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Genjutsu Triggers and Durations

Like some kinds of ninjutsu, genjutsu create lasting effects that, once activated, no longer require concentration from the user to continue. In one post, they can be used and the next post they continue to work. In order to handle this continuous nature of genjutsu, a system has been created to determine exactly how long a single genjutsu will affect a given target. The first step to that, though, is to 'hit' the opponent with the genjutsu in question.


Successfully activating genjutsu is a matter of triggers. Every genjutsu has a trigger condition, something that must be done for the genjutsu to begin working. Often, simple genjutsu rely on the opponent seeing the handseals for the jutsu or for eye contact to be made between user and target. Other, more complicated triggers exist and are applied to more powerful and complicated genjutsu. At any rate, once the trigger is fulfilled, the genjutsu affects the target immediately.

Genjutsu Training and Duration

At this point, there is a brief comparison of characters to determine genjutsu duration made using a stat of sorts referred to as genjutsu training. A character's genjutsu training is equal to the highest stage of genjutsu they know. For example, if Sakura has stage five global gen and stage three Konoha gen, her genjutsu training is five. If Naruto has no genjutsu lists at all, his genjutsu training is zero. Once these numbers are determined, the target's training is subtracted from the user's. If Sakura uses bunshin against Naruto, it looks like this:

5 (Sakura's training) – 0 (Naruto's training) = 5

Alternatively, if Orichimaru has stage six genjutsu and Sasuke has stage three, the equation is:

6 (Orochimaru) – 3 (Sasuke) = 3

In either case, the resulting number is going to be used as a duration modifier. Let's examine the jutsu in question to get the full duration.

Bunshin No Jutsu (Clone Technique)*
Requirements: Control 2, Intelligence 2
Trigger: Must be within eyesight of targets
Description: A jutsu that creates an illusionary clone of the user, in numbers of one or more. The clone disappears after being struck with an attack, and can deal no damage. This jutsu is one of the basics, and required to pass the shinobi academy. The user can create 1 Bunshin for every 2 control they have.*
Min Duration: 1
Base Duration: 3
Max Duration: 6
Note that there is a minimum, a base, and a max duration. The modifier from the contest of genjutsu training is added to the base duration to determine how many rounds the genjutsu lasts. The final duration cannot surpass the maximum nor can it drop below the minimum duration. Thus, though Sakura's bunshin is at +5 over Naruto, it only lasts for 6 rounds instead of 8. And if Sasuke used it against Orochimaru (with a -3 modifier), it would work for a single round rather than not work at all.

Duration and Genjutsu Kai

Genjutsu duration can be altered through a few means besides straight training stages. The technique Genjutsu Kai is a stage three technique that can be swapped into any village ninjutsu or genjutsu list or the Global Ninjutsu/Genjutsu lists. By using Genjutsu Kai, the target immediately lowers the duration of a genjutsu by 1 post for every 2 levels of genjutsu training they have with a minimum of a 1 post reduction. This is in addition to the original calculation of duration based on training. Kai can be used up to twice a thread. When swapped into a list, Genjutsu Kai does not count against the usual 2 swaps per stage limit.

Duration and Pain

Additionally, duration can be lowered through self-inflicted pain suffered by the target. By consciously wounding themselves, the target attempts to shake their own minds out of the illusion. There are three levels of pain considered in this type of defense: minor wounds, serious wounds, and mortal wounds.

Minor Wounds: Minor wounds simply reduce the duration of genjutsu by one post. They are defined as any sort of wound that a character may inflict upon himself that doesn’t seriously impede his fighting capability. (Breaking a bone in your pinky finger, stabbing yourself with a kunai, punching yourself)

Serious Wounds:*Serious Wounds reduce the duration of genjutsu by one post no matter what. In addition to the one post reduction in genjutsu a serious wound will reduce the duration of genjutsu one additional post for every stage of taijutsu above stage one possessed by the target. Serious wounds are defined as any sort of wound that is not fatal but would seriously impede a character’s fighting capability. (A broken arm, a severed limb).

Mortal Wounds:*Mortal wounds immediately cancel any genjutsu affecting a character. They do not affect any genjutsu that may be performed upon the person after the fact. Mortal wounds are defined as any self-inflicted wound that will cause the character to die by the end of the thread.

Duration Summary

1) Subtract the target's training level from the user's training level and keep this number even if it's negative.
2) Add the total modifier from step one to the base duration of the genjutsu in question.
3) Total duration is for a number of rounds of posting that cannot exceed max duration nor fall below minimum duration.
4) After the fact, duration can be lowered through Genjutsu Kai or self-inflicted pain, but the methods do not stack. Only the largest change in duration sticks.

Multiple Genjutsu - Genjutsu Stacking

Finally, there is the issue of genjutsu stacking. Obviously, a genjutsu specialist could easily overwhelm an opponent by hitting them with genjutsu after genjutsu, but this requires a certain level of mastery and finesse to accomplish. By comparing genjutsu training with a target, you can also determine exactly how many genjutsu a single user can have affecting the target. If the training is equal, then the user can have two active genjutsu against the target. If the user has more training, they can have three active at once.

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