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Mizu 12-27-2006 05:04 AM

Model Affair: Chakra Purge
The story began as most stories tended to do, extremely boring. Zora had mistakenly chosen to grace her friends with her presence at a midnight-snack party. Tables tumbled under the tremendous weight of all the food in bright and shiny, silver platters.
Cheeses and biscuits. Wine and cracker. Sandwiches and The Stone Country's own famous deserts, a mouth watering, crunchy creation that reminded her of a delicious, albeit hard stone. Candles lit cast glimmering silhouettes against Zora's friend Raigu's clean brown wall. It was a nice gathering of around 20 people. Zora was by far the most attractive, and cute one there.
As she reached for a piece of cheese, the first thing she would have eaten all day, she saw a spider. It's eight long legs slowly trickling along, tumbling over itself as it tried to desperately make it's way to a wall, and safety. Without hesitation, she picked a kunai out of her black pouch tied to her back and headband, and stabbed it directly in the abdomen. It gave one last futile twitch before she quickly wiped the knife against the napkins and continued to place the cheese on a small plate. She never even looked at the spider.
With a flash of a smile to the guests, she made a joke about the cheese and the candles. Something about wax and texture. Everyone laughed, especially the guys trying to get into her clothes. Zora just didn't feel like doing anything with anybody. Especially past midnight. Today was new. Today was special.
Today she had a genin team.

She mentally went over what each genin was rumored to be like. One of them came from a family that owned a spicy resturant Zora herself often attended, from what she had gathered talking to a cute (although slightly stupid) chuunin. One was recently placed in the prankster academy book for peeping, but had some sort of skill in dotons.

She laughed at this. Just wait till I show him my dragon jutsu. He'll be in tears.

The other one was one she wanted to gain more information on. He seemed like a very interesting genin, but he might also turn out to be a brat. You'd never know with genin.

Pensieve in thought as the party dragged on, she excused herself as she went outside. Launching herself up onto the roof, she began to run home. Running for her was a sight to be seen, if you were graced with a doujutsu, otherwise it would be quite hard to see her. This little lady, trained in the art of suicidal jumps, could leap, run, and last longer than any of her male shinobi counterparts, especially ones that excelled in ninjutsu.

The note she had sent to each of their homes was exactly the same. She hated conformity, but thought it would get the job done. Most likely they would awake to the note either in a dropbox, windowsill, underneath the door, or just plain on their pillow.


Greeting Kids from your New Beautiful Kuniochi Jounin Sensei!

My name is Puretti Zora, or Swift Leaper if you like corny names. I'm a model, beautiful, and hate kids. I'm also really smart and a whole lot of fun. For our first meeting, I want to meet you utside the Village gates.

Don't worry, I've already patched it up with the Kage, you won't be killed for leaving. Meet me there in the morning at 11:00 A.M.

That'll give you enough time for you to have breakfast and get ready, and give me enough time to sleep off all the liquor. Remember, bring a camera if you have one!

Your Sensei,
Her white teeth flashed as she fell into her bed, eyes closing and mind drifting off to faraway lands...

koopajutsu 12-27-2006 12:52 PM

Kichiro had been growing accustomed to early morning wake-ups thanks to his mother’s wishes for him to become a successful ninja like she once was, or at least not the very worst, however today was different - he woke up at his own pace and found something had been placed right onto his forehead... He grabbed it, sat up and took a look at it, it was apparently a letter from a newly assigned jounin sensei, one who would be instructing him and two others in their first official steps as Iwagakure Genin...


Greeting Kids from your New Beautiful Kuniochi Jounin Sensei!

My name is Puretti Zora, or Swift Leaper if you like corny names. I'm a model, beautiful, and hate kids. I'm also really smart and a whole lot of fun. For our first meeting, I want to meet you utside the Village gates.

Don't worry, I've already patched it up with the Kage, you won't be killed for leaving. Meet me there in the morning at 11:00 A.M.

That'll give you enough time for you to have breakfast and get ready, and give me enough time to sleep off all the liquor. Remember, bring a camera if you have one!

Your Sensei,

As Kichiro finished reading, he fell back into bed and rolled his eyes "Swift Leaper? Model? Hate kids??? What's up with this? I thought jounin were respectable..." Kichiro read the last part of the note again... "Jeez... Why a camera?" He thought about the possibilities and grinned, realizing this could be perfect for him: taking pictures didn't involve a whole lot of skill; a characteristic he was comfortable with.

