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The Demon
Will of Fire

Name: Hashimoto Saiko
Age: 29
Sex: ALLIGATOR (.........female)
Height: 5'3 (7'0 in hulk mode)

Character Type: Missing-nin [Mist] / NPC

Country/Village: Water Country / None - contracted by the government, though if you want to get super technical, Mist
Rank: Jounin
Division: Seven Legendary Swordsmen

Physical Description/Clothing: Saiko is a cheery looking girl, with bright eyes and a hint of a smile never too far from her lips. It's kind of amazing that a girl like her would be found amongst a band of bloodthirsty ruffians, but looks are deceiving, aren't they? Even the most bubbly and effervescent of girls can turn out to be hulking hellhounds when enraged...but that's nothing like Saiko, right?


Dark hair hangs around Saiko's gently tanned face, the dark eyes like deep, calm pools of water. She's grown a very "developed" womanly body and is quite often the eyecatcher when she walks into bars, pubs, and other such seedy establishments crawling with hairy men. Short, revealing clothing wraps around her feminine frame with a furry type of pelt draped across his shoulders. Like the typical Shinobi, her equipment pouch is clasped to her waist, and her forehead protector she was given by the government is used as a hairband.

Personality: Nothing like a OH GOD WHAT IS SHE?

Saiko is your classic Jekyll and Hyde. A very normal girl on one side, and a nightmarish demon from the pits of hell on the other. When she's not in "rage!mode," she is...pretty surprisingly ordinary. She loves marine creatures of all shapes and kinds, and can't help but squeal with delight when a dolphin or sea turtle swims next to her boat. Her favourite animal? Alligators. If she could, she'd dress up in an alligator costume and swim with them.

And then there's the angry Saiko. You do not want her enraged, because when she gets angry, she turns into...a monster. And that's fairly inconvenient for her enemies because she has a very, very short fuse. Prone to blow up and lose her temper frequently, she is someone you don't soon forget after seeing her like...that.

Otherwise, she's a free spirit who takes life as it comes, rolling with the punches and enjoying the sea breeze, and occasionally taking a massive bite out of someone's arm.

Nindo ; "Way of the Ninja": Gatorgal to the rescuueeeeEEEOOARRRRRGHHHHHHHH.

Clan/Bloodline: None

Blade Dancer
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can temporarily gains access to his trained sword style’s next stage “benefits”. This only includes stage bonuses and regular techniques. This special only lasts for one post.
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Mental
Tertiary: Chakra
Stat Merit: +1 to Strength, +1 to Speed, +1 to Tactics
Stat Flaw: -1 to Willpower, -1 to Reserves, -1 to Power


1 + 1 (BD) + 23 = 25 (+22 DF)
Speed: 1 + 1 (BD) + 23 = 25 (+16 Kyokugi)
Stamina: 1 + 24 = 25 (+23 DF)


1 + 15 = 16
Tactics: 1 + 15 = 16
Willpower: 1 - 1 (BD) + 20 = 20


1 - 1 (BD) + 14 = 14
Control: 1 + 14 = 15
Reserves: 1 - 1 (BD) + 12 = 12

Global Ninjutsu

Stage One
Henge no Jutsu (Power 3, Willpower 2)

Stage Two
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4)

Stage Three
Suimen Hokou no Gyou (Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8)


Stage One
Stage Two
Stage Three
Stage Four
Stage Five
Stage Six

Decaying Fist

Stage One
Stage Two
Stage Three
Stage Four
Stage Five

A Crown of Thorns

Hidden Mist Genjutsu

Stage One
Doro Bunshin no Jutsu (Mud Clone Skill)
Requirements: Reserves 3, Tactics 3

Stage Two
Shiiru Ninpou: Hoshou (Force Art: Assurance)
Requirements: Willpower 7, Intelligence 7, Reserves 6

Stage Three
Chikan no Jutsu (Displacement Technique)
Requirements: Willpower 9, Intelligence 9, Reserves 7

Rebirth of Leviathan

Cleaver - 9
Soldier Pills - 6
Kunai - 2
Shuriken - 2

WP Remaining: 0
WP Gained: 0


"Don't you just love them?" Saiko cooed as she played with a young otter. "They're just so smart and cute, aren't you little buddy? Aren't you the cutest thing in the whole wide world? Yes you are! Yeeeees yoooou aaaare! Mama should take you home!"

Saiko, lover of all things aquatic.

It was her dream to be a marine biologist. She wanted to study the animals that made their home underwater. Her greatest desire when she was six was to grow fins and gills and be a fish on her own - which is the story behind why she almost drowned when she was six. Unfortunately, marine biology just wasn't in the cards for this girl. Forced into becoming a Shinobi by family tradition, she had to spend less and less time with her beloved animals and more time doing pointless things like throwing weapons at other kids and trying to hit each other until they stopped.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why did the world need Shinobi? Couldn't they all just be animal-lovers and get along? Look at the turtles: they didn't fight wars with each other, did they? Sure, sharks were kind of vicious, but that's because their mothers never hugged them enough as babies. Saiko was convinced that if she was to ever raise a shark, that shark would grow up to be a vegetarian.

