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Name: Enshoku, Kayari
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Height: 5’ 7.5’’
Character Type: Missing-Nin
Country/Village: Lightning Country/Hidden Village of Cloud
Rank: Jounin
Division: Surgeon of the Enyou Nobara
Physical Description: http://img102.imageshack.us/img102/3839/leonandnurse3yi.jpg

Lava orange colored hair and Caribbean blue eyes. No makeup ever, with a slight olive tint to her skin. Kayari is indeed a natural beauty, but she really doesn’t do anything to amplify it. She has a graceful, strong build that goes well with her above average height. Having been a mostly athletic child all her life and handling archery, the musclesin her arms and body are well defined. Most of the time, she has to look down towards women and her height is about leveled to most men. She usually has a calm face in the company of others, but when she smiles, it’s a white toothy grin with dimples in the cheeks. There is a small white scar on the bottom of her rosy lips and random cuts/scars/scrapes on her body from traveling constantly and past battles.

Clothing: (Unlike the picture above) Being a medical nin means to
be a target on the battlefield. So the clothing Kayari wears is to be as battle-casual as possible.
Starting from inner-outter wear: A black stretch cotton/polyester/spandex spaghetti strapped camisole with shelf bra designing which assures
flawless fit and free-moving flexibility with matching underwear. Next, spandex/cotton/polyester black Capri-stretch shorts also with shape fitting and free-moving flexibility.
The main clothing that covers her body, is a fishnet suit which lays over the underwear. The fishnet stops just above the wrists on the arms and the lower part stops just above the ankles. The clothing covering the fishnet body suit, is (basically like the image below, except with the mid-section between the lower part of the ribs and the upper part of the waist,
removed. Oh, and the color being burgundy rather than sand…).
A gold anklet with rubies and diamonds, the stones shaped skillfully into the small symbols of the Enyou Nobara pirates. http://img158.imageshack.us/img158/889/loadimageaspx7lx.jpghttp://img128.imageshack.us/img128/5016/skullrose3rm.jpg
With normal shinobi sandals on the feet. Usually carrying her quiver of arrows on a sling over her left shoulder (she’s left handed) with her bow holster on the right shoulder on her back. Deerskin armguards and gloves for using the weapon were tucked into one of the bow holster compartments. http://img162.imageshack.us/img162/8818/quiverbow2qv.jpghttp://img99.imageshack.us/img99/3523/jousinuoliiso12yg.jpg Going into more detail, on the tips of the arrows themselves, roses were beautifully carved. Lastly, hip holsters for tools and items.

On the Enyou Nobara:

Usually wearing her normal outfit, but her feet are covered in rubber soled socks (form fitting and quick drying and good at gripping) and also leather upper, rubber lower, corrugated sole deck shoes which are ideal for any sea-bound individual. The other pair of footwear being light, high boots that have excellent non-skid soles with polypropylene insoles. And if she was to go into the water, a wetsuit accustomed for cold temperature waters, heat-keeping, body forming, and even having slit pockets on the sides for putting on accessories.

As with most humans, she has a complex personality and as time went on, her personality definitely changed from the quiet girl to the person who she is today:

Emotions go along with the situation, the moment. In front of those that she deems comfortable with, she can be a bit giddy and too outgoing, not afraid to throw her affections out to others, making many people in the past (and still to this very day), think that she has feelings for them… She appears to be an attention whore but in reality, she’s not.

Her surroundings strongly influence her personality. If too many people are around (say large crowds) and she’s put on the spot, she gets a bit twitchy and nervous. If people are in a bad mood around her, she shuts up and watches them closely so as not to make a stupid move to get punched. If people are being spunky… she’ll be spunky along with them.

In times stress, she manages to be surprisingly calm on the battlefield, being a medical nin (you can’t have someone who’s operating on you freak out and puncture a lung). Direct person x person battle, though, she tends to be a bit more stressed out especially if it’s close range combat.

