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07-21-2012, 01:22 PM
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The Art of Persuasion

“I know it’s not much, but please take this as a token of my gratitude.” He placed the small cloth pouch into the held out hand of the elderly man in front of him. He had at least a foot on the man, and definitely more power, so it was with ease that he gently forced the others’ fingers to close in and take hold of the pouch.

“Be careful, Doctor. I have heard rumors that Earth Country is not as calm and peaceful as Iron.”

“I know, and that is why I head there first.”

“They will not take kindly to foreigners’ interference.”

“It will be all right. I will come visit you again in the future sometime.” He left the man before the other could utter another sound; with his katana strapped to his clothed back, and ready to face whatever adversaries presented a problem. He had been slowly working his way from Sennou no Shi in the recent months, and now he was within spitting distance from Earth Country.

During this time, he had heard rumors of the troubles of Earth of their flair up with these ninja weaponry that they referred to as force jewels. The jewels were now being used against the ninja themselves and it was turning into an all out civil war.

This was the time to infiltrate their borders. He would slip in without being noticed, and try and help the innocent lives that were not apart of the PDC or the shinobi culture. They were the true victims of this war after all.

The Doctor was close to the border now. He was sporting a very casual black t-shirt and forest camo jeans. He wore a dark green overcoat, so that only a little of his sonic glove was showing through the sleeve. He had a black backpack strapped to his back for his meager set of belongings, and to partially cover up the fact that there was also a Katana back there with a handle peaking over his left shoulder.

The Ookami Forest was what they called the forest area near this border. It filtered into the Iron Country’s borders to the point where the actual division itself was difficult to pin point, but The Doctor knew there would be shinobi roaming around the border area; ones that he would run into, and hopefully be able to talk them into letting him through. He looked like normal pedestrian at this point, a wanderer and nothing more. No one knew of his name or past life in this area, they only knew him as The Doctor. The one who came to the innocent houses and helped out in exchange for food and shelter for a few days before moving on - each time leaving with a little more knowledge of his surroundings.

The Doctor moved at a steady pace, a fast walk, along the dirt trail that the elder man had pointed him too. He had told him it lead into Earth Country directly, and he would likely encounter the border patrol shinobi.

07-21-2012, 05:25 PM
The Shunmin had never been good at border patrol, but yet with all of the recent going ons, she had been assigned there anyways. Normally, they would have patrolled in pairs. However she wasn't that lucky today. Perched in a tree, Shi found herself dozing off. Being left alone with her own thoughts, the young woman was peaceful and content, and her dreams reflected this. That was until Uirusu appeared in her usual form, bloody and with spider legs along her back. She sat on the horse of a carosel, red eyes almost glowing.

"Wake up; you've got company."

The vision and feeling that felt like electricity running through her head was enough to jolt the Jounin awake. It was then she heard the movement of feet. She shifted slightly on her branch, trying not to draw attention just yet. Shi looked the man over, to an untrained eye, he would have seemed like a normal civilian, out walking around in the forest.

Unfortunately for the stranger, she was taught to analyze. He was tall, slender. The hint of toned muscles could be made out from under his shirt. More than that, the hilt of a katana was peeking out from the man's back, covered by a backpack. Shi narrowed her eyes; she had treated most of the Iwa shinobi at some point her life and she didn't recognize his face at all. He was an intruder, who wore a confident look like he could just stroll right by her.

She waited until the timing was right, sending a line of well placed Senbon needles across the man's path. Despite the neutral colored clothing, the young woman couldn't help but stand out, even with her platinum hair drawn up in to a tight bun.

"Where do you think you're going?"

07-22-2012, 11:40 AM
He had wondered how long it would take for him to be stopped. He did not have to wait much longer as senbon landed at his feet. The Doctor casually stopped as if it had been on purpose.

Guess that didn’t take long.

The Doctor smiled to himself glancing around until he spotted a gleam of platinum blonde hair standing out against the trees. The second thing he noticed were her blood red eyes, and the third was she was a pretty little thing that looked like she did not belong out here in the wilderness amongst the wolves.

“I thought that would have been clear, Miss.” He chuckled, extending his arm to point in the direction that he had been walking.

“I’m going that way.” The Doctor was casual about his speech, as if he did not have a care in the world. In truth, he really did not at this moment. The sun was shining –he thought-, the creatures were roaming around their daily routines, the forest was humming with light activity. It was peaceful.

“Now, if you don’t mind me. I’ll let you get back to what you were doing, and I’ll get back to what I was doing.” With that he stepped nonchalantly over the senbon needles and continued down the dirt trail.

