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M-Nin United
Iamaroto Sai & Itaku Chizuru

The night in Iron was still, not a single creature dare make any sudden movements in the City of Kings known for its spontaneity. No ninja nor civilian seemed to stand out amongst the shimmering moonlight. A lone bird flapped its luminescent wings in search of its prey. That lone bird, was Itaku Chizuru, Rogue Phoenix of the Hidden Grass.

She had been tracking him day and night. It had been a while since their last get-together, both taking separate paths for personal reasons. Chizuru had some soul-searching to do, reevaluating the plight that was becoming a rogue. She had also been looking for others with specific talents to aid her on her own mission. While she'd come across many faces on her timeless journey, one stuck out more than the others. The key to her success lie within his rare talents and those very abilities are what brought her back.

Chizuru had been wandering day and night in pursuit of the blind Sai. Intel revealed that he was here, behind the walls of this small home, alone. If he had someone with him was beyond her but she didn't have a problem with taking her time to find that out. Instead of knocking on the door like the average soul, the Phoenix walked straight the front door and reappeared inside the home.*

"Honey I'm hooome." there was a different tone in her voice than before. A darker spirit possessed her body now.

Heigou (Meld)*
Getting straight to the point, this jutsu allows the user to meld their body with any surface of greater size than his or her self. Whether it is a wall, a body of water, or a gigantic axe, it will make it so the user simply combines with the item in question. They will completely disappear from sight, even their weight not being recognizable as added to that which they meld with. They can not use it and un-meld in the same post, but they can exit from the item any post afterwards, slowly or quickly. As exiting is a supplementary action, they can attack at the same time or immediately following. They can remain in the melded state for one post per two of their control.

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Sai hadn’t been in Iron Country long, not this time at least. He had just returned from Rice Country, from Atama City where he’d met with people with similar goals as his. While he didn’t have their cooperation yet, there was a method in place for him to gain the trust of the Bear’s Claw. For now though, the Disciple needed to think about how to go about achieving it.

To kill a fellow Disciple. It sounded a lot easier than it was. He’d have to first find a practitioner in the Echoes of Silence, then he’d have to kill them with them knowing his weakness and he knowing theirs.

The Senshi found slight solace staying in the village of Kings. There was no constant need to look over his shoulder and there were many places where he’d find quiet. This was one of those places, a small ‘house’ tucked in the corner of the alleys of the Village. There were no questions asked when Sai talked to the landlord. There never were questions which made this place a safe haven for missing nin from wherever they might be from.

It was late now though and most of the bars and clubs were winding down. They never truly closed but the streets were relatively empty. Finally Sai was able to get some rest. Even if he was safe here, his Hymn was constantly echoing. Giving him all the information that he would ever need. Finally his ears were given a chance to rest against a pillow.

That moment didn’t last long as a voice echoed from the front door. The voice was vaguely familiar but Sai’s Hymn echoed out just in case. The returning click only solidified that it was Itaku Chizuru. Another missing nin he’d been in contact with. This wasn’t expected though. The Disciple rolled out of the bed and padded towards the front door, his face and empty eyes looking at the kunoichi.

”I see that. How’d you find me?” Why she was here was a question for later. His first priority was who’d give information like that out and how they came across said information.

07-30-2014, 02:58 AM
A large beige jacket dropped onto the floor.

"I missed you too."

A chuckle escaped her wispy lips.

"You can see now too? What else have you been up to while I've been away?"

Her demeanor was so casual yet so out of place. Chizuru always had humor but hers was a sort of dry dark humor. Only when she was drunk could this side of her manifest as such. There had been no alcohol in her system for the past three days, though. She wasn't exactly herself . . . these were the effects of the alter-ego created from her time in the Shinku Seijun . . . no longer was Itaku Chizuru in control. The internal struggle that waged on for eternity had come to an end: The Phoenix had taken over.

She calmly moved throughout the house with a carefree flair as she quickly proceeded to Sai's bed, flopping down on it as though she'd been on her feet for days. Her boots were the first of many clothes she would be pulling off.

"Well, if you must know, fate lead me to you. Wasn't this our intended destination? When we had that little run-in with those hunters. We were on our way here."

Now she began to unbutton her top, as if for some reason Sai's ability to see was negated due to him being blind. She stopped on the third button halfway down her torso before falling back into the bed and propping her legs up.