Quiet and outcast-ish people tend to weird Kayari out, since why would there be a reason not to be happy? Even if a person had a stressful life, optimism and laughter would always be the key to feeling better and actually having a social life (She tends to be ignorant about people in the world who would rather just be left alone). Anyone younger than her, she feels more attached to them than those older. Being young, to her, meant being able to be an idiot and just have fun being yourself. Being older meant being mature, hard work… and stress. Being a young adult balanced between the age groups, she tried to be a blend of both, not too childish or not too mature.

Despite being a child of free spirit, when authority takes over, Kayari knows her place and doesn’t snap back if she can help it.

One of her main fears? Winking. Even a small wink in her direction causes her to cringe. The reason why? –shrugs- o.~ ... “AHHH!”

Nindo: "To live a life of healing is much more desirable than
living the life of constant killing. What can you do though? Kill or be
killed, or heal and be killed doing your duty."

Clan/Bloodline: None.

Primary Archetype:

Archery Specialist
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, gain 2 extra item points to spend on archery equipment.
Primary: Mental
Secondary: Own Choice
Tertiary: Own Choice
Stat Merit: +2 to Tactics, +1 to Intelligence
Stat Flaw: -1 to Speed, -1 to Control, -1 to Reserves
Description: These shinobi, much like the projectile specialist, usually like to fight from a distance. Their bodies are usually unfit for close combat, and focus all their power into their set of arrows, and their equipped bow. They focus on ninjutsu techniques that can help the the efficiency of the arrow, and also focus on dexterity, to perfect their aim.

Secondary Archetype:

Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, gain 2 extra item points to spend on medical equipment.
Primary: Mental or Chakra
Secondary: Chakra or Mental
Tertiary: Physical
Stat Merit: +2 to Intelligence, +1 to Reserves
Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Speed, -1 to Willpower
Description: Supportive shinobi, they devote their lives to mastering sorts of ninjutsu that doesn't harm an opponent, but heals their ally. They study medicine and antidotes as well, to aid their chakra-healing process. They know practically everything there is to know about the human body, and exactly how to heal wounds. A very advanced version of a doctor. [/spoiler]


Mental - (60)
Intelligence: 1 /(+2)(+1) = 4 /(+19) = 23
Tactics: 1 /(+2) =3/(+20) = 23
Willpower: 1 /(-1)= 0/(+21) = 21

Chakra - (50)

Power: 1 /(+15) = 16
Control: 1 /(-1)/(+16) = 16
Reserves: 1 /(+1)(-1)/(+19) = 20

Physical - (40)

Strength: 1 /(-1)/(+11) = 11
Speed: 1 /(-1)(-1)/ (+16) = 15
Stamina: 1 = 1/ (+13) = 14

Jutsus and Techniques:

Stage 1 Universal Ninjutsu List
Stage 4 Cloud Ninjutsu List
Stage 4 Medical Ninjutsu List
Stage 6 Arrow Jutsu List

Weapons :

(1) = 5
Composite Bow
Requirements: None
Weapon/Item Cost: 5
Weapon/Item Owner: Universal
Weapon/Item Description: Made from various layerings of everything from wood to bone, composite bows are basically just tougher, higher quality bows. Almost always recurved, the bow string can be drawn back farther and the bow itself can withstand more pressure allowing the archer to shoot arrows 20% farther, straighter, and faster. Composite bows, however, do not exert enough force to break a normal arrow and use the same basic ammunition that the average bow does.

(1) = 2
Cost: 2
Description: Usually a tool for surgeons and medic-nin, a scalpel can act as an improvised weapon by those skilled in its use. While a scalpel is about as long as a senbon needle, the blade itself is only an inch long, though razor sharp. A scalpel can be thrown, but cannot pierce as far as a senbon or kunai.


(3) = 3

Cost: 1
Description: Bandages can vary from simply covering wounds to having detailed kanji drawn out upon them to amplify ones healing speed. Again, mainly wielded by medical specialist, Bandages hold many everyday uses.

(1) = 2
Breathing Apparatus
Rating: 2
A simple device that fits over the mouth of the user. It can partially scrub tainted air to provide the user protection from gases and poisons, affording the user a few extra minutes of precious air. Its most important use is specifically for allowing breathing under water. This comes in several styles. The device seems to be a favorite of water specialist Cloud, Rain and Mist nins.

