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Default [Sennin] Renchishin Hitoko

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[Renchishin Hitoko]
Sennin Of Sunagakure

[Design I] [Design II] [Design III]
The Dragon Emperor
The Celestial Dragon of the East
The Smiling Dragon of Talking Hands
The Azure Dragon Who Devoured the Moon
The Spunky Dragon with Deadly Legs
The Dragon Detective of Noon
The Agile Dragon with Cannonball Serenity
The Little Dragon of Fortune

Height–5 feet, 9 (½) inches
Country/VillageKaze no Kuni - Sungakure
Clan/BloodlineRenchishin Clan
Bujutsu; “The Warrior’s Art”:
"When you live among the stars,
You lose sight of what is happening
on the ground.

Personality – The Mind:
When you cannot be deceived by man, you’ll realize the wisdom of strategy.

– Renchishin Hitoko; 10, Genin

He should’ve stuck with the Smiling Dragon moniker.”
Renchishin Shigeru

For a former SHINRAI, his demeanor is quite different than most would expect. He’s surprisingly pleasant. Bolstering direct influences garnered by a hermit who discovered him in Mizu no Kuni, the habits and lifestyle of Hitoko can be defined in a few simple titles: Bohemian or Vagabond, Artist or Wanderer. There’s always a thick, cheerful aura encompassing his actions, which are highlighted by comical behaviors and a rather mischievous sense of humor retained by an often present smile – even when he’s dealing out threats. His eccentric and energetic atmosphere gains him notoriety for being very personable despite his honorifics, whose natural charm and intelligence allows Hitoko to gain friendship and trust easier than most people:


This is punctuated by his particularly gentlemen-like and complementary smooth nature, soothing tone in voice in speech, and also a childlike amusement for his surroundings. He carries a borderline obsessive affection for information gathering, research and books with no regards to contemporary standards of tidiness (via his living space) as well as an overabundance of other unmentionable idiosyncrasies (such as bending the truth if morally justifiable) that heighten his warm aura. These traits often lead those unfamiliar with him to question his ability and challenge the skill derived from his titles. But as pleasant, light-hearted and humble as he maybe, these aspects contravene the complex and remarkably insightful man beneath the appeasing misdirection of his initial exterior, which suggests a deeper layer of wisdom for those who are more perceptive.

He isn’t known as The Dragon Emperor for nothing.

Juxtaposing his frivolous nature is a warrior who embodies even the most basic motifs of one from the Renchishin Clan. He’s an exceptional tactician of considerable insight and developing foresight thoroughly versed in a plethora of combat theory and execution, often known to employ a skillful use of astute observations and deductive reasoning to decipher any situation. On the surface, this personality trait grants Hitoko the ability of reading a person through the littlest aspects of their appearance, and while in battle, this passive skill is key to his maintenance of a cool disposition even in the most frugal circumstance. A calm mind yields steady judgment after all, so the product of his character allows him to notice things in the area that many may take for granted, as well as never hesitating to deliver a killing strike.

The true talent of this Renchishin, of this warrior, of Hitoko doesn’t only stem from his inherent battlefield experience – which has solidified his resolve – but also develops from his devotion as a commander, personal duty to his friends, as well as the protection and advancement of those beneath Kaze no Kuni’s glowing sun. As a perpetual strategist molded by the concept of water and adaptation, many consider him to be a daredevil, for he feels the most alive – and is also noted to most enjoy himself – while amidst the threshold of combat. Abiding by the strict conduct of a warrior, he fights to either improve his own skill, gauge the ability of others or even for the simple fact of testing his own abilities.

The kind-hearted Smiling Dragon with the poet’s mind, Renchishin Hitoko is always training, fighting, adapting, learning and seeking spiritual perfection through the art of the fist.

He’s a true warrior, one who steps into battle with all his ability at the ready.
Chizuro-Masurao Izumiko

Attire – The Eyes:
Expect nothing; be prepared for anything.

– Renchishin Hitoko; 13, Chuunin

They say he’s dressed like a Sunagakure Poet, or as close to a poet a warrior can get. The usual attire worn by this Renchishin mirrors the traditional garments of his clan in many ways than one, seeing how there is always a certain Martial Arts theme to it. In saying this, the clothing he chooses to wear during a mission or campaign justifies the stereotype.

Worn on the upper body is the basic Sunagakure Shinobi militant top, which is a long sleeved shirt that clings tight around his sleek muscles. Knitted in the design of a Chinese Chingpao jacket, the collar is lifted, divided in two by a zipper that runs at a vertical angle down the throat then curves at the side of his breast. Embroiled on the back of the shirt is the Renchishin Ikkitousen Crest used to display Hitoko’s connection with the clan. Arm guards wrapped in loose bandages secure his forearms, the metal of the guards stopping an inch before his knuckles in order to not hinder the force of his raw strength. A network of three neutral colored straps wrap over the shirt, acting as his personalized hidden holsters for items and weapons such as kunai or senbon needles.

The final article of clothing he wears upon his upper body is a loose fitting, Chinese styled Gi overcoat with the sleeves removed. This is moreso like a customized flak-jacket in design than a statement of fashion, for various pockets run along the inside of the jacket, whereas the cloth itself stops a few inches before his waist. This is worn unbuttoned, allowing the breeze to catch the fabric whenever it’s drawn near.

