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chiaki 01-02-2009 12:36 AM

Team Nine: Bondin' Time
Boom... Pam... Tok...

Chuu sat on one of the beds in the room with a rubber ball in hand. Tojiro had left a little while ago for his fight on the beach with Yukiji. Now, it was just him, and Ishuro-boss. For the past five minutes Chuu had been throwing the ball against the wall that divided their room from Yukiji's. The ball would bounce once on the carpeted floors before returning to Chuu's hand with a muffled, hollow snap. Ishuro-boss still seemed a bit upset. Chuu wanted to ask Ishuro if he was feeling better, but Chuu kept his mouth shut; he didn't want to make Ishuro-boss any more angry than he already seemed to be.

Boom... Pam... Tok...

Chuu sighed softly. At least that aloe stuff the lady gave him when he left the resturaunt was working. It felt nice and cool against his itching and agitated skin. Hopefully the redness of his skin would go away before Boss-man could see him. Boss-man wouldn't be too happy to find out that Chuu was relaxing at the beach when he told him that his team was on a mission. Sighing again, Chuu willed himself to push those thoughts to the back of his mind. He was on vacation, whether Boss-man knew it or not, and he should enjoy himself, no matter if Boss-man would be angry or not.

Boom... Pam... Tok...

Chuu straightened himself ontop of the bed and picked at his shirt. It was nice of Ishuro to buy Chuu a new shirt, especially after Chuu went into the ocean in his original shirt. A whole day in the sun with a sea-soaked shirt meant that the shirt needed to be washed quick. Chuu's swim shorts and shirt were currenty being washed, and Chuu still had his original pants, and now he had a new shirt. It was closer fitting to his size than his other shirt, which was good... but it felt so weird to Chuu. He supposed it looked fine, and conciously told himself not to pick at the shrit too much; it was a gift; he should be grateful. He got shorts AND a shirt today.

Boom... Pam... Tok...

'Perhaps I can make it up to Ishuro-boss somehow...' Chuu thought idly. Finally Chuu dropped the rubber ball and turned to Ishuro. He couldn't stand sitting here in the room and being still anymore.

"Ishuro-boss! Let's go outside too! Yukiji and Tojiro shouldn't have to be the only ones who are having fun. Maybe we can find something cool to do?"

Jami 01-03-2009 03:49 AM

Ishuro was seated on the floor, his back against the foot of his bed. While Chuu was bouncing his ball, which Ishuro had no idea how he'd managed to obtain, Ishuro was focused on thinking, relaxing. He was supposed to be on vacation, but so far had not been fun. His clone had managed to embarass him and Yukiji had exploded on him. It had been building for awhile and he knew he'd have to deal with it at some point, but it was his vacation. He wanted to have fun or something like that. In fact, he was contractually obligated to have fun. Ayame didn't kick him out for vacation without intending him to really, truly relax. Probably, though, she hadn't expected him to pick up his three genin and take them with him. She likely didn't know about their current individual home situations that made it difficult for Ishuro to leave them by themselves in good conscience.

Meinaka Ishuro with a good conscience. It was strange.

However, as he contemplated the purpose of his trips and the results he'd had so far, his thoughts became a little more...disjointed. The rhythmic noise of the rubber ball hitting the floor and wall engrained itself into his mind as Ishuro's eyes started to fade out. The hotel room was getting black, the day's stress and anger started to finally wear him out. Ishuro needed to close his eyes for a minute and doze. Ayame wanted him to relax, so he'd relax. He'd listen to the gentle murmors of his brain until all he could think about was a gentle sort of rocking wave that sloshed in his head, pulsing with dim points of color. Ishuro sniffled, dropped his head slightly, and slumped where he sat. Everything was so exhausting.

Ishuro pulled open the door and pushed the other man inside. He was a chuunin, whose face Ishuro only vaguely recognized. They had met in passing, maybe, or something to that effect. Ishuro pushed him forward towards a bed, which seemed to have magically materialized in whatever otherwise sparsely furnished room they were in. He was rough, throwing the chuunin onto the bed and quickly crawling on top of him, pinning him down spider-like. Ishuro was too strong to escape, too compelling to run from, too aggressive to ever win against. The chuunin's shirt ripped between Ishuro's hands like tissue paper.