(1) = 3
Cost: 3
Description: Ointments hold many variations. Many are used to quicken ones healing or to sooth pain. Really, these are normally carried by medical specialist, but one may carry them for just an emergency.

(1) = 1
Suture Kit
Requirements: None, though a medical archetype is most effective.
Cost: 1
Description: A simple kit of threads and needles, used to manually close a wound. While this is very painful for the person being sewed up, it is also sometimes necessary to save their life. Also, since the wound is made smaller from this jutsu, it becomes easier to heal with a Chiyute skill. Suturing, however, is fairly slow and meticulous, so it will usually take a number of minutes (2-3 posts) to totally seal a large wound.

(1) = 3
Requirements: None, though a medical archetype is most effective.
Cost: 3
Description: A simple anesthetic drug in clear, liquid form. Though toxic if overdosed, it can be inhaled through a rag or similar object to knock a person it. Such is very useful to perform field surgery if the user has no knowledge of how to use a scalpel of chakra. It can also be used by an offensive medical nin to knock out an opponent. The duration in which the person is knocked out can be anywhere from 3 posts to the end of the thread, at the recipient's discretion.

(3) = 3
Cost: 1
Description: Another basic item. Scrolls are used for various things such as containing, sealing, summoning, and simply containing lessons on jutsu inside them. They have quite a large range of uses indeed and many shinobi carry them around.

Weapon Points Remaining: 0

Additional Weapon Points Gained: (+2 Archery Arch)

Being born into Hima Village of Lightning Country has its advantages and its disadvantages. The ocean view is beautiful year-round and particularly a refreshing scene during the summer when it’s so hot outside, that perspiration drips down from one’s face. Living near the ocean, though, is open for enemy vessels, the dangerous weather that arises and can destroy entire villages, the legend of the “Yami umi no bakemono” (pathetic really, I have never had a chance to see it), and the continous diet of seafood. That is why perhaps, the village I had grown up in as a child shaped the way I live day by day and was the influence to my future…

I was born into this village exactly eighteen years ago, red-faced and crying my head off like every human child does as soon as they are born into the world. Life at that time was so different, as a baby I had no personality or complex thoughts developed yet, no worries of the outside world. I was an innocent, pure, and drooling bag of flesh.

My toddler years was that of escape, exploring, only to be captured by either my parents, relatives, or neighbors. More than once, (and even years to come), there had to be a searching party to look for me, only to find me curled up in a hole I had dug into the sand (well away from the ocean tide, mind you.). I really only wanted to escape towards the end of day, since I really only enjoyed spending time at home creating buildings out of blocks, playing/running around outside, or sneaking into my mother’s room and taking her medical supplies and playing doctor with my father.

My mother was a registered nurse (RN) at the village’s local hospital and more than often I was brought in to help out with patients. Most of the time I would get in the way or would just stare in shock as suddenly a normal case of the flu turned into a person vomiting up blood. My mother tried to keep me away from the grotesque situations but sometimes it obviously couldn’t be helped. Little did I know the times I spent alongside my mother would help prepare me for what was to happen in the years to come.

My father was just a plain ol’ Chuunin from the Hidden Village of Cloud. However, what he lacked in being elite, he made up for it in being a strict, tolerant, motivated man that aimed high for the best he could muster. Being his first child (two brothers were to come later on), he expected me, even as a young child, to push myself to the boundaries and to fight on, always.

With the combination of a RN mother and Chuunin father, it shouldn’t really surprise anyone that when I reached the age of six, I was prepped up and ready to get into the Cloud Shinobi Academy. I had suddenly found myself one day being made to do exercise drills and skills by my father. Somewhat harassed, I asked him what this was for. His answer, “Your future. You are to go and serve your country, and help protect those around you… Fight the government.” I remember he chuckled at me when my eyes were wide in shock. Who wanted to serve their country? Wasn’t there other people to do it… why me?

