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Name: Seijuu Sanosuke
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Rice/Sound
Rank: Hiyoutori
Division: Mission Coordinator

Physical Description: The Nomadic Prince does not look like someone who would make a young girl's heart stir.

Standing at a slightly above average height, slight would be the perfect description for him in near every department as well. The young lad is extremely skinny and wiry, his strength seeming to come from pure tenacity and will than taijutsu training. Sanosuke looks every part a Seijuu and his aristocratic features--pointed nose and expressive almond shaped eyes betray his heritage easily.

A near spitting image of Seijuu Ramei, Sanosuke's face lacks the confidence and social assuredness to be called pleasant: sober, dutiful, and sensible are all words that jump to mind when describing the Chuunin and all may just be polite ways of saying he looks plain. Sanosuke's hair is long and thin, if left untamed it would easily go to the nape of his neck--though standing makes that a complete non-option. Without exception Sanosuke's hair is left slicked back and matted down with gel, the ritual of maintaining his hair being one he is damn near obsessive over.

Clothing: Seijuu born and Seijuu bred, Sanosuke does little to hide his desire for the finer things.

Even on a mission, loose, comfortable and stylish are the motus operandi for the young Chuunin. He prefers black clothes with soft billowy fabrics, the purpose being to convey elegance as much as it is to ensure freedom of movement. The vest that Sanosuke wears declaring his Seijuu status is one of special value to the young Prince--it belonged to his father, the previous Otokage. Light as silk and tough as iron, Sanosuke can feel his father's royal protection radiating through the vest.

His most prized posession though would be a simple gold rope necklace belonging to his late mother, although he sometimes is seen amongst the lavish Seijuu compound without the vest--the necklace never leaves his neck, even when showering or sleeping.

Personality: The fortunate son.

First and foremost, there is a large sense of reliability and steadfastness given off by Sanosuke and this is not something done by accident. Since birth, Sanosuke has been bred to be a leader both in terms of politics and on the battlefield--this is seen in his actions. He is polished and reserved in all things, a prisoner to politeness and formality. To Sanosuke, image is everything and he is keenly aware that he represents more to more people than nearly anyone within the walls of Ototown for his life is not his own and in more ways than one. To uphold the image of being an honorable, intelligent and fierce ruler is a task that frustrates and confines Sanosuke. The price of expectations and duty remain the one constant in his life and something that even he is aware shapes his perceptions and concerns with the world and people around him in ways both subtle and obvious.

Going deeper down the rabbit hole, it is clear that beyond duty and beyond other peoples perceptions what Sanosuke values mostly is justice. He has an almost child like naivette and eager wishful thinking, his moral compass is often one that is prone to sweeping generalizations and ignorance of circumstance. Sanosuke has an idea of what it is to lose everything, he has heard stories of loss and death--but his own education in those subjects are just beginning. The young Seijuu Lord is extremely sure of what is wrong with this world, values nothing more than honor and justice--and thinks even deeds done with good intent lose all worth when corrupted by injustice. These are traits that are to be expected in someone bred to rule but his lack of experience makes his concern seem more rehearsed than genuine. At this point in his life, he does not know whether he values justice and the law because it is what he is told to do or because it is what he believes.

Beyond both his dedication to maintaining appearance and his thirst for justice, beneath the surface of the Kage's son and all that it means to be a Seijuu, there lies a young man that is motivated primarily by ambition. Sanosuke is driven and determined, resourseful and hell bent on overcoming any obstacle within his path. He is intelligent, well spoken and well read as befits his station but he is also surprisingly accepting of others. Sanosuke tends to judge people on their merits as individuals rather than by blood, status, or appearance--the main principle being power and whether or not they can assist him gain or maintain status.

Born to rule and keenly aware of it, the young Seijuu is the well crafter picture of a perfect prince. Adventure, destiny, and greatness are his birthright and he has an inate refusal to being denied.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": Power resides where men believe it resides. No more and no less.