The lower body of the Renchishin is clothed in a pair of Hakama shorts that end a few inches below his knees. Spanning from his knees to his ankles are bandages that are wrapped over neutral colored tabi, which soles take on the thickness of normal sandals. A sash is tied about his waist, where his Sunagakure hitai-ate is displayed at its center. Also, hanging from his belt is a second Sunagakure hitai-ate that belonged to his late cousin Renchishin Shigeru. Hitoko wears this to symbolize both the importance and strength that their brotherhood held, and wants other to recognize the fact that Shigeru’s will of fire will never be extinguished or forgotten.

Beneath where the sash is tied are three pieces of squared Shogun-esque armor that run down the sides of the Hakama, while shorter pieces of cloth hang before his buttocks and groin. Also, located on Hitoko’s left side is a rather unique piece of cloth that hangs off the sash, yet settles upon the shogun-armor running down his left leg. This cloth holds the symbol of Wind emblazoned in a sky blue color within a white circle near the corner, an item given to SHINRAI members of Sunagakure by the Kazekage once they’re appointed to the position.[*].

Draped over all of this is his patent all purpose light cloak that obscures the majority of his body. Specialized straps and clips are located on the breast-plate of the cloak, which is used to secure the mantle in place. Like the rest of the attire worn by Hitoko, the Renchishin Ikkitousen Crest takes up the span of the left side of his cloak.

Physical Description – The Body:
Move as swift as the wind, stay as silent as the forest, attack as fierce as fire and have a defense as undefeatable as a mountain.

– Renchishin Hitoko; 18, Jounin

Handsome, that’s how most describe him.

Calm hues of ruby red glaze over idle pupils that sit 1/4ths a quarter open upon his fair face. These eyes are formed with a sharp, yet reminiscent glint that clings in the depth of their hue. They say he has the eyes of a true warrior that holds a flame kindled with the brightness of the shinning moon, but reflects the serenity of the sun dwindling in the horizon. A hermit once said that his eyes signify a path of enlightenment through the course of battle, seeing how his gaze is comparable to the confidence a hermit teacher grasps while stanced in front of a newborn novice, or the leader of a rebellious sect standing face to face with a Warlord who has oppressed their people for centuries. Simply put: those notable ruby eyes are frightening, intense, calm and unwavering.

This unwavering, yet intense, calm translates to the stature of this Sennin. Growing in height – from 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 9 (½) inches – Hitoko holds a complexion that compliments his frame. Smooth chocolate brown skin that is silky to the touch, contrasting with the deep scars littered throughout various parts of his body, it is an interesting sight to see. These cuts and scars were received from an excessive number of bouts and missions mixed with extreme training. As a Renchishin, his physical sits at tip-top shape, where the muscular blueprint is well toned and highly defined, with abs that are cut deep.

Long locks of twisted dreaded hair hang chest length from this Renchishin’s head. They once held streaks of dark blue that blended with its natural black color, but the blue has faded, letting the nappy hair return to its black state.

They say that Renchishin Hitoko has a rare smile equipped with the quality of eternal reassurance in it. The type of smile that one may come across four to five times in their life, one which seemed to face the whole external world for an instant, and then, concentrate itself on that very person with an irresistible prejudice in the favor of them. It's one of those smiles that understood a person just as far as they wanted to be understood, believed in them as they would like to believe in themselves, and assured them that it had the precise impression that they – at their best – hoped to express.

The last note worth qualities of Hitoko’s body are the three sets of tattoos he has. The first tattoo has been identified as Mujina Clan seal inscription stylized art, formed like twin Celestial Dragon running down his right arm, the black inked art weaves and evades the scars scattered upon Hitoko’s body. The second is a large yakuza styled Renchishin Ikkitousen flag that covers his entire back, which is surrounded by seven dragons poised in various Ekitai-Kenfu stances dancing in a sea of clouds. The third and final tattoo is the newest he’s achieved, Furinkazan kanji written in small, readable letters below his left eye, spanning in a curved ‘tear-drop’ fashion on his cheek. The kanji stands for Wind, Wood, Fire and Mountain, a battle motif taken from a genius strategist whose words go beyond just the realm of Ninja Warfare. Also, this tattoo represents the lives of four individuals that were killed between the capture of Saigowan and during the crumbling of the Gauntlet within Sunagakure.

*Keen Eyes
Blessed with remarkable eyesight, there is nothing that gets by the user. Their power of sight, whether or not it is 20/20, is sharper than most. They have a knack for finding whatever they happen to be looking for, and no detail, no matter how small, slips by them. It takes them only moments to find whatever it is they’re looking for, and if they do not see it they can say with confidence that it is not there—or just hidden very well. This can be as simple as finding keys in a messy room or impressive as picking out a face in a crowded square.