I was escorted with him into the Hidden Village. I was away from my small ocean village for the first time and tossed into the life of a shinobi. My father had a small apartment rented for the both of us, so that I could be more “prepared and focused” for the time ahead. This meant that my mother had to endure long periods of time alone, although my father and I would visit her whenever he had enough free time, which still wasn’t very often since it was about a day walk away…

The first year spent in the Academy was surprisingly easy for me, maybe because my father prepped me to overachieve? I had found a larger variety children in the academy with all different types of developing personalities. Still building their body, minds, and young spirits, most of them were just innocent little idiots going around like they knew more than the Sensei. I had developed a wary eye for authority, so whenever I knew I was doing something wrong and the sensei was coming towards my direction, I would immediately stop and the other children who would continue with their wrongdoing would (of course) get caught.

I graduated at the age of 12, grinning at my accomplishments and having a brand new Hitai-ite wrapped around my arm. My father celebrated my graduation at our house, my mother was more than happy to be the hostess to the family shinobi friends. My father had talked to one of his Jounin buddies and I was basically the only Genin to have a sensei pre-established before the time had come to start training again.

Sensei Masahiko, along with two other Genin that I honestly could careless to recall their names (obviously they weren’t anything special to me), we started training as soon as it was permitted. My father trusted me to be able to take care of myself (he rented the apartment for me to keep) and he had more free time to visit my mother when he could (which soon led to having a brother in the end). His friend, Masahiko was just as strict as my father, unfortunately, but he could easily tell the weaknesses and strengths of individuals. He pointed out to me that I lacked speed and focus yet the observation skills, calm demure, and the consideration I had, made me an above average developed child. Sensei Masahiko was the man who introduced me to the skills of using bows and arrows, since he knew that on the battlefield, a future medical nin would have to protect herself. He told me that my skills in medicine and control were impressive as well, and for two years he had our small team of Genin work the hardest that we could on both our weaknesses and strengths, while we accomplished small missions.

Chuunin exams arrived too sudden, and I found that I was a nervous-to-hell 14 year old Genin . Only trained in healing and bow, I wasn’t quite the fighter that the exams would call for. I would have to be prepared for the powerful ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu that was in store for me.

First exam: Was surprisingly tipped towards my side of the scale of skills. It was separated into two categories for Taijutsu/Genjutsu, and the Ninjutsu specialists. I never found out what the physical or visual aspect dealt with, but the part I passed was with target practice. A contestant was only allowed to pass with so many targets hit, and I had destroyed most of the moving targets with my bow and arrow (thank god I had some form of fighting in me, rather than just healing.)
Second exam: Obviously a bit more difficult, we had to retrieve a missing member of our group. Took place in the northern mountain range of Lightning Country. Dangerous terrain, steep slopes, not very much food source. My medical skills really helped out since my other team member and I had our fair share of scrapes, cuts, and bleeding and even dangerous encounters with lions (after I sent a few arrows into their necks, my other teammate finished them off). In the end, I was a bit thankful that I was being observant, and the other member being skilled in Ninjutsu. The missing member was hidden and trapped in a very camouflaged cave with (more lions…) at the entrance.
Third exam: Fighting. What the hell. Fighting. I can honestly say I struggled, since my opponent was a Taijutsu specialist. Being a long range and a healer, how the hell would I make it through? I really didn’t know, apparently my opponent didn't either, when he landed face first into the ground. “ Hyoukaiya” with my bow and arrow was the finishing move (after managing to dodge him more than often and having a few punches to the gut…) . The field had trees in one corner, the brief sanctuary gave me time to aim and target the bastard’s head. I aimed, and he thought he the arrow would whiz by, but was taken aback when thick, sticky goo covered his face (mouth, throat, eyes). The first reaction is naturally to grab at the face so you could breathe. However, when he made the move to do that, his hands were attached to his face. Not really needing to do much more, I walked right up towards the Taijutsu specialist from the protection of the trees, went right up to him and returned the blows and punches to his gut as he did to me… with an extra punch of force towards into his crotch.