Clan/Bloodline: The Lords of Sound (http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=44614)

Primary Archetype: Tactician
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can instantly recognize an enemy’s plan/trap once a thread. The tactician can then take appropriate measures to avoid or counter.
Pro: +2 to Tactics, +1 to Intelligence
Con: -2 to Strength, -1 to Power

Name: Bakuto
Specialty: Speed
Personality: Bakuto embodies the spirit of the gambler--he is quick witted and addicted to the fast life. A strategic thinker first and foremost the small and gregarious servant of Doushoku is constantly focused on setting himself up for advancement. He is analytical, prone to risk and hungry for more. More of what is suspect to change and changes often. Bakuto is simple minded and hedonistic in his desire for wealth and the path of the miser. He enjoys making deals and alliances and advocates for them often--though he is unafraid to go back on his word. This is a trait he imposes upon others as well increasing his paranoia and bias towards high risk and high reward gambles. Bakuto is as loyal to Sanosuke as he is to his goal and he wouldn't hesitate to devour the boy's soul if given the chance--freedom, power, money and respect are Bakuto's whole reason for being.



Physical - Secondary

Strength: 1 - 2 [T] + 1 [Th] + 13 = 13 [+12 Sword Dance of the Bloody Sword]
Speed: 1 + 6 = 7 [+9 Sword Dance of the Bloody Sword]
Stamina: 1 + 8 = 9 [+6 Sword Dance of the Bloody Sword]

Mental - Primary

Intelligence: 1 + 1 [T] + 12 = 14
Tactics: 1 + 2 [T] + 10 = 13
Willpower: 1 + 2 [AP] + 8 = 11

Chakra - Tertiary

Power: 1 - 1 [T] + 8= 8
Control: 1 + 9= 10
Reserves: 1 + 7 +2= 10


Jutsu and Techniques:
Sword Dance of the Bloody Sword (http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=17632)
[F1] Stage One: Strength 5, Stamina 3
[F2] Stage Two: Strength 7, Stamina 7, Willpower 6
[F3] Stage Three: Strength 12, Stamina 8, Willpower 8
[F4] Sakki no Kanji

Sound Genjutsu (http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=26175)
Stage One
[F5] Closed Sight: Intelligence 3, Power 3
Stage Two
[F6] Location Distortion: Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4
Whisper: Reserves 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
Stage Three
[F7] Voice of Compromise: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7
[F8] Kai replacing Pantomime: Reserves 8, Control 8, Power 6
Forgetfulness: Reserves 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
Stage Four
[F9] Voice of Persuasion: Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10

Global Ninjutsu (http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=42242)
Stage One
[F10] Transformation: Control 3, Intelligence 2
Stage Two
[F11] Tree Walking / Wall Walking: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Stage Three
[F12] Reduced Earth: Intelligence 8, Tactics 8, Willpower 6
Stage Four
[Thr] Sixth Sense (Replacing Homing Roof Tile Shuriken): Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10

The Pact (http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=44022)
Stage One: Isolation - 5 Willpower, 3 Intelligence
Stage Two: Denial - 9 Willpower, 5 Intelligence, 6 Strength
Stage Three: Anger - 11 Willpower, 9 Intelligence, 8 Strength

Shinobi Kit- 0
Royal Protection (Hidden Body Armor) - 3
Jin (Katana with Trick Lock) - 5

Item Points Remaining: 0



My father was a revolutionary.

He had within him a quality that would make other men quiver. A natural born leader, more so than any jutsu or deed he did—that’s what made him strong in my eyes. He had the ability to look into a man’s eyes and simply tell them: “What I’m saying is not for the benefit of me, what I’m saying is for the benefit of us”. He was selfless, loyal and driven and he meant it. He was unequivocal in his eloquence, unyielding in his boldness and a champion for controversy…

He was an impossible mountain that I was tasked to climb before I was even born.

I was the first born son of Seijuu Kaigen, the Niidame Otokage, the most polarizing and greatest leader Rice has ever encountered.

As a father, I knew less about Kaigen then I would’ve liked. He met my mother shortly before the fall of Sound, from my understanding, their relationship was an arranged one and she was very kind and suited my father perfectly. I was born several years after they had been married and escaped from Sound but this did not seem peculiar to anyone. My father was the consummate professional and anything that was not restoring his people to their former glory rated extremely low on his radar. He was much more comfortable at the head of the Nomadic encampment than he was at the head of the table. He was a harsh man and I often felt grateful for his distance.

My mother…was even more of a mystery. She died due to a medical complication from child birth and my father did not take it well. He had been raised in a world filled with medical marvels and technological advancement and had been tossed into one of struggle and ruthlessness. He was a harsh man. But he had been shaped to be that. My father was driven, focused on creating a dynasty and lifestyle that would last one thousand years. Family life? The Nomads were his family. He shunned traditional responsibility as easily as he shunned traditional rule. I could not love him, I was too intimidated and incapable of understanding his world and his desires. His only other marriage for the rest of his life was to the people of Sound, for some reason, that meant a lot to me.

