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“You learned to run from what you feel, and that's why you have nightmares. To deny is to invite madness. To accept is to control.”

Sennou no Shi, Iron Country


He knocked on the rickety-old door; once, twice, thrice. A second after the third knock a low grumble was heard on the other side, asking for a password. The man snorted, glancing casually around him in the darken alley.

“Your nightmares follow you like a shadow, forever.” The words were uttered with self-assured practice of a true con man that had been here many times before. A moment after the words were spoken the door gave way, creaking open to reveal a dimly lit corridor that lead to a spiraling staircase.

Tetsuya moved past the bouncer (http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2013/009/3/e/the_golem_by_westlylafleur-d5qyk3s.jpg) with not so much as a batting of an eyelash, even though the bouncer was at least four times his own size in both height and width and carrying no little amount of intimidation. He moved quickly down the staircases, he was running late for the treatment.


As he reached the end of stairs, the corridor grew expansive and trailed further into the earth revealing a fairly well lit and ornate interior design of a grand staircase. He had entered on the left and was greeted by an elderly sickly looking gentleman (http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=347844) clothed in an emerald silk hooded robe, only his gray straggly goatee pierced through the shrouded hood. He held his hand out expectantly.

Tetsuya offered a coy smirk, taking the mans’ hand as the distance between them closed and he took the last step onto the battered tiled floor beneath him, tell tale signs that this use to be a grand place for the rich, but had been weathered by the times and tribulations of the day.

“Suzuki-san, so glad for you to have come. Please, please, we must not waste anymore time. The rest of our dreamwalkers are here, and are eager to have an experience that only few have ever seen or felt before.” The businessman allowed the other to lead him into one of the side rooms, littered with beds, IVs, and people that all centered around one unique contraption that all the IV tubes seemed to lead too.

“The last of our participants is here!” The man said as Tetsuya barely glazed over the occupants in the room, there was 6 others including himself. It was a larger group than the last time he had participated, but then again very few could really handle a battle of wills against their own mind – let alone others.

It was a challenge, a thrill-seeking, training of the mind as it were unlike any on the mortal plane. The first time, Tetsuya had discovered this little venture in Sennou no Shi, he nearly lost his mind and was actually in a coma for about a month, but it was through this type of intense mental training that he was able to keep an edge on not only himself, but of everyone around him.

The dreamworld always held such possibilities, and when melded with the minds of others at the same time, could prove dangerous and even lethal.

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It wasn't uncommon for the Shunmin medic to find herself outside of Iwagakure. The way things had been going lately, she'd been traveling all around Tsuchi no Kuni, trying her best to offer aid to those in need while simultaneously boosting the popularity and reputation of shinobi in PDC controlled areas. It was almost like robbing Rei to pay Rin. With the struggle between the shinobi and the defense coalition coming to such a head, leaving civilians causalities of circumstance, more than twice the resources were being used. Supply trips were becoming more necessary, and Sennou no Shi was the closest. It was all that medics could do to keep their head above the water.

That was how this trip had started. A simple supply run that took an interesting twist. She'd been taking a break in the lounge of her inn, speaking with a former kunoichi from Kusa about recent events. Little did she know her unique appearance had also drawn the attention of a rather eerie eavesdropper. Her jewel had been brought up in passing; there was a little more time spent on her heritage, though it wasn't really something that she liked discussing giving her personal circumstances. Still the man, Ayumu, quickly injected himself in to the conversation between the two shinobi and took it over. He seemed to know as much, if not a little more about the Shunmin, than most people she'd met, some of those even being from her own clan.

The man had been obsessed with dreams. Why did we dream? Why were some vivid, and others vague? What purposes do dream serve? What was the real difference between a daydream and a lucid nightmare? He wanted to know more about the psychoanalytic perspective, latent and manifest content. There were questions and remarks in regards to the brain and body's changes in chemical balances. Being in the medical field, and prone to long bouts of dreaming at a time, Shi had actually been content to play in to this discussion, until the pinnacle of the fascination began to come to light. This was more than just some minor fascination, it quickly became clear that it was almost a religious topic for him.

She was about to take her leave when a proposition was made. He wanted her help in an experiment. It was one that had been done several times before, but the Shunmin would be able to add a new effect. Even though most of the clan's work was based in genjutsu, the need for people to be in a state of light sleep made the illusions that much more real and harder to shake off. If she agreed to participate, in a mostly medical sense, but also act as a catalyst, he'd get her three months of supplies at a base rate.