Cavalier x Quicksilver
(Cavalier Special – When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can pierce through a ninjutsu defense one stage above the ninjutsu attack used by the Cavalier once a thread)

Primary: Physical
Secondary: Chakra
Tertiary: Mental
*Stat Merit: +4 Speed, +1 Power, +1 Stamina
*Stat Flaw: -2 Intelligence, -1 Reserves, -1 Control, -1, Power, -1 Strength


Physical - Primary (Max 50)
Strength: 1 - 1 + 20 (+13 AP) [+17 Thread] = 50 [+31 Chou Jin Genkotsu] = 81
Speed: 1 + 2 + 2 + 22 (+13 AP) [+10 Thread] = 50 [+35 Ekitai-Kenfu] = 85
Stamina: 1 + 2 + 18 (+12 AP) [+17 Thread] = 50 [+35 Rittaisen] = 85

Chakra - Secondary (Max 40)
Power: 1 - 1 + 17 (+11 AP) [+7 Thread] = 35
Control: 1 - 1 + 17 (+10 AP) [+8 Thread] = 35
Reserves: 1 - 1 + 16 (+9 AP) (+3 GMAP) [+7 Thread] = 35

Mental - Tertiary (Max 35)
Intelligence: 1 - 2 + 14 (+12 AP) [+8 Thread] = 33
Tactics: 1 + 13 (+13 AP) [+8 Thread] = 35
Willpower: 1 + 13 (+8 AP) [+9 Thread] = 31

Jutsu/Techniques (10/11)
[Global Ninjutsu]
I: Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch)
II: Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique)
III: Shukuchi (Reduced Earth)
IV: Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Walking on Air)
V: Rasengan (Spiral Sphere)
V: Chidori (Thousand Birds)
VI: Fuuja Houin (Evil Sealing Method)
VII: Rasenbakudan (Spiral Bomb)

[Ekitai-Kenfu (Fluid Fist Style)]
Stage VII—Sanchin [Three Battles]
Accumulated Stat Bonuses:
+35 Speed, +28 Strength
\\Special Techniques//
II: Ten Ka Mittsu / Gen’ei Setsu Ippo (Third Under Heaven / Phantom Interception Step)
III: Shin’irikugo / Kinryu-no-Mai (Heart & Mind, Six Harmonies / Golden Dragon Dance)
IV: Shin’irikugo / Ryu-sha-Sei (Heart & Mind, Six Harmonies / Dragon Chariot Star)
V: Ten Ka Nanatsu / Kage no Nai Ippo (Seventh Under Heaven / Shadowless Step)
VI: Shin’irikugo / Issoku Itto no Mai: Shichi Ten Sho (Heart & Mind, Six Harmonies / Distance of One Step – One Strike: Seven Point Palm)
VII: Ogi: Rei Ippo / Ame no Ukihashi (Secret Technique: Zero Step / Floating Bridge of Heaven)

[Rittaisen (Three Dimensional Warfare)]
Stage VII—Seiuchin Kata [To Control and Pull Into Battle]
Accumulated Stat Bonuses:
+35 Stamina, +28 Speed
\\Special Techniques//
I: Assaishou / Seiryu Reppu Tsume (Crushing Palm / Azure Dragon Gale Talon)
II: Renseishou / Daiunkyo – Unryu-zu (Drilling Palm / Great Cloud Sutra – Image of the Cloud Dragon)
III: Rokufusho / Ryukoha (Six Wind Hand / Dragon Bite Opening)
III: Renseishou – Genryu So (Drilling Palm - Phantom Dragon Fang)
IV: Todorokishou / Seiryu Soudou Tsume (Pounding Palm / Azure Dragon Double Pulsating Talon)
V: Bunkatsushou - Tenma Kagai (Splitting Palm - Demon Assault)
V: Rokufusho / Haka no Ryu (Six Wind Hand / Dragon’s Tomb)
VI: Mumonkan: Ku no Maai (The Gateless Passage: Interval of the Sky)
VI: Mumonkan: Ten no Ikigire Shita (The Gateless Passage: Breathless Heaven)
VII: Mumonkan: Mu no Maai (The Gateless Passage: Interval of the Void)

[Chou Jin Genkotsu (Decaying Fist)]
Stage VII
Accumulated Stat Bonuses:
+31 Strength, +32 Stamina
\\Special Techniques//
III: Masochism
IV: Mukuuken
V: A Crown of Thorns
VII: Quake
VII: Blood of the Devil

[Seido Kobushi (Precision Fist)]
Stage VII
Accumulated Stat Bonuses:
+31 Strength
\\Special Techniques//

