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Default [Rain Genin] - Retsu Tezawari

Name: Retsu Tezawari
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Height: 4' 8"
Character Type: Shinobi
Country/Village: Amegakure no Kuni / Amegakure no Sato
Rank: Genin
Division: N/A

Physical Description:
Tezawari stands a mere four foot eight at one hundred seven pounds, rather short for her age and light yet more physically matured than her peers, neither traits can be directly linked to her parents. Trading strength for speed Tezawari is rather slim and lithe, her skin a rather dark tan over slightly developed muscles. Her hair is bleached white and meticulously cultivated into dreadlocks that can withstand the rain of her village, eyes being that of golden amber which again can not be directly linked to either of her parents.

After her first mission she's sustained major scaring. One runs from above her left eye, over the bridge of her nose and down her right cheek to the jawline. The second runs from her left clavicle down the center of her chest to end at the bottom of the right of her rib cage. The last one is directly above the previously mentioned scar, a puncture wound from a samurai sword right above the sternum.

On an average day Tezawari wears a midriff showing, shoulders bare A-cut black shirt, preferring maneuverability over protection or decency for that matter. Both lower arms and palms of her hands are wrapped tightly in strips of white gauze, a small fraction of barrier between her skin and what ever oncoming attack she has to block. Her black pants trimmed with a dusty teal are worn baggy style with a pouch on both thighs to carry five throwing knives each, the ends of her pants tucked into her blue nin open toed sandals. The canvas belt around her waist is held together by a regular nondescript metal buckle with two long dusty teal loin cloths, one in the front and one in the back under a third pouch, each pierced by three golden hoops. Her blue Amagakure headband is worn like a sash over her dreadlocks and the lower half of her face is covered by a matt black respirator she rarely removes. The solid red wood bo staff is always carried in her right hand which is just as tall as her and used as a walking stick when not in combat. On particularly rainy days, when its more than just a drizzle, Tezawari will wear a dusty teal wrap around shawl with a hood that reaches down to her knees.

By nature Tezawari is a quiet teenager, choosing her own little world over other matters that most girls her age would be into. She's not a boy chaser, nor will she ever accept a dating proposal since she is more focused on her studies and training than anything else. She's not very talkative, even with her own family, and only speaks if she has a point to be made. Despite her cold exterior, she does have a soft spot for children and secretly can't wait to be a mother herself.

During training and combat she has a drive that pushes her past the option of considering the logic of death. In a fight she tries to take down her enemy as fast as possible, preferring her throwing knives first, then her bo staff, and to finish them off she gets up close and personal with her neko-te. If she's ever struck and injured during a fight she does her best to not make a sound, believing any show of pain is a victory for her aggressor.

All in all Tezawari believes she is merely a living weapon for her village, to be honed and used at the will of her superiors. She's loyal to the death and will do anything to survive and accomplish a mission at any cost. This will most likely lead to her eventual death.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "Today is to be beaten into a bloody pulp to feed tomorrow's hungry hopes."

Clan/Bloodline: N/A
Primary Archetype: Cavalier
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can pierce through a ninjutsu defense one stage above the ninjutsu attack used by the Cavalier once a thread.
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Chakra
Tertiary: Mental
Stat Merit: +2 Speed, +1 Power
Stat Flaw: -2 Intelligence, -1 Reserves
Description: The vanguard of any assault, cavaliers blaze across the front lines with a bravado few can match while spitting ninjutsu across the battlefield before closing in to finish the job up close and personal like. Many more sensible shinobi can't help but shake their heads and wonder how these fighters are able to push their luck and still cheat death at his own game.

Physical - Primary
Strength: 1 + 3 + 3 (TP) = 7 + 2 (Tenrai Tsume) = 9
Speed: 1 + 2(A) + 1 (TP) + 4 = 8 + 4 (Tenrai Tsume) = 12
Stamina: 1 + 3 = 4 + 1 (Tenrai Tsume) = 5

Mental - Tertiary
Intelligence: 1 - 2(A) + 3 = 2
Tactics: 1 + 2 = 3
Willpower: 1 + 1 + 1 (GMAP) = 3

Chakra - Secondary
Power: 1 + 1(A) + 3 = 5
Control: 1 + 2 = 3
Reserves: 1 - 1(A) + 1 = 1

Jutsus and Techniques
Global Ninjutsu
Stage 1 [F 1]
- Henge No Jutsu [Transforomation Technique] (Power 3, Willpower 2)

Global Genjutsu
Stage 1 [F 2-3]
- Bunshin No Jutsu [Clone Technique] (Control 2, Intelligence 2)
- Ikamono Chishio [Fake Blood] (Control 3, Tactics 2)

Kaiken no Jutsu
Stage 1 [F 4-5]
- Kage no Kaiken [Shadow Dagger] (Power 2, Intelligence 2)
- Rouka no Kaiken [Rouka no Kaiken] (Control 3, Intelligence 2)

