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03-22-2015, 04:26 AM
He had papers laid out on the table in front of him. It was a large circle table in the personal room of a popular Iron Country restaurant, the Wrought Iron Skillet. They were diagrams, details, blueprints, and letters, all pointing to one unavoidable fact.

Moko was about to be very rich.

All the biggest big wigs in the world were in Iron. In fact, Moko made a point of watching that villain Fukumen walk at the front of his own personal parade. If he was a lesser man, he would have leaped into the fray and been torn apart as he made his attempt to destroy Fukumen. Instead, he held his tongue and his fist, and continued his planning. It was genius, a perfect time to pull a crime, when the number of shinobi in the city of kings was inflated to ridiculous levels.

But first he needed a partner. Sai was a busy man, and that little boy Sai introduced him to wasn't the sort for this kind of operation. No, Moko needed someone from closer to home.

So he found Taichi.

His bingo book was a little out of date, but it was the privilege of a hunter to know the names of quite a few no-good-niks. Taichi wasn't at the top of that list, not even close. He did have an important trait, he was a shrewd businessman.

A businessman that was supposed to be meeting him to talk about their little heist.

Moko, by instinct, wasn't wearing his own face. He looked like an average man of brown hair and eyes. But his clothing was as immaculate as ever, and that was what was important.

03-23-2015, 01:16 PM
Taichi had been doing quite well for himself. He moved up in the business world and slowly started turning away from getting his hands dirty and instead, he set up deals and ensured other people's business went smoothly. With the proper connections it was a simple task to do and it was getting easier and more profitable as he started getting to know people better. Getting to know more people in the business also helped him achieve that. The criminal evolved from being a thug into a business man.

Old habits are hard to get rid of, however. Taichi was approached with a very interesting offer that involved getting his hands dirty. He might have moved up in the world but he was still not above a catch of that caliber. According to the description he heard, it was the sort of heist that could set up an average man for life. The missing-nin however, was anything but a regular man. He wasn't looking for the retirement. Only unambitious fools looked to retire that early with the sort of momentum he was having. The big guy was looking for expansion. So people are starting to hear of my shenanigans now. People know if they want a job done, Taichi is the one. The thought brought a smile to the big man's bearded face.

Taro walked into the designated rendezvous point in disguise. He transformed himself into a tall, clumsly looking blonde-haired teenager. while he was still on the boat. His regular looking body was too suspicious and intimidating for civilians to simply overlook. So as usual, he changed his look and body shape but kept his height. It was habitual for him with every disguise. The renegade looked around the restaurant, as he slowly walked about, checking out each booth until he spotted one that was almost certainly the man in question. He had papers that he was studying. In addition to that he was the only one not in a group or not completely preoccupied with their food.

"Business meeting?" He asked the man.

03-24-2015, 01:08 AM
Moko looked up when he heard the voice. This wasn't who he was waiting for, based on description. But that didn't mean much. If they were walking around looking for each other by how their mother's described them, they would be here until every drink in the place went flat.

"Wazzit look like kid?" Moko said as he folded one of the maps up. He could leave some details laying around, but he had to remember that hunters would be all over Iron right now. If Grass even had any proper hunters since the Hensou died.

What did he know about Taichi? Jounin level shinobi, a thief, on record for assault. His original bingo book entry was... sparse, and getting an updated one meant killing a hunter-nin, or paying a lot for not a lot of info, not what Moko spent his time planning for.

"Now shoo, 'less you want to meet a real shark. Talkin' a guy who would sell his own granny for the ryou in your pockets. Guy is a real downtown tramp, if you get my understanding, and he ain't here to chat with children."

He looked back down, and figured that was enough. Speaking in code was hard enough when he knew who he was talking to, but with a man like Taichi, the only situations they had in common were ever being in Hidden Grass. That wasn't even something Moko did for all that long, or by choice. Still, maybe Taichi was someone he could understand for other reasons, it was just a matter of prodding the man's brain and finding out the truth. Thankfully, that was something he had trained most of his life for.

03-24-2015, 02:07 AM
"Oh but I'm the real shark" He replied with a wide grin on his face.

