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Default [Leaf; Root Operative] Soushin


Symphony Number Nine – Ludwig van Beethoven

Name: Soushin
Age: Seventeen
DOB: August 19th
Sex: Male
Height: 5’7”

Character Type: Shinobi
Country/Village: Hi no Kuni/Konohagakure no Sato
Rank: Jounin
Division: Root – Chu-i

Physical Description/Clothing:

“This child, born of war.”

The first thing that anyone will see upon looking at the man is the odd shape, color, and luminosity of his right arm. Upon further inspection, they will quickly find that it is just as metallic as the light reflected made them think. Having lost his arm during an attack by missing ninja in his youth, he has since had it replaced by an artificial construct of metal. Thankfully, because of Roots’ advanced research department, it is made of a very lightweight metal, but retains the strength of Konoha’s strongest steels.

In comparison, the rest of his body is terribly…normal. Standing at a fairly mundane height of five-feet-seven-inches, shaped of a relatively thin frame, and painted of a snow-white skin, he comes off as far from intimidating. That mundane quality continues in descriptions of his face—not ugly, but not beautiful; his blonde hair—not short, but not long; his green eyes—not enchanting, but not repelling; his nose—not small and round, but not large and sharp; his lips—not full, but not thin; and, on those rare occasions, his smile—not captivating, but not disgusting. He is just… Average.

Perhaps, for a dead man, it is for the best.

As far as clothing goes, the Root is typically found in garments fitting of one of such a shady career. A black and silver jacket of light-weight leather, adorned with various patches of crosses and manji, covers his upper body, only a thin grey shirt separating it from the white of his skin. At a waist are a number of belts—also of leather material but of a rust gloss instead of black—to which the majority of his supplies are strapped, wakizashi included. Matching the jacket is, at his legs, a pair of silver and black pants, leading directly into and over the pitch of his boots. He typically wears a pair of copper tone gloves and, when in colder climates, will adorn a scarf of the same color. Always, he is dressed to kill.

“This child, born for war.”


“This child, born of war.”

A creation of Konoha’s will, Soushin is a machine in every sense of the word. Cold and calculating, his mind has been forged into something inhuman since birth. His life is a program built only to serve. Memories, traits, and emotions have all been ingrained into him by Root. What he does, he does because he must. His own life is worthless—a piece of tin in a factory of metallurgy—only living for “the state”.

Naturally, one might expect such a clockwork to be rather void—a shell; however, such is not so in the boy’s case. No, he is very much capable of emotion, of imagination, of wit, and of love. While his programming has pushed him to selflessness and stripped him of all goals his own, it was made to ensure him a personality. And so, they left him with the basics: anger, depression, happiness, fear—all necessary elements, if only for survival.

That said, the most key component that was left to him was, without a doubt, the ability to love. Not people—no, that would make things too messy. Rather, he was to be patriotic to the point of ignorance. His love for his country—his willingness to bleed for his people… They would remain. And so, they did. The gears of the boy’s heart continue to turn, if only oiled by the tears of those who would do harm to the state.

Yet, even with the emotional capacity, he is distant… In his words, “it makes the things I do all the more easy.” One of his organization’s top interrogators, he has been forced to subject many a man to many a pain. Torture is his forte. And, twisted as it may be, it is one of the few pleasures in life that keeps the young machine ticking. A slave of the government, he has developed the sport as a subconscious outlet:

In his mind, he is a creation. At the same time, he wishes to be a creator. Unfortunately, a creation can never create a creation better than its own creator. By such logic, Soushin can never truly progress in his career through the act of creation alone. As such, he has instead turned to the yin of creation’s yang—destruction. Through destroying the creations of other creators, he surpasses them without actually doing so.

Torture is the ultimate example of this. Destroying the mind of an enemy shinobi surpasses the person themselves, their parents, their state, and, ultimately, their god.

“This child, born for war.”