[Sunagakure Kaze Ninjutsu] + [Dragon Meditation]
I: Fuuton: Kaze Bunshin (Wind Element: Wind Clone)
I: Fuuton: Hanpatsu Kaze no Jutsu (Wind Element: Retrieving Wind Technique)
I: Fuuton: Chiisa Kaze Setsudanki (Wind Element: Tiny Wind Cutter)
II: Fuuton: Boufuu Kyouzuu no Jutsu (Wind Element: Gale Surge)
II: Fuuton: Henshin Bakuha (Wind Element: Deflection Blast)
II: Kaze Kawarimi (Wind Replacement)
III: Fuuton: Shinkuutai Naihatsu (Wind Element: Air Pocket Bursts)
IV: Fuuton: Kaze Ryuu (Wind Element: Wind Dragon)
IV: Fuuton: Tei Hakusha (Wind Element: Air Riding)
IV: Ryuzen: Kaze Shinme no Peist (Dragon Meditation: Peist’s Wind Sprout) / (Replacing: Kaze Kushi)
V: Ryuzen: Boufuu no Behemoth (Dragon Meditation: Behemoth’s Gale) / (Replacing: Hikui Tenkuu Assaku no Jutsu)
V: Ryuzen: Iaijutsu no Myrmidon – Zanmato (Dragon Meditation: Myrmidon’s Quick Draw Technique – The Sword that Beheads Demons) / (Replacing: Fuuton: Kaze no Yaiba)
V: Fuuton: Kaze no Nagaiyaiba (Wind Element: Wind Longsword)
VI: Fuuton: Kyoushu no Tosshin (Wind Element: Assassin’s Rush)
VI: Fuuton: Mugensajin Daitopa (Wind Element: Great Infinite Sandblast Breakthrough)*
VII: Fuuton: Sansai no Ketteiteki Shikiichi (Wind Element: Final Threshold of the Three Calamities of Fire, Flood and Storm)

[Sunagakure Genjutsu]
I: Kazeoto (Sound of The Wind)
II: Kaze no Totsunyuu (Rushing Winds)
III: Mougo Shibaku no Jutsu (False Strike Technique)
IV: Nanchou no Kaze (Wind Deafness)
V: Kaze no Nakishikiru (Wail of the Wind)
VI: Arashi no Shouheki (Barrier of the Storm)
VII: Kokufuu (Dark Storm)

[Raiton Ninjutsu (Lightning Release)]
I: Raiton: Dengeki Bushin (Lightning Release: Electric Shock Clone)
I: Raiton: Kiwa no Kyoshi (Lightning Release: Serrated Edge)
II: Raiton: Rakurai (Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt)
II: Raiton: Goshi (Lightning Release: Five Fingers)
III: Raiton: Idaina Myakudo (Lighting Release: Great Pulse)
IV: Raiton: Kyuuden (Lightning Release: Ball Lightning)
V: Raiton: Shinkou Arashi no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Rising Storm Technique)
V: Raiton: Karada Fukikakeru (Lightning Release: Body Overcharge)
V: Raiton: Hando no Semeku (Lightning Release: Hands of Torture)
VI: Raiton: Sennari Denshisen (Lightning Release: Electron Beam Cluster)
VI: Dendou Kaitengi no Jutsu (Electric Gyroscope Technique)
VI: Yobigoe no Raikou no Jutsu (Call of Lightning Technique)
VII: Raiton: Kouten no Saiketsu (Lightning Release: Heaven's Judgement)

[Minor House Summoning Ninjutsu] + [The House of Legends: Dragons]
I: Legend: Tairyoryu’s Heavenly Sunlight
II: Legend: Seiryu of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven
III: Legend: Kuzuryushin’s Celestial Chariot
IV: Legend: Purifying Shinryu
V: Legend: Goko’s Imperial Breeze
VI: Legend: Kusanagi of the Dragon Emperor

[Hachimon (The Celestial Gates)]
Kai-Mon (Initial Gate)
Kyu-Mon (Heal Gate)
Sei-Mon (Life Gate)
Sho-Mon (Harm Gate)
To-Mon (Limit Gate)
Kei-Mon (View Gate)
Kyo-Mon (Wonder Gate)
Shi-Mon (Death Gate)


Shinobi Kit
[2] Body Armor
[3] All Purpose Heavy Cloak
[2] Guillotine Gauntlet of the Dragon Emperor
[3] (Heirloom): The Dragon Emperor’s Crown of Talons

Initial Weapon Points: 8
Purchased Weapon Points: 6/16
Total Weapon Points: 12
Weapon Points Used: 10
Remaining Weapon Points: 2


Given enough time, any man may master the physical.
With enough knowledge, any man may become wise.
It is the true warrior who can master both…
…and surpass the result.

—Renchishin Hitoko; 24, Elite Jounin

Originally Posted by Bureaucracy of Kaze no Kuni—Sennin Review

Where were you born?


W-wait, what?

Come on, an abandoned youth found in Mizu no Kuni with dark complexion and ruby eyes? Obviously the linage is of Renchishin descent. Now, the question isn’t where I was born, but how I came to be. Go ahead, ask.

S…so, uhh…h-how did you—

Come to be?


I was orphaned in Mizu no Kuni, specifically the main island of Kodanetou nearest Kirigakure no Sato—which was still being referred to as Chigiri no Sato by citizens at the time. I was very young then, and scrawny; living amongst street urchins in the forgotten parts of a city will do that to you. But what I most remember of that time—other than the constant hunger, scent of piss and people who moved like memories—was the blood. We lived by the mantra of the survival of the fittest.


—Yes, we, all the lost children with nowhere to go.

It was quite amazing how children chose to survive. I remember always fighting. I remember always killing. Kids would band together to create little gangs in order to survive. Me? I was pretty useless due to my size, but I always had an affinity for combat. Although I didn’t have the language for it at the time, I was literally assassinating the leaders of street gangs—often lead by bigger children, or sometimes adults who attempted to exploit the children—for two reasons.

And those reason were?