The chuunin was shouting, yelling at him, urging him on. Ishuro's eyes started to blur and fuzz over, unable to accurately make out what was happening anymore. It had been so long, he'd been so preoccupied with work, he'd been avoiding it after that one day. But this, this chuunin he didn't know, he wanted Ishuro. The way he moved made him believe that he didn't just want Ishuro, he needed Ishuro. That was what Ishuro wanted, wasn't it? Hadn't everything just become his crutch? Wasn't Team Nine just three children who desperately needed him the way Ishuro needed them to?

The chuunin reached up his hand and Ishuro slammed the back of his head against the foot of the bed.

"Ah, fuck!"

Ishuro held his head with his hands and swiveled a dark eye over to Chuu.

"Do...do something? Y-yeah, sure, let's go."

chiaki 01-03-2009 03:47 PM

Chuu supposed that Ishuro was thinking rather hard. Chuu's question caught him so offguard, that he banged his head against the frame of the bed. That in turn startled Chuu and caused him to miss the ball as it bounced back to him. It pounded him smack on the forehead. Now, it was just just a rubber ball and the rubber ball itself didn't hurt much. The tender nerve endings all over Chuu's body from his sunburn were screaming in agony as the ball rebounded back off of his forehead. Chuu groaned in pain as he forced himself to not bring his hand to his forehead; it would only make things worse.

"Do...do something? Y-yeah, sure, let's go."

Chuu bounced off of the bed and jumped into his shoes. Looking in the mirror, Chuu straightened out his hair, then once again picked at his shirt. It made him look so thin. Chuu's previous shirt drowned him, this one didn't and actually made Chuu look as small as he actually was. He contemplated wearing his hoodie to over it, but it was too hot to wear a hoodie, he'd collapse from heat exhaustion.

Once Ishuro-boss was ready the two exited the room; Ishuro locked the door and they were on their way. Once they were three rooms down from their's Chuu pulled out the rubber ball from his pocket, bent down and turned to Ishuro. "Give me one minute." Chuu pulled up the loose floorboard, slipped under it, crawled to the other side, and placed the rubber ball on the floor in the room. Thankfully no one was inside and Chuu was able to crawl from under the loose floorboard and back into the hallway unnoticed.

Once Chuu was back in the hallway, he pushed the floor board back into place and semi-innocently smiled at Ishuro. Chuu returned it, that's all the mattered. Once they were outside, Ishuro seemed to be leading the way to somewhere and Chuu idly followed while taking in the city. He'd seen pictures of cities, but nothing compared to actually being in one. The night sky was bright and even in the city you could smell the salt from the ocean. It was a lot prettier than the sewer. Chuu wouldn't mind staying here. It was better than sector two.

"Ishuro-boss. When are we heading back? Tomorrow? Or are we going to stay here another day?"

Jami 01-06-2009 05:32 PM

Still rubbing the back of his head in pain, Ishuro stood up. He was mostly dressed again, wearing a simple black undershirt and his usual pants. The air was a bit warm for anything more than that, but Ishuro didn't own a pair of shorts he could use to be a little cooler. However, he knew better than to put on his coat, since it was still hot enough that he would, potentially, roast inside. Ishuro ran his hands down his arms and imagined that he was brushing some invisible dirt off himself. With a sigh, he picked up the hotel room keys from the table he'd dropped them on and then stuffed the ring into his pant's pocket. While he was sure that both he and Chuu could jimmy the lock, it was still a good idea to take the keys with him. Breaking and entering into his own hotel room was too much work for his vacation.

When they were outside the room, they hadn't gotten very far before Chuu stopped. Ishuro turned to watch him, vaguely curious at what the genin was doing. Thereafter, the boy pulled a floorboard up from the hall and crawled out of sight. Ishuro raised an eyebrow, suspicious, and listened for the other side of the door. He hoped that there was no one in there, or Chuu was going to be in for a surprise. Well, really, Chuu was in for something whether or not he got caught, but that was beside the point at the moment. Ishuro waited for Chuu to crawl back into sight and nestle the board ever so carefully back where it belonged. The jounin looked at him dryly, apathetically, and then tried to put on his best 'parental concern' face. Mostly, Ishuro looked slightly more bitter than he usually did.

