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Junge 05-05-2012 10:56 PM

Mixed Signals
Each of his fingers popped loudly as the chuunin bent them back, doing his best to appear like the feat he had just pulled off was impressive.

One of the handful of genin nearby chimed in with an incredulous “That's it?” A brief frown shot across the face of Masato, which was quickly replaced by his characteristic stupid grin.

“Alright, alright. How about...THIS?!”
With a sudden jerk of his arms he swung the large tetsubo in a large arc over his head, releasing it suddenly and sending the heavy implement spinning wildly out into the trees of the training grounds. Several gulls let out terrified cries as it tore through some branches before coming to a stop somewhere high up and unreachable. Masato's expression was about as surprised as the genin's.

“What the hell was that?”
chimed the voice of one of the kids.

“Did you mean to do that?”

“You're not very good at this.”

“Hey!” Masato doubled over, wiping the sweaty hands that had caused his weapon to fly free from his grasp on his dirty shorts. “I have a better idea. Training demonstrations are B-ORING! Having shrugged off his last failure the chuunin made a short job over to a nearby training pole where he had laid his tonfa. It had been quite a while since he had swung that massive log of a weapon around, so of course, of course, he had lost a little bit of his golden touch. He slung each tonfa into place across his arms, nostalgia filling his muscles as he gripped the cold handles of the weapon. This was more like it.

“Alright, alright! Here's the game, kids.” Masato almost skipped back towards the gaggle of genin. His movements were already filled with excitement. “How about one of you come at me, eh? Try to lay a cheap shot on Master Kurusu!” He spun one of the tonfa tauntingly, meeting the genins' disbelieving eyes with his own fire. There probably were some genin out there who could easily deck even a grown man like Masato, but he was less interested in showing off or exerting power over children and much more interested in just doing something that wasn't as dull as training. Excitement was excitement- so long as the other partner was willing, anyway.

mharr171 05-05-2012 11:24 PM

Masaiasu laughed a bit as the more experienced chuunin lost control of the tetsubo. What’s with this guy? Is he serious? He rarely felt any form of happiness, but seeing the chuunin try to show off and fail, that was pretty good.

His eyes followed the dirty looking man as he picked up a pair of tonfa. He could tell the man felt more comfortable with these. This should be better. Let’s see what he can do with these. The chuunin taunted Masaiasu and his fellow genin to try to attack him. Masaiasu wanted so bad to be the one to knock the tall man over. He looked around, one of the boys near him seemed like he was ready to charge at the chuunin. He readied his back leg as if he was going to leap forward. Nothing happened. Staring at the fellow genin boy he saw the grin fade as he realized he wouldn’t stand a chance.

Alright then, no one else is going to try? Pathetic. I guess I’ll have to do it myself He took a few steps toward the chuunin, setting himself apart from the crowd of genin.

Alright then. I guess I’ll try,” he said calmly, he didn’t want to give away his confidence. The young boy threw his arms down toward his sides and let out a yell as he charged forward. As he ran coral shinguards formed over underneath his pants. I bet he doesn’t even know what I got hidden down there. As he continued to charge, he let a slightly overconfident grin sneak out onto his face. He leaped into the air and swung his right leg around as swiftly as he could attempting to strike the chuunin’s temple. He won’t be prepared for this!

CommonRider 05-06-2012 12:19 AM

Hajime’s eyes followed the Tetsubo as it flew out of the butterfingered Chuunin’s hands into one of the nearby trees.

“Haha, oh wow. Did you guys see that shit?” Hajime asked as he pointed to the now devastated tree. “He just straight up deforested that fucking tree. Like, one of ya’ll better yell out ‘timber’ right?”

None of his peers even bothered to spare him a glance, but he was certain he heard the sound of someone slapping their hand to their face. Whatever, they were losers who didn’t understand how rad this was. Here they were, watching a Chuunin show them how it was done! The eager young boy wondered if the Chuunin knew any really badass Ninjutsu.