One, to survive, obviously. Two, so they’d leave me alone. I spent a lot of time on my own and fended for food by myself. That’s as much as I can tell you about that period of my life. I made a couple friends, played child games like hide and seek – my favorite, by the way – but none of these friendships lasted. Death was a close comrade, so I learned the value of life early on.

Okay, so then how did you escape that life?

Oh, some random-ass, wandering Rogue Ninja hermit fellow who thought I had the Eyes of a True Warrior picked me up.

Wait, really?

Oh yeah, my life is a living manga, but the reality of it all is less funny.

Hear me out.

I owe him my life. The hermit, Shichiyoshi Eiji, is the only reason I’m alive now, or didn’t suffer some other unknown fate. He took me traveling, taught me the essentials of life – like reading and writing – and even acquainted me with the concept of shinobi arts, as well as prepared me for early Taijutsu training. We traveled for such a long time; it felt like such a dream. Imagine, a little street rat seeing what the world had to offer for the first time, it definitely widened my perspective on things.

Kaze no Kuni was his home. This is where he died, too.

Yes. The books say Shichiyoshi Eiji was a B-Classed fugitive to Sunagakure because of his wealth of knowledge, and other illegal rackets, he was part of. He was to be brought in dead or alive. How did you survive that ordeal?

Luckily for me, Sunagakure doesn’t raise monsters. I was a child, of course, even if I was found I doubt they would’ve killed me too. I was hidden in the most obscure part of his hideout when the envoys of Sunagakure arrived and killed him in battle. I’m unsure of the protocol the village had at that time, but before the scene of combat was quarantined, I fled into a desert storm and traveled in that tempest of sand for what seemed to be ages – you know how children and their perception of time is.

In reality, I moved until the sunset, where I – miraculously, by all means – stumbled onto the front gates of Sunagakure. I remember standing there in awe, tiny hands clutched onto the ragged cloak the hermit had given me, realizing how small in stature I was compared to the monuments the world had to offer.

Sand has many shinobi stationed as lookouts at the front gates. Who greeted you?

My adoptive father—

—Renchishin Maitoko?

Yup, Poppa Maitoko, the Panther who moved as silent as a forest

He was also a pervert.

The biggest one I knew.

He was also very heart warming and charming. He took you in immediately?

After interrogating me, getting paper work signed and done and all that other bureaucratic non-sense, yes – he took me in. Till this day, I never understood why I was adopted to the family though. Maybe, in his heart, he knew I was a Renchishin. Or maybe, to push the envelope further, he may have even known who my parents were and put the burden on himself to make sure I was raised in a better environment; I can’t really call it.

But what I can say is that I’m forever grateful and in debt to his kindness, it’s probably where mine develops from. On that day, he asked me the one and only question I was incapable of answering. Even to this day, I’m still unable to give a true response to what he asked, honestly.

What exactly did he ask?



He asked me what my name was.


Your…your name?

Yes, my name.

I don’t follow.

My furthest memory of my past was being a street rat, so just imagine how a question like that warped my little brain. In Mist I didn’t have a name. When traveling with Eiji, I didn’t have a name – although he called me kid, or brat, or Nanashi; which means, No Name, but I didn’t have a name. When my pops Maitoko asked, my initial reaction was despair and confusion; it was – uncomfortable for me, like playing hide and seek and never finding the one hiding.

But then he named you, right? Renchishin Hitoko, what you are now.

Yes, yes, Hitoko – my name, my home, my peace; stemming from the Ratsuichi linage of the Clan, yes.

How about your upbringing in Sunagakure as a shinobi? You’ve become quite known and associated with the Ekitai-Kenfu.

This is true.

You said fighting was always your forte, how did adjusting to ninja life suit you?

Well, for one, during my years in the academy and graduation to Geninhood, you have to remember the time frame.

The Renchishin Clan left a bitter taste in the mouth of the village, and was still in their depression upon my adoption. Meaning – my academic experience was horrible. While learning the tropes of shinobi magic, I was being tutored in the Ekitai-Kenfu by my Pops’ friend – a retired Sunagakure operative – known as Koenken Jin. During then, it was often taboo for Renchishin to enlist with their real names, which is why he held that alias. His name was Renchishin Shizuma.


Shizuma was tutoring me, meanwhile I was being feed poison – to heighten my immunity – by The Dustmen in preparation for the SAWA Scorpion Division, all the while balancing my studies and taking care of my little sister—

Renchishin Tsun—

—Tsune, as fierce as fire, our Breath of Fire, yes.

Continue on.

Long story short, balance played a big part of my early life. I found peace in the Ekitai-Kenfu. It helped me mature, and unconsciously became the highest authority of my shinobi career. I graduated at the top of my class, a feat that many never expected, but those close to my family and the Renchishin rejoiced. They saw it as their own little victory, a miniscule beacon of light piercing the veil of darkness of their anguish and retaliation to the woes the village plagued upon their shoulders.

This is why they used to call me The Little Dragon of Fortune.

After Academy Students graduate, the protocol is simple: they are enlisted to a Genin Team and Jounin sensei for the remainder of their career. Can you tell us, Hitoko, who made up your team?