"Chuu, you're not supposed to break into people's rooms and steal their stuff. It's not like rubber balls are that-" Ishuro paused, thinking to himself for a moment. He had wanted to say that they weren't expensive, but that was relative, he supposed. Chuu didn't really have money to spend frivolously or at all, even if Ishuro liked to think that he was making that better by taking the boy on missions. Genin, though, didn't particularly get payed very much, and he knew Chuu's family was the worse off among the three students. He bit his lip slightly. "It's not like you need to be taking rubber balls from other people, Chuu. You can get one of your own without having to steal one. Just...ask me and I'll try to help you out."

He shook his head a little as they headed through the hotel. Soon, they were outside in the night air. Somewhere, further down the beach, Ishuro knew Yukiji and Tojiro were having their little spat. Hopefully, they'd remember what he said and stay out of trouble. He was not supposed to let them roam free in foreign countries that were experienced a touch of civil war, but Ishuro found it difficult to keep his hands on all three of them at once. They would have, had he rebuked them, decided to sneak out once he was asleep, possibly after waiting for him to pass out in a drunken stupor the way he likely would have upon being saddled with all three of them. Then he wouldn't have even been able to rescue them if things did get dangerous, so it was better to put them on a long leash and hope for the best.

"We'll head back tomorrow afternoon. So, we'll be here tonight and most of the day. Anything you want to do, Chuu? It's just us for awhile."

chiaki 01-07-2009 05:37 PM

Chuu hung his head. He hated being scolded. Only one other person scolded him, and it wasn't even his mom; it was Kiyo down at the jail house who usually scolded him. It wasn't like he took a bunch of money, and it wasn't like he broke in just to take it. As they walked to their room from the beach earlier today, Chuu stepped on the floorboard and by the sound of it could tell that it was loose. Curiosity took over from there. Then when he popped up on the other side, there was the bouncy ball. He had every intention to return it. It was the truth. Either way, Chuu nodded to Ishuro to show him that he understood what he was saying. No more crawling under the floorboards to get into people's rooms.

"You can get one of your own without having to steal one. Just...ask me and I'll try to help you out."

Chuu sighed in defeat and nodded. He did brighten up at the news that they were going back to the sewers tomorrow evening. Unless Boss-man was planning something huge, Chuu would get to have a little rest before trying to work again the next day. He hardly ever worked at night. But pushing the thoughts of work out of his mind again, Chuu focused on what he and Ishuro-boss could do. Hm... well... Ishuro-chief did say that he'd help Chuu get a bouncy ball. And maybe they could get a balloon, and a stick of gum. Chuu always saw other kids with gum, or rubber balls, or balloons. Chuu had gum before, but he never had his own; he always had to bum it off of people. And balloons were usually at parties, and Chuu never really went to any, or got invited to any. This city looked pretty festive, perhaps they had them. Suddenly, he remembered that he had found some coins on the sand, and on the way to the hotel, and he might even find more as they headed out. Perhaps he'd have enough to buy those things.

"Ishuro-boss! Can we go buy a rubber ball, a balloon and a stick of gum?" Chuu asked as he dug deep into his pocket to reveal the sand crusted coinage. "I found eighty seven cent on the beach, and I found even more a while back. Do you think it'll be enough?"

Jami 01-07-2009 07:34 PM

"A rubber ball, a balloon, and a stick of gum? Not, like, a pack of gum or anything?"

Ishuro looked down at the genin in a mix of confusion and disbelief. He knew the boy was poor, some might even call him deprived, but he had no idea the depths of the child's non-materialism. Perhaps Chuu thought such simple things, and so few of them, was actually a lot. Ishuro hummed low in his throat. While he wasn't as well off as, say, Yukiji, Ishuro had money. He, sporadically, had quite a bit of money, owing to his combined salary as an experienced jounin and as a Youkai agent. While his Youkai work had tapered off more recently, he was instead receiving a stipend for his continued efforts as a team sensei. Ishuro lived in the slums, but compared to Chuu it was the nice part of the slums, and it was because Ishuro didn't need a bigger space to live, not because he couldn't afford one. And, frankly, he was beginning to suspect he needed to move out soon.