Nindo; “Way of the Ninja”: “It is our will that this state shall endure for a thousand years.”
Primary Archetype: Roots Operative: Chu-i

- Power: 1 – 1 + 20 + 3 (AP) + 7 (Thread) = 30
- Control: 1 + 20 + 2 (AP) + 4 (Thread) = 27
- Reserves: 1 + 1 + 20 + 1 (AP) + 1 (GMAP) + 2 (Thread) = 26
- Intelligence: 1 – 1 + 17 + 2 (AP) = 19
- Tactics: 1 + 17 + 2 (Thread) = 20
- Willpower: 1 + 1 + 16 = 18
- Strength: 1 – 1 + 12 + 2 + 1 (AP) = 15 (+6 BKS)
- Speed: 1 + 1 + 16 + 3(Thread) + 2 (GMAP) = 23 (+25 BKS)
- Stamina: 1 + 12 + 4(Thread) + 1 (AP) = 18 (+6 BKS)


Global Ninjutsu
- Kawarimi no Jutsu (Stage 1)
- Kinbori no Jutsu/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Stage 2)
- Kakushi Tsuushin (Stage 3; Swap: replacing Roof Tile Shuriken Technique)
- Bunkaishashin (Stage 3; Swap: replacing Chakra Hunting Technique)
- Suimen Hokou no Gyou (Stage 3)
- Shunshin no Jutsu (Stage 4)
- Chingo sono Gajou (Stage 4; Swap: replacing Hand of Debris)
- Doutai Ikiwataru Iisa (Stage 5; Swap: replacing Stinging Mist Technique)
- Kuudou: Ingaouhou (Stage 5; Swap: replacing Exploding Roof Tile Shuriken Technique)
- Nou Suiageru (Stage 6; Swap: replacing Vanishing Facial Copy Technique)
- Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Stage 6)

Hidden Leaf Genjutsu
- Etainoshireinai no Tacchi (Stage 1)
- Dokuji no Onsei (Stage 2)
- Kyouboku no Jumon (Stage 3)
- Soushitsu (Stage 4; Swap: replacing Shadowmeld)
- Chototsu (Stage 5)
- Narisumashi no Hotaru (Stage 5)
- Tengen: Seikei no Shousen (Stage 5; Swap: Open Slot)
- Magen: Kishibari no Jutsu (Stage 6)

Futoumeisei Gai Nai No
- Enran no Jutsu (Stage 1)
- Otonai no Jutsu (Stage 2)
- Nejibi no Hankyou: Hakai no Jutsu (Stage 3; Swap: replacing Shadow Drop)
Hantoumei na Buki (Stage 4)

Bouseki Koutetsu Senpuu-ryu
- Stage One
- Stage Two
- Stage Three
- Stage Four
- Stage Five ://: Kuudou: Teikoujyaku

- Lists Taken: 4 of 7
- Jutsu Taken at Creation: 19 of 18 (Archetype Special)
- Jutsu Received Post-Creation: 11
- Total Jutsu: 30


- String (1)
- Wakizashi x2 (8)
- Nejibi (15)

- Weapon Points Remaining: 0 of 24
- Additional Weapon Points Gained: 4


“This child, born of war.”

In an instant, he was no longer to be Natsuno Kenshin. No longer was he the son of a Konohgakure policeman and his wife. Like a blade to a thread, his bonds were severed. He was now “Soushin”, unidentified orphan of war. We paid attention to every detail. Oh how beautifully we did. From the limb removal, to the prosthetic attachment, to the surgical scars, to the faintest smell of napalm left to linger always amongst his olfactory senses… It was perfection. A creation of our own desire.

“This child, born of war.”

As he sat before us, our chakra warping over the grey clay of his memories, we felt like gods. And gods we were. From a boy trained in the Konoha ninja academy by an overweight, overpaid, overconfident teacher, to a child born from the Roots of Konoha itself. We taught him everything. His failure to learn kawarimi before the age of twelve soon became his success in mastering it before the age of eight. A warrior was being forged. A monster was being created. A Root was being nourished.