"Now finding out exactly where you were wasn't too hard. Seems you frequent a couple of the local bars around town. All it took was a couple bribes and the occasional 'Have you seen a tall blind man with a sword lately?' and it led me right to your front door."

Chizuru spoke while undoing her pants and pulling them from her hips down to her ankles. She was bare. Never before had there been something so seductive about a woman who hadn't showered in approximately a week, give or take a day. She pushed herself upright again intent on finishing the job she had started when she began to unbutton her top. To another she would seem off, but in her mind nudity was one of the last things either of them had to worry about at this point in their lives.

"My question to you is . . . where's the food? I could eat an elephant I'm so starved. Look at my ribs. They're poking out. Please tell me you have something in here other than those ridiculous clothes you're always cloaked in."

07-30-2014, 05:49 PM
”I highly doubt that.” Sai’s words were quiet but he had already thought about heading back to bed. But he knew Chizuru wasn’t a woman that could be trusted, if there were even ones that could be out there. Even for a missing nin though, the kunoichi was dangerous and unpredictable.

”How long ago was that though? I’d already come and gone and came back again. I don’t think fate is involved anymore.” So much for getting back to sleep. His bed had already been taken over by the old Grass nin and the Disciple was at a loss for what to do. His head had followed Chizuru but then he realized that she felt the need to discard her clothes. That moment he turned away as if he could see.

”I don’t stay here long. I have no reason to have food here. What good would it be for me to keep anything like that around when I don’t know how long I’ll be staying or when I’ll be back next. I’m sure you could have found something to eat as you wandered around the city looking for me.”

The stripping didn’t stop as Sai could hear the sounds of clothes hitting the floor. A sigh soon escaped the Disciple’s lips as he made his way to the front door, not wanting to deal with any of this and end up falling into one of her traps again.

”All this effort you spend in trying to seduce me, someone with no eyes, and you couldn’t squander some food in your travels?” Something wasn’t right about the kunoichi but all the same, her methods of getting things never sat right with the Disciple. Even now, stripping in front of a blind man, asking for stuff didn’t seem to be a good choice.

08-04-2014, 02:21 AM
She stood up off the bed and giggled as her b-cups jiggled. "Oh Sai, are you nervous? How blind are you, again?"

Chizuru looked to be a completely different person than before. She was. She had changed. A normal Chizuru would have noticed Sai's indifference and constant guard, whereas this new chick just rolled around as if the world was one big happy religious story where clothes became insignificant. Taunting him was unintentional in all regards, so when he claimed that she were trying to seduce him she couldn't hold back a hearty, tear-invoking laugh.

"Seduce you? Why would I do that my dear? I already have you." She turned and strutted into his bathroom where the shower-head would quickly turn on so she could finally rid herself of that awful stench. Should he approach, she would pay him no mind. Her main priority right now was herself.

"You've changed yourself my noble knight. But fate wont be fooled by the change in your trajectory, the needle always comes back around.


You seem tense. You should lay back down. If anybody comes searching for a blind rogue sound ninja I'll be sure to take a message."

Should he react in an a brass or abrasive manner and try to touch her she would slide through the shower wall as is the beauty of her defense mechanism. Chizuru really always had grace, whether that be in the way she could laugh at you while her naked hips sway in her walk-away or how she could slyly move out of harms way when need be. But this new Chizuru had a flair all her own, more outgoing and aggressive was merely the tip of the iceberg this time around.

08-04-2014, 02:00 PM
The Disciple shook his head a little bit as he had to figure out what he was going to do now. Clearly getting some rest was out of the question and even enjoying any peace and quiet was but a pipe dream. He now had a former acquaintance, someone he’d only seen a handful of times, show up at his place of residence, strip and demand food.

”Already have me?” Sai spoke mostly to himself. What exactly did she mean by that? He clearly heard the sound of the water in the bathroom start up and unfortunately could hear the water droplets hitting her body and falling to the floor. This may have been the first time that he’d ever curse his ears and his brain for painting such a picture in his mind with only one sense to work off of.

”If anyone has changed, it’s you. Of course we know very little about each other. Most of what we do know is fabricated in our own minds. So this may be your true self.” With a deep breath, the Senshi made his way back to the bed, clicking his Hymn only long enough to avoid the discarded clothes from Chizuru.

