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Juushichi 02-08-2008 11:19 AM

Juushichi's Items
Name: Oboromi (Beautiful Haze)
Weapon/Item Cost: 6
Weapon/Item Owner: Nakaido Shunko (Kiri Chuunin)

Weapon/Item Description: This sword is a Chisakatana. It's a shorter katana in most simple terms. While a normal katana generally has two and a half shaku (lenght of about 30 inches), the chisakatana has anywhere between 1.5 and 2.5 shaku (18-30 inches). In this case though, the sword is only 2.2 shaku in length. Oboromi's saya looks completely unspectacular. The coloring is a basic grey spiral that moves up the black oak of the saya's core. (Think of a vine snaking a tree, and you basically have what I'm trying to say with the gray here.) As for the blade, it's coloring is a light, murky gray that appears to swirl about in the blade while it's swung. It was also made in such a way that the user's chakra can flow out around the blade which is the means of which it's few abilities are activated. When chakra is applied to the sword, the blade gives off a dull shine and emits a six inch haze around the sword which makes it hard to keep track of. This haze only blurs out the blade's image, but is useful for quick misdirection since it is harder to see.

Juushichi 03-20-2009 01:51 PM

Extension Claw
Name Tsugitasu Tsume (Extension Claw)
Item Cost: 6
Item Owner: Oonishi Kazuma
Description: In essence the extention is something of a gauntlet, with the steel case surrounding the forearm and giving it basic protection for things such as projectiles and swords. However with just a short burst application of chakra, small slits that are positioned within each gap of the knuckle eject three, six-inch clawed blade extensions out, giving the genin a slight increase in reach and a manner of surprise that could end engagements quickly with unwary opponents.

Juushichi 05-14-2012 03:35 PM

Nikkari Aoe (Grinning Aoe)
Name: Nikkari Aoe (Grinning Aoe)
Weapon/Item Cost: 3
Weapon/Item Owner: Ageda Shiori
Weapon/Item Description: A mythical short sword that was said to have been used to cut down a grinning female spirit. Known for it's almost surgical precision, the sheer difficulty of the feat that is removing it from it's owner grasp, and the fact that it's still as sharp as the day it was created without any sort of maintenance, it has served the Jounin very well.

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