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Default Konkaji Ryuuankamei (YARI; Scout)

Theme: Days Like This (Thomas Prime & McKinley Dixon ft. Guilty Simpson & Planet Asia)

Konkaji Ryuuankamei

Asuka Kenta
Nakabaru Shin
Keiichi 'The Killer'
Iryoku Hiro, The Last Skyhawk

Nickname: Kam

Way of the Ninja: I've got my own lines to walk.

Role: Shinobi
Rank: Chuunin
Division: YARI
Classification: Scout

Hometown: Hagane Village
Allegiance: Earth Country - Iwagakure

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0"


A young man, long of leg and broad of shoulder, stands with his back to you. As you approach, he turns to cast a single almond-shaped eye in your direction, assessing your intentions with an unwavering pupil ringed by a pale brown, almost rose-coloured iris. The shade is unnerving. Moving slightly, he reveals the rest of his chiseled features, a swarthy, blemish-free mask of imperious intensity topped with a crown of sharply styled black hair. You notice that his clothing is quite extravagant for a shinobi, dominated by a high-collared, sweeping, reddish brown coat with dark green and bold orange trim. The style might be outlandish, but the palette is quite suitable for a shinobi of Earth.

Just below his right ear, behind the sharp corner of his jaw, you catch sight of a small tattoo which was hidden by the stiff collar, secret, secure.

Below his chin, the upper portion of a white tunic is visible, pressed against a powerful chest and disappearing behind the lapels of his coat. It is a sleeveless number, bound at the waist by a broad black belt and tucked into standard issue military trousers of the same hue. These, in turn, flow into knee-high, brown leather boots. A second, heavier belt, festooned with pouches and adorned with silver buckles, straps down the young man’s coat at the waist.

The sigil of Hidden Stone is proudly displayed at the centre, across the belt’s gleaming, steel hitai-ate.

He extends his gloved right hand, but not to you. Bordered by a thick, orange cuff, the chocolate brown leather that sheaths its fingers is drawn tight across knuckles reinforced by steel caps. He appears to be searching for something, sturdy yet deft fingertips tickling the air as if playing an invisible keyboard. Gradually, floating white lights coalesce in a wreath about his wrist like awakened fireflies. The man’s expression changes, his otherwise thick, stern lips drawn tight in a smug, satisfied smile. In a sudden flash, a gleaming blade appears.

He quickly twirls the mysterious sword from view, switching it to a reverse grip in his other hand and placing his now dull glove on the hilt of another blade — a green-hilted khukuri knife affixed to his right hip. He levels his gaze at you, his spectator, and you feel as though you might have overstayed your welcome. He inclines his head in agreement.


Ever the pragmatist, Kam is logical and efficient, wise beyond his years but always seeking new experiences by which he might better test his problem-solver persona, constantly sharpening his mind like a sword.

Despite their warm hue, Kam's eyes are cold and calculating. Life moves at the pace he decrees, and should others waste his time, he will not suffer their ignorance a moment longer than necessary. He is patient however, and aware that not everyone can be as professional as he. This air of superiority breeds a quiet standoffishness that will often cast him in the role of the antisocial prick, but he is not so easily offended. If only others were so resilient. When he does speak (for he isn't one to rant), he chooses his words well but is no stranger to disregarding tact entirely in order to make his opinion clear. He takes care of business his own way, and his is a business of secrets. He is observant, making it a habit of spotting things that others might miss.

Furthermore, his informed and insightful perspective is a boon to serious discussion. This is complemented by a dark sense of humour, adding levity, however macabre, like lubricant to the gears of the intellectual war machine residing in his thick skull. In battle, his hard-headedness resolves into a sure-fistedness, and he is a hardliner in exacting physical punishment. He is detached and methodical, favouring the most effective blend of techniques that will enhance his unorthodox combat style. He never charges into conflict, of course, much like he never actively seeks the limelight. He is not the avalanche of rolling rocks and debris. Rather, he is the pebble at the summit of the mountain, initiating the catastrophe.