Wind Specialist, Dazai Nevin

Scythe Enthusiast, Akisho Noriko

Jounin Sensei, The Goddess Fist, Chizuro Izumiko-sensei.

Izumiko’s the reason you have dreadlocks now, right?

Oh, look at you, doing your research on little ol’ me.

It’s my job.

You’re correct, not that it’s your job, but she is the reason I loc’ed up my hair. That was after the Chuunin Exam, though. Genin-Hitoko rocked one of the freshest Afros in the land. Our team was pretty tight and close-knit; we worked effectively, so much so that we were one of the youngest teams of the year participating in the Chuunin Exams. They were my extended family.

Who made it the furthest of your team?

I did.

After dropkicking an explosive tag wrapped kunai through the shield of a water bending Aburame to get through the preliminaries, that is. I attained second place in the primary tournament-exam-thing as well, securing my promotion. It was fun. The Renchishin and my team were all there in the stands, cheering me on alongside the Kazekage. It was fun.

Where are they now?

My team?


Nevin decided that the high-stakes end of a shinobi career wasn’t for her, so she opted in becoming a Chuunin instructor in Sunagakure’s Academy. Izumiko-sensei retired long ago, she’s a hermit now, somewhere in Kaze no Kuni, taking care of children in an orphanage – since she couldn’t bare any herself.

And Noriko?




Defected from the village when the both of us were Chuunin. I was sent to retrieve him after he attempted to use Nevin as collateral for black market organ donations, truth be told. As you can deduce, it didn’t end well. My promotion to Jounin is stained in the blood of my comrade.

I’m sorry to hear that.

I’m sorry it happened.

May we backtrack for a moment? Your life as a Chuunin, let’s touch on that.


Uh…throughout your Chuunin years you went through many…um…Moniker’s, if you will. The Agile Dragon with Cannonball Serenity, The Dragon Detective of noon, The Spunky Dragon with Deadly Legs, The Azure Dragon Who Devoured the Moon—

—The Smiling Dragon of Talking Hands, that one was my favorite.

See, you have to realize that these aliases and titles aren’t ones I sat down and picked out. The methodology of my ascension felt natural to me. I was just doing my duty, discovering my peace in the martial arts. The accomplishments came with hard work; the notoriety came unexpected. When I graduated to Chuunin-hood, I graduated from Shizuma’s tutelage and was taken to train under my Pops Maitoko – in both the Ekitai-Kenfu and Rittaisen rhetoric. We traveled often, reminiscent of my time with the hermit Eiji, where I undertook a series of tasks that, ultimately, defined my reputation in Sunagakure and in the ninja world.

The books say you sparred and dueled quite often. Rogue Ninja, operatives from other countries, samurai—

—Yes, all sanctioned combat, it helped me learn and exceed my limitations.

It’s also why I have so many scars upon my person. The amount of missions and traveling I did is perplexing. I guess it’s the reason why the late Juudaime Kazekage, Arisugawa Nayoko, noticed who I was. I was making a lot of noise.

And all for the betterment of the village – which brings us to your years as a Jounin, which just recently ended. From Smiling Dragon to Celestial Dragon

And all this almost under two thousand words! Sorry I’ll be exceeding the word count.

Don’t worry; transcribing dialogue is part of my job too, but this isn’t about me, this is about you. Renchishin Hitoko – The Celestial Dragon of the East. You’ve been an operative at the front lines of many of the village’s conflicts, especially considering the defeat of Suna no Soushoku’s Envoy Minoru and leader Assate.

What is the overview of your career as a Jounin?

I was there when Nayoko-dono was assassinated.

With Saigowan present, I defeated the immortal The Bishop of Suna no Soushoku when Sunagakure raided their temples. This garnered my military prestige into the SHINRAI division and also, after Enzan-dono was elected new Kazekage, reestablished the Renchishin as an official Clan of the village.

I was called back to Sunagakure during the raid of Dedashi, where my cousin – Renchishin Shigeru – perished. Luckily, after discovering Saigowan’s defection and marking him as the killer, I avenged his death – finally.

I was part of the task force that infiltrated Bouryoraku and dishelmed the Priests further.

During the Jailbreak incident, Rogue Ninja occupied and slaughtered many Renchishin – including my adoptive family. With the Elders and the remaining Renchishin at my side, we retook the grounds and rebuilt it into the fortress it is now.

In the same vein of establishing communication between villages, Sunagakure reconnected with Konohagakure, where I met and accomplished some pretty stellar missions with the likes of Hyuuga Kiyoko and The Fist—

—Sanada Sanshiro?

No. The Fist, don’t start that game with me, I’ve done this back and forth plenty of times.


Hah, I’ll take your word for it. But it sounds like your Jounin record is phenomenal. I was there, like many of the shinobi of Sunagakure, when Minoru was defeated. Our documents have noted of Assate’s death, too. But one of the questions many of the villagers have asked was your whereabouts during the construction of the Fuji Musume.

We have the statement of you meeting with the last Sage that brought up Minoru, but you came to the battlefield all ready bruised up.

What happened?

I told Enzan-dono he didn’t want to know.