While thinking about it, the young boy slowly bent to the ground before shooting right back up with his arms spread outward. “Ninjas are fucking awesome!” he shouted to no one in particular. This time two Genin stared at him, the rest however looked at the Chuunin bored and disinterested.

“Man, fuck ya’ll,” he muttered as he watched a boy charge forward at the older man.

‘Shit! Did I miss something? A-are we supposed to go charge him? Why aren’t the others? Maybe it's because they're a bunch of asshole sticks in the mud?’ Hajime nodded to himself. Satisfied with his answer he too charged forward at the Chuunin.

His hands quickly found themselves forming seals that he had practiced time and time again. While the other boy aimed at the Chuunin's head, Hajime would go for his legs.

Jutsu used: Uo Tsuba (Fish Spit)

Junge 05-06-2012 12:56 AM

Naturally a bunch of young, prone-to-violence boys would be easy to provoke into a fight. Everyone at that age was eager to fling themselves into any situation where they could prove their worth- hell, Masato was still like that.

A boy, short with a tattoo under his eye, launched into an attack almost immediately. Luckily for Masato, the child had spoken before flinging his leg at the chuunin's face, giving him ample time to raise one of his arms up to his face and use the tonfa to block the strike. “Good!” The attack carried a bit more force than Masato had expected and his body wavered slightly at the blow. The boy did not seem phased at all by heel colliding with the chuunin's metal tonfa. Man, these genin have tough legs! The hell have they been eating?

He felt a sudden force push against his kneecaps. A sudden wet force. He recognized the technique (only because he also knew it) and immediately staggered back a few steps, both to put distance between himself and the genin as well as to make it look like he hadn't been affected by either blow. There was a dumb look of enjoyment across his face. “That's the way to go, kids!” His hands moved to make their own hand seals, as if even his fingers were eager to display their energy. “Let me show you how a pro does it!”

He pulled his head back in an exaggerated motion and shot three jets of water out in rapid succession, two at the face of his first assailant and the last at the slightly slower kid standing right behind the first. All shots were aimed right for their faces- while going for the gut or groin might have been better strategy, Masato really just wanted soak them a bit to rile them up.

mharr171 05-06-2012 05:26 AM

Shoot! He blocked it! I totally thought I had him! I guess he isn’t as big of a clutz after all. Masaiasu noticed the other boy that had jumped in on the action too. He saw Hajime’s water jutsu strike the chuunin’s knee and was a little displeased that he wasn’t going to get all the action to himself. He shot a glare at the other boy, sizing him up real quickly.

SMACK. SMACK. Two hits in the face. He shouldn’t have taken his eyes off of the more experienced chuunin. How embarrassing! Masaiasu wiped off his face and shifted his glaring eyes back towards his opponent. “That’s it, I wanted to do this by myself, but if you’re gonna jump in, you might as well make yourself useful. We’ll work together, ya?” he tried to whisper to the other boy without breaking his stare.

Masaiasu widened his stance a little bit and prepared another attack. This time he was going to be ready for the counter. He whipped out two senbon needles and waved them around real quickly, making sure the chuunin saw what he was carrying. With a flick of wrist he flung the two senbon towards his opponent. Mid attack he flashed a couple hand seals and slowly began to grin. I don’t want to completely hurt this guy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. And hopefully doofus over here will actually be able to do something. Both senbon needles flew past the chuunin, narrowly missing his left arm. Perfect! That was almost too perfect. Wouldn’t want senbons sticking out of his arm, how would I explain that to my superiors? Ha! He stood his ground waiting for his opponent’s counter measure and reaction to his genjutsu, but did it work?

CommonRider 05-06-2012 01:16 PM

‘Yeah, that’s how we do it,’ thought Hajime smugly after his stream of water hit the Chuunin. Indulging himself, and proving that he was still a young boy Hajime began hopping up and down. He was excited; he actually managed to hit a Chuunin with such a shitty attack. Surely this proved that one day he’d be a great Shinobi, right? Okay, now the other boy was glaring at him now, but he could just fucking deal with it. This shit was just way too cool here they were, two lonely Genin up against a big band Chuunin. How could he have been expected to sit this out?