Kichiro rolled out of bed and checked the time, he was positive it was later than normal and in all likelihood he had overslept. To Kichiro's horror, it was early - earlier than his normal daily awakening. "You have got to be kidding me... six? Well, no biggy I can keep myself busy until people arrive" With this thought, Kichiro paused and an all too familiar smirk came across his face, he would definitely keep himself busy and hopefully make a big impression on his new team. With ideas of idiocy running through his head, Kichiro collected his things and made his way into his kitchen, he found a disposable camera in one of the cabinets and decided that nobody would miss it if he took it for the day and if they did, he would just explain it was an essential item for his first mission...or something like that.

The young Genin walked outside and felt the all too familiar cold air of Stone hit him. "Dammit...I hate early mornings, always so cold..." He quickly reflected on his own attire and was somewhat thankful to his mother for suggesting extra protection. Kichiro had gaurds on his shins, arms, and the front and back of his torso - armor that would not only protect him from physical elements but natural elements as well, in this case the cold air. He continued on toward the village gates, contemplating how to "meet" his new team.

Kichiro arrived at the village gates and was greeted by no one, as was expected. He checked out his surroundings and realized the only people in the area were the gate guards who were focused on what was happening outside, not in. He decided that he would try to stay somewhat out of site, tucked behind the corner and when the rest of his team assembled he would proceed to...introduce himself.

Long 12-27-2006 01:32 PM

Even as the sun rose, attempting to warm the village of Iwagakure, the freezing cold winds of the approaching winter swirled through, chilly the land. Laying half off his bed in a coma like sleep was a young Doton user, completely oblivious to the sudden change in the weather. The black haired boy's plan for the day was to sleep off the previous two days "taijutsu training," which was in truth nothing more then a routine designed as a punishment to her physically lacking son for some wrong doing of some sorts. This time the gallant, in his own mind, Takeo had skipped out on his volunteer job at the hospital, which had itself been a punishment for sending a man to the emergency room with one of his pranks, the woman had to wonder how exactly they had removed IT from the old bastard. Just cause see agreed with Takeo's reasoning she couldn't let his actions slide, it's a mom thing.

Sitting in her after her morning taijutsu practice, the elite jounin named Tsuyoshi Natsuko was noticeable disturbed by the note see was reading, "Puretti, that little twit, even the Devil-Luck kid was a better influence on Takeo-chan then this little tramp will be." The woman hoped this was just another "temporary" team assignment, as it had been with the pompous swordsman and the overly busty twins, she had a theory that her father had been behind the last one. Despite the raven haired beauty's problems with the above mentioned, each of them had a redeeming trait, even her father and the pervert Uryu, that made them a better choice then little miss I'm a model.

Looking at the clock that now said quarter to eight, mother Tsuyoshi decided that her son wasn't going to be late for once. Walking upstairs to her son's room, Natsuko took a moment to look at the boy who shared the same eye and hair colour as her, "Cute, he drools just like his father." Suddenly any trace of maternal warmth vanished from her face as she shouted, "TAKEO, UP, NOW!

Now nearing eleven AM, Takeo approached the village gate and the two chuunin that guarded it. Clad in his usual pants and armour, as well a black winter jacket with green trim that his mother had forced him to wear. Ever step he took caused the three fuumas on his back to clang together in a very un-ninja like way, announcing his presence to anyone who wasn't deaf. Seeing as none of his team mate had arrived yet and his mother told him to expect his sensei to be late as well as hung over, the doton specialist decided he had time to sweet talk the kunoichi that made up one half of the gate duo. So Takeo went on to clumsily hit on the older girl who was busy doing her job in the way only a thirteen year old could, completely oblivious to not only his hidden team mate, but that fact that his mother had purposely neglected to mention he was suppose to bring a camera.

samuraibobx 12-27-2006 08:51 PM

What. The. Hell.

It was bad enough that Jin was already in a bad mood. His favorite knife had been "accidentally" thrown through his neighbor's yard, he had been attacked no less than three times by the same pitbull in the last hour, and he had been forced to buy a stupid camera at the last possible minute, just so some biatch could enjoy having her picture taken. Needless to say, he was in a really bad mood.