Pretending they didn't know each other was going to be quite the chore and so Taro saw now point in proceeding further with the banter as it was inevitably going to evolve into a pissing contest. Money-making was about to be discussed and that was the subject that trumped any other.

"You must have reached out to me specifically above all others for a reason." Taichi started speaking as he moved closer to the table and sat down. "I'm guessing we're about to procure something that you don't know how to liquidate." The criminal speculated vocally.

Taro always thought of himself as a mastermind but it was obvious that his partner in crime didn't need him for planning seeing how he already found the target and had much information on it, judging by the papers he saw laid out at the table. Taichi could speculate all he wanted and he easily narrowed things down to a possibility or two. However, he gave Moko a turn to speak and say his side of things. Smart people were good listeners first and foremost after all.

03-24-2015, 04:02 AM
Moko smiled as the teenager sat at his table. So it was Taichi, it saved him from sounding like a complete madman, or running from a potential deadly threat. Well, there was no saying that Taichi hadn't become a deadly threat since his bingo book entry, the man was a shinobi after all, and that came with a certain level of insanity that Moko had never quite understood.

"Even sharks like ta' go for bait sometimes, eh?" Moko said as Taichi got comfortable, and he unfolded his papers again. He didn't have anything to hide, at this point if Taichi betrayed him, he was just out one of a few possible plans. He would be a little miffed, but that would just mean he would have to hurt someone.

"Liquidation is an issue, yeah," Moko said, "I also needed someone with enough love of money that they wouldn't be fool enough to betray me. I've spent a bit of time with a megalomaniac and a mad boy, I needed someone with their head twisted on tight, I've heard you're the guy for the right price."

Moko slid over a piece of paper that mentioned the scroll of some old monk, Tonosuke. A year ago, it wouldn't have meant anything to him, but his adventures with the mentioned mad boy meant Moko was having an odd amount of run ins with old monks. Of course, this one was important because he was also part of Grass history, a philosopher, historical figure, leader in the time when they were just becoming their own country.

The scroll had been identified, double checked, and then put on display alongside the old stone case that the scroll was originally contained in. Historically, it was priceless. The fact that it was in a museum in Iron instead of Grass or Stone was a matter of ancient politics that didn't really interest Moko. Really, the money didn't interest Moko either, but he hoped it interested Taichi. He just wanted a chance to read the scroll, in full. Something no one but a select few had done for a few hundred years.

"You know any collectors that might want a priceless piece of history?"

03-24-2015, 01:34 PM
Taichi's assumption about why he was approached seemed to be spot on. It wasn't really an impressive catch since the reasoning was somewhat obvious, but it was always pleasing for people when they confirm that they were right. The former grass shinobi ignored the empty thread that followed the answer as he was very uninterested to hear it. He was simply looking to do a profitable business transaction that would be mutually beneficial to both parties and despite how cruel or evil Taichi could seem sometimes, he wasn't the type of person to double cross people. He preferred to keep more people around that liked him, owed him or were generally helpful to him in some way or another.

"Of course I can." He replied before even looking at the paper being handed to him and needless to say he was still brimming with confidence.

He started examining the paper, but he still would have liked to have more details than it contained. He saw that the information was regarding a monk's scroll and that was a somewhat vague category but that didn't do anything to falter the man's ego. Nothing beat the resourcefulness of the person who always knew a guy and Taro had that covered.

Taichi had always played the role of the planner or the leader, but this time was different. He was going to settle for being an equal partner despite his preference, seeing how it was Moko's catch anyway. However, the even profit split was backed by the logic that Taichi was also bringing a lot to the table; he was going to use his connections, crew and resources for the task if needed. He was going all in and also putting himself on the line in a country more heavily policed than it ever was. The criminal already weighed the risk and he just couldn't say no to such a reward.

"We should also discuss the profit split to avoid disagreeing later." It was the last detail Taichi needed before agreeing to devote himself to the task.

03-28-2015, 02:39 AM
Moko sat back and grinned at the question, "Smart man, terms first."