Who knew what other Ninjutsu the young boy would be seeing. Some kind of dragon made out of water? Oh! Maybe a Tidal Wave! That’d be so fucking cool… Or wait. MAYBE A SUMMON? Does mist even have summons? ‘I know leaf d-‘

That was when something cold and wet hit his face.

“I should have seen that coming,” the Genin grumbled as he wiped some of the water from his face off. Yuck. Couldn’t the Chunin hit him in the chest or something? The other Genin was whispering something to, something about helping fight. “Yeah, I got you. 4-10 good buddy.” Giving the other boy a thumb up, he set off to work.

But what was he going to do? Darn it the water was getting into his eyes… That was it! He had an idea. He shook his hands at the Chuunin. Sure it would look a bit stupid but hopefully it'd help the other boy out? Who knows, they'd just have to see.

Jutsu used
Name: Mizu no Waruasobi (Trick of Water)
Description: A very simple technique which involves a simple flick of one's hands and a muster of sweat in the fingers. A precise flick comes from of the hands or even a shake can be made as if trying to get something off one's hands. The water streaks from the hand of the user and towards the enemy's eye. This unexpected irritation can blur their vision for one post.

Junge 05-06-2012 02:38 PM

Upon seeing the tattooed genin pull out some senbon Masato's hands flew up to express his distaste. “Whoa, hey now. Let's not-” Both senbon whizzed past his flailing arms, missing by so small a distance that it couldn't possibly have been on purpose. The sailor let out an inaudible curse as he snapped back into his fighting stance. “Try to keep the blood to a minimum, will ya?”

The tattooed genin seemed worse off than he had a minute ago, as though his single attack had winded him somehow. There was a growing dark stain on his pant leg where his foot had collided with the chuunin's tonfa. That gave Masato reason to pause, but only for a little bit. If he hurt himself, nothin' I can do about that. His expression melted from momentary worry back to adrenaline fueled joy. Okay, so maybe a little blood was okay.

Understandably Masato wasn't taking this seriously at all. This was the primary reason he got smacked in the eye with another simple technique moments later. His vision swam for an instant as he rapidly shut one eye, his face still beaming its intoxicating grin but his brow furrowing in agitation. Ah, shoot. That damn kid in back is just going to keep squirting things at me, isn't he?

Despite having a number of tricks up his non-existent sleeves, the chuunin chose to stick to the basics. There really was no reason to try to drown these kids for playing along- though that genin in back was starting to get annoying with the academy-level water pranks. His still wet legs powered him forward as he took several highly exaggerated and easily dodged swings with his tonfa, aimed at the tattooed genin. The intention was to scare the kid off with what looked like devastating blows- even though Masato was making such an effort to telegraph his attacks that if any of his swings had landed they would likely hurt no more than a slap on the knee. His real target was the little punk in back. With only one eye operating at full capacity it was doubtful if he could even catch the kid, but his only goal was to scare the guy- rather, to provoke him to attempt a physical attack rather than a ninjutsu one.

The remaining kids behind the two genin had been watching in silence, but at the sight of their fellow comrades playing it safe had begun to grow agitated. “Come on!” An obnoxiously high voice rang out. “Go kick his ass already, guys!”

mharr171 05-06-2012 07:58 PM

Masaiasu realized the chuunin was now charging towards them. More specificially he was charging towards Masaiasu. The chuunin’s right arm was raised and in one swift motion it came across, the young genin barely moving his body out of the way. Then came another swift attack, this time coming from the left. Once again Masaiasu narrowly dodged the blow. Seriously? Is that all he has?

I know you’re older than us, but you aren’t THAT old! Show us what you really got, slowpoke!” he taunted. The chuunin seemed disinterested after his two failed swipes and was moving on towards Masaiasu’s comrade. I guess I’m just too quick for this guy. Pathetic. His face showed no emotion, his confidence remained either in his thoughts or his words, but never in his face. He glanced towards the other genin, making sure he realized that he was the new target of their larger, more experienced opponent.

