorned her frame, a white shoulderbag slung on her right side.

The adorable little medic weaved in and out of foot traffic, stopping at open air stalls here and there. Small talk was made with each individual owner, Kana always giving a genuine and warm smile. She was enjoying herself, surprising the civilians in a way. For a nin she was rather bubbly and personable, not having the air of a killer. It could be said Kana wasn't a nin at all, just had the rank of one and the heart of a mother despite never having been through childbirth.

The sixteen year old rounded a corner onto another market street, having been looking another way. It was then that she smacked right into someone coming the other way. Since she was so small she stumbled backwards before falling to her backside. Before she even looked up she was apologizing, "I am so sorry! I should have been looking where I was going, silly me!"