Shi wasn't exactly sure what she had gotten herself in to at first. It was mostly prepping beds, tinkering with a new concoction. For the most part, sedatives seemed to inhibit the REM cycles or disrupt natural patterns. She had been so consumed with the new suspension that when people had finally started to arrive, she hadn't even noticed how cultish the group looked. If she had, she might have tried to bolt sooner. Soon, Ayumu's voice echoed through the room, something about the last of them arriving. Crimson eyes glanced up from her work. Six of them, along with Ayumu and the bouncer making eight.

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He strolled slowly to the empty bed as Ayumu commenced with his customary preliminary speech, looking at each of the occupants with a critical gauge to say the least.

“Everyone here has already heard the basics of this on going experiment before in our private one on one discussion. I know of at least two of you who have participated before, but I am excited to say we have a Shunmin in our presence! It will make this particular experiment and it’s findings that more valuable! Shi-sama, please say hello.” The old man was going to have an erection with his excitement in front of everyone to see as he gestured towards the young woman with dark red eyes. Tetsuya scanned her over, obviously an albino, most Iwagakure shinobi would tans from their climate range that he had studied when he was a young man. She had a way about her presence that suggested that she was not quite all there in this plane, ghost like even, and that would even give off. Tetsuya knew little about the Shunmin, aside that they were a stone clan, and had some heavy-handed genjutsu when dealt with. He had his own personal arsenal of genjutsu, and a heavy arsenal of ninjutsu at his disposal. The other clear advantage that he had was, that he had done this before, more than once.

Whether she answered him or not, Tetsuya did not hear it, only perked back up when Ayumu continued to introduce the rest of them in order of their appearance in the room. First, there was Yuu-san (https://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/078/e/9/portrait_by_cushart-d5yjpf0.jpg) a platinum blonde twenty-something year old with piercing blue eyes, if Tetsuya had to wager he could either be a remnant from Yukigakure, or more possibly Kumogakure. He was definitely of shinobi build though. Then there was a maiden with flowing brunette hair that reached past her shoulders, Ayumu called her Reiko-sama (https://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/078/d/2/survivor_lr_by_artgerm-d5ykj4q.jpg). She was easy to point out as a shinobi, as her hitae-ate was wrapped around her neck, possibly proudly displaying her heritage from that formerly nomadic Otogakure colony. She looked no more than twenty. The third among them was the hardest for Tetsuya to pinpoint via only visuals. She had ebony curly hair with bright pink and red streaks through it. Tetsuya would have guessed the lass to be only fifth teen or sixteen from her youthful face and emo-determined eyes; the old man making introductions referred to her as Akane-sama (https://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/057/7/a/allie_by_yuumei-d5wapai.jpg). The last of them was a male of similar youth to Akane-sama, he was introduced as Satoru-san (https://th07.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2013/049/8/d/_siriusly_not_checking_you__by_viria13-d5vd2c3.png). He would be the first of Tetsuya’s victims once they got things under way, that smug grin would not last long upon the young man’s face. Tetsuya was the last to be introduced, and as his first words he chose to taunt them all, as per usual business.

“I am Tetsuya. I hope all of you will make my trip up here worth while.” There was a biting tone to it, as if it really was a nuisance for him to be here, not another training method. Only thing that gave him away as a shinobi was the little leaf mark on his expensive navy watch located on his right wrist, which at the moment was covered by the black blazer that accompanied his silk three-piece suit.

"Now that all of you are introduced. Let me explain the experiment. This particular section will be a bit of a game for you all. A game of secrets, keeping and discovering them that is. Our architect will construct the level, and the rest of you will populate it with your subconsious. Ninjutsu and Genjutsu are enhanced in this world for those of you who have experienced this experiment before, and our inside-dream mediator and participant will be Shi-sama." No one else knew who the architect was, except for the architect themselves, and Tetsuya knew it was not him, nor was it Shi.

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She once again glanced up as her clan was mentioned, briefly offering a small bow of the head and a polite, but nervous, smile. It was really all she had time to do anyways as Ayumu continued on about the experiment. She had never seen someone so zealous about their work, soon wondering if she'd have to perform heart surgery from the older man getting so excited. Her eyes scanned over the rest of the group, falling on Tetsuya specifically. The others were at least slightly cordial with their introductions and responses.

A tiny gulp grew in her throat as she prepared different vials for injections. People had begun moving to their makeshifts beds and lying down. The bouncer soon moved beside each of them, hooking them up to a few machines that would monitor brain functions and vital signs. She could only assume he had some basic medical training, or at least done this before. It seemed that he would be overseeing the seven sleepers to make sure everything was going smoothly as they would be completely out of it for an extended period of time.