The Doctor knew it was not going to be that easy for him to get into Earth Country, but this particular kunoichi. She did not seem like that much of a threat, and if anything he could persuade her calmly to stand down and let him go by; his weak civilian act was impeccable.

07-24-2012, 12:19 AM
Did he...? Did he just brush her off? There was a mixture of confusion and anger on the Shunmin's face as the man so casually stepped over the line that she had, metaphorically and physically, drawn in the dirt. Black veins began creeping out from the black jewel embedded in her xiphisternum and upward over her chest in preparation. She was now fighting to keep the whims and whisperings of the avatar at bay.

Hopping down from her perch and directly in front of the unknown man, her brow furrowed. There was a darker reddening in her eyes, beyond those of her albinic features. Still, she wanted to avoid conflict. Still, civilian or not, he should have known better than to dismiss her so easily in times like these.

"Good, I'll go back to guarding the borders from people who don't belong here."

She stared at him through narrowed eyes. Shi's talents might have lied mainly in the medicinal realm, but she could kill him with a few well placed touches. Then again, she could always just bring him in to her mind. Regardless, it was not going to be pleasant if the man tried to continue on his way.

"Like you."

07-24-2012, 01:20 PM
The Doctor realized how small this kunoichi was as she landed in front of him and stopped him in his tracks again. She looked pissed, and almost demonic with those ruby eyes trying to intimidate a man who was a foot taller than her.

“I belong here just fine, little girl. I think it is you that do not belong in these forests. A delicate little thing like yourself has no business getting her hands dirty with this kind of work.” He winked at her with this. He had no intention of coming off as condescending, but knew on some level that was likely how he was going to be perceived.

“Anyways. Look, I am just running an errand for this old fellow back in Sennou no Shi. You see he can’t travel long distances, so he asked me to return this Katana he found for him.” He used his thumb to point at the hilt of the blade attached to his back.

“It’s a stolen Konkaji blade, and he wanted me to return it to them.” The smile was still on his lips, and the lie was smooth as if it were the truth itself.

“Even if it is an older blade, they could probably still make some good money off of it.” It was a well known fact even in Iron Country, that Konkaji weaponry was the best out there, and he was not exactly lying when he said that blade he had was a Konkaji blade. He had received it through his old master when he was first granted permission to use it within the city, for the Legion.

07-25-2012, 05:28 PM
There were those words again: 'little girl'. Certainly the five' four, frail looking kunoichi was a far cry from being physically intimidating, but she was not one to be counted out. Even now, the black veins from the jewel continued to work their way up her sternum and outwards, covering her chest. Uirusu's words filling her subconscious mind. No one would miss this man. He was clearly lying about his purposes here. There was no way that for one, she'd be discovered and two, that any blame could be held against her. She was simply defending her post, and by any necessary means possible.

Still, it was too soon to act. Shi simply smirked, giving an added little laugh of disbelief, both of his story and him as a person. He was a good liar though, she'd give him that. Maybe his toned down appearance and smooth words would have gotten over on some people, but not her.

"Well, if that is the case, I can understand your need to help someone out. Being a medic, I certainly have a soft spot for the elderly and invalid. Unfortunately, you're still not allowed past the gates."

She held out her hand, a bold move to be sure, but she trusted in the transparent armor that was covering her body. At least it was good for one hit. If the man was going to try anything, his moment would be coming soon.

"You can turn the katana over to me. I'll be sure to get it back to the rightful owners or intendeds. If you can give me a name...."

Her sentence finished as she continued to stare him down. There was a deep inhale; to many it would have just seem like she was letting her sentence trail off, when in fact, she was getting ready to go on the offensive. The veins of the jewel diving down in to her lungs, tainting the air she held back.

09-02-2012, 07:37 PM
While her purposal sounded truthful and well-intended, The Doctor had no intention in letting the blade leave it's restful state. He smiled down at her coyly.

"I am sure you would do a fine job, but my dear there is a flaw. I told the elderly gentlemen that I would hand the blade over to its' rightful owners with my own hands. I am not in the business of being the middle man to hand off to another middle man, or woman in this case. There is simply too much room for human error." He explained like he was talking with a two year old. Which could be the very truth, this woman may appear intelligent on the front, but she was a shinobi. They tend to kill first and ask questions later. Which was why he needed to make this quick, before she became hostile.

"I also thought that Earth Country would welcome a simple civilian messenger who would spend no more than a week doing his job, and then returning home. This is not true anymore? I apparently have not visited here recently." That was a flat out lie, he had actually never been to Tsuchi no Kuni, and therefore was even more clueless about their perceptions to foreign visitors. The old man he met with this morning was correct. This may be harder to talk his way through then The Doctor had originally thought.