He sifted through his pockets until he found the crumpled up note with his additions.


Greeting Kids from your New Beautiful Kuniochi Jounin Sensei!

My name is Puretti Zora (corny hack type of name), or Swift Leaper if you like corny names (What'd I just say?).

I'm a model, beautiful, and hate kids (Great... uber-biatch ahoy). I'm also really smart and a whole lot of fun (Note: Likely a hag.). For our first meeting, I want to meet you utside (WTF?) the Village gates.

Don't worry, I've already patched it up with the Kage, you won't be killed for leaving. Meet me there in the morning at 11:00 A.M.

That'll give you enough time for you to have breakfast and get ready, and give me enough time to sleep off all the liquor. (Alky) Remember, bring a camera if you have one!(Narcissist)

Your Sensei,
Jin had been through a few sensei's at the academy and he had hated each and every one of them. They looked down on him because he wasn't from a "shinobi family"; this chick probably wasn't any different. Still, look at me. Nobody thought I was going to be a ninja. I'll wait till I get to know her better.

The village gate rapidly came into sight. A small boy was hitting on the female guard in a painfully obvious manner while the male had the look of "Kid, you're so lucky the Tsuchikage would kill me if I punched your lights out." Jin chuckled to himself and walked outside the gate. He could make the situation much more uncomfortable for the skirt-wearing guard, and he decided he would. He waited until he was out of sight and then incognito, maneuvered the camera exactly under her feet. A quick application of chakra activated the flash and another quick yank jerked the camera out from under the guard before either of them could guess what was going on. Jin just snickered as he mosied back around the corner and politely asked the guard for her name. With a slight hint of glee, he jotted it down on a piece of paper and made a mental not to pawn it off to some pervert.

OOC: Sorry its short, but my parents are yelling very loudly at me now.

Mizu 12-28-2006 06:31 AM

Puretti Zora was beautiful as always. She awoke at 10:07 A.M. sharp, and quickly put on clothes. she liked to sleep free, it was one of her oddities. As she put on her daily outfit, she looked in the mirror. Her stomach looked a little fat that day, but nothing starving herself couldn't fix. Really, she didn't know how she was able to last entire missions without collapsing from sheer starvation. Aneorexia and bulimia tended to do that to you. After filling up on celery (almost no calories), the cute little Jounin ran to the bathroom and quickly manicured her hair in the most adorable way ever. She looked at her self in the mirror for quite some time, trying out different poses.

She did remember to mention to the genins to bring cameras, right? They'd need them in order to take really good pictures.

She laughed at her arrogant confidence. Little did the genin know the cameras were actually intergral to their training. She was always the kind of person who used tactics, never force. The idea of intergrated what she loved with what she did for a living gave her a small set of giggles.

She planned to reach the village gates and set up her trap a few minutes before, but as she stared down the main stretch of land that led to the gates, she saw a boy in a marron vest and red hitai-ate, which only meant one thing, a genin. Her genin.

Using speed only attainable through her suicidal jumping training, Zora leaped from building to building holding nothing but her ninja equipment and a small piece of paper. On the paper was labelled in bold letters, "Utside."

She had wanted to perform a cursory examination of the kid's intelligence. Normally, Jounin don't misspell words. And just like a Suna nin in the righteous kingdom of Stone, they should notice such an atrocity. She placed the paper at the top of the gates, where any respectable chuunin should see it. The gate guards did, but they were too busy eyeing the jounin. Even the feamle guard, donning a skirt to work was eyeing Zora with a little streak of lusty lasciviousness.

The vivacious vixen waited for the first genin to come. Without noticing he began to hide, most likely assuming that he was the first one there. The second one wore a shiny helmet emblazened with the Iwagakure symbol on it. It was rather unfashionable, but it matched his clunky armor. Most likely he was slow. This would be very bad for him.

The third one wore a nice, deserty type outfit. His hair was slightly larger than life, but Zora forgave him. Some people just didn't have perfect hair like her. Her amethyst eyes sparkled as she rumpled her soft, violet hair, perfectly conditioned and moisturized from the nice hot shower she had right before the party the night before.

On one the genin was particularly bad at flirting. She made note to scold him later and offer him some tips. The second one actually used the camera to sneak a picture of the guard's under skirt view.