But nothing fancy. I was just jumped on by two twin immortals that happened to follow me after I discovered Hideki’s whereabouts. They were actually the same twins who ambushed Tsuriau Sakuyuu, Hinimaru Kaiten and I when he first thought we had Asuko in our grasp.

I dealt with them, too. It actually put the whole faux-immortality thing in perspective for me, which was why I was so prepared when facing Minoru.


More-so Infinite Preparation no Jutsu, though.


It’s how the narrative works, ya’know?

Which leads you to your present promotion.

Yes, or, situation, this hospital bed isn’t ideal.

Least you can chat now, right?

Of course. After the whole ordeal I was exhausted beyond belief, as if the burden of my whole ninja career was lifted from my shoulders – but it doesn’t end here.

What do you mean?

The work.

It doesn’t end here.

Enzan-dono promoted me Sennin, crowned me Dragon Emperor, which makes my next move clear.

As in?



I have to train with Dragons.

  • Other Information:
  • Zodiac/Horoscope: Year of the Dragon/Libra
  • Old Theme Song(s): Nujabes - Counting Stars (Affirmation) | Naoki Sato - Ihojin No Yaiba
  • Eidetic memory: Hitoko often displays a mild case of photographic memory, especially in social situations, for it seems that he’s memorized all the faces and names of Sunagakure Shinobi after gaining access to their files.
  • Is the only Renchishin amongst the Clan who bares the Ikkitousen flag on his back – an esteemed honor.
  • Excellent pick-pocket (Prestidigitation/Sleight of Hand prodigy. Capable of pawning things on/off people)
  • Intellectual and martial prowess often garners exceptional military prestige (SHINRAI division status)
  • Locksmith (Versed in picking and opening various locks)
  • Culinary Artist – The Iron Chef of Sunagakure: Versed in the art of cooking, Hitoko was known to prepare meals for his teammates while still a Genin. This practice expanded with his Shinobi career. It is said his skills in cooking rival his skills in combat.
  • Three Tattoos:
    Furinkazan kanji (Meaning Wind, Wood, Fire and Mountain) tattooed in small, readable letters below his left eye, spanning in a curved ‘tear-drop’ fashion on the cheek. It represent members of his family who've fallen in combat: [Cousin] Renchishin Shigeru (Wind), [Father] Renchishin Maitoko (Wood), [Little Sister] Renchishin Tsune (Fire) & [Mother] Renchishin Amaiume (Mountain)
    • Yakuza styled Renchishin Ikkitousen Crest tattooed on his back, surrounded by seven dragons poised in various Ekitai-Kenfu stances dancing in a sea of clouds.
    • Mujina Clan styled seal inscriptions in the form of a Celestial Dragon running down the right arm.
  • After the death of Renchishin Shigeru, he’s adopted a relaxed attitude when it comes to appointments, no matter how important or miniscule they maybe. Scholars speculate that this is attributed to Hitoko’s constant visits to Shigeru’s grave at the memorial, whereas time is lost with constant thoughts and recollections.
    • Shigeru’s Sunagakure Hitai-ate is also worn around Hitoko’s sash to represent their rivalry and brotherhood..
  • Writer’s Note:
    *Various Influences include:
    [-]Son Goku of Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z
    [-]Führer Bradley of Fullmetal Alchemist
    [-]Sherlock Holmes of…Sherlock Holmes
    [-]Himura Kenshin of Rurouni Kenshin
    [-]Ryu of Street Fighter
    [-]Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop
    [-]Vash the Stampede of Trigun
Special thanks to my personal friend Scruballz, aka THE KAO for the original Renchishin Hitoko illustrations. New original artwork was commissioned by Tuuli Lukka

Writing Example:
Post Taken From Thread - I: Thief of Wind & Dust
Originally Posted by Hitoko


Through the quiet air that embraced the two in its cloak, the subtle symphony the path of the wind made sounded with the serenity of a soothing breeze. The Renchishin’s ears were perked, for the Hyuuga held his full attention.

It might be a bit surprising, but the answer to your woes may become simpler once you’ve realized the wealth of your self worth, Kiyoko-dono.

The conversation of her plight was a notion the Sennin could attest to, to an extent, that is. His loyalty to the Renchishin Clan and those of Sunagakure stemmed from such a different place. From street urchin to Sennin, most of Hitoko’s motivations arrived at a crossroads of knowing that his successes not only affected him, but those looking to him as a beckon of hope. Maybe he was blessed to have realized early that his interests were heavily aligned with the dogma of the Renchishin, but whenever he’d question his own ability or faith against the pressures of accomplishing the impossible, Hitoko found refuge in a handful of things:

The mantra of my family lore and etiquette are steeped in a moral code occupying virtues like frugality, loyalty, mastery of martial skill and honor unto death.

Such as the folklore and fantastical stories his adoptive Mother would read him at night, while he cradled a blanket in bed.

But most of all, the Rittaisen—my family’s Taijutsu—stresses the concept of building character, even going as far as destroying in order to build toward peace.

Or the many times he’d intercept his perverted Father from performing lecherous deeds such as peeping at hot springs.

You may find that your peace maybe uninhibited if you allowed yourself the lenience, and courage, to further your own interests, Kiyoko-dono.

