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Masked_One 05-01-2008 09:18 AM

Masked_One's Swaps

Swarms: Gift of the Monarch
Replacing - Wings: Aerial Bombardment
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
Description: After completing the necessary handseals and offering, a princess of the bee family descends from the sky. She carries with her a small urn, the contents of which are brought over from the House of Swarm's realm. Within the urn is a mysterious bright yellow jelly, that when applied to wounds on an individual instantly begins to clot and acts as a strong local anesthetic. Over the course of a post, any superficial wounds can be healed as long as the jelly stays applied to the area. The urn has enough jelly to heal 2 individuals, though the urn can only last in this realm for a single post before both it and the princess disappear in a poof of smoke. As a bonus, the jelly is also high in nutritional value and tastes rather sweet, doubling as a tasty snack!

Masked_One 05-14-2008 01:00 AM

More swaps for Masked =]

Masked_One 10-07-2015 12:50 AM

Sound Bass Swaps
I tried to guess some stage ratings, but if there are any differences in opinion let me know, and I'll change that. Thank you to whomever takes the time to look at this!

Global Ninjutsu Swaps

Bass Groove No. 1
Stage: 1
Indulging her love for pyrotechnics, Nagisa composed this groove to harness the full capabilities of her instrument. By channeling her chakra through her guitar, she can cause it to glow and flash in a variety of colors, essentially creating one hell of a light show. At its basic stage, those looking at it may eventually need to rub their eyes after staring for too long, but it isn't a noteworthy technique for combat.
Stage Two Effect: The flashes and lights have the potency of a flashbang, allowing this to be a useful technique in combat.
Stage Three Effect: The flashes and lights have the potency of two flashbangs.

Bass Groove No. 2
Stage: 4
One of Nagisa's original grooves, this melodic jutsu truly can captivate an audience! When she begins to play this technique, one can actually see the sound waves come out of her bass in the form of large, crimson rings that quickly are directed towards the target. Upon making contact, these rings encompass the target and act as restraints, binding them to their current location. These restraints last for two posts and can be broken by a strength level of three. The rings dissipate in the air after one post if they do not make contact with someone, thus someone with enough speed to dodge the rings as they circled about could potentially avoid this technique altogether.

Sound Ninjutsu Swaps

Stage: 1
A basis for many of Nagisa's jutsu, Amplification is a passive ability that simply allows Nagisa's bass to resonate as if it were constantly attached to an amp. It also allows for Nagisa to direct the sound waves which emanate from her guitar in any direction, ensuring that only those she wishes are affected by her techniques. This passive ability does not allow the sound to reach any sort of debilitating level on its own.

Bass Groove No. 3
Stage: 2
One of Nagisa's heavier jams, this bass groove contains an undertone that resonates at an extremely low frequency of 19hz, the same frequency as human eyes. In effect, this causes the target's eyes to vibrate within the skull, resulting in blurred, spotty vision as well as a dull migraine.

Crank that $h17 to 11!
Stage: 5
Strumming a mighty chord, Nagisa lets loose a solid wall of deafening sound from her bass in a single direction. This wall not only has the effect of blocking Stage 3 Ninjutsu and below, it is also released at a level of approximately 130dB, nearing the upper threshold of tolerable sound for the human ear [think loud rock concert]. Opponents may find themselves disoriented or clutching at their ears in pain if they are in the path of this wall when it hits. While it can affect physical targets through this noise level, it is not a jutsu capable of blocking any taijutsu techniques.

Bass Groove: Finale
Stage: 7
Nagisa's most powerful attack, the Finale was composed almost immediately after her flight from Sound. The attack itself takes two posts; the first post is used to build up and store an enormous amount of chakra in her instrument. Following a crescendo leading into the apex of her performance [after one post] she unleashes the stored energy in a massive shock wave with her at the epicenter. The wave itself clocks out at an insane 190dB's, a force powerful enough to rupture eardrums and even internal organs if they are near enough to the center of the technique. This wave travels roughly 30 yards in every direction from her, assaulting any in its path without prejudice. Even in the eye of this storm, Nagisa still suffers from the colossal power of this technique as she is rendered completely deaf and unable to use her bass for the rest of the thread. Truly a "last resort" kind of technique.