Just keep talking, and wait for the right moment.

"Either way, I am sure we can work out some sort of deal that will allow your superiors to be happy, and me to complete my job with my own hands." He continued with his deceptive smile. It was then that he launched at her, right hand straight outwards, revealing for the first time with clarity his mechanical glove. His fingers were going for her neck so he could put an easy pinch on her and she would be unconcious long enough for him to get on his way.

Technique Used:
Nerve Pinch

09-04-2012, 06:19 PM
'Listen to him, talking down to you like you're a toddler.'

Uirusu's voice mocked her within her own consciousness, drawing the smallest reaction from the medic in the form of a brief eye twitch. Shi, on the other hand, was focusing on the complete and utter lack of details being put forth by the stranger, although she had given ample time and opportunity to put something of worth out. Rather, he chose to explain at annoying length, and huburistic expressions, of how he was not going to hand over the, no, his sword.

It was then that he launched his arm at her, pink irises catching the glimpse of a mechanical glove covering his hand. It only took mere seconds for her trained medical mind to figure out what he was trying to do. If he had come at her from behind, or some subtle movement, like a hand on her shoulder, he would have had easy access to either her subclavian artery or the carotid sinus at the base of her neck. With enough pressure, applied at just the right angle, it would have rendered her unconscious. He might have been a great deal faster than the kunoichi, but she had been expecting some form of offense, and thus, the pinch barely brushed the outside of her shoulder as she easily moved out of the line of attack.

In one quick movement, the breath that she had been holding in was released. The plume of black smoke quickly fanning out over the small area. The smell of it was vile, but at the same time she was using the move as a defensive counter, her own hand went out, needles spitting from the hidden mechanism on her wrist. Each were tipped in a powerful sleeping potion, which normally took three different direct doses to make someone actually fall in to a brief sleep. Shi, however, only needed this first round to hit. Then, he'd never want to come back to Tsuchi no Kuni again.

"Then by all means, the sword can be delivered by your hands, just sans your body."

09-04-2012, 07:12 PM
He had been too obvious, and he knew this from the start. The kunoichi was far from as frail as she looked, and now he had just pissed her off something foul. The Doctor was determined to not reveal the fact that he was quite skilled with the sword, and his samurai origins. Sennou no Shi nor Iwagakure needed to know the origins of his techniques just yet, and possibly link him back to his birthname. Even without his sword, he could take this girl on and be devastating should he please, but that was not the aim; his boxing techniques would be sufficent in taking her down without maiming or killing her.

The still unnamed Tsuchi shinobi blew smoke at him, and as it invaded his senses his gag reflex was ignited. Quickly his sonic glove came up to cover his head, neck and upper chest fingers pointed to the sky and steel facing outwards for the attack he knew was coming in this mess. The needles met with the steel, clashing against it and then falling to the ground harmlessly.

In the same second, he began coughing, but his other hand was quick at work reaching into his messenger bag and pulling out a mask of sorts. It would do the job for his nose and mouth but not his eyes, not that he needed that much protection just yet. In a swift motion his left hand brought it up to his nose and mouth then slid the strap over his face and across the back of his head to secure it soundly. It hissed as he took his first half-raggeded breath out of it.

Like the well trained warrior he was, his hands immediately curled into tight fists and brought them to his face and upper body for initial protection. This landed only a few milliseconds as he launched himself forward at the girl, aiming for a quick jab to the face to stun her followed up with a solid left hook to knock her off her feet and hopefully a one KO hit.

12-16-2012, 07:56 PM
There was a change going on in the kunoichi that the ronin might or might not have been able to see, through the noxious smoke and burning eyes. The blood vessels in her eyes began to grow darker, becoming a sort of scarlet color. The hidden black veins that had been making their way up her chest, continued until they were now in plain sight of the stranger. They crept up her neck and face. It only took a few seconds for the strange tendrils to raise off her skin in to several tiny little spines as Shi willingly took the blow.

Stumbling back a few feet, she stopped the inertia by dropping low, digging heels and knees down in to the ground. The familiar iron taste filled her mouth, spitting out a small amount of blood out before her opponent. A disturbing giggle escaped her as she looked back up at her opponent. Shi looked up at him with a bloody smile. It was all she needed. There would be no hand sign, no out of the way word or sound that might alert him to what she had done. She was content to stay low to the ground for the time being. She'd let him move, let him act.

If he tried advancing forward, he'd find his body moving away. Every thought of his feet moving, would cause movement in his hands. A punch would cause a kick. The Mirror was an interesting illusion to say the least, and even if he eventually figured out how to move or broke the jutsu, it would give her just the time she needed.