There he sat, slightly defeated but more trying to think of a way out of the situation. She apparently had more resources at her disposal than he and clearly the kunoichi was not afraid to utilize them. There were no sounds at the front door prior to her announcement so Sai had to assume that she had used some unconventional method to get inside. He didn’t know any of the details, he didn’t know exactly what Chizuru was capable of. This made the situation all the more difficult. He had no choice but to play along for now, at least until he got more information.

”So what is it that you need? I find it hard to believe that you came by just for some social visit or to try to squander some food from a vagrant. What do you need me to do for you?”

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The night was hot as hell. It was a lousy room in a lousy part of a lousy town. She was a goddess. Soap suds became vapor against her flesh. Impenetrable was exactly what she thought she was. Maniacs often use method with their madness, Chizuru was not a maniac. Rebels always sought out vengeance, Chizuru was not a rebel. Devils tend to lurk in the shadows, Chizuru was not a devil. She was a goddess.

"What do you mean, what do I need from you? I thought we made this clear before! Do you even care about me at all? For fuck sakes Sai, you're really starting to piss me off!"

The shower-head abruptly shut off.

"I need you. With me. At all times. I don't care what it takes but I will have you. There is no running away from me anymore."

By now she was fresh out of the bathroom with water still dripping onto the hardwood floor and as she looked out to the daredevilish Sai, a gleam of fire flared within her eyes.

"Forget what you know about me. Because what is it that you truly know? I'm a battle savvy drunkard? I'm more than that and you fucking know it. Think about it. You, me, together we are more than formidable. We are a force. You are not what you think you are. The confusion in your heart is of the world, you are not. You have a higher power than that. I can take you to those heights, if you let me. I can fulfill your wildest dreams. You need me. You will always need me. And I need you. Will you deny me or will you accept me?"

She hadn't moved an inch. One hand held her towel and the other propped against the door frames as her captivating glare shot daggers wherever she laid eyes on.

08-13-2014, 05:34 AM
”Do I care about you? What do I know about you?” As the kunoichi’s tone shifted, the Disciple grew restless himself. His head hung low, facing the floor as the water shut off in the bathroom. He could hear her footsteps; he could single out every drop of water that fell from her still naked body onto the floor.

Sai shook his head a little bit, trying to clear his mind but he listened to what Chizuru had to say. There was more to things than she was letting on. Every single time that he’d run into her that was the case and now was no different. The issue was that the Disciple wasn’t able to read the woman and that made her a danger to her and himself.

After she had finished talking, Sai lifted his head, turning his face in the direction which she stood in front of him. He didn’t need to see to know the seriousness of the situation. He could feel the looks she was shooting at him. The Disciple could do nothing but sigh softly as he leaned back a little bit on the bed.

”I’m not sure where you get off telling me that I need you when I don’t know what I need myself. How can I need you if I know nothing about you? I’ll admit, you are talented, you have alluring and captivating qualities. I imagine that if I were able to see, you’d definitely be a sight to look at. But what I don’t get is why you need me so much?”

The Senshi shifted a little bit on the bed, turning his entire body to face that of the other missing nin.

”But you’re right. I can’t deny you. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. I couldn’t leave this place. This is the closest thing I’ve ever had to a home. You ask if I even care about you. What about yourself? What am I to you?”

08-13-2014, 06:44 AM
With a tone sweeter than diabetes she confessed:

"I need you because you are apart of me."

His acception of her unto him formed a sly grin across her lips. She remained still but pleased, now having the right hand at her side. To Chizuru he was necessary. Never had she run across another like him with his abilities complementing hers so well. It was true that together they were a force. But to whose aim was this force granted? The blind man couldn't see her true intentions and perhaps he may never need to see them. As long as he was around she was satisfied because as long as he remain by her side they would never get themselves killed, they would only ascend higher.

"You are my dark knight shrouded in mystery. You are the result of this world's wrongdoings and you will be the one to cleanse this world of its impurities. You have the power to make a difference, if you let me show you how. I can make you better. I can complete you. " She slowly stepped towards Sai. "You may not know what direction to travel, so, let me lead the way. There are plenty of things in this life that we can tackle together. I know you are not weak."

She approached the bed from the opposite side of him, inching her way near.

"I wont ever leave your side. You'll have to kill me first. Together we will live and together we will shine."

