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Seikon 04-22-2012 06:28 AM

Seikon's Item Thread
Weapon Item/Name: The Six Eyes of Divine Wind
Weapon/Item Cost: 13
Weapon/Item Owner: Hashimoto Daisuke (in progress)
Weapon/Item Description:


The Six Eyes of Divine Wind is a katana-length gunbai war fan made from strong, supple wood, silk and reinforced with metal through the middle and around the edges. It is a moderately heavy weapon, though certainly not as heavy as most large tessen.

The edges of this gunbai are blunt, sturdy and heavily reinforced with metal. When swung, it produces a distinct, weighty sackful-of-coin-like noise. Its design is relatively defensive in nature; due to the solid construction of this particular gunbai, using it as a parrying weapon is expected.

The front face bears a desert sun pattern showcasing a large Sunagakure insignia (this side is typically displayed while worn on Daisuke's back). The rear face is adorned with 6 sunken, blank eye sockets which become full, living eyes while the item is in use.

Each time a wind ninjutsu is used in conjunction with the gunbai, a hungry, green eye composed of wind chakra stirs in its freshly-whitened socket. This process continues until each previously "dead" eye socket is "alive," for a total of six. Once all six eyes are illuminated, the gunbai possesses the ability to release all of its stored energy, at once, in a single direction (including upwards) via a chakra trigger. This downburst of wind is not harmful in any way, nor can it be used to directly counter/defend against any ninjutsu, it is simply an evasive and tactful offensive tool which rockets its user a maximum of twenty feet at a very high speed.

Additionally, this gunbai is weighted in such a way that it can be thrown as a boomerang type weapon, spinning end over end as it hits its target and continuing in a full, circular flight pattern. Unlike a standard boomerang, if the Six Eyes of Divine Wind is blocked or redirected it will still always return to its owner after one post. (Via Chakra Signal)

Seikon 07-23-2012 05:07 PM

The Mask & Spear

Weapon Item/Name: Akitsukami Koutei no Kamen (Mask of the Living God-Emperor)
Weapon/Item Cost: 3
Weapon/Item Owner: TBD
Weapon/Item History: TBD
Weapon/Item Description:

Made of a strong ceramic material, this faceplate is capable of withstanding direct hits from standard (non-chakra-enhanced) projectiles and glancing, standard weapon blows, however, it offers very little actual protection to the man beneath the mask. (A deflected kunai to the face would still hurt and disorient the wearer).

Known to all but the user as The Mask, its purpose is to conceal its wearer's identity not only in face, but in voice. Near the mouthpiece, a small speaker and amplifier have been installed to, through an application of a minimal chakra, alter the wearer's voice to reach both the highest and lowest ends of the pitch spectrum and mimic any tone he desires without sounding synthesized or fabricated. Note: Breath based attacks may be made through the mask's mouthpiece as normal.


Weapon Item/Name: Genji no Yari, the God-Render, who Pierces Spirits
Weapon/Item Cost: 14
Weapon/Item Owner: TBD
Weapon/Item History: TBD
Weapon/Item Description:

Made of a strong, lightweight alloy and plated with a reddish metal akin to rose gold, this incredibly durable, nine foot pole-arm is as beautiful as it is lethal. Known as The Lance to all but the weapon's owner, it is essentially a full metal naginata which features a double-helical ribbed design to ensure grip and an ornate, dual pronged bladed head which can be used to thrust, slash, as a blade catch or in a fashion similar to a trident, pinning limbs.

The Lance is capable of instantly forming itself out of thin-air from nothing but dust into the hand or hands of its owner, summoned via a passive chakra signal (once per post). It may also be de-materialized in the same fashion, but it may not be summoned and unsummoned in the same post.

When thrown, the pronged blades wrap themselves together and The Lance takes on an appearance identical to that of a senbon needle, albeit a giant one.

Twice per thread, the owner may imbue The Lance with his chakra. The blades begin to vibrate, creating a low-pitched, pulsating, resonating sound to emit from their forked design. In this state, The Lance is capable of releasing the concussive force of one explosive tag into whatever it comes into contact with via the blades themselves. If this ability is triggered, the force must be transferred within two posts or the blades will revert to their original state and one of the two uses will be consumed. This ability may be used before The Lance is thrown (the single point will vibrate accordingly) to deliver the concussive force at a distance, but the two-post-window still applies. This ability carries a two post cooldown.

-Dual Pronged "Double Edged" Blade
-Durability/Construction (Full Metal, Light Weight, etc)
-Throwing Transformation
-Concussive Force Transfer (1 Explosive Tag's strength)

Seikon 07-26-2012 06:55 PM

Six Eyes Redux

Weapon/Item Cost: 10
Weapon/Item Owner: Hashimoto Daisuke
Weapon/Item History: Replacement for a previous version (to be destroyed/lost/re-built)
Weapon/Item Description:

The Six Eyes of Divine Wind (version 2 and designated the Six Eyes Redux) is a gunbai war fan somewhere between the length of a katana and a nodachi and constructed entirely from a decorative, lightweight metal alloy that is capable of turning away standard weaponry with ease.

Unlike its previous incarnation, both the front and rear faces of the weapon are identical, bearing six sunken eye sockets and the kanji for "Divine Wind."

Its wielder may imbue the weapon with his or her chakra, which feeds the hungry eye sockets and causes them to illuminate, glowing a pale green. When active, this ability coats the entirety of the fan's edges in an invisible layer of slicing wind chakra that allows it to function, more or less, as a double edged sword (roughly a 40" blade and an extended 20" handle). Note: this ability cannot be used as a direct defense against offensive ninjutsu, nor does it enable the gunbai to pierce defensive ninjutsu.

Additionally, and identical to that its predecessor, the Six Eyes Redux is perfectly weighted and can be thrown like a boomerang, spinning end over end as it hits its target and continuing in a full, circular flight pattern. Should the weapon be blocked or redirected, or at the wielder's will, the weapon can be recalled to its owner after a post (via chakra signal). Note: the Six Eyes Redux may retain its cutting ability when thrown, at the user's discretion. This also allows the weapon to be summoned over long distances, appearing from thin-air in a burst of wind.

Seikon 03-21-2014 07:18 AM

Eimei no Te (Hand of Glory)

Weapon Item/Name: Eimei no Te (Hand of Glory)

Weapon/Item Cost: 4
Weapon/Item Owner: Saito Seijiro (Otogakure) (Unfinished)
Weapon/Item History: TBD
Weapon/Item Description:

A brilliantly functional piece of Naga technology, the Hand of Glory was developed for (and designed in part, by) Saito Seijiro as a replacement for his natural right hand, recently lost in the line of duty. Constructed wholly of a dark alloy as strong as any armor, the Hand of Glory offers a range of movement identical to that of the organic appendage which it is intended to simulate. Unlike a typical hand, however, the Hand of Glory boasts two features derived from Zankuuha arm cannon schematics.

1) An opening in the palm, which, through a surge of the user's chakra, produces a sonic vibration capable of instantaneously disabling any locking mechanism, be it a door, chest or otherwise.

2) An small opening in the middle fingertip, connected through a series of shafts and reservoirs tied directly to the user's chakra circulatory system, capable of producing a blow torch's flame which may be used in a variety of different ways (welding and otherwise).

Either of these abilities require a precise gesture and a high degree of concentration to be used, and as such, are considered non-combat only.
Unlocking: Place Hand flat on locked surface, fingers locked together, thumb perpendicular to fingers.
Welding: Spearhand 'handshake,' fingers locked together, thumb in palm.

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