He didn't actually care too much about the money. Sure he had debts to pay, and things to buy, but the money wasn't the important part to him. Usually, he would take a large cut for a job he started. He initiated, he brought Taichi in, and that meant he could push for more of the take. After all, Taichi wouldn't be here if Moko hadn't reached out to him. He was Hensou... used to be Hensou, he didn't have to count on some thief who had managed to get himself tagged with the prison seal. Taichi was a marked man, and if Fukumen wasn't a bungler, Taichi would probably be behind bars right now.

Still, he had to keep his head straight. That meant forming a proper negotiation that could get him the result he desired. Thankfully for Moko, that meant getting that scroll in his hands, and enough time with it to decipher what it was talking about.

"My buyers are strained at the moment," Moko said, which was a lie in that he hadn't really checked on them, "So many faces here in Iron, they want to keep their heads low. I brought the job though, and that entitles me to plenty. Plus I'm no slouch on the job. For that, a square 55/45 sounds good, with a small payment for you up front that'll be taken from whatever total you get on the sale."

It was a start, enough that he could wrestle Taichi away from taking the whole job with him. Not that he suspected that much from the man, he seemed reasonable, as far as evil thieves went. Moko had seen real evil, Taichi seemed like a pushover.

"Whaddya think?"

03-30-2015, 01:59 AM
To Taichi's surprise, Moko started out by offering a deal that was only slightly favorable towards himself. The former grass nin expected the initial offer to be even worse than that seeing how 'haggling' normally went on. Taichi didn't like the deal seeing how he was getting less, even though he was guaranteed an initial payment. He didn't want to act as a mercenary, but as a partner instead.

"Fifty - fifty." Taro proposed. "I realize you brought this job to me and I won't deny you usefulness during the task but I'm also bringing a lot to the table. Don't give me an upfront payment but we'll evenly split the spoils afterwards."

The counter proposal wasn't just about the money. He just didn't want to still be the sell sword anymore. He was in the process of building up his reputation among his kind and he saw taking smaller cuts was a step back into his old ways.

Taichi wasn't ashamed of being hired for dirty work as he built up his network of immoral individuals. In fact, offering his services to the Mamotou organization was what gave him the funding to get started on doing his own thing.

"All my assets are available for use. I assure you that your life will be much easier with me on board."

Without needing to brag much about what he had, Taro knew how useful he could be on such thefts. He also wanted to perform an admirable job so that he could get more of the same value of work in the future. Building up references was a thing even for criminals. It was why he was always all in. Recurring clients were a good thing for business.

03-30-2015, 02:49 PM
"Nothing up front?" That suited Moko just fine, especially since there was the possibility there wouldn't be anything to sell at the end of all of this. If the plan went south, he wouldn't be out any money, and could move on to a plan B.

What Plan B was, he didn't know. Maybe something with explosives, and a lot of missing guards. He looked down at his notes, maybe that should be plan A. As it was, his current plan felt a little risky. Not that he expected anyone to get hurt unless some samurai decided to show, or even then.

Moko made a show of thinking about it, but the deal was agreeable. Plus it gave him a new acquaintance. Dealing with shinobi from Sound was starting to get obnoxious, and so many of them seemed rogue, even though they had a village again. He didn't understand the details, but it wasn't for him to understand.

"Deal," Moko said, "Though if you want to be fifty-fifty in all of this, you can help figure out an angle to taking this thing down. Might have figured, but a museum in the middle of Iron ain't exactly a pretty target."

Moko shifted the maps and blueprints over toward Taichi, and then held out his hand for a handshake.

At the least, Taichi would be useful in a fight, right? Had to be more useful than him.

03-30-2015, 05:42 PM
The negotiations quickly came to a conclusion seeing how Moko found Taichi's counter offer to be agreeable. It also ensured that Moko would not be laying out a payment for a job that could fail. Of course Taichi realized that his proposal rid him of any guaranteed payment at the expense of getting a bigger share. The tradeoff was a good one given all the aspects that he considered.

As soon as he heard the approval, Taro sat up right and shook his new partner's hand with a firm grip and he immediately started examining the gathered reports Moko had brought regarding the museum. The new partner in crime was obviously right; it wasn't the easiest location to pull off a heist but then again, all valuable targets were well guarded unless their true value was unknown to their owner, but that wasn't the case the two missing-nin were dealing with. The scroll was a well guarded one and their timing was arguably horrible.

