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Default Senior Sgt. Hattori Yokujin

Name: Hattori Yokujin. Also known as Yoku
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Height: 5’5

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Lightning Country/Hidden Cloud
Rank: Senior Sgt. (Chuunin)
Division: Intelligence/Investigation

Physical Description: Yokujin has a thin, healthy-looking body. It’s hard to judge his physical abilities accurately based on his body build. He stands at somewhere around average height and walks with a proud, raised chin and a straight back. His skin is light and clean. The majority of Yoku’s face is covered with orange hair, going down from all directions and it can hinder his eyesight on some occasions. His face is usually shaven clean and facial hair is rarely seen on him but sometimes he keeps a dirty beard. Surprisingly, his eyes match his hair in color. They are both bright orange. Yoku has a scar in the right side of his stomach caused by an injury during training.

Clothing: Yoku normally wears a pair of slightly loose, plain black pants with a dark red shirt to go over that. The shirt is also slightly loose and plain. He usually wears a black trench coat over his clothing and his ID tag below all his layers of clothing. Moving to the limbs, Yoku wears black shoes and a pair of dark gray, fingerless gloves. He wears his cloud forehead protector on his right arm, just below the shoulder and has his red band with the two lightning bolts right below it. Yokujin has his senior sergeant chevron pinned onto his trench coat on his left shoulder to the side.

Personality: Yokujin has the habit of looking deep into things and has an eye (or mind) for detail and that is backed up with an excellent memory. He is thorough in everything he is knowledgeable about and tries to perform it to the best of his knowledge. His thoroughness led him to be a cautious man and one with great degrees of patience. He is capable of spending long periods of time doing nothing much more than staring at nothingness, but that is only when he is waiting and not just wasting time.

Yokujin is starting to show more of his personal opinions, biases and feelings toward his work as a shinobi due to being pitted against his former comrades in life or death situations. He’s becoming more emotionally involved with the village and now it’s now just something he does to put money on the table, but in other matters he’s still the same old Yokujin.

He is often viewed as someone who lacked morals. He would do much just to achieve his carefully planned goals. There are many roles that can be viewed as heartless or dishonorable that Yoku was fully capable of performing and to an excellent level. He was a thief by nature, a skilled assassin and lying was his second language and he has confidence in himself, especially when it comes to those areas..
Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": “Being a shinobi helps me protect my home. Since it’s a job I can do, I’ll be doing it.”
Clan/Bloodline: None

Primary Archetype:

Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can defy the laws of damage once during each thread.
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Mental
Tertiary: Chakra
Stat Merit: +2 to Stamina, +1 to Willpower
Stat Flaw: -2 to Tactics, -1 to Intelligence
Description: A physically determined character, these fighter's have quite a good amount of stamina, and can take quite the beating from someone else. They are pretty much always frontliners and have more energy than most fighter's. Not quite as large in the defensive area as a human tank would be, but very useful otherwise.

Secondary Archetype:

Ninjutsu Specialist
Stat Merit: +2 to Power, +1 to Control
Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -1 to Tactics
Description: With this archetype, the shinobi devotes themselves completely to studying a wide variety of ninjutsu, creating various sources of energy, like an element or a physical object. They are usually pretty diverse fighter's, but they usually rely on ninjutsu for power. They practice the balance of molding chakra and handseal formation and quickening that for training.



Strength: 1 – 2 + 10 +2[AP] = 11
Speed: 1 + 11 +3[AP] +2 [T] = 17 + 20 (Hidden Sniper)
Stamina: 1 + 2 + 9 +3[AP] = 15 + 14 (Hidden Sniper)


Intelligence: 1 – 1 + 8 + 2[T] = 10
Tactics: 1 – 2 – 1 + 8 +2[T] = 8
Willpower: 1 + 1 + 11 +1[AP] = 14


Power: 1 + 2 + 5 +3 [T] = 11
Control: 1 + 1 + 10 = 12
Reserves: 1 + 9 = 10

Jutsus and Techniques

Hidden Sniper Bow and Arrow Style
Stage I
Bonuses: Speed 5, Stamina 4
Stage II
Bonuses: Speed 5, Stamina 4
Stage III
Bonuses: Speed 5, Stamina 4
Stage IV
Bonuses: Speed 5, Stamina 2
Regular Techniques:
Deflection Shot
Arrow Scatter
Special Techniques:
Hunter's Sight

Futoumeisei Gai Nai No - Those Lacking Opacity
Stage 1
Bougyou (Sabotage)
Stage Two
Ensou (Gathering Point)
Bukigakure no Jutsu (Weapon Concealment)
Stage Three
Tookukiki no Jutsu (Distance Hearing)
Kagetegakari no Jutsu (Shadow Trace)

Global Ninjutsu List
Stage 1
Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking Technique)
Henge No Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
Stage 2
Kinobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking Technique)/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Wall Walking Technique)
Stage 3
Chakra Tsuitou no Jutsu (Chakra Hunting Technique)

Tooya no Jutsu - Arrow Skills
Stage 1
Hariganeya (Tracer Arrow)
Stage 2
Fukibari Uchuuya (Needle Arrow shower)
Stage 3

Oshiya (Knockback Arrow) (AP)

Sumi Ninjutsu (Ink Ninjutsu)
Stage 1
Hake no Jutsu (Paintbrush Technique) [AP]
Sumi Sansaku no Jutsu (Ink Walking Technique) [AP]
Finger painting Technique (replacing open slot1) [AP]
Stage 2
Bijusuteki Yajuu Kousakuin no Jutsu (Artistic Beast Spy Technique) [AP]
Stage 3
Chouju Giga no Jutsu – Nii (Super Beast Imitation Drawing Technique - Two) [AP]
Lifelike Drawing Technique (Replacing open slot 2) [Thread]
Artistic Tool Technique (Replacing Advanced Ink Clone)


Bow and Arrow – 4
Shuriken – 2
Explosive Tags – 4
Communication unit - 1
Body armor (Front and Back) – 4
Mini-tracers – 2
Smoke Bomb - 2
Scrolls - 1

Weapon Points Remaining: 0
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

Biography: Yokujin descended from the Hattori family which is located in the lightning country, within the hidden cloud village. He was raised within the cloud village and grew up seeing active shinobi in service. Both his parents and his sister were shinobi but his sister and mother partially followed the medical path. That was something that ran in the female shinobi of the family.

