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The hulking Kusa-nin sat hunched at the train stop clad in his grey trench coat, hat pulled low over his head. Occasionally, he rubbed his eyes vigorously – they were still irritated from the blast of pepper spray he had taken to face a few hours earlier. The stop was a small in an indistinct rural area and there where only a few other folks around, the majority of them waiting across the tracks for the next train going into Sennou no Shi rather than away from it. One individual seemed particularly conspicuous to the detective...

I was sitting there waiting for that rattler, mulling over how that broad had just beaten me, beaten me soundly, in fact. It wasn’t something I was too happy about, hell, I would say I was still a bit riled up over whole damn thing. It had been a good hour or two and the sky had become dark and cloudy. I took a good moment to sample the humid air; it was heavy and smelled just as it always does before rain.

That’s when I noticed a suspicious fellow on the other side of the tracks. He’d been a bit of snow-bird and I’d arrested him once before on drug charges, though he had gotten out soon after. Figured the kid had connections of some sort. His name I couldn’t recall, but when you’ve been in the detective business as long as I have you never forget a face. It only took me a second to decide to tail him. Sur’in would be angry at me for returning home later than expected, but work is work. It’s never good business for a detective to go home empty-handed.

The Gun remained seated, his eyes studying the man from under the low brim of his hat. When the train heading to Shi arrived, he quickly stood up, crossed the tracks and walked around the back of the train. He slipped inside the last car and once inside positioned himself just close enough to keep the man in view. It was probable that nothing would come of this except wasted time, but Hid’un had a feeling in his gut. And a good detective always trusts his gut.

Moments later the train took off, hurtling down the tracks back towards The City of Kings.

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It seemed that somewhere amongst vast sands and unending, twisting canyons of Kaze no Kuni, a mob had been managing to produce some large quantities of a certain synthetic drug, and the quality of the stuff was supposed to be more than respectable. What's more, this particular mob had found a nice way to get the stuff into Outer Gion, and from there it was simple as speaking to smuggle it out on any of the hundreds of caravans that departed Gion in a given week. KAZE hated to admit it, but clamping down the source of the fine stuff was proving no easy task, and in the meantime, matters had taken a turn for the worse.

This desert drug operation was the lovely sort of source druglords the Five Countries over would kill to bag, and in fact they'd been doing just that. There'd been a nasty spate of numbers getting bumped off lately in Iron; most were scum, but the trouble had spread, and a few straight shooters and honest fellows had gone down in the mess. Quietly, Iron had blamed Hidden Sand for not dealing with the situation in their own country. And so Sand had sent Notunuta Gai to try to cut links of the smuggling chain as it lay around Iron, and especially Sennou no Shi.

His plan was to find the people that handled the shipments in this town and put the screws on 'em, make 'em flip to his way of things, and start backwards to Gion from there. That'd cut off the flow into Iron, and hopefully the reasons these lowlifes had for killing each other and everyone else would fade like mist in the noonday sun.

But that's all just details, right? Our story picks up on a train heading into Sennou no Shi. Our man Gai was dressed for the occasion--trenchcoat, brown fedora kept low, slacks, a real slick get-up by any standards--and he was just sitting there, reading the Daily. His thick brown hair was kept short and sharp-lookin under his hat, and he had a clean, strong jaw and a stern, brook-no-nonsense gaze. It was a fresh night for our man, and he was cracking for some action. Shoeing around the previous night had finally turned up a lead. He'd heard from a rat that a new shipment was coming into town somewhere tonight, and that a representative of a local boss would be on this train tonight to go check the goods. It was the kind of lead that lead to happy endings, and so here he was.

The train stopped at the station he was waiting for, and a small crowd of people got on. Gai eyed them covertly over his paper, looking for a man that fit the description he'd been given.

And as luck would have it, there he was. He'd found his mark. Gai smiled a little to himself.


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Inside the rattler it was your average scene: a mom with her unruly kid, guy reading the Daily, an annoyingly affectionate young couple, a few business men dressed in suits with a quiet, distant air about them. The mark was the only one who stood out. The fidgety, dark-hared man couldn't keep from tapping his foot and scanning the car with eyes. Whether he was gowed-up or just anxious, the Gun couldn't tell, but either way it gave him hope that his instincts had been right. The detective relaxed and looked out the window at the countryside streaming past; the man couldn’t go anywhere and even if he was up to something shady like Hid’un expected, the mark certainly wouldn’t be trying it on this public train.

After an uneventful and somewhat bumpy ride, the train pulled into the main station of Sennou no Shi amidst a clamor of whistling bells and screeching brakes. The target hurriedly exited the train and wasted no time wading through the crowds, making a beeline for the exit. With a sigh, Hid’un stood up and began to shadow the man. He kept a safe distance, enough not to be noticed but close enough to prevent the man from slipping out of view. The Kusa-nin was a rather large and conspicuous man so he had always been forced to tail suspects at a safe distance; over the years he had gotten pretty good at it; at least his height let him see over crowds without much problem.