Once the first three exams were complete, I found that I only had a few months to get ready for the “true” fight exam. My sensei had trained me extra hard during those days, and I had even developed a new skill, the Jishinya Arrow. Why that technique? Perhaps it was because my sensei had word the final fight was taking place in the mountain terrain…

Female against female. As luck would have it, it was a certain female in the Shinobi Academy class that I had graduated with, one that I had a deepened hatred towards. Of course, she was a Genjutsu specialist (as luck was always with me…) and was very skilled at what she did. Yet I had developed a semi-strong willpower so her attacks were slightly less powerful than what they could have been.
“Kumogakure no Jutsu”. My opponent had called upon the dangerous terrain, a veil of clouds surrounding the area. The visibility had gone near zero for me, and being a archery specialist, it was obviously one of the worst things that could happen. I knew that she could see me, I knew that I was in danger. Did I also mention that she was a quicksilver? With that in mind, I was torn up with kunai and shuriken immediately, as soon as the veil had been set. I was in a panicked shock. Extremely vulnerable and standing on dangerous, steep, rocky terrain… that was it! I immediately dropped to the ground, and felt the surroundings with my hands and feet. When my feet slid off the edge, and I knew I had found an advantage.

I heard laughter, it wasn’t that surprising to me, I probably did look like an idiot crawling there, waiting with my eyes wide open and my senses ready for an attack. I believe she was going for the final attack, the quicksilver speed slipping across the ground… this was it.
“Jishinya!” I had snapped out my bow with a frightening speed. I gathered up, then released my chakra as I snatched two arrows, aimed the first one at the ground to the left of the oncoming sound of quick foot runs and the second one towards what I knew was the edge before me. My enemy was caught off guard in the middle of her high-speed attack as the ground began to tremble from below her. The mountain terrain was known for easily crumbling ground, rock slides. The ground underneath the both of us began made a sickening grinding sound and large cracks began to surround the both of us. The ground had began to break off, and I knew it was going to break off to land in the rubble below...

I had to react quickly, I scrambled towards the side opposite of the ledge and gripped onto it tightly and my body leaning forward “Kinobori no Jutsu”. The two arrows I had aimed trapped my enemy in a rock slide, the arrows immediately split the tremulous ground with two earthquake tremors combined. The split off within seconds, not enough time for even my quicksilver opponent to realize what was happening, and crumbled down into the sharp rocks below. I could have sworn I heard a screaming before loud crashing silenced the noise. I ended up killing my opponent. A sharp pain ran through my body in realization, but my senses shot back when I felt myself slipping from the sides. The veil genjutsu was still in affect, so I had to guess what the hell was going on. Bloody, weak, and wounded all over my body, I used the last of my chakra to weakly climb down from the rock sides of the mountain. A few times, I had slipped and almost fell, but I would immediately and desperately grab for another small insert to hold onto. It felt as though it took forever to climb down, but I couldn’t say that I remembered the rest of the trip. I became weak to the point of passing out, and the desperate grip of chakra I had managed for only so long had slacked, and I fell to whatever was below.

My senses came back to me and the first thing that I heard was a constant beeping noise and low voices towards my sides. I had heard the continous beeping noise throughout my life, and knew that I was in a hospital. I had tried to open my eyes, but they were swollen shut. I tried to move my head and limbs, but I only felt an agonizing sharpened feeling sent through me. So here I was, hospitalized and unable to move, yet knowing I had won my match through one of the worst ways possible. I should have felt my normal victory, but my stomach coiled at the thought that the girl would no longer be alive to argue with me.

Although I didn’t get to go up against a second opponent, it seemed that the one match was good enough for me to be promoted to Chuunin. In the shinobi hospital, it took less than half the time it would have been if I were taken to my village’s hospital. It was amazing, really, that the people who helped me recover through the months had the same skills that I one day wanted to have. I spoke often to the nurses and doctors around me, lightly discussing the types of procedures to be taken for specific cases. The time spent there… basically helped me to become a better medical nin. Once I was recovered, I reluctantly left and arrived back to my apartment. I don’t think my mother or father had ever shown up to visit me, except for the first week. Their absence during my hospitalization caused a sickening feeling in my gut, as if something had happened…

My father had always been against the government of Lightning Country, as did the rest of Cloud Village shinobis. As far as I could remember, as a Genin, my father had become more and more involved in the various coup d'etats formed with a few other of the villagers. I was told later, during and after the Chuunin Exams, it was key to eliminate as much of government influence as possible in the larger cities of Utsuru and Sarutan.
I was told by my mother, that my father was killed in one of the uprisings by the Ji-man who had posed as a few of our village men. It was a blow to my spirit, at the age of 14, but everyone told me to be proud of him, he had helped destroy a government building and destroyed a few of the enemy prisoners. Be proud… I was. I was also in a state of depression because the man who had shaped my life of a shinobi wasn’t alive to see my promotion to Chuunin level… or even the promotion of me being higher than him in rank, to a Jounin at the age of 17. But most of all, miserable that I had lost my father.