"Pretty targets only offer measly rewards."

Both former shinobi knew that while they were discussing a theft, the city was crawling with guards of all sorts from every shinobi hidden village in addition to the regular heavy fortifications of Iron. It was both a blessing and a curse. While their presence was unwanted, they were mostly gathered in one location. The great majority of the armed personnel were tasked with protecting the meeting area, leaving other areas of the city a tad bit more vulnerable than they were supposed to be. Unfortunately that also meant that any sort of alarm triggered or suspicions being reported was going to be the end of it for both criminals.

"We need to be in and out without any alarms raised." Taichi informed Moko as he pulled a pair of expensive cigars from his pocket. He offered Moko one without saying a word as he continued talking. "Everyone is on edge here today and I have an idea on how to use that, but let me smoke this outside."

Taichi wanted to talk freely and so he gave an excuse for the two of them to step outside. He probably did mention a few incriminating things while inside the restaurant but he preferred to disclose the finer details of the operation in privacy and not just hidden in plain sight where people could easily eavesdrop.

03-31-2015, 04:15 PM
Moko nodded in agreement when Taichi brought up the security situation in Iron. If course, that is why he set up the heist in the first place. They could get in, get out, and make the whole country look silly in the process. They would have a theft right under their nose, and no one would be the wiser until it was too late. It was a perfect blow to Iron's vaunted security.

He took the cigar, and then watched as Taichi went to leave. Moko started to pack up his papers, put them in a side bag, and then watched the others in the restaurant. There was no telling who they were talking around, but Moko chose his locations with care. Of course, it was Moko who chose the location, so he couldn't blame Taichi for being a little careful.

Moko took the cigar, and walked outside, looking around to find where Taichi had gone. When he found the man, he walked over and prepared the cigar to smoke. He wasn't a huge smoker, but it was a classy enough act that he had learned to appreciate it in a previous life.

"If your concern is being identified, we can get past that using practical disguises rather than an illusion. I don't know what method they have to make sure people are who they say they are, but they probably have some eye in the sky."

It wasn't really something he thought about before, but a site trying to defend against shinobi intrusions needed security you didn't need anywhere else. A shinobi could walk into a room, invisible to the naked eye, and walk out leaving a duplicate of whatever they wanted. Every museum and bank would be full of fakes within a week. So what would a place like Iron use?

"Ask me, the most difficult part will be keeping the guards busy, or swaying their loyalties."

Which wasn't a statement Moko took lightly, even if he was smiling as he said it. Usually that was his expertise, but if some foolish guard decided he wanted to be a hero, it could ruin everything for them, and get them sliced into ribbons by samurai jokers.

04-06-2015, 01:44 PM
Taichi was followed outside by his partner, just as he asked him to. Some things were just too sensitive to be mentioned around people who could potentially be too curious for their own good and thus he much preferred discussing such matters without anyone near them or at least not within hearing range. The big man then lit his cigar and took a big puff, as big as a hypothetical chimney would.

"I was thinking of doing a distraction. Due to the current situation, the area guards from every country will overreact to anything so it could be easy to pull one off. Your idea however, is very intriguing. Please... give details." Taro was still open to ideas. He liked to think of himself as a tactician, but that was just the first idea he thought of. Most plans required some fine-tuning before he considered applying them.

Taichi figured that with the presence of several hidden village leaders present in the city of kings made the entirety of government forces and personal guard on edge. That guaranteed that any disturbance in the area was going to attract the attention of members of every nation or village represented in the area. The plan was somewhat uncharacteristic for the big guy as he usually favored finesse, but being swift and quiet weren't always the way to go if he didn't have the necessary skill set and resources.

While Taro was interested in the idea that Moko hinted at, he was rather skeptical of how easy Moko made it sound. It was a very plausible thing to do but also risky. He had to know who to approach and how to approach them. Many things were likely to go wrong and frankly, it simply wasn't an art that Taichi was accustomed to. In terms of dealing with people he was usually direct and to the point.

