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Cayuga 09-22-2017 10:09 AM

Unique Sword/scythe/sickle and chain
Description: Through the years the basic weaponry such as swords, scythe, sickles and chains became a staple of shinobi arts. Each one has their own perks, however, what if there was a weapon that could master all three? Tsubaki is a mystical sword created by a long forgotten blacksmith that created a weapon that could interchange into different types of weaponry through the use of mechanisms. The basic form is that of a katana, however, through the use of manipulation the sword can transform into a sickle and chain with the chain being hidden within the hilt. Once more the blade can turn into a curved bladed scythe.

Essentially I want Black Stars weapon from Soul eater.

Seikon 09-22-2017 11:15 AM

Unless you want it to have any 'unique/masterwork/magic' etc qualities that don't already exist, I think you could build this just through

Katana (3) + Morph (1) ______ + Morph (1) ______ = (X)

But if the thing it's morphing into is larger or more expensive, like, a giant 2h Scythe... or, I guess, Sickle + Chain is a 4-pointer? then idk.

You could get around it by paying (4) for a 'Nodachi' (big katana) which can morph into Sickle + Chain and also 2h Thresher, I guess.

Also idk if it'll be able to morph into a pair of sickles w/ chain, not sure if that's what you wanted or just one.

Cayuga 09-22-2017 11:40 AM

This is for a ronin with a relic weapon so idk what is best

Seikon 09-22-2017 12:34 PM

Well, if you're gonna use the Relic Bearer archetype, you get 10 extra WP for one weapon. I don't think there would be anything wrong with coming in at under 10, but, that's up for you to decide.

I don't really know a lot of anime and stuff so I met with the oracle and have come up with a way to pay for it using existing inventory standards.

Small Blade (Sickle) (1) + Combined (0) + Soft Weapon (Chain) (2) + Hidden (1) = (4)

+ Morph (1)
---Oversized Blade (Scythe Blade Sword Thing) (4)
+ Morph (1)
---Large Blade (Katana) (3)

Currently looking at a total of 6, unless I am not understanding how 'Morph' is supposed to work. So you have 4 remaining WP you can tack on it if you would like to, otherwise those 4 WP can't be spent on anything else. I am worried that you can't morph from a small blade into a larger one, even if the Sickle's cost is equal to or greater than what it morphs into. An alternative would be to have it all morph from the oversized blade, but again, I don't know if morph allows it to become a 'unique' item?

I suppose this assumes that morph works both ways and allows an item to freely change between forms, which would allow you to start threads with the sword looking like a normal katana even if the base item is actually some super special secret ancient blade or whatever

Mizu 09-24-2017 01:09 AM

Katana (3)
+ Morph (1) + Scythe (4)
+ Morph (1) + Sickle (1) + Chain (2)

I don't know if we need to charge for hidden, only because it's morphing into another object. I think the chain being hidden is kind of fluffy. I also think we totally could charge for it, I don't feel strongly one way or the other. Hidden is more for surprise attacks like a blade in an umbrella or wrist blades that appear flat under clothes. I think because it's pretty much shapeshifting (but without fancy magic) the hidden modifier might not be necessary.

Again, it's one point, so it doesn't matter much. Other than that Seikon's math is spot on, so I'll Half-Approve it at 12/13.

As for the question of size changing with the morph, I don't see a problem. It's mostly just flavor. I have a ninja that pulls a literal six by four foot shield from his chest. And it's not sealed away somewhere, it's actually inside his gem.

Seikon 09-24-2017 03:35 PM

See, but, so long as you're morphing into something that costs less (which should be always?) you don't have to pay for the item twice. Otherwise you may as well be taking them separately to avoid paying 1 for morph in the first place.

As for not paying for hidden, I kind of assumed the whole point was that it's a sickle with the chain hidden inside a handle which would be a nasty surprise.

So I guess the best way to do it would be

Oversized Blade (Scythe Sword Thing) (4)

+ (1) Morph -- Sickle (1) + Chain (2) + Hidden (1)*
+ (1) Morph -- Katana (3)

*if you want it to be 'hidden' ?

Total sitting at 6 -- so, again, you've got 4 points you can tack on if you'd like to. If you wanted to get silly, you could say that the 'oversized blade' thing is also combined with Knuckle Hand Blade to represent the spikes on the anime sword you were talking about. IDK do what you want!

Mizu 09-24-2017 11:18 PM

As long as he’s paying for the item at its max, Morph will not be an issue. If an item can morph into something with an equal or less cost, it stands to reason it can morph back. That being said, as long as he’s paying for the most expensive weapon, it can stay in a smaller form and morph to its bigger size.

If we’re going to be that picky, though, which I don’t think we will, he can take it at a higher price and literally start every thread with his weapon in its morphed form.

As for hidden, it’s not hidden, it’s a different weapon entirely, right? he’s morphing it. If he’s paying for morphing he shouldn’t have to pay extra for it to be hidden. I know he says it’s in the hilt, but if the morph modifier is covering it, hidden shouldn’t be tacked on as well, I think.

Also I have no idea what was happening with my math there

Anyway, I feel like morph covers it, so I’m going to Half Approve at 6. 4 plus two morphs.

Bass 09-26-2017 11:19 AM

My concern with the chain, is that in the weapon you say you're copying, the chain comes out and is a part of the blade in nearly all of its forms, and is not limited to the one stage.

If that's the case, then a hidden chain would need to be an upfront modifier, so that it could apply to all forms of the weapon. In which case the cost is going to be higher.
Scythe - 4 (Giant Axe)
Hidden chain - 3 (soft weapon + concealed)
Morph A - 1
Morph B - 1
Total: 9

Morph A - 3 (large blade)
Morph B - 1 (short blade)
(Hell, at this point you could add a combined second sickle into Morph B to really be Black Star (the chain linking them already coming from the existing modifier), and it would still be cheap enough to count as a morph)

However, if you are just limiting the chain to the one form of the weapon and that form only, you don't need to jump through all the combination hoops you've been so far. A kusarigama (sickle and chain) is so functionally close to a Shoge (long flexible length with a six inch sharp blade of some kind on the end) that it would just count as a plain soft weapon by itself, like the Shoge does.

What that means, is that even with a hidden modifier to store the chain in the handle, the cost of the chainsickle part comes well within morphs point allowance that no extra weirdness has to be done, and so you may as well take the modifier just to be on the safe side and be done with it.

Which would make the costs
Scythe - 4 (giant axe)
Morph A - 1
Morph B - 1
Total : 6

Morph A = 3 (Large Blade)
Morph B = 3 (Soft weapon + partially hidden)

TLDR: Its a 9 or 6 depending on how you want the functionality

merdle 09-07-2018 08:49 PM

If you still want these Cayuga, bump this thread.

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