I had no choice, both literally and figuratively, but to respect him.

With my mother dead and my father tasked with governing a ragtag collection of shinobi forces, my care was mostly regulated to other Seijuu and unfortunate Kitareu. I did not go without comfort or attention within the lavish tents. While other Nomads brought with them uncertainty and harshness, my world was one of tenderness and compassion. I was the youngest child of the saviors of Sound, a future King in my own right and I basked in the love and strangers affection. I remember being four years old when my father told me that I carried with me the entirety of the village.

I was five when I began to feel the weight.

I did not know how I expected my shinobi education to begin but I knew I expected to be better at it. I was not. I lacked a natural affinity for molding chakra and no matter how much I tried, I could not grasp even the simplest of jutsu. My father did a good job of concealing his disappointment but very few other Nomads did. It wasn’t so much that I was inept or stupid, just that I was uninspiring. My father could move mountains and men with a speech and a gesture—I was plainer than white rice. My name was reacted to with intrigue and then forgotten in resignation and disappointment.

I hated the unwanted, unwarranted, arbitrary expectations my birth brought me.

And I hated not reaching them even more.

In spite of my mediocrity as a warrior and Shinobi or maybe because of it, I was given access to some of the most premier minds we had access to as tutors—including the future Sandaime Otokage my uncle Raimei. While my father was harsh and passionate, Raimei seemed gentle and patient, I did not take to his lessons on Sound Ninjutsu, but he left a favorable impression. Destiny and blood relation aside, he was but one tutor out of many and by the time I had turned ten they all had shaped me into something resembling a competent Nomad.

My tenth birthday could not have come quick enough and unsurprisingly it would change my life forever.

As opposed to the traditional arrangement where I would be shuffled off to some Hiyoutori, I was instead asked to be a cupbearer and assistant for a prestigious Sonou by the name of Hiruma. Hiruma-sensei stood roughly eight feet tall, he had skin the same color as oil and eyes that shone like the sun with the same color as the sky. He was a constant reassuring and jovial presence though not someone to be crossed or looked down upon. His skill as a swordsman was legendary and completely the product of conflict after conflict as opposed to any school. Often times, when he would drink, he would claim that he had fought in over 10,000 fights and had only lost 3.

Two of those losses were to my father.

Life with Hiruma was different than life with the camp, it consisted mostly of travel and secret. I saw the entirety of Rice Country within this time frame from Iriguchiro to Atama City whilst under various disguises as demanded by Hiruma. I lived amongst the fisherman in Brownwater for a year, served a few months as a mercenary within Atama city and even worked as a ground keeper in Yoro for a fortnight. I did not feel like this made me a better warrior, but I felt like it made me a better person. I learned what it was to be hungry, hunted and uncertain.

I learned that if I didn’t understand that, I could never dream of understanding my people.

At fourteen, I made my return to my father and the majority of the Sound Nomads, still remaining a Kitareu but greeted as if I was the Sandaime in waiting. My father even stood proud and welcomed me personally, for a single day I felt loved and exalted. After the initial celebration of my return subsided the weight of expectation returned. Like all Kitareu I was expected to defeat a Hiyoutori to achieve advancement, I knew that as soon as my tutelage with Hiruma was over I would be given a new sensei.

And this teacher would double as an obstacle.

Her name was Anko and even at seventeen she was a demon. Illusions and hidden blades were her primary tools of the trade, distaste for anyone in a higher station merely augmented her rage. I spent three months working for her before I was able to both beat out her illusions and defeat her in combat. My promotion was not met with anything but polite acknowledgement, it had been expected for years. The vest my father gave me felt heavy. The sword he had crafted for me felt unweildly.

I saw less of him then and at the same time was more hungry for his attention than ever. Coincidentally my promotion coincided with things largely ramping up in the village. The return of the Naga, the Cracking of the Sky, the resurgence of Otogakure all occured within a year and a half of me beating Anko in a duel. I was getting older, wiser and my father seemed to begrudgingly become more open. I do not know if it is just because he seemed to sense his last days, but the weeks before his death he seemed to take a special interest in me.