He blinked.

"Did you say 'eighty-seven cent', Chuu?"

Ishuro restrained his urge to growl. He seemed that even Chuu had his particular quirks that Ishuro would rather not have to deal with. His other two students were, respectively, a happy-go-lucky monastic dancer and a bipolar massacre-princess, so there was certainly no reason that his third student shouldn't be an underprivileged thief with a unique, vernacular accent. Still, it wasn't something Ishuro wanted or expected, just something he had to unfortunately deal with. He knew, deep in his heart of hearts, that Ayame had arranged the team on purpose, just to see if he could handle all the little irritations. She was that kind of woman, out to make his days as mundanely unbearable as possible even though he knew how to terrify her. Both of them were masochistic; Ishuro was just the one who admitted it.

"Sounds like you want to go to a dollar store, not an exotic port town."

He sighed to himself and reached into his pocket. Ishuro searched around for a moment before he withdrew his battered and beaten wallet from its hiding place. He held it up, away from Chuu both in caution and to tease him, then spread the flap open with his thumbs. Ishuro's wallet had some decent amounts of ryou in it, enough to pay for the four of them having room and board and then some left over. Carefully, Ishuro withdrew a slip of paper from the wallet and nodded sideways towards a store on the corner. It was dark out, but the way was lit with street lamps and both residents and tourists still wandered about. The shop he pointed out was a general store, warm yellow light pouring out onto the street from within. Ishuro held the hundred ryou note between his fingers and dangled it down to Chuu.

"Let's make this a little exciting, then."

chiaki 01-08-2009 01:51 AM

"Mhm." Chuu nodded; he wasn't quite sure of the look on Ishuro's face. Chuu had seen that look before, but not from Ishuro. He'd seen it from Kiyo, his interrogator, numerous time when they had semi-friendly conversations down in the holding cell in sector two. "Just a stick of gum, I can't chew a whole pack of gum. My mouth isn't big enough to do that. And yeah, I have eighty seven cent, plus some more that I haven't counted yet." Chuu softly patted his pocket so the change inside would jingle and jangle. It was a nice sound. Even if it was just change, having money in the pocket felt good.

Chuu gazed up as Ishuro as he pulled out his wallet, and pulled out a piece of paper. He held it in front of Chuu, and hinted towards a nearby store. He took the piece of paper and squinted at it. It was dark outside, and it was difficult to read how much it was. Finally Chuu's eyes focused and he was able to see the number one followed by two zeros printed neatly on the note. "A hundred?!" Chuu was trying his hardest not to yell but it was difficult. "Is this for me?" Ishuro nodded and Chuu had to ask almost ten more times to make sure that Ishuro hadn't made a mistake. As soon as Ishuro got tired of answering Chuu's question over and over, he gently guided (pushed) him into the store.

It had bright lights and trinkets and souvenirs everywhere. Chuu had no idea where to start looking for any of his items. There were other tourists roaming the shop and paying at the festive counters. Holding the money in both of his hands, Chuu began to roam slowly down the isles. Isle one had pencils, and scrolls and paper. Isle two had canned food; smiling when he reached isle three, he managed to find packages of gum. Chuu picked one up, opened it and pulled out one stick. With the change in his pocket, Chuu was able to purchase two rubber balls from a small machine, and now, all that was left was the balloon. Once Chuu got up to the counter, he noticed a sign labeled "Free balloons." Chuu smiled at the clerk.

"Can I have a free balloon please?" Chuu asked as politely as he could. He could see Ishuro beyond the counter waiting for him. It would be wise to hurry it up in order to not keep Ishuro waiting. The clerk smiled at Chuu, asked him which one he wanted and handed him the balloon. His balloon said 'Happy Birthday,' but it was the coolest looking one out of all of them.