Smiling, the jounin leaped down, leaving the sign above. With tremendous speed, she appeared in front of the peeping-tom camera man, inches from his face. She gave him a big eyes stare, as though she knew exactly what he did. Spinning around like a top she rocketed back to the center of the three genin and launched a single senbon straight at the perverted genin's forehead protector.

If he moved, the senbon might lodge itself in his eye, hopefully, he'd put faith in his sensei's accuracy. It would hit the metal and harmlessly fall to the floor. It was msotly a scare tactic.

Suddenly, she was all smiles and cute.

"Everyone out of hiding? Good. I'm your sensei, you're all here, fantastic stuff. Okay, so who brought a camera? Show it to me if you brought one."

"Now, first things first. Take a really good picture of me."

She posed and waited for a bit. Still smiling, she began to speak again, hunching forward, and pressing her elbows together in front of her, trying to get the two perverts in her team to focus on her assets more than her words.

"I noticed no one met me utside the village gates," she said, pointing to the sign nor haphazardly swaying in a slight breeze. "You're almost as bad as Mist-Nin, guys. you need to focus more."

She paused a little and fixed her hair, all the while posing to make sure any off-guard pictures would still come out amazing.

"Alright, let's walk over to the trees, rocks, and small clearing over there," she said while pointing, "Introduce yourselves as we go. I already told you about me, talk about you. Name, training, nindo, all that stuff."

She was so damn cute.

They walked.

koopajutsu 12-28-2006 10:49 AM

As Kichiro waited in the shadows, he concluded that posing as a “generic jounin” would do the trick. He conjured up the image of what his father would look like in Shinobi gear and was quite amused by the thought. His father was by no means an athletic man and the possibility of him to ever pass as a jounin level nin were slim to none. Kichiro didn’t dwell on it for too long though; it was good enough to trick his team…

An hour passed and Kichiro had grown impatient and upset with himself for arriving so early. Why didn’t I just wait…” Kichiro's complaint's came to a screeching hault as the first member of his team arrived: A young boy that was about the same build and most likely age as himself, wearing a pretty unique outfit consisting of greens, browns, blacks and most interesting of all a helmet that replaced the standard Hitai-ate. "Okay... This guy... Well I don't really have a clue what this guy could be... Maybe a medic? Yea a medic or ..." As Kichiro was sizing up his soon-to-be team mate, he watched as the boy began to talk with one of the gate guards. "...or a guy only interested in one thing..." flashed across Kichiro's mind as he rolled his eyes and tucked back around the corner.

It wasn't long after the first boy's arrival that the second made his presence known - and it seemed near impossible for this one to go unnoticed. Kichiro once again tried to size up his new team mate, failing miserably as he did before hand. "Woah... This guy is definitely a warrior! He is taller than I am for sure and those daggers and armor make him look like he's probably lethal up close..." Kichiro was somewhat intimidated by the second team mate but a couple "hair fins" weren't going to stop him from messing around.

The time to act was at hand! Kichiro formed the neccesary seal and performed one of his favorite jutsus: Henge. He transformed into a near perfect representation of his father if he went out in shinobi attire... Creeping out from behind the corner he put on his new face of authority; as new acting captain of the gate, he would need to come off as someone who was familiar with bossing people around... He noticed that the red clothed boy was walking away from the guard post and grinning to himself as he held a camera in his hands. Kichiro couldn't afford to stop and wonder though, he now only had the young girl and the other boy as potential targets for his plan. As he neared closer and was about to yell at the two, a flash appeared in the corner of his eye. He turned and saw an incredibly beautiful woman standing near the red, armor clad kid simply staring at him. Her next action was more than enough to make Kichiro dispel his illusion and fall into line near the fin-haired boy...

As the three assembled, albeit half-heartedly, the Jounin made a few obvious statements and then, as was half expected, asked for a picture of herself. Kichiro couldn't help but let his eyes roll to the side as he thought about the purpose of this... "Ah well I can just hang it on my wall I suppose...." he thought to himself and grinned as he readied his camera.


The young Genin snapped the picture just after his new sensei assumed an interesting pose for her team. Just as quickly as she had posed she had begun scolding them for not noticing something about her letter. Kichiro didn't really care, he figured it was just a typo - something he did more than enough to be familiar with the intended word of the sensei...