The Seijuu family was not large but we weren't small either, appearances and unity remained important and weekly meetings occured frequently. It was after one of those meetings that my father took me aside and in the privacy of the night, gazed upon the landscape of tents and bonfires and spoke to me in the same way I imagine he had spoken to countless others. He captivated me with a light in his eye and a tone in his voice that seemed as premeditated as it was natural, as deliberate as it was random.

And it felt special because he was saying it to me.

"The fate of Sound will move with you Sanosuke. Go swiftly, go safely, be my eyes and ears and voice… but most of all, take care."

I still don't know what he meant.

After my father died, my uncle Raimei came into power and you know the rest of the legendary tale. I was shuffled off into a minor position of power, coordinating missions and leading shinobi with twice as much actual experience as myself as befit my station. I felt no closure from my father's death. He had been the Otokage. The most powerful, controversial and boldest leader in the history of shinobi kind and he was dead.Just as he seemed to acknowledge me he left me. I could not sleep, I could not shake that something was wrong with him. I complained to Raimei, demanding more investigation, demanding justice...

But his plate was too full, his load to heavy and combining maintaining the relationship with the Naga and combatting the Mercenaries from Atama--he did little to assist me and only offered sympathy.

Much like my father before him, I could not demand or force answers from my Uncle and closure escaped me. I could ask little of both a Kage, a clan elder, and a Shinobi lord. My meetings offered little in terms of insight to his passing beyond common knowledge and I mostly just succeeded in turning my uncles sympathy into annoyance.

Perhaps that is why I sensed, just the tiny inkling of Sakki coming from him when I suggested that there may have been foul play.

I still don't know what he meant by that.

Thread Rating: The Prince of Sound- +2 AP on Willpower
12/11/14 Rattlesnake (http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=44352) +2 Reserves, Whisper, Forgetfulness
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05-23-2014, 02:08 AM
See, I'm not really sure how I feel about this character mainly because I was RPing in Sound back before all of its hand offs. I got to see the other active Seijuu characters at the time, one of whom was Kaigen's daughter (http://www.narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=8527) who had a younger brother who was killed and a nephew (http://www.narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=24578) of Ichiru. Not all of their completed threads were actually listed on their sheets. The only reason they couldn't continue was because of the revamps taking place in 07. And Katsuyo is still listed in the RP directory while Sanami ended up in Junk. But anyways, what I'm getting at is that the bio sort of blows established stuff out of the water.

I think another one of my issues is such a direct connection to both of the most powerful and influential people in Sound's convoluted history. The Seijuu were a legitimate clan before Sound's fall, so there are lots of options to tie into. But if Kiba and/or Merd is cool with all of that, so am I. :)

I especially love the ending. Even though it was taken out of the info, we all know Raimei was behind it. Hell, it has in his character sheet... so yeah. Still though. Consider this a pending Half on GM approval.

*Edit so not double posting: Yeah, I didn't even know if they were around still and was actually surprised to find Tostada's still in RP Info. Bio is great and awesomely done. I loved the character but was just hesitant about it since I didn't know what they were planning on doing with Miyamoto's and he had completed a thread with Rose's chick. But yeah, if Merd is fine with it... yay for first halves!

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I will admit to not knowing about the other Seijuu, I kinda figured them a dead and inactive clan and since Miyamoto hasn't used his in five years hopefully I can be forgiven of any toes my ignorance may have stepped on.

I am aware that it's rare to write Kage's children but to me the connection with the ruling class in Sound is what makes the Seijuu appealing. So, yeah, I am kinda attached to the bio and all it implies.

What's the point of being Prince if you can't drive the Red Corvette?

I did get Merdle's permission to make him Kaigen's son and Raimei's nephew though.

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young girl's heart

Fix that typo, young man! And then you'll get my half approval. I like him but mostly I want to see what you do with him. Don't let Merdle down~

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Kind of boring for Simba character. Doesn't he at least get a snappy song? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywjX6AF6oVc)

Math looks good. Halfed.

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You know I actually typed up this biography in Word? Not that I'm doubting spell checks omnipresent and infinite power, but I promise I put forth at least the minimal amount of effort!

These 2AP in particular are from the May payments from the Sanada GMing.

Also, I added in the AP usage in thread ratings.

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Sound GM Half-Approved. Go, Simba. Be the king of lions.

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