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Current AP: 36

[14/2/08] Received 1 AP from the MerdleMerdle from Valentine's Day, here.

[31/5/08] Received 2 AP from Darkarma from his exiting thread here. From Sov's thread, he claimed 5, and half of that rounded to the nearest whole (evenly) is 2, leaving one int he air between me and White Eyes.

[14/2/09] Received 1 AP from Jazz for Valentine's Day.

[06/4/09] Received 1 AP from April Fool's Day.

[17/4/09] Spent 2 AP on Hyuuga Yuu, here.

[17/3/12] Received 3 AP from Merdle for Anni
v, here.

[14/3/13] Received 2 AP from Merdle for Anniv, here.

[04/4/13] Claiming 2 AP for inviting this loser.

[03/11/14] Claiming 5 AP for this.

[08/12/14] Claiming 1 AP for failing at making a Sanada, thanks to Buko.

[04/02/15] Claiming 5 AP for Engiversary plus an AP Rule Breaker that I'm using on Hyuuga Yuu.

[03/18/16] Claiming 6 AP for Engiversary.

[05/15/17] Claiming 7 ap for Engiversary, as well as noting the 2AP from 2015 Donation Drive.

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