She carefully slid her free hand across the ruffled bedspread towards him, if for no reason other than to give a more endearing approach. Although this was the same hand with the summoning seal for senbon needles across it. But of course he wouldn't know that, as sound waves didn't permit the visual prowess associated with that sort of thing. She was fearless but that didn't mean she was stupid. Chizuru anticipated whether or not he would lie down and give his soul to her, or if this was a feint to draw her closer so he could strike at her vulnerability. So she made sure all bases were covered, even if they were the only thing. Then it happened. She leaned in for the kiss of death that she was sure would cement their deal.

08-13-2014, 07:49 AM
The Disciple felt Chizuru moving towards him and once again he allowed his Hymn to echo around the small room. There were too many unknowns to allow the woman to get close without having any sort of guard up. Now while he didn’t have the convenience of sealed weapons like the Grass nin, he had other ways of pulling out an armament, a trick that the kunoichi was yet aware of.

Sai allowed her to get closer, his body not moving in the slightest. ”The wrongdoings of the entire world do not concern me. My goals aren’t as grand as yours are. Perhaps I am not allowing my eyes to become larger than my stomach so to speak. Maybe, maybe at some point I would be more concerned about the world around me but now I prefer to tackle the issues that are in front of my face.”

She continued to get closer and he still refused to move a muscle. There was no chance of her being able to outmaneuver him in this close of a range. She was a projectile specialist while he was a hand to hand fighter. He was safer at this range than she was and he knew it. Her slow movements told him that she knew it as well. There was still something up the sleeve of Chizuru but Sai was willing to play along for a little while longer.

But as she leaned close to him, over him to lean in for the kiss, the Senshi immediately leaned away from her.

”You must forgive my hesitation. But if I recall correctly the last time I allowed you to touch me, you put me under the effects of one of your Genjutsu. That situation isn’t too much unlike this one except that our real identities are out there. How can I be sure this isn’t one of your games?”

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OOC: *(Rokuon) Recording

Her lips filled with a poison unable to be extracted by any medic, this type of poison was the most dangerous of them all. Lies on her lips, she begged him to take a lick … but instead he chose to refuse, yet again, answering her questions with more questions. I will have you. One way or the other.

A visible sigh escaped into the air. Chizuru seemed reluctant towards whatever it was she was about to do. She withdrew herself from the bedside and walked over to her pile of clothes on the floor. Instead of revealing her true intentions, she only asserted that she needed to wash the stench off of her clothes as she gathered them and headed towards the small kitchen sink. Hot water knob turned and the spout running, her only resort was to let them soak in the water and let them dry off overnight. In the morning they would be ready, although still stained from her travels, anything beat smelling like sweat and dirt. After the water grew warmer she dropped them in, turning the spout off once again.

She returned from the kitchen, this time her free hand holding a cluster of scrolls each with their unique purpose. All but one was dropped onto a single chair in the room. As it opened and her chakra acted on the kanji Chizuru pulled a small flask from the canvas to which she popped open and sipped with practiced repetition. The smell of alcohol now among the lies on her breath.

"So, you want to know what I want huh?" She glanced at Sai with a rude indifference, dropping the towel covering her onto the floor. She held the whiskey and a single seal all in her right hand, her left hand's index finger pressing down on the crickety night-stand.*

"Welcome to the Shinku Seijun, Kusagakure shinobi." She spoke, her voice mimicking that of an older man. Memories from her past endeavors being recited to her knight. The tape seemed to fast forward as the pitch of her voice rose, and she skipped through her recordings, past her indoctrination into the secret organization. More recordings played. This time in the form of a conversation she had with another member of the organization.

"So, we're basically hunting down our targets and eliminating them . . . sounds easy enough."

"These particular individuals pose a threat to the village, that's where we come in. No matter the age, sex or beliefs of our target, they are still the hit and we will always be the hit-men."

"I know we're all killers but, don't you ever stop and wonder what these people did that was so bad in order to be put into the bingo book? I mean, what's stopping one of us from being branded as a traitor?"

The recordings fast-forwarded once more.

"It doesn't take much for a successful operation to be overthrown, Seiki-san. But it does require someone willing to do what the others wont do. It takes rebellion for any progress to be made. No pain, no gain. Don't you agree?"