My mother was still alive, thankfully, but in a state of panic. The night she had visited me one night to tell me of father’s death, she had also told me of her plans to live with a few of our non-shinobi relatives in Leaf Country. To be able to live a safer life rather than the distressful one that our country was currently in… She was concerned for my safety too, government vs. the military. I told her to wait awhile longer, to wait until I was old enough to help protect her on her journey to a safer life. She stayed for another year and a half (my age being 15 ½), before she couldn’t stand it any longer and left the country without me with my two younger brothers in her care.

Day after day, training or missions took place constantly. All missions had dealt with, in some way, the continuous destruction of the government and cutting down the amount of Ji-men. I performed both in the battlefield and in the medical field, having to quickly clean and heal my comrades around me. By the end of the day, I would become drained and weak and often would have to call in sick days in order for recovery.
It came to the point after a few years, that all this killing of Ji-men was to the point of sickening. So many men, whether shinobi, prisoner, or non-shinobi had fallen due to this fighting among military and government control. Non-shinobi villages had come under attack and plundered by enemy Ji-men, women and children slaughtered by the sick bastards. War and its effects were everywhere, and I was in the middle of it.

To be promoted to being a Jounin at age 17 was something that most shinobi would be extremely proud of. The only reason I was promoted at such an early age was perhaps because of my medical skill development and the death count of enemies that had began to rise. War does a funny thing to a person, let alone a growing teenager sent out into the middle of it. Government to me was the scum of the universe, living without rule would have been an Eden. Anarchy seemed to float into my mind and take over, it was the day and age to distrust anyone you considered a friend, since they could actually be a Shinobi Ji-man in disguise. The future seemed bleak, and the thought of more killing seemed to sap hope from me. I had to escape, I had to somehow free myself, if even for a short amount of time, from being sent out onto the battlefield to kill rather than heal…
I wonder if my mother would be proud of me in that safe village of hers in Fire Country, to know that at the age of 17 ½, I became a missing-nin. Would my father be turning in his grave, to know that the very child he raised to be a great shinobi had fled from the country, the constant struggle of the war, to seek freedom somewhere else? Would I regret ever leaving my country, which was an act of treason, in order to escape war without realizing that in making myself an enemy to my people, that I was just as low as the Ji-men? No. I was different from the Ji-men, I did not bow down to the government in order to gain power or money, and I had no plans to against my countrymen or betray them. But I was a marked woman, whether I wanted to believe it or not, and therefore was placed into the Bingo Book of criminals of Cloud Village.

I had fled during the night, with the few treasures of my life in a backpack. I had to travel light, and flee quickly or else I may get caught by either fellow Villager or one of the Ji-men… My first stop was to my hometown of Hima Village. Perhaps it was the last time I would be seeing it, before I would become a traitor. Whatever the case, I gathered herbs, spices, money, and a few other treasures from the empty house and I was off once more towards the Pirate Docking city of Shiokaze with a heated spirit.

Her nose wrinkled in disgust as she walked towards the foul smelling town. Empty glass bottles of alcohol, food wrappers, trash, and even dead animals littered the side streets, the sky above looked bleak and the small, rickety buildings that were before Kayari made the entire scenery seem unwelcoming. Imagine the wild west, except more modern and not as arid. The pirate docking town of Shiokaze was one of the few places she ever would think of finding herself a year ago, but she really had no choice now. She was a criminal just like the rest of them, and in order to be a safe criminal… surround yourself by more criminals, right?