The sensei then directed the team to move out and head to a clearing not too far off. She had directed them to introduce themselves as she did... Kichiro was a bit bothered by this statement, as all she really conveyed to her team was that she was their Sensei. Regardless, Kichiro would take the honors of being first, not really intentionally but instead because he enjoyed talking and was becoming quite skilled at crafting his words in such a way that people enjoyed listening. He was inheriting the silver tongue of his sketchy father afterall, why not make good use of it just as the eldest Ishikawa does.

"Name's Ishikawa Kichiro, it's good to finally meet everyone... I work part time at the restaurant down by Sankai's in the trade district and, as far as my 'nindo' goes: I just think people need to take it easy, trust their instincts and not get so tangled up in all the rules we have, that's all..." Kichiro continued along with the rest and simply nodded to the other two members of the team, passing the torch of introduction as smooth as he possibly could, not wanting to add anything else as he discerned this was a "cooler" audience and they most likely didn't want to be bothered with too many details.

Long 12-28-2006 09:17 PM

Takeo immediately what had caused the flash of light, but that only served to confuse him, "Where'd the hell a camera come from. The little flash box was then quickly pulled around the corner and out of site before either of the chuunin had noticed it. From the direction the camera had disappeared to came an older boy with the spikiest hair the armoured genin had ever seen. The younger nin was impressed by the red clad shinobi's daring when he calmly asked the female chuunin her name, this occurring less then a minute after he had just took an up skirt picture of her.

Suddenly a woman dropped from above, stared the camera boy in the eyes before dashing back and throwing a senbon at him. Not in the mood to see the needle pierce the face of his new team mate, Takeo looked away, "A crazy jounin, ain't that original." The pink haired kunoichi had successfully made the doton specialist afraid of her, you don't throw sharp objects at your students.

"Everyone out of hiding? Good. I'm your sensei, you're all here, fantastic stuff. Okay, so who brought a camera? Show it to me if you brought one."

"Now, first things first. Take a really good picture of me."

At the sound the young female voice, the black haired boy looked back towards his sensei and team mate, noticing a the finally member had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. To say Takeo was appreciative of the way Zora-sensei looked would be an understatement, the woman was hot. She seemed to be going for the cute look, but it just came off fake, not that it stopped him from taking a good look at her cleavage when she purposely presented a good view of it to her students. Being cute and trying to be cute were completely different things, when a girl was cute, it was just the way she was. This woman though was trying way to hard, it was annoying. She'd even gone as far as pretend a simple spelling mistake was part of some kind of test, while Takeo hadn't personally read the letter she'd sent, his mother had made a point to mention that tiny little error.

To say Takeo was disappointed with his new sensei would be a understatement, devastated would be to. Her she was, a rookie jounin if you had to guess, and was trying to turn her own mistake into her students mistake. Zora just didn't compare to the others, his grandfather was obviously more experienced. Masako and Luna were not only honest in who they were, but they were hot twins who liked to make bets that involved nudity. Even Uryu had to be better then this girl, and the genin would have to hound him to get any attention, much less training from him.

At the crazy woman's command, Takeo followed her out of the village and into the woods, "And the three genin were never seen again, killed by their physco, pig-tailed sensei." He half listened to Kichiro introduction, he seemed like a good guy. When the other genin finished talking, an awkward silence settled among the group, "Guess it's my turn..."

"Name's Tsuyoshi Takeo, doton specialist. My tousan's a chuunin medic and my kachan's an elite jounin, both come from shinobi families. Iwao-Oji's done most of my training, but there are some others I'll bug to teach me. Don't got a nindo, think they're stupid, and I didn't bring a camera."

samuraibobx 12-29-2006 03:29 AM

As far as he knew, a senbon in the eye was pretty damn painful, so Jin lucked out when it merely got stuck in his hair. The annoyance was quickly removed and flung aside. He searched around for his attacker and almost immediately noticed the superficial-looking pink haired monstrosity that passed for a ninja. Everything about her ticked him off. The way she set her ponytails, the close fitting dress and matching gloves, and even the way she winked at them literally screamed self-absorbtion. Judging by the letter he received, it was probably his sensei.

