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The Peregrine

Name: Shimizu Miho
Age: ??
Sex: Loli (......female)
Height: 4'9

Character Type: Missing-nin [Mist] / NPC

Country/Village: Water Country / None - contracted by the government, though if you want to get super technical, Mist
Rank: Jounin
Division: Seven Legendary Swordsmen

Physical Description/Clothing: Miho is the strangest little girl you'll ever see, precisely because she's not a little girl. Although petite, she can be quite the handful. Her tiny stature and initially pleasant demeanour is extremely deceiving, and it doesn't help that she has cheeks that blush at the slightest hint of embarrassment. Dark hair frames her rounded, tender face, and a floral kimono wraps around her thin body. She wears thick, black gloves to protect her hands from blisters when she wields her sword (often which is as large as she is tall), and knee-high boots protect her wee toes. To make things even worse, she tucks a different flower each day behind her ear.

But when you make her mad, her features quickly grow intense and filled with hatrid, eyes narrowing (or widening, depending on the amount of rage washing over her) as her frame tenses, revealing the muscles hidden beneath her pale skin. A fiery center sits in her eyes as she seems to almost expand like an alarmed cat, threatening to pop the sarashi around her chest. Miho's original forehead protector from Mist, which she has kept, is wrapped around the sheath of her sword.

Personality: The sweetest little thing, right?


Very wrong.

Miho is a ball of fury, punches, kicks, and swear words. It's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins, because she just seems to be one long string of unrelenting hate. Maybe it's because she's been cursed with the body of a pre-pubescent girl and lacks the sensuous curves of an adult woman, but ever since she's been infected by her seal around the age of thirteen, she's grown into quite the angry package. She couldn't deal with the ridicule those her age - and even those younger than her - slopped on her whenever they got the chance, and would love dearly to plant a fist into the face of whoever dares make fun of her childish appearance.

To quote her on a good day, "Fuck this shit, I'll rip off your head and take a longass piss in your damn neck hole before cutting you open and letting my piss run all over your bitchass shoes."

No, she is not adverse to killing, and it was because of her failure to follow many rules that caused her to leave the village.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": I don't need to answer to you, bitch. TASTE MY BLADE.

Clan/Bloodline: None

Human Tank
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can pierce through a ninjutsu defense one stage above the taijutsu attack used by the Human Tank once a thread.
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Mental
Tertiary: Chakra
Stat Merits: +2 Strength, +1 Stamina
Stat Flaws: -2 Speed, -1 Control

Stat Merits: +2 Intelligence, +1 Tactics
Stat Flaws: -1 Strength, -1 Stamina, -1 Power

Physical – Primary (60)

1 + 2 - 1 + 23 = 25 (+ 25 Baisuu Tou Ryuu = 50)
Speed: 1 - 2 + 21 = 20 (+ 10 Baisuu Tou Ryuu = 30)
Stamina: 1 + 1 - 1 + 16 = 17

Mental – Secondary (50)

Intelligence: 1 + 2 + 16 = 19
Tactics: 1 + 1 + 17 = 19
Willpower: 1 + 17 = 18

Chakra – Tertiary (40)

1 - 1 + 15 = 15
Control: 1 - 1 + 13 = 13
Reserves: 1 + 12 = 13

Baisuu Tou Ryuu
Stage One
Stage Two
Stage Three
Stage Four
Stage Five (Strength 25, Speed 19, Willpower 16, Stamina 12)
Tou Gappei
Wadou Ichimonji
Nana-jyuu-ni Pondo Hou
Shishi Sonson

Kirigakure Ninjutsu

Stage One
Mizu Soujuu (Power 4, Control 4)

Stage Two
Mizutamari no Jutsu (Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4)

Stage Three
Mizutamari Yusuo no Jutsu (Intelligence 8, Willpower 8, Tactics 6)
Roukai Tsurishi (Intelligence 10, Tactics 10, Reserves 8)

Stage Four
Kirigakure no Jutsu (Intelligence 15, Tactics 15, Willpower 13, Power 14)

Stage Five
Kiri Shikaku no Jutsu (Intelligence 17, Tactics 16, Willpower 16, Power 15)

Global Ninjutsu

Stage One
Henge no Jutsu (Power 3, Willpower 2)

Stage Two
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4)

Stage Three
Suimen Hokou no Gyou (Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8)

Cursed Seal: DNA

Nodachi - 7
Katana - 6
Kodachi - 5
Tanto - 2

WP remaining: 0
WP Gained: 0


"Mother, may I?"

