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5AP + 3AP (Engiversary) = 8AP (about to spend on Yarisugi Hanabi)
+1 AP from Kana, Spent on Abruma Tetsumi
+2 AP from Jami, Given back to Jami
+5 AP from Engiversary.
+3 AP from Kana for character buttons.
+2 AP from March clan payment (Aburame)
+2 AP from Kyle spent 2 AP on Tetsumi
+7 AP from Jami for character buttons
-3 AP (spent on Aburame Tetsumi)
+2 AP from Dral for character buttons (I am making a motherfucking killing, dude)
-2AP (given to Sleepy for finally finishing a thread with his Aburame)
+2 AP from April clan payment
+2 AP from May (June?) clan payment
+2 AP from August clan payment
[1:49:17 AM] M.Cain: what is this July?
[1:49:19 AM] M.Cain: never happened
-1 AP from Kouto
-1 AP to Junge
-1 AP to VD
+2 AP September Clan Payment
-1 AP, given to DB
+2 AP October Clan Payment
+2 AP November Clan Payment
+1 AP from Kibe
-8 AP spent on Kiki
-2 AP spent on Kouto's inventory
+5 AP from Engiversary
-8AP from Toosu
+27 AP from Donation Drive
+2 AP from site-wide
+5 from Donation
-5 from Tetsumi

2 Mist GMAP, from ancient NPC (go read her, it's fun times)

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