She cleared her throat and finally spoke, softly at first but eventually voice getting louder, but still barely audible.

"I want you to know what to expect, as it will probably be different from any previous sessions. Ayumu-sama has commissioned me to make a new suspension. It is a mixture of both natural and chemical substances. You'll recieve two injections now, and one shortly after awakening. The first, is a mild sedative for the body. Since Ayumu-sama expects these dreams to be more lucid than what you are used to, it is an extra preventative to keep your body still. The second, will be a drug that induces sleep quickly, but doesn't contain the more severe drugs that inhibit REM cycles. This will allow your brain to function more clearly."

She started making her rounds, rubbing each arm with a small patch of lidocaine before sticking the needles in to their arms. For all of his bravado, Saturo was the one to flinch, though he tried to play it off as a wink at the young Jounin. The next in line was Tetsuya. Red eyes met the mysterious green ones for just a second, causing a slight shiver to go down her spine.

"Your sleeve, sir?"

With the others, they had either pulled them up for her, or were wearing short sleeves and their presence gave her a sense that a go-ahead was fine. Him though, he seemed different. There was something about the Jounin that she couldn't shake, pressing her to ask for his permission.

04-17-2013, 11:14 AM
A Shunmin medic was the highest probability, especially with her knowledge of the injections needed to sedate and induce such a state. His eyes tracked her ever subtle movement, sizing her up in every sense of the word. Medics were generally weak in their resolve for ultimate gain. Shinju (http://www.narutorp.net/showthread.php?p=434963) had that flaw, though she certainly had the arsenal to be deadly should she want to be. This girl looked properly tailored for the position, and likely had no taijutsu training whatsoever, it would work in his favor, because even without the inhibition of his leg in the dreamworld, his actual straight fighting skills were shit.

He’d have to worry about the others though, most particularly: Satoru and Yuu. They would likely rely on that a fair amount since neither had ever experienced this type of training exercise before.

Tetsuya moved towards his assigned cot, though he never let his eyes stray from the others. A slight paranoia to never have his back to anyone ever presents. His hand applied pressure to test the thickness of the mattress, the comfort ability. Once that was discovered he eased onto it, pulling his legs up with a slight help of the injured one that was more than a little exaggerated. The idea of making himself look weak would play in his favor in the other realm, though the show would be pure intimidation, contradictory in a sense.

He was silent as the Shunmin asked for his arm, staring right into her eyes unnervingly expressionless. Wordlessly he cuffed his sleeve to expose the lightly composed skin beneath, faded burn marks could be seen tracing his hands and lower exposed arm. Tetsuya knew it would be a telltale sign of anyone who ever ran into a Katon user before, and hopefully Shi, and the others would pick up on that slightly, though he may be expecting far too much of them. Handing over his arm he eased back onto the small pillow and closed his eyes and awaited the injections to take their desired affect.



When the jounin opened his eyes next he was in an entirely different field. This place was dark, wet, and sinister almost. Overhead lights dotted the area, revealing a series of structures. It seemed rather desolate at the moment, and the rain that was falling in the open-ended areas gave it a very cold feeling. Dark skies could be seen through the holes that spoke of several levels to this landscape, and as it got higher it likely got more dangerous.

Given the surroundings and the area, it was obvious that everyone started in different areas, probably more populated than the one Tetsuya ended up in. He moved around, testing his limbs when he spotted a small child shivering behind one of the larger pillars.

“Little girl.” He called out to her, moving towards her. She didn’t react. He got close enough to reach out to her.

“Little girl.” His hand reached out to her shoulder, a part where the ginger hair was not touching. As Tetsuya touched her, she looked up with large demonic red eyes, no nose, and an impossibly large toothy mouth, which promptly tried to take his hand off. He stumbled back, blinking slightly.


04-20-2013, 11:54 PM
She stretched, concrete scratched at her skin through her clothing causing her eyes to open slowly. Wait a second? Where was she? She didn't recognize this place, and looked around in confusion. Wasn't she just... Was that a dream? Or this place? Somehow, this felt more real than any other lucid dream she had experienced before. Wasn't there some drug? Yes, that had to be it. It was the injections, surpressing the activity that would normally lead one in to the realization that they were dreaming, while heightening other brain functions for physical receptors. That was when a familiar voice caught her attention.

"Wake up, sleepy head!"