He even found solace in the early morning training sessions he and his younger sister would have as she spouted boisterous claims of surpassing him—

Now, I am not saying that the path is easy, for any journey is riddled with obstacles. But what I am saying is simple.

—Much like his late cousin, of whom he recalled having similar debates with as they burned the midnight oil over a plethora of scrolls, working toward the resurrection of the Renchishin Clan.

It maybe time for you to look inward and start asking yourself the big questions, Kiyoko-dono: who are you and what do YOU want?

In tangent, this brought Hitoko to a moment early in his career. When he was young, and had just graduated at the top of his academic class, his family threw a small party in his honor. It was nothing extravagant, a simple cake and single candle that illuminated their little shack in the ghettos of Sunagakure. What he remembered most, then, was how happy everyone in his family looked as they celebrated. That’s when he realized, early on, that a thousand candles could be lit by a single one, and that the life of said candle wouldn’t be shortened.

Happiness never decreased when it was shared.

Only then, I believe, will you be capable of unraveling the path, which will ultimately, lead to your happiness.

The great mass of the Island of Spirits now hung at the fringe of the horizon. Lifting an index finger, Renchishin Hitoko pointed off toward the distance:

We’re almost there.
Mission Log:
The Dragon's Legacy
Intro: Haruka Nakamura ft Uyama Hiroto - Faure
Outro: Uyama Hiroto – Theme of Love
[Best Served Cold Arc]
+Keen Eyes, +Rittaisen Stage V
[Dragon Meditation]
If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.
+3AP Power, +3AP Control, +3AP Reserves, +3AP Intelligence, +3AP Tactics, +3AP Willpower, +1AP Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Walking on Air), +1AP Rasengan (Spiral Sphere), +Raiton: Rakurai (Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt) - Raiton: Idaina Myakudo (Lighting Release: Great Pulse) - Raiton: Kyuuden (Lightning Release: Ball Lightning)
Moving, be like water. Still, be like a mirror. Respond like an echo."
[The Betrayers Arc]
+Stage VII | Chou Jin Genkotsu | +4 Weapon Points
[The Dragon Emperor]
/AP Limit Breaker
Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children all ready know dragons exist
+10 Strength, +10 Speed, +10 Stamina, +5 Power, +4 Control, +6 Reserves, +8 Intelligence, +8 Tactics, +3 Willpower, +Tairyoryu’s Heavenly Sunlight, +Seiryu of the Gather Clouds of Heaven, +Kuzuryushin’s Celestial Chariot, +Purifying Shinryu, +Goko’s Imperial Breeze

+10 Reallocated Ekitai-Kenfu Points due to style update, +3AP for Shadowless Step, Seven Point Palm & Zero Step
+8 Reallocated Rittaisen Points due to style update, +9AP for Image of the Cloud Dragon through Interval of the Void

Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.
Interlude: The Recovery of Dragons (feat. Renchishin Ume)
+2 Power, +Raiton: Sennari Denshisen (Lightning Release: Electron Beam Cluster)
Interlude: Warriors of Light (feat. Hashimoto Daisuke)
+2 Intelligence, +Legend: Kusanagi of the Dragon Emperor, +7AP on Kai-Mon through Kyo-Mon (Wonder Gate)
[No Mud, No Lotus]
Most people are afraid of suffering. But suffering is a kind of mud to help the lotus flower of happiness grow.
+2AP Tactics, +2AP Willpower, +3AP Power, +2AP Control, +2AP Reserves, +Fuuja Houin, +Rasenbakudan, +Fuuton: Sansai no Ketteiteki Shikiichi, +Arashi no Shouheki,+Shi-Mon

There can be no lotus flower without the mud.”
Episode XLIV: I: Thief of Wind & Dust (feat. Hyuuga Kiyoko)
+3 Tactics, +1 Willpower, +1AP Raiton: Kouten no Saiketsu (Lightning Release: Heaven's Judgement)
[Shinobi of 100 Techniques]
I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once...

+III: Masochism, +V: A Crown of Thorns, +VII: Quake, +VII: Blood of the Devil, +VII: Sunagakure Genjutsu | Dark Storm, +V: Raiton | Body Overcharge, +V: Raiton | Hands of Torture, +VI: Raiton | Electric Gyroscope Technique, +VI: Fuuton: Mugensajin Daitopa (Wind Element: Great Infinite Sandblast Breakthrough), +I: Fuuton: Chiisa Kaze Setsudanki (Wind Element: Tiny Wind Cutter), +V: Fuuton: Kaze no Nagaiyaiba (Wind Element: Wind Longsword), +I: Raiton: Kiwa no Kyoshi (Lightning Release: Serrated Edge), +II: Raiton: Goshi (Lightning Release: Five Fingers), +VI: Yobigoe no Raikou no Jutsu (Call of Lightning Technique), +1 Intelligence

...but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Engi no Valentines
+1GMAP Reserves
MotY Engiversary 14
+2GMAP Reserves
Episode XLV: [Leaf/Sand] The Celestial Fist II (Pt 1): The Kraken's Wrath (feat. Sanada Sanshiro The Fist)
+2 Tactics, +2 Intelligence, +1AP Control, +14AP Stage I-VII Seido Kobushi

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