"Are you buying anything from here, or did you just want the balloon? You have to buy something to get a free balloon."

Chuu nodded. "Yes ma'am, I'm buying something." Poor Chuu could barely see over the counter, but raised one of this thin arms up and placed the single stick of gum up on the counter. The clerk looked down at the stick of gum, back to Chuu, and then down at the stick of gum again with a weird look on her face. Chuu assumed she was waiting for the money, and he handed her the hundred ryou bill that Ishuro had given him. The lady exasperatingly smacked her forehead against her hand and noticed Ishuro watching them out of the corner of her eye. She turned to him and pointed to Chuu and began to rant.

"Sir, you might want to come get your son. I have no clue what he's trying to do. You'd think that he'd never been in a store before..."

Jami 01-08-2009 05:09 PM

"My son?"

Ishuro looked up from what he was doing. One of his hands was wrapped around a forty ounce bottle of vodka as he'd been in the process of carefully, and apathetically, inspecting the label. Ishuro had expected to know a few more of the brands in Chika, but Earth Country apparently had its own breweries and didn't really import from Rain. That was understandable, the more he considered it, since Rain wasn't really the most stable country to be engaged in trade with. Ishuro glanced at the woman with his dull, dirty eyes, and then looked over her shoulders at Chuu. With his free hand, Ishuro gently and slowly hid his eyes behind his palm. He had been worried about taking Tojiro and Yukiji out in public, but had never really thought that Chuu would be quite so awkward. It was all so awful; Ishuro sighed despondently.

"That's my nephew. And he doesn't really get out much. Here, hold on..."

He started to move, keeping one hand around the neck of the bottle as he walked through the aisle over to where Chuu was. The genin had a single stick of gum, a birthday balloon and, the kicker, two rubber balls. Ishuro grimaced, realizing that Chuu didn't have a concept of frivolous spending, and then turned his head back down the aisles. With his honed eyes, he managed to pick out the one pack of gum sitting slightly open and away from its brethren. He went to pick it up and deftly pitched it onto the counter. Ishuro returned and pointed a finger to a row of shelves behind the clerk. Multiple brands of cigarettes were arranged in neat columns and then again according to their filtration.

"The ones in the red, the light ones. I'm supposed to be trying to quit. And Chuu, you buy the whole pack of gum, not just the part you want now. The rest is for later."

Ishuro brought the bottle up and set it on the counter. The clerk had returned to the register and was pulling down the designated pack of cigarettes. Ishuro lay his palm on the counter and looked down at Chuu vaguely, not quite angry but not perfectly calm either. He was frustrated, perhaps, but oddly peaceful considering who he was. Ishuro was not the type of person to handle his agitation well, so his quiet, icy stare was actually a lucky break for Chuu. Maybe it was the rapidly approaching promise of alcohol and cigarettes that saved the little panda-suited genin; it had become increasingly difficult to tell Ishuro's true feelings and motives, even from Ishuro's own perspective. He slid the hundred ryou note back closer to the clerk. As she started to make change, Ishuro took his bottle and started to open the cigarettes.

"Chuu, where else would you like to go?"

chiaki 01-08-2009 07:43 PM

Chuu blushed in embarrassment. With the reddening of his face, plus the tint from his sunburn Chuu's face was somewhat comparable with the color of beats. It was true he didn't get out a lot, and thusly, he didn't know exactly how the standard store worked. Chuu mainly mingled in the market place, using his pennies to buy cheap bread and cucumbers. Chuu had never been in an actual store like this, at least, not to buy something. The last time he was in a store like this, it was when he was in sector four, and he didn't pay for anything that he took. As Ishuro stared down at him, Chuu gazed intently at an invisible speck on the floor. He slowly tried to remove the stubborn speck with his ragged shoe, but had no avail. As the woman rang up their items, Chuu brought his emerald eyes up to meet Ishuro's dark ones, and didn't quite like the look Ishuro was giving him. Chuu ended up just staring at the ground and picking at his shirt until Ishuro began conversing.

"I don't know where to go." Chuu whispered. "I have everything I want, and more."