"Think you might be close to hurting some of the wrong people, Chizuru-chan. Getting ahead of yourself if you’re thinking you can take his place so easily."

"No matter the social villain I become, I cannot be seen as a being with any weaknesses. Or they will surely exploit any and reap the benefits. To do what I want means to become ruthless, Seiki-kun, and the ruthless can't afford to be sentimental. Gomen."

The tape fast-forwarded again. This time to a conversation that Sai might have remembered himself.

"Out of ALL the people I've met, you're the only one that has opened his place to me and I really, really, really appreciate it. Even though I don't know you very well and thought you were some crazy guy who would try to kill me when you got me here... but that doesn't matter now! Cause you're cool. So cool. Want some more?"

The tape stopped. Her seal fell and her flask raised.

"I could have killed you back then."

08-13-2014, 04:53 PM
She left the bedside almost as effortlessly as she had arrived and the Senshi finally turned to face her. There was the rustling of clothes and the running of water once more. This time the water wasn’t hitting tiled ground but instead was from the kitchen. Sai of course thought nothing of it and exhaled slowly having avoided the bullet this time. Chizuru was persistent if nothing else but that had a way to take a toll on someone’s mental state.

Once again a bottle from a scroll. This wasn’t something new to the Disciple and this time he knew not to partake. Instead he listened as Chizuru spoke to him, his ears hanging on her words. She then began to speak in a voice not of her own and he continued to listen.

It soon ended and his head turned towards her as he raised an eyebrow. ”We both could have killed each other. Even still we are in a situation where you are stark naked and all of my gear is not on me, yet we are both still a threat to the life of the other. That’s what makes us shinobi.”

He then paused a little bit, thinking back on what he had just heard before shaking his head a little.

”Also, I believe that sentiments are useful. Emotions are useful things for us. But only the greatest of our kind realize that and utilize that. But you have a storied past and I respect that.”

Chizuru was going to great lengths for the Disciple and Sai was able to notice it. He was still hesitant though as they were almost polar opposites. But maybe that would work out better for them in the long run.

”So what’s the game plan? We wait here through the night, then what? You are the one with the direction…where do we go from here as individuals and as a collective?”

He still had a million questions for the woman. But she was slowly but surely winning him over.

08-14-2014, 05:50 AM
Chizuru sat next to Sai and continued to drink with her body slumped over the bed as she lost herself staring down at the old wooden floors. Seemingly immersed in thought, she no longer had a reason to feel uncomfortable around him. However, her newfound comfort was not because she trusted him. The visions from her past life helped explain what her burning spirit could not. It was in those very revelations that she was able to find a tiny fragment of solace. The rest she planned to dig out of the bottom of her flask.

"For a split second, here, with you … I was able to forget just what I was. Maybe that was my mistake for thinking that you felt as I did." Lies. "Now you have officially seen more of me than anyone else has. But when I see what I want, I stop at nothing to obtain it. Maybe I've just been thinking too much. You happy?"

She flopped back on the bed relieved to stretch herself out regardless if there was ample space between them. In a world as fucked up as this one, at least there was hope. A new light illuminated the power team. And as she lay there with her flask cocked back an endless stream of possibilities flashed before her exuberant gaze.

"Forget the past. Forge your future." she beckoned.

"We can do anything we want. Anything. Do the blind dream? I wonder what it is that you see when you're sleeping, and if it's anything like what you see when you're awake. I used to dream. Now I find it easier to see these visions with my eyes open. Let me ask you this. If you could do anything, go anywhere, or become whoever you wanted to be … what would you do?"

Her head swiveled in his path, passing on the remains of the whiskey on her breath through the air.

08-14-2014, 02:55 PM
It was getting a bit hard to know what to believe when words came from Chizuru. But Sai did believe that she had revealed more to him than anyone else in a while. By this he didn’t mean her body, that he was sure had been used to get her way a time or two in the past. But it was more about the kunoichi’s time in the Shinku Seijun.

His head turned to her for a moment before turning away. At this point there was no point in even pretending to keep the illusion going. Sai took in a deep breath before listening to the question that was posted to him. His eye lids closed over the milky orbs before they opened and he remained silent. Maybe it was just because it had been so long since he’d actually sat down and was able to talk freely with someone or maybe it was because of the question posed to him but Sai didn’t know what to say.