Heritage: Konkaji Clan, Master Blacksmiths of Stone

Primary Archetype: Konkaji Soul Smith
Secondary Archetype: Human Tank
Special: The character gets Kon-Konpon for free.
Merits: +3 to Strength, +2 to Stamina, +1 to Willpower.
Flaws: -3 to Speed, -1 to Control, -1 to Tactics, -1 to Intelligence

1/ Physical
Strength: 1 + 3 + 11* = 15 [+12 AN] = 27
Speed: 1 - 3 + 10* = 8 [+8 BTR] = 16
Stamina: 1 + 2 + 9* = 12 [+9 AN] = 21

2/ Chakra
Power: 1 + 9* = 10
Control: 1 - 1 + 9* = 9
Reserves: 1 + 9* = 10

3/ Mental
Intelligence: 1 - 1 + 7* + 2^ = 9
Tactics: 1 - 1 + 8* [+1 GMAP] +1^ = 10
Willpower: 1 + 1 + 9* = 11


* = Starting Pool
^ = Thread Points
[AN] = Akazano Namakemono
[BTR] = Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu

Jutsus and Techniques

Global List: Ninjutsu

Stage 1: Kawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
Stage 2: Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree/Wall Walking Technique)
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4

Stone Ninjutsu: Doton // Earth Release

Stage 1: Daichi Idou no Jutsu (Earth Platform Movement Technique)
Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2
Stage 2: Rikujou Douyou no jutsu (Ground shaking technique)
Requirements: Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6

Clan Ninjutsu: Teitetsukon // Soul Forge

Stage 1: Kon-konpon – Routaika (Soul Root)
Requirements: Power 2, Intelligence 2
Stage 1: Seisei-ken (Summon Blade)
Requirements: Reserves 3, Willpower 2
Stage 1: Konjoumae (Soul Lock)
Requirements: Power 3, Tactics 2
Stage 2: BakuhaKame no jutsu (Blast of the furnace Technique)
Requirements: Power 7, Reserves 7, Willpower 6
Stage 3: Yousetsutou (Welder’s knife)
Requirements: Power 10, Reserves 10, Tactics 8

Taijutsu Style: Akazano Namakemono // Forbidden Sloth

Stage 1: +4 Strength +3 Stamina +2 Speed
Stage 2: +4 Strength +3 Stamina +2 Speed
Stage 3: +4 Strength +3 Stamina +2 Speed (Total: +12 Strength, +9 Stamina, +6 Speed)
Requirements: Strength 10, Stamina 10, Tactics 8

Taijutsu Style: Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu // Multiple-Sword-Style

Stage 1: +5 Strength +4 Speed
Stage 2: +5 Strength +4 Speed (Total: +10 Strength, +8 Speed)
Requirements: Strength 8, Speed 6, Willpower 6


Remaining Points: 2

> Konken: Routaika "Elder Master" (Cost: 5)

> Khukuri/Knife: Koushin "Routaika's Junior" (Cost: 1)
> Basic Shinobi Kit (Cost: 0)



Other Info
  • Kam has the somewhat odd habit of smoking exactly one cigarette a day without fail. There must be a moment that can be chosen each day in which smoking his cigarette is deemed necessary. He savours the feeling of staving off addiction for it gives him power over temptation and reminds him of those who too often give in to their vice.

  • When Kam became an Investigator he immersed himself in the stained underworld of corruption, but as a result he is often seen as quite a shady character, even by those who know him. Indeed, he seems to know more than a shinobi should about certain disreputable topics.

  • Special mention goes to MizaelTengu on DeviantART for his help in reimagining the character and in bringing my designs for Kam's soul armour to life. Check out the full suit of Konyoroi armour pieces and more of his stuff here.
Captain's Log...

Ship's Record 1: Setting Sail
Character Creation
Awards: +1AP on jutsu

Ship's Record 2: 04/13/10
Awards: Doton Edits, +1 Tactics GMAP

Ship's Record 3: What Science Has Wrought
Defeat in the Dark
Awards: +1 Intelligence

Ship's Record 4: The Natsuki Job
Masks and Mayhem
Awards: +1 Intelligence, +1 Tactics

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