04-08-2015, 02:51 AM
"My pleasure," Moko said as he began smoking the cigar, "Every group is just made up of people, with their own desires and greed, if you catch my drift."

He could see it now. The structure of a museum wasn't as strict as say, a corporation, or a prison, but it still had weak points at every layer just the same. They could try going to the top, but a person with that much power, the director or owner of the museum, is likely to have their pride involved, or care about the integrity of the museum itself.

"When you have museum security, it has to be made up of men and women, many of which will be at a lower level, weak, under-compensated even. You just need to find the fool thinkin' he deserves a mountain of gold for sitting on his ass all day, then give him enough to turn blind, deaf, and dumb for the evening. It won't get us all the way in, but someone critical, say the man with his eyes on the surveillance, and it could give us the time we need."

Finding out who that was, that would be a little fun. Security teams have records, schedules, this is something that would usually take a little time to research, but he didn't have all that much time. He would have to make it fast.

"A distraction though, that is quicker," Moko said with a smile, "Cleaner... for us. Though the poor saps doing the distraction may not make it."

Moko didn't have a lot of expendable friends... anymore.

04-09-2015, 12:10 PM
Moko went on to describe the plan that he hinted earlier. It was as complicated as Taichi imagined and it wasn't a viable plan for the time span they wanted to perform the job. Paying someone to turn a blind eye towards what they wanted to do involved many setbacks and risks. It involving extra research for finding the right person to bribe, making sure that his job would be a key aspect to buy time and it involved the risk of that person turning out to be ethical regardless of how much money he was offered. The latter was rather unlikely, but still possible. Taichi preferred plans with more certainty to them. It only made sense to deal with as few unknown factors as possible.

"It doesn't have to be a poor sap pulling that off now, does it?" Taichi asked rhetorically. "I personally don't have any manpower to sacrifice for this operation. Well, at least no one available on short notice since... well, I like my crew members and I'd like to keep them around."

He wasn't about to sacrifice one of the men working for him. As he stated, he did like them and they had everything he needed from a crew. They worked hard when needed, they had good chemistry and they were loyal. It was only a group of four, but they were enough for the small vessel that Taichi owned and they were all waiting for him at the dock for when he needed to make his great escape after the heist, but first they needed to nail down the details of their plan.

"I might have a crazy plan that is extremely effective, depending on the guard presence around there and the quality of said guards." The mastermind stated. "I might be able to perform the distraction myself, bait as many of their forces as I can while you do a quick hit and run on the museum. Immediately afterwards we can meet in my ship. The crew will be ready to make a hasty escape the second we're on board."

The plan sounded extremely reckless, but in Taro's head it was very workable. He was confident in his ability to cause a huge distraction and give the authorities a chase or fight for as long as Moko Needed. Taichi was tough, fast, quick-witted and capable of manipulating his appearance. He had the makings of a person who does not get caught in a chase nor lose a fight against city guards.

04-13-2015, 05:03 PM
Moko looked at Taichi and tried to gauge how serious this guy was. There were a lot of actions he found himself capable of since being trained as a chakra user. He could run up walls, fight off a room of mooks, and still enjoy a smooth glass of whiskey. He was a better being for it, strong, but he also knew his limits.

Taichi was a big guy, but in Moko's experience, big men liked to get themselves into big trouble.

"I feel like you might be a little tough on the samurai," Moko said with a wag of his eyebrows, "Old fashioned ijits wouldn't know a handseal from a friendly punch in the ass, but they know how to fight."

Moko shook his head, then turned away for a moment. This plan could work, and better than that it could work out in his favor. If he played it safe, it would give him what he needed to get into the museum, and get out. Maybe he wouldn't have to bother splitting the money with Taichi.

"Still, ain't my job to tell a man to miss his funeral. We can make it work, and then I'll meet ya for our exchange. Your ship, that a new development?"

With a low enough number of security around the museum, he could take the place. He wouldn't have to kill anyone if it went right, and that would help a lot in the long run. From all of his research, Iron held a grudge as harsh as any village, and he didn't need anymore heat on his trail.

