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Swap Special Techniques

If swap jutsu are for ninjutsu and genjutsu, then what about taijutsu? The answer lies with swapping special techniques, and the process is largely the same. A custom special technique still goes through the registry and still needs a stage assigned by staff. Swap specials are also limited to two per stage per list, but another condition applies. Like swap jutsu, swap specials can also be placed over existing techniques or into open slots - by default, all taijutsu begin with three open slots per stage, but these may be filled by pre-registered special techniques. When registering a swap special, treat the process as identical to the swap jutsu, but mention which taijutsu the swap is for.

Taijutsu Types

Swap special techniques have different natures dependent upon the nature of the taijutsu they're being assigned into. When creating a special technique, keep in mind the sliding-scale nature of taijutsu types:

Pure/Weapon --- Hybrid --- Chakra

On the left, are the physicality-based taijutsu types, the Pure and Weapon styles. Special techniques for these types of taijutsu should focus on raw physical prowess; maneuvers that rely on body strength and finesse fit well here. If chakra is used at all, it should be kept minimal. A series of precise sword strokes or hunkering down to shrug off an attack are physical special techniques.

Between physicality and chakra are the Hybrid styles. Special techniques for Hybrids blend hand to hand combat training and chakra usage roughly equally. A chakra-assisted, but not dominant, assault would fit here. A kick so strong that the air swirls and slices around it is a hybrid special.

The far right side is the chakra end, home of the Chakra Taijutsu. Special techniques for Chakra styles are a few handseals away from being ninjutsu or genjutsu, depending on the style in question. Here, the taijutsu aspect is not the focus but primarily a means of delivery for a chakra-based attack. Tsunade and Sakura's chakra punches are chakra-based special techniques.

Celestial Gate Techniques

The Celestial Gates, being its own brand of unique taijutsu/ninjutsu list, also abides by different rules for special techniques. When a new level of gates is purchased, a character automatically receives a free space for a gate technique, a maneuver that may only be performed while his Celestial Gates are open to at least that point. Gate techniques are not, however, considered 'special techniques' because they do not require thread or jutsu points for purchase. Rather, they are swap normal techniques. Simply by buying a gate level, a character is entitled to have one such maneuver, which can be registered and added at a later time without penalty.

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