Sound Genjutsu Swaps

Bass Groove No. 4
Stage: 4
Trigger: Hearing this funky jam
An interesting genjutsu in that the targets of the this technique are usually Nagisa's allies. Bass Groove No. 4 instills a vigor in those within 15 feet that hear its melody, allowing them to ignore fatigue and moderate pain for two posts. This technique comes with a drawback, however, as at the end of its duration any effect suffered during those two posts now are felt along with the fatigue and pain from before, thus making it very easy to overexert oneself during this technique.
Duration: 2 posts

Masked_One 02-12-2016 02:40 PM

Glass/Sand Swaps
Creates a wall in front of her capable of blocking stage 5 nin and strength level 5 tai attacks.
Wall becomes an upgraded version of Sand Sphere, lasting two posts and shielding Eri + 3 allies.
Sand Sphere capable of blocking stage 6 nin and level 6 tai attacks.
Must keep hands on the ground to maintain dome [cannot use other techniques].

Stage 6 - Sand Nin Swap
Name: Shadow of the Colossus
Requirements: Must be performed on Sand/Earth, cannot use gourd as catalyst.
After performing the required handseals, Eri slams her palms onto the earth as if performing a summon. From behind her, the imposing upper torso of a giant colossus rises from the sand, an unearthly groan escaping from its gaping jaws. In a quick motion, the massive figure behind her slams it's arms down in front of Eri, shielding her from level 5 ninjutsu as well as strength level 5 tai attacks. Slowly, the figure of the colossus will mold together, forming a near impenetrable dome of sand and earth around the jounin and anyone else that was near enough to her at the onset of this technique. While this dome does protect Eri and up to three allies from outside forces for two posts, it does also restrict her movement, as the enemy can simply wait for the technique to die down before continuing their assault. In addition, Eri's hands must maintain contact with the ground in order to maintain the dome, leaving her unable to use other techniques. The dome can block up to 1 stage 6 ninjutsu technique or one attack with a strength level 6 or above before crumbling to pieces.

Masked_One 07-06-2017 12:59 AM

Simple Swap for Ninsen Anzu
Special Technique for Whip List

Name: Rive
Stage: 5
Description: Noting that her skill with a whip was only as deadly as it's range, Anzu set about developing a technique which would be effective even from a distance. By imbuing one or both of her whips with a pulse of chakra, she can cause a sharp blast of pressurized air to lash out from her next whip strike. This technique is a powerful one, capable of slicing cleanly through bone and doing massive damage to stone and concrete. This air travels roughly 30 feet along a linear path before dissipating into nothing.

Masked_One 07-19-2017 10:18 PM

Glass Swap
Alright y'all, tried to register this before but it had a lot of comments so I pushed another technique through. I'm shooting for Stage 6 for this, so please let me know what I need to do to make it fit there. Thanks!

  • Creates a 1 post sand/glass storm in a 10 foot radius around her capable of causing a multitude of minor cuts and gashes.
  • Grants Eri a set of glass armor [chest plate, back plate, helmet, limb armor] capable of blocking stage 5 nin and tai attacks up to stage 6
  • Storm lasts for 1 post, Armor lasts for 2 posts after that
Name: Aegis of the Colossus
Stage: 6
Description: Upon completion of the requisite hand seals, a storm of sand and glass shards forms around Eri for one post, completely obscuring her from view and creating a painful maelstrom in a radius of 10 feet around her. Capable of causing minor cuts, any who enter this storm would feel an intense pain as they subject their skin to the harsh elements whirling about.

After one post, the storm dissipates, and Eri now stands clad in beautiful, crystalline armor, reminiscent of that used by medieval knights. Her head is protected by a shimmering helmet, her chest and torso by a pristine breastplate made of the clearest, multi-colored glass. Even her shield has been encased in this new armor, now resembling a tower shield more than a buckler. The armor she is wearing is capable of deflecting up to stage 5 ninjutsu, as well as any attack with a strength level 6 or below. Any attack greater than those levels will shatter the armor entirely and harm Eri.

The armor itself is fairly lightweight, despite its defensive capabilities, and as such allows Eri to move around with ease. This protection lasts for a base two posts after it is formed before it dissipates, evaporating into the air in a beautiful shower of shimmering sand.

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