07-11-2015, 12:26 AM
"Don't jump to conclusions. I didn't sign off on this yet." Taichi objected as he scoffed. "I said I'll scout the area first and no, the ship isn't a new development I've had it for a while now and I also have a few crew members ready to help... some more capable than others."

Moko seemed positive that Taichi was committing suicide by suggesting that role of his in their mission but Taichi was confident, and he wasn't the reckless type either. The big guy was a fan of executing carefully planned strategies, even though he looked like a brute. He planned on fully making sure of he was capable of performing his self-assigned task before starting anything.

"We should start thinking of plan B anyway because even if you're wrong this is still a relatively reckless plan with unknown variables. I'd rather keep options open just in case. so by all means critique my plan, add details or suggest a new one altogether. I'm all ears."

The 'mastermind' was still open for suggestions. He did have an plan that needed to be refined after doing some scouting, but the criminal was obviously more comfortable having more options and more solid information. Taro also planned on having his crew members involved in the escape, or the transfer of the goods so the two criminals still had some work to do and ground to cover before they accomplished anything. Taichi was patient, and he hoped that his partner was the same.

07-12-2015, 08:39 PM
Now Taichi was being cautious? Well better late than never, at least. Still, Mako could respect that he wanted a backup plan. It was good to have your exits, especially if you barely had a first plan. In the case of this heist, they had an idea how they were going to execute it, but there was still a lot of lookie-loo to play before they could let the arrow fly, as it were.

"Plan Bs," Moko said, "It seems like a good idea to have plans for several different ways this could go tits up."

Moko pondered there, and a few ideas came to mind right away. They were easy problems to solve, in concept.

"First, as much as I trust your reputation, I don't know that crew. If we can't meet up at your ship, I'll secure a location on the edge of the City of Kings where we can make the drop."

Easy problem aside, there were bigger problems that needed to be addressed. Especially since they related to Moko keeping his head on his shoulders.

"Now what if that little distraction of yours ain't all it's meant to be?" Moko began, holding his hands out wide, "Then I get a building full of guards, or worse, samurai."

He could leave, if he really had to. Still, if he was that far in, he would rather have some sort of support. On top of that, he was assuming his enemy had no way to keep him locked inside the building, and his experience told him never to underestimate the techniques chakra users could device.

07-17-2015, 04:10 PM
OOC: Fast forwarding to the museum area

As the two got closer to their destination, Taro started having more and more doubt about his original plan. Before scoping the area he thought that he had a good chance of pulling through but it was becoming evident that the original plan was a very unsafe one. It was doable, but extremely risky. The former grass shinobi had horribly underestimated the presence of trained guards and samurai in the area. The number of opponents Taichi had meant that he had to be extra careful in every move. He was capable of outrunning and outmaneuvering them but the tiniest slip up would have meant that he could have a few dozen guards on top of him within seconds.

"So... plan B, eh?" A mildly embarrassed Taichi thought out loud. "This is definitely not the amount of annoyance I was imagining."

The number of guards also meant that Moko would have to deal with at least a dozen guards in any exit if his presence were to be revealed to the authorities. Plan A had the potential of getting both missing nin incarcerated. Taro was somewhat overwhelmed seeing how his original plan was quite the useless one at that point so he needed a moment to think.

"For whatever backup plan you have I can spare one crew member to aid us in this job, but the rest would still be needed at the ship." The mercenary offered another piece for Moko to plan with. "She's resourceful and can work quietly."

The area was heavily populated and civilians were everywhere going about their daily lives. There were numerous shops and restaurants where the two criminals could sit down quietly and plan while they observe the museum. The place happened to be a good distance from the port. It was a far enough that a runner could lose a pursuer on his way there in some of the alleys or rooftops, but it wasn't a very long run to the ship. The Museum also happened to be open for tours.

07-21-2015, 10:23 PM
So many guards, maybe a museum was a bad idea while security was escalated. Maybe Moko was just unlucky. His expectation was less guards just because the kage would need so much, it would make Iron look bad if a kage woke up with so much as an extra spider-web in their room. Moko expected all the samurai on duty there.

They sat down and looked on. He ordered some tea, and looked off toward the building as he pretended to drink.