Even more grotesque was the load of bull that spewed forth from her mouth. First of all, she was being completely condescending, an attitude that made Jin almost completely write her off. But she ordered him to take a picture of her. Ordered. It wasn't even a suggestion or an option. He gave a small sneer and took the frickin' picture. He'd probably throw it out later.

Now, back to the matter at hand. She'd attacked him after he'd done nothing wrong. True, he had been a little lecherous, but it wasn't for his personal gain. Heck, he probably couldn't care less. A prank was made in the spirit of fun and more than likely, he'd return it to the shinobi by the end of the day. But fun wasn't just it. It was by pulling pranks against some of Stone's finest that he ultimately honed his skills as a shinobi. And Ms. Look-At-Me-I'm-So-Pretty had just attacked first before asking questions or even scolding him. He pulled out his "Hate Book" and jotted down a few entries for her.


Originally Posted by Hate Book
Name: Zora
1) Alcoholic
2) Lazy
3) Self-Absorbed
4) Obnoxious
5) Stupid
6) F****** B****

He put it away for later and decided now was about time to address his function. He walked casually while twirling his knives in his hands.

"My name's Shimazu Jin. Specialty is Knife Techniques and Defensive Dotons. My parents are the head of Shimazu Buildings Inc. As for a nindo, I've always said that to enjoy life, you gotta take control. Oh, and FYI, if you ever insult me because of my heritage, I will find you, torture you in the most indescribably excruciating ways, and then throw you to my neighbor's pit bull. Kapeesh?"

He emphasized the last statement by glaring directly at Pig-Tails. This was going to be a long war and Jin planned to win it.

Mizu 12-29-2006 05:37 PM

Her genins hated her. That was too bad. With a quick mind and a beautiful body, one would think every other person would be fawning over her. It was too bad they weren't. Her intelligence merely let her read people. And was she reading them.

Well, not all of her genins hated her. she figured the first one was going along for the ride. For a gein he already had a penchant for saying things in a subtly crafted way. This was a learned and inherited skill. Puretti Zora never learned to speak in such a way, she always embraced Iwagakure's type of strong, bold, and blunt words. Why say nicely what you could say bluntly in half the time?

Apparently the senbon throwing didn't work out as well as she'd like. She wanted to make a comment about upholding village integrity by not sneaking panty shots, but the genin (who'se speed could NOT have been fast enough to feasibly dodge it, but somehow...) dodged and she heard a sound much like metal scraping against soft lambskin. She assumed it had gotten stuck in his hair, any other place and she wold have heard more than a clink of metal as it was removed and dropped to the floor.

They still didn't know why they had cameras, and Zora was fine with that. They had introduced themselves, the last genin writing down something in a notebook of sorts. He looked very angry. Using her perceptual eyes, she viewed the reflection off of his forehead protector (she was fairly close) and memorized exactly wat he was writing down.

As they were walking, she was smiling a little bit. For all of her stealthiness and cuteness, the genins had none. They were not bad looking, but obviously didn't pamper their bodies, they weren't too bright, and they had already begun to hate their sensei.

This would serve a problem and a benifit. By hating the sensei they would no doubt learn to have teamwork in a much shorter timespan, but at the cost of authority. She would have to make them listen to her and she thought her original plan just might work.

As they reacher the training grounds, she noticed a small breeze. Instinctively grabbing her dress to keep to from blowing too much she was suprised when it was not a warm wind, but an awfully chilly one. Was it becoming winter? It was a little early for the cold front to be blowing in, but Zora asssumed anyhting was possible. The chill went straight through her gloves, almost numbing her fingers. Damn, it was cold.

All the heat left the air, making the empty sky feel as though a happy party guest suddenly left the sky's party when the police showed up.

Zora giggled at that simile. They probably hated that giggle.

"Ishikawa Kichiro," she said looking him square in the eyes. "You seem interesting, I might want to hear more stories form you later, ok?"

"Tsuyoshi Takeo," she said, all hints of cuteness gone, replaced by something that could only be described as contained chaos and bloodlust. "You said you're a Doton Specialist? I'll show you some Doton's you'll be begging me to teach you."

"Shimazu Jin," her voice suddenly dropping quite a bit, eyes narrowing. "Your specialty is Knife Techniques and Defensive Dotons, correct? So basically you hide behind rocks and cut cute little scratches, right? You're probably going to be the genin on this team that'll have to try the hardest to keep up with others. Don't become a burden on everyone else. That is an order."