Once outside the station, the mark headed in the direction of the industrial sector. The junkie stopped for a few moments at an outdoor café along the way and ordered a coffee. Accordingly, Hid’un paused at a magazine stand across the street and bought a copy of the Daily from the newsie. He opened the paper and scanned the inked pages without really reading them. The detective’s attention was on the snow-bird across the street, the one hurriedly drinking his coffee, the one who seemed like he had somewhere important to be.

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The train finally pulled up easy in the station and Gai watched as the passengers all crowded off, letting himself fall into step close behind his mark. He walked in an unassuming manner, fedora low, coat collar up, the Daily gripped in one hand, the other in his pocket. As for the goon, he obviously had the jitters about something; he was glancing around nervously and shoving past old folks in that rude way that young kids with somewhere to be do in crowds. It was no matter; Gai slipped through the holes in groups of people the dumb lug made in his passage, and every time he glanced back, Gai seemed to be going in a different direction than him, or hidden behind someone. The Sand-nin had put in his fair time in Outer Gion; tailing someone through the streets was no problem.

After a few minutes, his mark pulled up short at one of those outdoor coffee joints, the sort of ridiculous thing you'd never see in Wind. Bunches of people standing around looking at each other, acting snooty, stirring in copious amounts of milk and sugar, sipping their tiny little cups like it was the most pleasant thing in the world. It made Gai want to spit in disgust. The good stuff was meant to be served black as a murderer's soul, stiff as a 3-day old corpse, and bitter as an orphaned shinobi. Coffee wasn't a social affair, it was darker than that--the start of a hellish long night. Every bum that had ever walked the street knew that.

What sort of a hood would stop at a place like this?

Gai suddenly had a bad feeling in his gut, and it only got worse when he overheard the mark tell the guy at the counter, "No, I don't want "a lot eh", what kind of a question is that? I just want a little cup of black to go. Now hop to it, wouldja?!"

Notunuta Gai did his best to fade into the woodwork, leaning against a wall just outside the cafe, reading his Daily intently. Had the goon seen him, after all? Was he just trying to buy time to check things out?

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The Gun’s dark eyes peered out from over his newspaper; the mark was almost through at the café and would on soon be on the move again. Hid’un sighed as he folded up the paper and slowly began to cross the street. Why did criminals always have to be in such a hurry? As he scanned the scene in front of him, something caught the detective’s eye: a man leaning against the wall reading the Daily. Hid’un was pretty sure he had seen the same man on the train earlier. Was this snow-bird sporting two tails?

An up-and-down suggested that he probably was. With his trench-coat and hat, the man was dressed like a classic gumshoe. The Kusa-nin made his way to counter pondering why detectives always wore such predictable and recognizable outfits. He ordered a black coffee and down it quickly, watching the target out of the corner of his eyes. After setting down his cup and a handful of change he nonchalantly sauntered over to the man dressed so similarly to himself. He stood with his hands in his pockets and without facing the man, never taking his eyes off what he assumed to be there mutual mark.

“So, that must be a real interesting story, you haven’t turned the page since we got off the train.”

He had kept his voice low; the Gun paused for a second to make sure he had caught the other’s attention.

“Well, looks like we’re drinking out of the same bottle, eh?” he said with a wry smile. “I get the feeling he ain’t just out looking for nose-candy, though.” Hid’un watched as the junkie took a moment to look around before hastily heading off again. As far as the Gun could, he hadn’t seemed to have noticed anything out of the usual. “Ah, looks like he’s dusting out.”

Hid’un was stubborn; he wouldn’t be breaking off the chase just because another shamus had caught a whiff. But would two shadows be more easily noticed?

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Gai hadn't noticed the large man until now. All of a sudden he had the strange fellow up in his space pushing this or that line about bottles and junk. It was ludicrous, but Gai had to admit that this pooshka had skills. He wondered wryly whether he'd have the skills to not alarm the mark if they both started tailing 'em.

Gai looked up from his paper calmly, giving the fellow a once-over. This one looked tough, like eats-fists-for-breakfast, shits-hate-after-lunch kind of tough. Everything Gai could do to physically dissuade this face would draw Iron law like desert ants to sugar. And there were treaties to consider when it came down to that. So he nodded once to this crazy tame monster, folded the Daily, and started hoofing it after the goon, doing his best to fade back into the typical hustle around here.

The mark had gotten pretty far up the street, which made the tailing safer, but certainly not easier. Still, Gai managed to hang with the man for a few more blocks, paying little attention to what the large fellow was up to behind him. Gai was just beginning to wonder if he'd misinterpreted his gut feeling in the cafe as just the normal aftereffects of last night's dinner when suddenly...the mark wasn't there. Had he made a turn down an alley that Gai had missed? Our friendly detective dashed forward, doing his best to close the distance between himself and the last place he'd seen the mark, near the front of a quaint-looking little vegetable shop.