"A quiet one?" Moko said, "Could be useful. If a distraction won't work, we could go with a more dynamic idea. It would mean we wouldn't be able to show our faces around here for a while. Well, not our real faces at least."

He was thinking explosives, nothing heavy, he liked museums too much to actually bring the building down. He wanted to scare them, enough that they would make a stupid move, and a little more to make sure the exit was clear.

"With a properly placed pair of charges, we could secure an exit, and put the guards off their guard."

It was idiotic, actually. It wasn't his best formulated plan. It was barely a plan at all.

"Enter with the tour, split off when necessary. Your friend leaves us in time to plant a few shinobi surprises, I talk to the right person to be in the right place when the charges blow. Timing doesn't need to be perfect, and you still get to fight some samurai."

Of course, there was another possibility. It depended on his crew though.

"Alternatively, we could run the old noisy complaint scam. A pretty face asks the right person to give them some help," Moko pantomimed the idea, showing a group of guards walking away from their post with his fingers, "Then when they are out of the way, we do what must be done, and let the reduced guard element make exit easy. The distraction isn't considered suspicious until well after the crime happened, and they put it all together."

Moko shrugged, "Plus it doesn't require a ton of training or prep."

07-23-2015, 07:38 PM
Taro listened to his partner's plan with an open mind. He kept his ears open and was ready to brain storm to fine tune the plan. What Moko offered was a very simplistic version of what they would need to do. There several details that needed to be worked out between the two before they got started, but it was good that they now had something to get started with in addition to an actual view of the surrounding area.

"She will handle the guards." Taichi nodded and also avoided mentioning any names out in public. It was just an extra precaution. "So we'll get three tickets for the tour. It seems there are several tours a day based on the schedule near the entrance."

It was a very simple plan, and depending on how well guarded the inside was, it had the potential to be a very successful one, but they hadn't discussed the escape plan or any contingencies in case things went bad. That was something Taro needed to work on. He loved the chance to make money, but not at the expense of his freedom. He needed to ensure he had an effective exit strategy.

"How about leaving there? After the bang they will be all over the place. It might be hard to blend in back with the tour after getting our trophy and they will be panicked and already on the move after the explosion. I'm rather... unclear on our how our exit is supposed to go." The criminal voiced his concerns. "She'll be fine, but what about us?"

Taichi wasn't sure if he was being fed details bit by bit or if Moko had completely forgotten to plan for the second stage of the heist. Anyone can pull off a heist, but it's all about getting away clean. It's what differentiates the idiots from the pros.

07-25-2015, 05:34 PM
Sometimes Moko forgot he wasn't working with Hensou. They were all criminally insane, but they all worked with their known quantities. If you were paired with a woman who was obsessed with birds, she knew the escape plan was 'use birds to get out.' Moko would talk his way out if necessary, but it wasn't his only way to get away from the crisis, it was just what would be assumed.

"Pure chaos," Moko said with a smile, "There are only so many guards worth two hoots. After we have the goods, we create numerous escape teams out of nothin'. I'm rather skilled at illusions, I will artificially create several copies of us, so many that we can force our way out of the building in the hootenanny that follows."

Moko looked at the path up to the museum again, it was still going to be interesting, no matter what.

"Say, 5 false escape teams, each taking different paths to the exits. We choose the best case scenario once we are in there and know the sitch', but the default is the front door with the crowd sure to be in a full on panic. Just like that, we are either facing a few guards, or they give up and we face nothing at all. At that point, you sounded like you could take care of a guard or two, I'll trust you to that."

At the least it was a plan, and it was the last major piece that they needed. They could get the tickets, get in, cause the diversion with this crew member, and then blow their way out with several clones taking different paths. At that point, they only needed to fight a guard or two that was foolish enough to get in their way. Then they could leave with the goods.

Moko drank the rest of his tea in a gulp, and then stood up from the table as if he just grew tired of the conversation.

"We'll meet tomorrow, I'll have the tickets, you have the girl and your ship ready," Moko tilted his head and took a step away from the table before turning back, "Then we can start this, let's call it an enterprise."

Then he hopped out into the crowd of people moving back and forth along the street, and was gone.