Now that he was out of the chuunin’s sight, he formed a few hand seals. And poof! Two replica’s appeared of himself. Hopefully he will be too busy with Hajime to realize what I have planned. One of the clones took a step back behind the original and the other clone, pretending to hide behind the others as if it were the original. The crowd of genin cheered as they watched Masaiasu multiply before their eyes. That’s right fellow genin, we got this sucker right where we want him. The three identical genin raised their fists in the air riling up the already rambunctious crowd.

CommonRider 05-06-2012 09:07 PM

Hajime began cracking up, doubling over he laughed until he started to run out of breath. He couldn’t help it! This was just too funny. He really had not thought that he would have been able to get the Chuunin from where he was. ‘I mean, it was such a small speck of water, and I was aiming for the man’s eye!' It’s easy to forget what a Ninja is capable of, even a young one.

Still though, there was the pressing matter of the man coming at him and the other guy. The guy whose name he still didn’t know. It was not Hajime’s fault that he did not know every Genin on a personal level! There were so many of them after all! ‘Bah, forget about that. There’ll be time to learn it later,’ because now, the Chuunin was coming at Hajime.

“Go kick his ass already, guys!”

“Shut the hell up Jiro! No one was talking to you anyways you prick!” Hajime snapped at the other. “I don’t see you over here helping!”

‘Shit, what do I do? I’m not a punchy punch kick punch type of Genin!' It was true; Hajime preferred the less ‘physical’ aspects of being a Shinobi. Then again one should always fall back on what they know right?

For Hajime, that meant being an annoying twelve year old “Hey man, you’re not mad that because of me it looks you wet your pants right?” As he heckled the older man the young Genin began to draw the moisture out of the air around him. As the Tonfa came down on him, Hajime launched the water he had managed to gather at the Chuunin.

Jutsu Used:
Name: Mizu Soujuu (Water Manipulation)
Requirements: Power 4, Control 4

Used in Tandem with the Elementum Combo Archetype Special.

So, I used Mizu Soujuu's effect to generate the water that I could control.

Junge 05-07-2012 05:55 AM

Water struck Masato's admittedly weak attack and the tonfa rolled off to the side harmlessly. There was a good chance to dodge the water being flung at him, but the Mist chuunin just went with it and let his flak jacket absorb the blow. Instead of slowing down he chose to keep barreling forward, but now started to flail and twist his arms as though getting slapped with a bunch of water had knocked him completely off balance. A few feet from both genin he pretended to stumble to his knees. He was probably enjoying this a bit too much.

The chuunin hopped back up to his feet moments later, his movements still as light and wiry as before. “Come on, come on!” He slapped his chest like an ape, intent on antagonizing the genin further. The tattooed genin was busy working up his friends (rather stiffly) and the other kid hadn't budged from his spot at all. They must have been feeling pretty safe, and why wouldn't they? Masato had given them every reason to feel comfortable so far. "You have no right to brag. Until I hit the ground, we ain't finished!" Now that the crowd of genin he was in charge of training today were paying attention, there was a new impetus for action. They'll get bored if their friends have too easy a time. Masato's hands began to work again as he shot a quick, mischievous glance at the small crowd of interested children. I'll just make things a bit more difficult. Just a little!

With a sudden jerk he was back on his feet and into another head on charge at the genin. His targets were switched this time, with his main intention being on landing a non-trivial blow on the grandstanding tattooed genin. As an afterthought, he spat two more jets at the water-manipulating genin, each aimed for the torso. Each jet carried a little special heated kick, not anything that would harm the guy but hopefully would encourage him to move. As he flung himself into the remaining genin he sped up the speed at which he swung his arms, still trying to pull his punches so he didn't knock any teeth loose but strong and fast enough to require more focus to avoid.

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