She didn't stop there however, she continued speaking to the last, lecherous, little kid.

"As for your hate book, Jin. My name is Puretti Beauti Zora. Not Zora. I'm not ac alcoholic, I work out 7 times a week for at least an hour at a time. In fact, I'm probably 10-20 times faster than you are. I am self-absorbed, but I have a ton of friends. Obnoxious is a opinion, so I can't do much to express that except I was invited to a party yesterday. Obviously, I'm not so obnoxious that I wouldn't be invited, eh? As for stupid, that's also subjective, but I'll have you know my I.Q. is in the 150's. I'm considered a genius. Many geniuses spell words wrong, at least I made it part of plan, a plan in which all of you failed already. As for the last part..."

She dropped deadly silent, here eyes downcast. It was suprising someone, a genin to say the least would write down such profanities. It almost hurt her.

Turning to the other teammates, she began to explain her training.

"The first part of training was for insight, that was for you to notice my typo and connect it to the rather large sign on the village gates. None of you are aware of your surroundings, you can't become so lax when you're in a village. You do that, and we'll wind up like Sound, destroyed and wandering."

She thought of the Sound destruction some 20 years ago. It was just after that she was born. She wished she could have lived through that. That would have been an eperience.

"The second part of your test is for stamina, speed, and tactical thinking. I'm going to wear a string of numbers attached to a random part of my body. Your job is to take a picture of it and read me the numbers. All the numbers will be different, so don't even try to make it up. The picture is also proof. We're going to get these developed after the third part of training, which won't require a camera, so don't be afraid to make mistakes and not get a picture of the numbers."

Suddenly, she was gone. She activated her intense speed using all of her training to appear directly behind Jin. She clasped together a few seals and performed her upcoming jutsu. As the mud shot out of the ground at a rate no genin could avoid without already being promoted to chuunin, it turned into small arms, aiming to attach itself to the genin. Combined with her speed and mastery of Dotons, this kid was getting caught by this jutsu, hands down.

"Ever call me a bitch again, written or otherwise, and I'll make sure you can't ever swing a knife again," she said, all silliness and playful carefree cuteness out, replaced by a cold, calculating tongue. "That's a promise."

She turned her back and waited for his groans as he was caught by the jutsu. "That's your punishment for taking a panty shot, you sick pervert. Too bad, isn't it? You don't a picture, you fail forever..."

She would let him go in roughly 15 seconds anyway, she wanted to other kids to know that being disrespectful in your head is fine, but saying it, or writing it down, it much more permenant.

"It starts now," she screamed attaching a rectangular card with written numbers on it to her stomach, and launching directly up in the air 40 feet, dessapearing into the trees.


Jutsus Used:
Stage Two:
Kajuu No Doro (Mud Weights)
Control =7, Power= 7, Willpower =6
Mud shoots at a target’s limbs and then gets stuck, through chakra the mud is made to weigh a quarter ton(1/2 ton if chuunin and 1 ton if a Jounin). This helps to slow down opponents a great deal.

So you'll be pinned down under one ton of mud weight. Good luck escaping that without godmodding ^.<v

koopajutsu 12-29-2006 07:35 PM

After his own introduction, Kichiro learned a few key things about his new team mates: Name, skill specialty, and a few bits of background info. Although he could have given his new team more information about himself, he would've come to a stumbling block when he thought about his own specialties... Kichiro wasn't very skilled at anything and only knew a few basic techniques from each of the three main shinobi disciplines; ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. His mother called this balance, he called it lame but he had fairly little say in the matter and besides, when it came down to it he did trust his mother...

The less intimidating of the two was named Tsuyoshi Takeo, apparently the child of a long line of Shinobi in Iwa. Kichiro could relate to Takeo's upbringing even if his mother was the only official nin of the house. Still, it was a connecting point for him and anything was better than nothing. Takeo was also apparently a Doton user and somewhat lazy - no nindo or camera. Kichiro nodded agreeably to Takeo's self introduction, trying to make the team feel a bit more welcomed or at least comfortable around each other.

Next came the guy that seemed to be the center of attention no matter where he went. Kichiro couldn't help but feel uneasy around him as he twirled his knives seemingly effortlessly while introducing himself.

