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Genjutsu is the second of the chakra arts and is concerned with the power of illusion. Whereas ninjutsu creates something tangible and real, genjutsu creates only falsehood and unreality. Genjutsu directly attacks the minds of opponents and targets and in this respect are always considered offensive; activating a genjutsu is the only attack that can be performed in a post. Unlike ninjutsu, genjutsu are not divided into various categories of use, but it's useful to keep in mind what genjutsu can and cannot produce. Genjutsu is the art of choice when manipulation perception:

The Five Senses. These are easy for anyone to name and remember. Sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. Of these, genjutsu most often distort sight and hearing as the two make up the vast majority of the sensory input people normally receive and rely on, and even then sight is disproportionally important to human perception. However, genjutsu are allowed to distort all five of the Big Five.

The Other Senses. Humans actually perceive the world through many more means than the Five Senses named for them in kindergarten. These other senses are just as open to assault as the major senses and a good shinobi knows that these attacks can be all the more debilitating by being unexpected targets. The other senses include: balance, temperature, pain, direction, internal organ senses and kinesthetic sense or the awareness of where one's body parts are in space.

Beyond a few limitations discussed in creating custom jutsu, the possibilities with genjutsu are effectively endless. Any scenario a character might want to create or impose upon another, they can. The staple example genjutsu is, of course, bunshin no jutsu or the basic clone technique. This stage one genjutsu creates duplicates of the user that mimic him perfectly (affecting sight, sound, and even smell all at once), though these figments are limited by having no illusory mass (they dispel when touched). Other genjutsu might show a character haunting images of their past (sight primarily) or emulate the effects of extreme altitude (vertigo via balance and thin air through internal senses). Genjutsu's primary use is in distracting an opponent in order to land a real attack via ninjutsu or taijutsu.

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