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Kasumi Kawarimi (Mist Substitution)
Stage: Stage 2
Description: Similar to the global academy body replacement technique in every way, save that it replaces the user's body with a burst of dense mist. The mist will stay in the shape of Kaneko's body, almost like a hazy clone, for one post. The "clone" is translucent and perfectly stationary for that post. The mist then disperses over a five foot radius for two posts.


Stage: Four
Duration: 1/2/4

Yakkaimono: Kyuuketsuki no Jutsu (Parasite: Vampire Art)
Description: In Seiteki's time with insane Roots operative and rouge Konoha surgeon, Hyakutake Tsubame, an almost vampiric type medical ninjutsu was used on the Chuunin. After tutoring and tinkering, she developed her own illusionary version of this technique which would fit perfectly in with her taijutsu style, Madoiken. The parasite makes the person feel like they are losing stamina, even if they were just standing still. While it seems like nothing at first, the longer the parasite lasts the symptoms would progressively worsen from small symptoms like difficulty breathing and dizziness to chest pains and a change in alertness.

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