“This child, born of war.”

It’s a terrible memory, it is: the sight of those tears lining his cheeks as we ripped away all memories of his childhood friends. We couldn’t afford to have him remember them. That would only be too messy, considering that, to their knowledge, Natsuno Kenshin had been killed. A dead man couldn’t be left with thoughts of the living. And so, no longer had he been a social butterfly in his school days. No. He had now been a silent, cold, sadistic little son of a bitch, kept away from all other Root children.

“This child, born of war.”

He was now, even in his own mind, a clandestine figure. We tied that heavily to the rest of his soul during the recreation of his personality. We took away his need for closeness. We took away his desire for love. We took away any and every element that might give him a yearning for social interaction. Shaped from the metals of our twisted hearts, he became a diamond of unsurpassed edge. The only thing to fuel the flames of his spirit’s fire would be the oils of jingoism.

“This child, born of war.”

“It is our will that this state shall endure for a thousand years,” he whispered to the boy. And, just like that, his nindo was reborn. Whatever optimistic nonsense that the canopy of our village blessed him with was eradicated and replaced. Heh. It might be ironic that I refer to his new drives as non-optimistic, for, truly, they are. But they are not of a naïve nature. They understand the world, consider Konoha’s placement within it, and calculate a reasonable future. They are calculated. Just like him.

“This child, born of war.”

And so, we continued. Years upon years, upon years, upon years, upon years of training, fighting, missions, and survival were ingrained into his head. For nearly two decades worth of time, he was at our heels, observing us, learning from us, imitating us... And, eventually, becoming us. In the realm of reality, we watched as his face went through expressions. In the beginning, they were rich with emotion. By the end… Stoic as the metal of his new limb.

“This child, born of war.”

My only regret is the length of time that it took. The number of processes that we attempted. From subjecting him to film after film, to torturing him until our lies became truth, we tried everything. Oh, you can’t believe how happy I was to reach the final answer. A jutsu. Chakra. That wonderful, magical tool. It was beautiful. Oh how we manipulated it. Oh how we manipulated him. And oh how perfect it was. Oh how perfect he was.

“This child, born of war.”

Soushin, Subject #001 of the 'Nou Suiageru Method'.

“This child, born for war.”

Other Info:

*More To Be Added

Thread Log
- 12/04/07 : Creation stat error cleared up with Chiru. Two points taken from Stamina.

- 02/14/08 : 1 AP for Kage Bunshin

- 05/03/08 : [Root] A Warm Wind Blows (+2 Control, Narisumashi no Hotaru)

- 12/05/08 : Swapped Exploding Roof Tile Shuriken Technique with Kuudou: Ingaouhou using 1AP.

- 13/05/08 : Swapped Tengen: Seikei no Shousen into an open slot in the Leaf Genjutsu list using 1AP

- 03/06/08 : Added Enran no Jutsu out of Futoumeisei Gai Nai No.

- 08/05/08: [ANBU] Hide and Seek (+3 Speed)

- 08/05/08: 2 GMAP for +2 Speed

- 08/07/08: Grilled +2 Stamina, Otonai no Jutsu

- 11/25/08: The Noble Lie +2 Strength, Nejibi no Hankyou: Hakai no Jutsu

- 12/03/08: 3 AP for +1 Strength, +1 Stamina, Shunshin no Jutsu

- 12/25/08: O, No! Punishment!? 1 AP for 4 WP, +2 Stamina, Hantoumei na Buki

- 12/30/08: End the Negotiations +2 Control, Stage Five Bouseki Koutetsu Senpuu-ryu, 1 GMAP for +1 Reserves

- 1/07/09: Backup +3 Power, Kuudou: Teikoujyaku

- 1/09/09: Coup de Grace +4 Power

- 1/12/09: Tète a Tète +2 Reserves, +2 Tactics


Soushin & Hankyou
Irezumi Ido [June 2009] & Kyakudo Hakka [July 2009]
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