”I don’t know. Maybe I’d rather be a nobody. Someone that doesn’t stick out and has no expectations from the world put upon them. Or maybe I don’t change anything about myself. I can’t say that I’m really upset about where I am in life. There are things around that are fucked up but they’d be there regardless.”

The Disciple leaned back on his arms, his face aimed at the ceiling as he seemingly lost himself in thought. ”I would stay who I am now. I never wished to be someone else. What about you? What would you do?”

The smell of alcohol wafted through the room and Sai shook his head a little bit. The two of them together did have a lot of power and had the potential to mesh together, watch the other weak spots. But that required trust and that was something that he had a hard time giving.

08-22-2014, 09:01 PM
"You would stay the same? Really? Vulnerable? Do you even believe that shit?"

She could not accept that. Life begets change and yet he would rather stay the same. Weak and alone with nothing to show for all the years that you've been given is how she saw it. She frowned at him, upset and distraught because his very reply only proved that it would be harder to persuade him than she had initially hoped.

The pressure on Chizuru was strong enough to snap her in two. He was supposed to have ambitions, goals that she could promise in turn for his assistance. This put in her in a bind. She could either lie to him and try to rule underneath him, or she could be honest for a change and see how far they could get from there. She would have lied had not she not been lying next to him already. There's a certain advantage that a naked woman has over a man that can bridge the gap between power. Two of her particular 'perks' stared at the dusty ceiling fan as she stared at him through her glazed doughy eyes.

"Well, since you asked, I guess I'll tell you. We both know this world is fucked up, especially the hierarchy of power. I can't live in a world rooted in corruption. I would rather burn it all than see it go to hell. There are so many wonders of the world that we have yet to tap into. If I was strong enough, I would go after legendary weapons . . . if you can't tell, I'm an aspiring weapons master. This seal in my right palm summons weapons."

She pointed out the kanji on her body.

"This seal on my bicep does too. And then there's another one here on my left thigh. I don't know if your hearing allows you to see details like that but whatever. It's good to know I guess. In case you ever have to kill me. But if I get those weapons, who knows, you may not be able to kill me. Unless you get something equally as formidable of course. Don't you ever wonder what you could change if you didn't have to do what others said you had to? If you had the power to change things . . . to better yourself, I'd like to think you would use it."

08-22-2014, 10:14 PM
The Senshi shrugged a little bit. He didn’t have the power to do whatever he wanted so there was no need in delving into what ifs. He didn’t even know how to answer the question properly and that seemed to upset Chizuru. But he didn’t regret his answer, he didn’t even second guess his answer. It was how he felt at the moment. Perhaps in time it would change when he had more power to do what it was that he needed or had to do.

But instead of scolding or berating him, Chizuru began to speak. Sai listened and nodded slowly. Soon she began to point to certain places on her body. While he couldn’t see exactly what it was being pointed out, he kept in mind those positions in case that she began to reach for them. It was good to know that she had weapons hidden on her body but he had something similar that she didn’t know about.

”If I had the power? Yeah. But right now I don’t. I don’t feel the need to daydream about something that isn’t in the realm of possibility as of yet. But it’s good to know you have goals. A weapon collector…”

He’d never been much of a collector. He never had a place to keep things. The thought of it was a pleasant one though, definitely could keep one occupied. Maybe he’d tag along with her but maybe he should actually be honest for a change.

”I just want to see one place burn to the ground. I just want to rid the world of the Naga. After that, I don’t know what I’ll do. But I’m nowhere near ready for that which is why I travel. To pick up techniques and skills from other places.”

Sai clenched his left fist for a moment before his hand and arm began to form into a coral sword.

”A little something I picked up from Mist. I figure the more surprises I have…the better position I’m in to achieve what I need to when I need to.” The blade didn’t last long and the coral began to seep back into the pores of the Senshi before he laid back on the bed, his eyes staring at the ceiling.

”A companion or partner wouldn’t be bad. The world is a lonely place at times.” His words began to trail off. He was exposing more about himself than he originally intended to but he was ready to be burned because of it.

08-22-2014, 11:22 PM
OOC: Shashin (Photograph)*

So he does possess more than meets the eye. I wonder how many mysteries he holds . . . the longer I keep him around the more likely I am to find out. He could be good for me.