Chuu continued to think as the clerk pulled Chuu's balloon, then bent down to tie it tightly round his wrist. Maybe she saw how red Chuu's face was and felt sympathetic, or maybe she wanted to impress Ishuro or some other person in the store. Chuu didn't know, but once she finished tying the balloon around she softly ruffled his hair and placed his pack of gum in his hand. Finally they exited the store and began to walk aimlessly. They passed other small shops with little trinkets as well as small little resturaunts and miniature house-museums. It was a really lively place. Chuu stuffed his hand into his pocket to pull out a piece of gum, but felt something else in his pocket. Chuu pulled the item from his pocket and immediately recongnized it. The pink slip of paper was folded between his finger. It was easy to tell that the paper used to be red, but it was now well faded. Thin fibers were starting to uncoil and shed off of it, and towards the creases of the folds, the actual paper was beginning to tear into square pieces.

Chuu carefully opened it to make sure it was still readable. A lot of the smaller print words were completely worn away. The only comprehensible text on the paper was the word 'evicted' in huge bold letters, as well as the word 'date,' but the actual date of issue was gone as well. Chuu found it hard to believe that it was only two, nearing three, weeks. It felt like more than that. A frown took over Chuu's face as he folded the letter and held it a bit longer. He should have probably given it to Ishuro a long while ago, but the time was never right. Tojiro and Yukiji were always there. Chuu was self concious about his living status even before he was evicted.

"Ishuro... I probably should have given this to you when I first got it..."

Chuu began; hopefully Ishuro would know that this was serious; Chuu didn't even add a title to the end of his name. Handing the piece of paper up to Ishuro, Chuu swallowed hard. He might as well have get this out of the way, Ishuro was already in a semi-bad mood, perhaps it wouldn't hurt to get this out of the way now.

Jami 01-12-2009 11:30 PM

"Everything you want, huh? That must be nice."

Ishuro opened the box and slid the top towards the center slightly. With a tap into his palm, one of the white stalks popped out and waited for him. He placed it between thumb and forefinger as he drew the cigarette out and closed the box's sliding panel again. Ishuro dropped the pack into his pocket, where he was surely going to leave it for days if he was anything like himself, and then reached into his inner coat pocket for matches. He broke a single match out of his little paper matchbook and scraped it against the strip of sand paper. It whooshed into life, a pinprick of light in the Chika cityscape. Ishuro, cigarette balanced carefully between his lips, held the match up to the other end and waited for it to catch.

Once it caught, Ishuro waved out the match and dropped it to the ground, crunching it underfoot.

"Let's just walk, then. I guess..." Ishuro drew in on the cigarette and released, pushing a thin cloud of smoke out of his pursed lips, "I guess that we don't really have to do anything. It's a vacation, right? Walking around is...peaceful." For a moment, Ishuro thought the word tasted bitter to him, but realized that it was probably the cigarette. He didn't really like them that much, after all, so it had been a poor choice to buy them back at the store. Ishuro only wanted them because they were familiar, harking back to the days when he was just a chuunin, still discovering his limits, his fears, his demented sort of loves. The cigarettes were familiar and nostalgic, not at all like Chika City or Team Nine or the idea of Meinaka Ishuro being 'peaceful' or having twelve year old girls being passionately in love with him.

Ishuro looked up when Chuu handed him a paper. He had been busy with his thoughts, again, which was getting to be quite the annoying habit. Usually, he didn't much mind all the noise in his head, but it had been so deathly quiet and unified there that he hated it. Dwelling on the future was becoming a painful chore. He picked up the paper with faint interested and then found that he had to actually strain a little in order to read it. It had been a long while since Ishuro had seen an eviction notice, not since he was nineteen or so, but the shock of it never quite left. After recognizing what the paper was, Ishuro looked down at Chuu, but he didn't look half-angry anymore. Instead of being mad, he was just puzzled. He was a little quiet, too, hurt perhaps somewhere in that sickly heart of his.

"Yeah...you probably should have. What have you been doing since you got this? Have you been alright?"

He paused.

"Did you find somewhere to go?"

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