Eh… despite the fact that the other criminals may be as friendly towards strangers as friendly as there were to authority… or rainbows and sunshine. She passed by a few bars, the smell of liquor and whiskey strongly leaking out into the air. What was the drinking limit around here, if there was even one in existence… She felt like slapping herself in the head. It was a PIRATE city, of course there were no such things as drinking age limits. Warily, she inside one of the grubby little bars for a bit of a drink. The bitter taste of nicotine smoke burned into her lungs and eyes, she pulled the collar of her top over her mouth and noise as if it were to help block out some of it out. The inside was dimly lit, with ill-company sitting on benches in corners playing rummy or hunched over on bar stools slurping half-assed on some amber liquid in a shot glass.

Observant eyes fluttered towards her as she entered, and she tried not to stare at a person for more than a moment in case they thought she was trying to challenge them… or hint something else. A tawdry hooker was giving a lap-dance to a grinning, black bearded man in the corner in the darkness, and when Kayari looked over, the hooker had winked at her. A cold shiver was sent down her spine, and she moved as far away as she could from the main lot of them, and went right up to the bartender to order a drink. The guy was a bit gruffy as well, handing her a flask of God only knows what, when in reality she just wanted a shot of tequila… She tilted the flask towards her nose, to see if it contained anything drug-filled or poisoned… she couldn’t smell anything, so with a bottoms-up and a few gulps, down it went. The effects of the drink were immediate, she knew this was no ordinary mix. “Ugh… what did you give me?”

“The specialty, Little Missy, the House specialty. Enjoy.” The man made a toothless smile and turned around to go collect a few of the empty glasses on the bar countertop. Kayari was experiencing a good buzz, and as she turned to push herself away from the counter, she began to stumble over her own feet. In reality, she had a low tolerance level to alcohol, and whatever this “House Specialty” was, it had knocked her out of her senses. She could hear a few of the men in the shadows howl out a bit in laughter at the sight of her drunkenness, but she couldn’t careless. A stupid grin formed on her face and her eyes began to glaze over a bit, adding a “sparkle” to her eye. Somewhere, (out of nowhere it seemed for her), a small tune began to arise and she found herself suddenly launching herself upon the table where some of the guys were playing cards and started dancing madly. Laughing, she bent over to pinch a cigar from one of the players’ mouth and she stuck it into her own and puffed.

The men looked at her as though they were going to have enough of this nonsense, but then the friction died down as Kayari jumped off from the card table and offered to play a few games with the guys. Losing once, but winning four times in a row, she was offered drinks and smokes from those gathered around her. She politely refused anything more after her second drink and third smoke. When the time came for the climax of the night to end, the men who had spent time with Kayari patted her on the head as they left.

Having a coin bag full of money and still having a strong buzz, she mumbled a thanks to the bartender as she left. As soon as she came down from the stairs, she turned herself aside and bent over, into the grass to wretch up a bit. She slid a napkin over her mouth, trying to rid herself from the acidic taste of bile, alcohol, and nicotine at the same time. She felt weak, because in reality she had been traveling days as fast as she could, through the lands of Lightning Country to find an escape route before getting caught by any of the Cloud Village shinobi. A sudden salt breeze swept through, her hair and clothing furiously flapped behind her. It was a bit of a natural sober, she looked towards the direction where the breeze came, and looked at a docking bay. The shocked amazement that came over her as she saw a large, notorious ship with the name of Enyou Nobara upon its side… that was the moment when her life was altered.

Name: Enshoku, Kayari
Shinobi Rank: (Jounin)
Missing-nin Rank: (C Rank – 25 pts.) High C Rank (?)
Shinobi Village: Hidden Village of Cloud
Point Criteria: Rank: Jounin +20
Crimes: 5 thefts, 2 assaults = +20
= 40

Last Location: Last time seen was by a normal by-standard in her hometown of Hima Village in Lightning Country in the pharmacy. Then was spotted in Shiokaze boarding the notorious pirate ship of Enyou Nobara.

Additional Notes:
- Would obviously have to go upon land if sources of medicines are depleted aboard the ship.
- Rumoured to have joined the pirating crew of the Enyou Nobara

Reward: 2450 Z – Upon the live capture and return to Cloud Village.

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