Chizuru's fingers traced the smooth wood on the bedpost. Alcohol twirled around in her flask as it spiraled into her mouth. A single drop trailed down her lips towards her jaw. As she sat up Chuzuru watched the drop fall onto her chest. Immediately she had become amused. She glared at Sai with an unwavering scan.

Suddenly her face washed over with discomfort. She quickly spun off of the bed and ran towards the small bathroom where she closed the door behind her before collapsing on the floor in front of the toilet. Sai might have wanted to deactivate his hymn for a minute, long enough to shut off the visions of the watery acid spewing out of her mouth. Groans and more gagging filled the small shack for what seemed to last forever. Eventually she gained the composure to stand to her feet and flush the toilet before hobbling over to the sink to wash up.

"This is what happens when I drink on an empty stomach. Uggggghahhh!" The water steady running as she fished water in her mouth to wash out the lingering after-taste. The mirror in front of her captured her quickly, having found a diamond through her whiskey-goggles. She modeled a few poses in front of the mirror, careful to take mental snaps of the more appealing ones.*

"Now . . . Where was I?!"

The door swung open and Chizuru elegantly strolled out as if nothing had happened. She returned to the bed side, reluctant to get near Sai with the aroma still on her breath. So she grabbed the nearly empty flask and tried to suck the last drop out of the canister. A sudden build up of gas prompted a loud and instant burp from her. It was exceptionally loud given that she was a woman, and when it ceased she smacked her lips together and her eyes closed.

Her body toppled over the bed and onto Sai, dropping the empty flask on the floor. Her breathing slowed and she became still.

08-22-2014, 11:51 PM
Chizuru quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. Something told him that he wanted to turn off his hymn and so he did. The splashing of water into the toilet told the Disciple that he had made the right choice. A soft sigh escaped his lips and he leaned his head back on the pillow, closing his eyelids over the orbs in his head. He took a deep breath while waiting for the kunoichi to return.

Her complaint was noted but he didn’t know what he was going to do about it. There was no food in his little house as he had stated before but before he could say anything about it, she returned and came to the bed. It wasn’t too long after that that she fell on top of him and the Senshi shook his head. Carefully he slid from underneath her, noticing that she had fallen asleep. He pulled a blanket over her before moving to one of the chairs. His eyes closed for a moment as he thought about what had happened through the night.

He leaned back a little bit and propped his feet up on an end table. ”This was an interesting night…I guess only time can tell where it’ll lead though.” She didn’t take long to call it a night either. It was kind of surprising but she had downed that entire flask on her own and on apparently an empty stomach. Guess it was only a matter of time.

Sai then yawned a little bit before leaning back a bit more, trying to get comfortable in the uncomfortable chair. The real question was what was he going now with the rest of his night. Guess there was nothing to do but to wait for his partner to wake up and see what sort of relationship they were going to have when she sobered up.

08-23-2014, 12:44 AM
Time passed as the two shared the small space. The night remained still. Hours had passed since the lively Chizuru had fallen into her slumber. As if being summoned she awoke, eyes snapped open, only to find that Sai wasn't next to her. She sat up and quickly only to turn and find the man nice and cozy in the chair adjacent to her. A sigh of relief.

He didn't try anything. I pretended to fall asleep just to see how pure he was, but fell asleep waiting. And I'm still waiting. Maybe I wont have such a hard time with him after all. He really is simple, poor soul. Shouldn't be too hard to maintain this.

Chizuru creeped out of bed and snuck in front of Sai, slowly waving her arm in front of him to see if he would budge. An awkward silence was his reply as the warrior seemed to befast asleep. A sincere smile traced her lips.

Sweet dreams, fair knight. You'll suit me well. Her index finger placed on his forehead, she transferred the pictures she had captured in the bathroom mirror earlier into his cranium. The most she could do is allow him to see what she could see. The images seemed lewd in nature but that was mostly due to her nude physique. Each picture, however, showed him in perfect detail exactly where each of her weapon seals were on her body. At the very most he would at least know of her deadliest assets if he were too pure to succumb to her wiles.

Not as intoxicated as she made it out to be, she checked on her clothes that were soaking in the sink before climbing back in to bed. She had reunited with Sai, and managed to cut through some of the strings holding them back from fully working together. All was well in a day's work. She would return to sleep, putting herself under her own genjutsu, as she knew morning would approach them expeditiously.

Hopefully he didn't kill her before then.