As Yokujin grew older, just like every other child in the family, he enrolled in the shinobi academy to receive training. That was the first step for him to become a shinobi. During that duration, Yoku was being taught in weaponry by his sister and throughout his training, he took a liking to the sniping position. The bow eventually became his weapon of choice and he even learned to supplement his sniping abilities with ninjutsu but that wasn’t the only thing he used ninjutsu for. It was often used to supplement his shameful acts. At that young age, he was limited to simple things that suited his interest; things as little as candy from shops or things of the sort. He was being taught to serve but ended up straying a little too much.

Being caught on more than one occasion wasn’t the sort of thing that prevented Yoku from his deeds. It simply taught him to be more careful and it taught him how to avoid and how to sustain the punishment if he had to. He was a patient young lad. His sister found out about his habits and ended up trying to give him a hobby, that hobby ended up being hunting. It was the perfect thing to improve his sniping skills and it ate up a good deal of his free time. Too much free time was one of the big factors to why crimes are committed, generally speaking. A hobby did him well in greatly reducing his acts but they never came to a stop.

After graduating into genin rank, Yoku started putting his skills into use as a shinobi. A rookie shinobi still in training and still with a great load to learn, but he had a good amount of skills for one of his age. They were put into good use for shinobi. Stealing, lying and trespassing were second nature to him by then, they were of great aid to any shinobi, especially to one that relied on stealth and deception in most his tasks, including combat.

After a few years of doing the same chores over and over again, honing the same skills and learning a few new ones, Yoku achieved the rank of chuunin. That was a time he was truly proud. Only then he considered himself a decent shinobi.

In some fight during the chuunin exam, Yoku was taking cover and doing a good job of keeping himself out of sight and hidden. He took roughly two whole minutes taking aim and was using his newly learned skill, the deflection shot. He intentionally shot at a rock with the purpose of deflecting the arrow toward his opponent but instead of that, the arrow bounced twice, which was more than Yokujin was capable of on purpose. After the second bounce, the arrow flew, hitting Yoku’s abs, leaving him in pain but he managed to finish the battle and emerge with victory. The mark left by the loose arrow is still there and clear.

The Hattori kept doing what he was his whole life; serving the village, socializing and doing his pastime hobbies. He kept doing that, earning a living and simply living. Eventually he moved away, depending on himself and having his own living space with privacy included but kept good relation with his family.

Yokujin kept doing what he did best, serving the village while doing so and in due time, his skills were noticed. He was initiated into the SnR. By sending a mentally deranged one of their own (Laien), the SnR helped Yokujin further hone his skills and put them in practice. What he did at that time gave him valuable experiences that turned him into a much more efficient man, more capable of applying skills he already had.

Sometime later on that same year, Yokujin was forced to put his skills in use in the direst situations when hima was burning. It was probably the most important task he worked in. His life wasn’t in much danger, but he was saving thousands of other lives with the help of a large amount of cloud shinobi, and even shinobi from mist were there to assist.

Yokujin was never one to pay much attention to politics. He just tried his best to ignore it and do his job and get paid, but with the revolution he couldn’t do that. He had to be involved and not just shift some attention to it. Throughout all his previous time Yokujin was simply a guy following his orders during his working hours. He never did much more than that, but he wasn’t going to follow the raikage selling himself to the government. That was too much of a big decision for him to simply nod and follow an order. The events that were unfolding were splitting the cloud shinobi forces.

Yokujin had no qualms following immoral decisions. He often did so without hesitation to just do his job, without putting any of his personal input into it, but for once he had to switch sides, going with Nagai who was doing the right thing, putting the village where it belonged and keeping their homes the way they were supposed to be. The Hattori was starting to feel a sense of duty coming from his own values, and not just an order.

Other Info:

- Yokujin often spends his waiting time smoking, but that’s usually the only time he smokes.
- Yokujin loves to eat, yet never gains weight. It’s another thing he does to pass time but occasionally but when he needs to wait quietly, he simply does nothing but watch.
- Yokujin practices his sniping skills hunting and sometimes does that for food.
- He also likes to draw.

Surname, First Initial: Hattori, Y
Alias: Smokey
Serial: 176281202697
Military Rank: Senior Sgt.
Company/Squad: Dog Charlie
Technical Occupation: Investigation
Specialization: Long Range Archery, Futoumeisei Ninjutsu
Birthplace: Hidden Cloud Village, Lightning Country
Medals Earned: None
Chevrons: Seargent-in-Training, Espionage (Basic), Exceptional Service (Basic)
Associations: Kouten Laein, Toshihiro Yamamoto
Children: None
Marital Status: Single
Declared Next of Kin: Mr. Hattori


Reward spent
15 AP spent

The Initiation: +2 Speed.
Hima Fire-Fighting: +3 Power, Stage IV Hidden Sniper, Super Beast Imitation Drawing.
Business as Unusual: +2 Tactics, Lifelike Drawing Technique, Hunter's Sight.
Patrol Duty: East Path: +2 Intelligence
Cloud's Return!: Chakra Hunting Technique, Exceptional Service Chevron (Basic)

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