Oh, how polite and graceful Miho started. She was raised to be the perfect lady, knowing her manners and acting polite to a T. She was never meant to be a Shinobi, because her parents thought that would make her too rough, too violent. But they fell upon hard times and needed the money; her father was a cripple and her mother's tea shop had gone into bankruptcy, so the only option left was to enrol her in the Academy and hope they could survive on begging and charity until she was accomplished enough to rake in the cash they needed.

She was the cutest little girl on her first day, dressed up neatly with a tidy bento box lunch. The other boys made fun of her for being so well dressed, poking and prodding poor Miho for being a "squishy girl". She lost all her spars, never managed to hit the shuriken targets, and was terrible when it came to espionage. So it wasn't any surprise when she failed a few years before managing to just squeak by to graduation.

Miho interesting Genin, to say the least. Well-mannered to everyone she met, many fell in love with her adorable charm. But this was what led her to a particular assignment, where a client was willing to pay ten times the normal amount to have her, and only her, escort him to the next town. Despite insistent claims that escort-type missions were usually offered to Chuunin and up, or at least a team of Genin, this particular client would have none of it, and upped his offer to twenty times the regular pay rate. The village warily accepted, and allowed Miho to travel with this man.

The journey there was uneventful. He asked about her life, what it was like being a Genin, and though she had initially been nervous about meeting him, Miho grew to like him somewhat by the time they had arrived at their destination - which was where he knocked her out with gas and dragged her off to an undisclosed location, where he woke the poor girl up only to experiment on more ways than one.

When he was done with her, he beat her viciously and left her on the roadside, and though the bruises would fade with time, the mark he left on her chest would not: a cursed seal.

The man was hunted down and brought to justice soon enough, but he'd already done more than enough damage. The seal he'd placed on Miho was one of constant rejuvenation and regeneration: an experiment to see if the theories of immortality and eternal youth were achievable, and to an extent, they were. Miho's body aged at a slug's pace on a treadmill. She was mocked and insulted for it, constantly ridiculed by boys saying, "You got no boobs!" and "Why would anyone ever be interested in a flat-chested runt like you?" And while she could bear the words from her peers, she could not stand it when those younger than her began to join in the chants. Miho rapidly devolved from a nice girl into one who lapsed into bouts of rage, lashing out at people with her tongue or her fist, whichever was more convenient.

It even began to affect her work life as well, as Miho would begin to berate clients for their shortcomings. She never trusted any male clients ever again, either, too suspicious of their motives. This anger bubbled up, taking over her personality until she was nothing but a machine of hatred and unpredictability, going as far as driving away clients with her behaviour.

Chuunin exams came and passed by Miho, who was constantly left unpromoted as those around her graduated up to the next step. While her skills were on par, and sometimes superior, the officials thought her too temperamental to be allowed to become a Chuunin. This only added fuel to the fire as she simmered and seethed until she could take it no more. On one particular mission, she was left with her sixteenth Genin team to guard over a banker as they trekked across the country to delivery sensitive documents. The banker, being a flirtatious sort of man, first made fun of Miho for her lack of curvature. Then later at night, after a few sips of alcohol, he got a bit too touchy with her...and ended up less a hand.

Returning to the village, she was temporarily grounded and ordered to attend rehabilitation. Of course, Miho refused and left during the night. Her anger against Mist never subsided, only growing in strength as time passed. A latent effect soon appeared within the seal: flesh regeneration. Finding glee in the apparent fact she could not be injured, Miho would take to confronting Mist Shinobi on assignment now and then, fighting them until they were forced to flee or she'd been pushed to her limits, cut up several times but healing until she was spent. This was how she got stronger, constantly facing Shinobi from her home village, and though they sent many a team to track her, they were never quite able to pin her down - possibly because of the fact that whenever they did get a hold of her, she'd instantly cut off whatever limb they were holding onto and run away.

A seemingly immortal woman would not escape the eyes of a certain resentful faction in Water. Knowing that Miho was exceptionally opposed to Hidden Mist, they met with her quickly and convinced her to join their cause so she would be able to help rule over the village she despised. Without a doubt, she signed up. While often a rude and rebellious member of the group, Miho follows their orders, a murderous tool to be used against Hidden Mist.

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