A soft but disturbing giggle sent a chill down her spine. She looked up to see a broken body (http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbjuzmnTL11qg8i80o1_1280.jpg) forged with metal, wires and stone. Shi stared in to the eyes of a doll like face, crimson eye starting back at her. The creatures head cocked to the side allowing short black tresses to create a shield break the faze. A creepy smile spread wide across her face before its whole body began to spasm, changing in front of her. Ligaments and tissue formed over bolts and screws; a black beating heart visible in the chest oozing an onyx blood that would wrap her body like clothes until it turned in to something resembling a human (http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/039/d/5/battle_angel_alita_by_smirtouille-d3395n4.jpg).

"What's this wonderful new playground you brought me in to. It certainly isn't yours. Grim enough to be, but not fanciful enough. That and you've got more a lot more twisted shit. This... this seems real."

The kunoichi frowned. This was obviously Uirusu, but for some reason in a different form that she had seen her in. The black jewel avatar had no real form, but she usually resembled Shi in some way. This reflection was different. It bothered her greatly. Before there was always a tentative feeling of control over the avatar. That feeling was gone now, but so was the the feeling of being torn between two personalities. This whole thing was confusing, unsettling. She didn't like it here. There had to be a way out, she just wasn't sure how. The others, they'd been instructed. They had been through this before.

"Stop your bitching! You'll crack and ruin my fun."

There eyes locked once again. So there was still some connection between them.

"There is nothing fun about this."

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He kept shuffling backwards as the ginger demon continued to try and chomp a limb off, or less preferably, his head off. Tetsuya ran through the scenarios in his head in a series of seconds. A quick, quiet death? Easy, but would it give him any gain. A loud explosive death? Also easy, and it would let everyone know where exactly he was. The question was to make him known, or to lie in the shadows and prey on them like the children they were. Or, go the more humiliating route, and make them know before they wake up, why he is to be feared.

The jounin made his decision then, and with a small cruel smile he drew his right hand in front of him and between the noseless monster before him. Then he snapped his fingers.


That abomination went up in flames and disintegrated before his eyes, leaving only ash and dust in its’ place, and one very large, but shallow crater at his feet. That was certainly loud enough the entire complex to hear, and that was what he wanted. Everyone to come at him, so he could swipe all their secrets in one fatal swoop.

“You always were a little pyromaniac, Tetsuya-kun.”

That voice. That voice he had not heard in decades. His eyes widened a couple notches for a moment. This was certainly new, and different from all his other experiences thus far. His eyes narrowed, grin faded only a little as he turned around to face the man (http://safebooru.org//samples/813/sample_da6fba76b52f282eae3b6ab8c56a1e13057d4852.jp g?818698).

The man in question had not changed much from the appearance he had when in the living world. He had neat white hair combed straight back behind his ears, and a finely tuned beard with a mustache to go with it. His ears were different though, they had taken on a more pointy aspect, and his eyes – the whites of them had turned red, and the formerly emerald irises were now yellow.

His insides instantly twisted with white-hot hatred. A hatred that he had not felt since he was very young. A glee also arose with the hatred, a glee that he would be able to actually get to do what he had wanted to do so long ago.

“Hello Father.”

Technique Used:
Katon: Tanebi (http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=8139) - Stage 4 Effect

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As if on cue, there was a loud explosion about three blocks away. A burst of light flickered briefly before returning to nothing, though smoke and debris still cluttered the area of the sky. Uirusu's persona smiled before disappearing. The avatar was used to this sort of thing, being that it never really existed in linear time or physical form, this was especially true for the black jewel. However, Shi still felt limited here. She was unsure of herself and had yet to completely acclimate. Hell, she didn't even know what the hell she was supposed to be doing. She could only assume that the place Uirusu was going, was the place that was the most chaotic, and as much as she didn't want to go there, that was probably the site of the explosion. Picking herself up off the ground, she began to run full speed in the direction of the blast.

Crimson eyes stared down on the two men, and the pile of ashes in a crater, from her perch on the light post. The older man was creepy enough on his own. The fact that the younger one seemed only mildly disturbed by his appearance was interesting. He referred to him as 'father'. Uirusu could clearly distinguish him for what he was, a figment. This whole place was a figment of someone's imagination: every person walking by, every structure, noise, smell, taste. Of course, there were a few exceptions to this rule. She could almost feel the other humans in this world. Besides the younger of the two men in front of her, there was another close by. Her head inclined to look in her direction, on the roof of one of the smaller buildings across the street.

"Hey..." Black veins began to rise around her eyes, before spreading outwards to her face and downwards, dangling like tentacles from her body. "Hey."