While practicing to be a fully-fledged ninja of Mist, Saiko figured that the quicker she became the star Shinobi of the village, the quicker she could retire......or take some time off. So she applied herself, body and soul, to her training. She went through exponential growth at the Academy, graduating top flight in her class. Pegged to be one of the best Shinobi Mist had seen in many years, Saiko continued her rise to fame, completing mission after mission without fail. And, truth was, she could have done even more, if she wasn't thinking about saving the whales half the time.

Her love for the sea knew no bounds, and nothing could even come close to rivaling it. She even almost missed her Chuunin exams because she'd been busy at the shoreline, wiping off oil from animals that had washed up from an tanker spillage. However, she made her Chuunin exams and...failed. Because she'd been too concerned with the poor oil-covered animals.

She passed the second time, though.

Now that she was a Chuunin, she was privvy to a wider array of missions, and she often took the ones that involved stopping pirates and poachers from ruining and overfishing the oceans. But little did she know, Saiko would become closer to her watery friends than she could have ever hoped for when she turned eighteen. Having been a Chuunin for several years now, she was fitting well into her role and had been assigned with about a dozen other Chuunin and Jounin to put a stop to a cult gathering. It hadn't been much trouble finding the religious group's secret hideout, but they didn't go down without a fight. Believing that they needed to restore the natural order of the world, their goal was to resurrect the mythical beast "Leviathan" spoken of in Mist lore.

And how did all crazy people do things like this? By creating cursed seals.

As things went, one of them had seen Saiko before and heard of her love for all things ocean, sea, lake, river, whathaveyou. Before he could be captured, he cried out, "She is the chosen one!" and stuck her with a needle, planted a palm on her, and shouted an incantation as ink began to flow across her skin. Lo and behold, she'd been infected by a cursed seal, though she (and nobody else except for those who had been involved with its creation) didn't know what it held.

Knowing that her life had been in danger, and that she could die at any moment due to the unknown substance she'd been injected with (and the cursed seal that had appeared on her skin), Saiko felt a greater urgency to act on behalf of Mother Nature. Life was short, and she couldn't just take her time climbing the ninja ladder to get more vacation days, so she spent a few of her nights doing what she felt was the right thing. Of course, not all of her nightly activities were technically legal, but she couldn't just let corporations experiment their products on helpless sea creatures, could she? Making good use of her rage, she would join in on activist movements to infiltrate company laboratories at night and bust free as many animals as they could.

Until, on one activist mission, they came across a woman working a late shift, cutting the skin off a seal to try implanting subcutaneous products. As if a flip had been switched, rage blurred across her eyes and everything went red as her body grew scaly and exploded in size. Lost in her anger, the beastly Saiko savaged the scientist's body, ripping her limbs from her body and tearing her in half with teeth.

Needless to say, all of her activist friends were scared poopless of her when she reverted back to her normal self, and they fled to report her (ironically) to the authorities because, "a monster like that should be kept in a cage." Not wanting to live the rest of her life in prison to be poked at by more scientists, Saiko left the village as soon as she could.

Developing a bit of a temper over the years she was gone from Mist, she learned how to channel her inner hulk and use it to her best advantage. Always growing in strength, she became somewhat of a bounty hunter, chasing after the same pirates and poachers she'd gone after as a Chuunin - though now she was much stronger, and much scarier, making her a lot more persuasive when she confronted the lawbreakers to never set another net or trap in the water again.

Eventually, a man came across her, having heard rumours of an alligator girl. He proposed that she join his growing squad, and she was appalled to learn that they would be against Mist. He tried to tell her that they wouldn't be against Mist, per se, but rather they would be policing it and keeping it in check. She declined again and again, refusing all types of advances he made to try and get her on board. After the seventh encounter, she threatened to attack him should he continue to harass her, and he vanished for a month before returning with what he called "evidence". The documents he presented her with were files that linked Hidden Mist to several companies that abused marine life in as many ways as possible, from experimenting on animals to overfishing particular regions and somehow managing to escape blame every single time. The network of corruption branched out to several other towns and cities, forming an intricate web of conspiracy that, said the man, allowed these corporations to continue their ocean-abusing policies. And at the center of the web? Mist.

Saiko wasn't a fool. She suspected some of the information that the man had to provide, but so much of it seemed valid that she decided to join his group to see with her own eyes and uncover the truth. Knowing that she had yet to be completely persuaded to their cause, the man orchestrated a complex operation that involved Hidden Mist looking like they had caused a massive oil spill in the oceans for no other reason than to profit (though in truth, Mist had been protecting the convoy of tankers), and from that moment on, Hashimoto Saiko was one hundred percent decidedly devoted to making her former home pay.

Other Info
Saiko does not recognize Ishikawa Chokichi as the cult member who gave her her cursed seal.

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