"My name's Shimazu Jin. Specialty is Knife Techniques and Defensive Dotons. My parents are the head of Shimazu Buildings Inc. As for a nindo, I've always said that to enjoy life, you gotta take control. Kichiro nodded, feeling a bit more relaxed. Jin might be a decent guy after all. His ways were similar to Kichiro and he seemed pretty confident in his own abilities. Sadly though, Jin's introduction didn't end on that upbeat note, he continued...Oh, and FYI, if you ever insult me because of my heritage, I will find you, torture you in the most indescribably excruciating ways, and then throw you to my neighbor's pit bull. Kapeesh?"
After hearing that last threat, Kichiro couldn't help but look away. He was as intimidating as Kichiro originally thought. Images of wrath came into the boy's mind as he thought about his probable future antics and failures colliding with an unhappy kid named Jin and his knives... "Stay cool man, it is just an introduction...He probably doesn't mean you. Just make sure you don't say anything stupid..." As Kichiro reflected on his own thoughts for a moment, he realized he was doomed.

The introductions had ended and the team had reached their destination: the all too familiar training grounds of Iwagakure. His attention returned to his new sensei and not a moment too soon: the breeze had begun to blow Zora's clothing straight up, something he was positive the rest of the team was enjoying just as much as he was. Yet just as soon as the moment had occurred, it had ended with Zora pinning her clothing down...

The sensei turned around and began with her assessment of her team. Kichiro was first and was greeted by the same face his sensei had made when she posed for the team earlier; a warm and inviting face that somehow seemed to scream "look at me" all at once. Much to his relief, the young konoichi indicated she was interested in him and would like to hear from him in the future. Kichiro grinned as looked right back at his sensei and acknowledged her statement with a nod.

Next in line for the minor assessment was Takeo, the boy who had been flirting earlier with a girl who was most likely way out of his league. Kichiro appreciated those kind of actions however as they typically ended in humor at the dispense of the brash... As the Sensei began, her tone of voice had become noticeably different. This was a darker side, a more serious side and if her previous actions followed the same pattern, then Jin was in for a serious scolding... Before moving on, she mentioned to Takeo that she had knowledge of powerful Doton techniques and would possibly be willing to teach him - or atleast show him...

When the attention turned to Jin, any hint of kindness left Zora as swiftly as her dress was blown up with the wind beforehand. The konoichi noted his listed area of skill but followed by negatively spinning what Kichiro thought to be the most lethal member of the team, into a coward. The tension rose even further as the young team sensei addressed various aspects of her personal life, as if correcting or clarifying herself to Jin. Kichiro didn't know what to make of the whole ordeal and felt incredibly awkward. As Zora was finishing up her "assessment" of Jin, Kichiro turned his head ever so slightly towards Takeo in an attempt to see if he was feeling the same and also to indicate the "freaked out" sense he had to the other "normal" genin of his team...

Before anything could be said by any of the genin, Zora continued with her lecture, now focusing on the actual mission task she had planned. The first task for the team had already been failed - Kichiro, and the other members of the team had been completely oblivious to whatever information their sensei had set up for them. Kichiro could only shrug the failure off and put it into the pile with the rest of his past. Zora then began to explain the next phase of the mission: Reconnaissance...or a form of it anyhow.

Kichiro was focused on his sensei, awaiting any further instruction and in the blink of an eye, she was gone. Kichiro had no idea what had happened, to him it appeared she vanished. As he stared blankly at the area Zora had formerly occupied he heard her voice once again, but somehow from the direction of Jin. As he turned, he saw his sensei standing directly behind Jin saying something to the extent of "don't do it again". The truth was Kichiro had missed the first part of what she said and when he finally pinpointed her location, he was too distracted by her incredible figure to focus on what was coming out of her mouth. As she turned away from Jin, Kichiro simply watched her jump away and indicate the real mission had begun, completely oblivious to the jutsu she had performed on his team mate.

After a brief moment, Kichiro's disbelief wore off and he turned to face his fellow team mates. "...O...Kay... So any ideas?" He asked quite simply because he had no means of completing this task by himself and, not fully understood by Kichiro yet, he had a knack for uniting people, even if his intentions were not always pure...

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