Her voice was almost a whine as she called out to the red head. Rather than watching him fight some imaginary father and deal with his daddy issues, she wanted to see real blood spilled. As real as it could be here anyways. No other words were spoken, but a finger pointed upward to the blonde antagonist, just as Shi rounded the corner. Uirusu offered her a smile, disappearing and reappearing beside her.

"You come to join the fun too, Shi-chan?"

It wasn't long before a realization struck her, and the dangling vines began to wrap around her former jailor.

"You know, before I always needed your body to act. That's a luxury you no longer have."

04-21-2013, 03:38 PM
“So since your whore of a mother isn’t around, do you have the nerve to do what you were robbed of so long ago?” His words were culturally smooth, as if he was talking about some old fine wine that he often liked to drink.

Tetsuya’s grin broadened as he understood what was really going on. It was his father in appearance, tone, and posture, but those words. He never outwardly spoke of his mother in such a way, even though that was the truth of how he felt about both Tetsuya and his mother.

“Such a shame, I was hoping for more of a fight.” He smirked, as the rain above him turned into sharp icicles aimed in his general direction. The jounin leaped back, forming the necessary hand seals before bringing his hand to his mouth. Breathing in deeply creating the necessary strength behind his attack. He then exhaled with such force, and allowing large chunks of his chakra turns the air into a flammatory level.

A giant fireball appeared, melting the icicles, and effectively nullifying both the ice ninjutsu and the figment that the genjutsu created for him. As the faded, unhenged, the white haired man introduced as Yuu-san screamed in agony as he caught fire and fell to the ground, rolling around to put himself out. Tetsuya moved to him as the fires died down, the other now obvious Yuki-nin reject was gasping in agony and exhaustion from having been hit directly with the giant fireball.

“No wonder it was so easy for you Yuki-nin to be destroyed.” He muttered just loud enough to cause a reaction to the dying man.


“Shut up.” Tetsuya slammed his foot into the 3rd degree burned chest, causing Yuu-san to cry out in agony, but not have the strength to move on.

“You are the one with daddy issues, not I. I will give you credit for making me out as a Konoha shinobi, but nothing else weakling. Once you wake up you better run away before I come and finish the job for real. Yuki-nin are not allowed to be alive by Konohagakure’s decree. It is a surprise that you even lasted this long, coward.” Tetsuya bent down to face him with a straight frown planted on his face.

“Yukigakure will come back, mark my words.” Yuu-san uttered half-heartedly.

“Doubt it.” With that he quickly pulled out a loose scalpel from his interrogation kit and slit the man’s throat in one fluid motion, sending the blood spattering time with his final attack. There was no other noise to be heard as the platinum blond boy vanished from the dream world.

Yuu's Techniques:
Henge (narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=42242)
Hisame (http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=11129)

Tetsuya's Technique:
Katon Goukakyuu (http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=8139)

Yuu is out of the thread and awake in the IC-RL world now.

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There was too much going on. The man who she recognized as the lurid shinobi, who was now identified from being from Konoha, was setting people on fire and likely the source of the explosion. The form of the black avatar was trying to take control of her, or something along those lines. Shi didn't know what to do, or how to handle the situation. Surely others would be here soon thanks to the sounds of the ongoing battle. Her mind was starting to overload. She might not have had complete control over Uirusu here, but the jewel was still embedded in her chest.

In a matter of minutes, though the scene felt like a flash of seconds, the boy disappeared. There wasn't even time to try to heal him. Would her medical skills even work here? Did it matter anyways? They were just sleeping after all; still something like that had to be traumatic on the body. She clutched at her head, body trembling from the stress and uncertainty of the situation.

Translucent crystals essentially oozed out of her skin, blocking the black tendrils covering her would be attacker. It gave her enough time to form a series of handseals. This might not have been her dream, but she could still affect it, manipulate it to her own advantage. That was what the Shunmin clan was famous for.

"Just... stop!"

Her eyes darted between the people surrounding her; pupils were the size of quarters, making the pink irises even more eerie to look at. The whole scene began to change. The random people who had been milling about began to get older, skin hanging loosely from emaciated bodies. Buildings seemed to age instantly, cracks forming in the once sound structures. Vines intertwined along the exterior. Shi herself was slowly being covered in open wounds. Uirusu's form unraveling back to it's first appearance as a disjointed and horrifying doll-like creature.

Shi wanted out, but was beginning to realize that all of this was a game within a mind. This place was her domain, and she would not let anyone else defeat her if she could help it.