Tenrai Tsume
Stage 1 [TP]
Stat Requirements: 4 Speed, 4 Strength*
Stage Bonuses: + 4 Speed, + 2 Strength, + 1 Stamina

- Throwing Daggers [Cost:2]
- Kunai [Cost:2]
- Communication Unit [Rating:1]
- Soldier Pills [Cost:6]
- Clawed Glove

Weapon Points Remaining: 1
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

Just over thirteen years ago a child no more than a couple hours old was laid on the stoop of the Retsu family residence to be found by Nagai and his wife, Hana, in Amagakure. At first the couple had decided to report the orphan and put her in better care, but after a night of fawning over the little girl they decided to adopted her as their own. The bundle of joy was named Tezawari, after the cold night she was delivered in within the walls of Sector Three. Neither of them knew she would grow into the name so seamlessly.

The toddler years were nothing of extreme importance, besides the fact that Tezawari was noted as a child who could very easily escape a crib or playpen to more often than not be found in an open window and staring out at the people. In time Nagai and Hana found that they could very well leave Tezawari alone for several hours to stare out the window. She hardly made a fuss save for when she was hungry or tired. It was also discovered during this time that she didn't have a need for toys like most other children, but rather enjoyed staring outside and flipping through Nagai's kanji scrolls to simple look at the brush strokes.

To introduce her to more than just an open window Tezawari had been brought along by her mother to the markets in Sector One, traveling through the labyrinth tunnels for the first time. She never knew of other areas outside of the one she was raised in, so the experience was rather new and exciting. But the hustle and bustle of the area had left her rather frightened at that age but she had to succumb to the daily trek. It wasn't long until she was introduced to Sector Four, and therefore the outside world. The rain was absolutely beautiful to her and she knew that in time when she was on her own she'd live among it, and she would fight for it. In time she grew accustomed to the tunnel system, overhearing that the nin of the Amegakure were referred to "sewer rats" but it made no difference to her. The rain above and the ground beneath were her haven, the rest just didn't understand.

When it came time to attend the Academy like the rest of her peers Tezawari was rather resistant. She wanted to remain at home and continue on with her mundane days rather than adjust to change. But the persistence of her parents, and the insistence of the instructors, she forced herself to pay attention in class to not disappoint her family. In the early years of the schooling she was marked as a less than average student, noted as a student who wasted time and the effort of her teachers. These findings brought a sadness into the eyes of Nagai and Hana, a sight Tezawari only bore witness to once and never wanted to see again. Thus her work ethic started to grow, spending nearly ever waking moment to train to be a better nin to save her parents from the heart break of their daughter being subpar.

In the later years of her Academy years, Tezawari blossomed into a wonderful student, pouring over her studies and gaining the mentality that she was a weapon to be used how the authorities of Amagakure pleased. Her peers regarded her as an outsider and a teacher's pet because of her grades and abilities, thus she became a loner which she didn't mind in slightest. The last year of classes was when she was gifted the heirloom bo staff by Nagai from his father. The simple red wood instrument became a new extension of her, carrying the weapon where ever she went. Many early mornings were filled with long runs, complicated passes through obstacle courses, and balancing acts. After school she succumbed herself to combat, becoming more proficient in throwing knives and using the bo, only to kill the target in the end with her neko-te. It was discovered that she had a favoring for the front lines, preferring physical battling over jutsus.

An upset in the control of Amegakure with the disappearance and assumed death of Ishimaru had caused Tezawari to perk up and and get her head out of the books to pay attention to the world outside of her study area. The newly placed Ayame had caused the young nin to consider that the world wasn't as solid as she had assumed, realizing at any time everything she knew could change in a heart beat. Thus were the events that made Tezawari so loyal to the authorities that out ranked her, no matter who was the one that was giving the deciding order. The advancements of the village having come to halt for the time being she could only be elated, wanting to be a part of its growth.

The happenings have also set her farther apart from the rest of her class mates. The students from Sector Five and those from Sector Three have had their own tiffs, minds influenced by their parents which have caused a sort of rift in the class room which is only really seen outside of it. Despite to being from Sector Three Tezawari took no sides on the argument which ostracized her from her peers, which she didn't seem to mind. She was completely indifferent, believing that if those in Sector Five believed they could do a better job they should just step up and do so. Yet, even she could see the fall out that was possible with that, so she kept her opinions to herself.

At graduation Tezawari was greeted by the sight of proud parents, which was what she had been working so hard for. But now, with her Amagakure headband a sign of her progression, she now turns her focus to the sanctity of the village wanting nothing more than the respect she will gain through her loyalty and hard work.

Since she no longer has her head buried in studies Tezawari has come to fully understand the debacle of peril Amegakure is in. She has no sympathy for the agenda of the military due to their actions of killing off shinobi. Believing the plight between her kind and the oppressors is more than just political she detaches herself from the emotional sentiments to simply go on with her duties. If she is to assigned the front lines of the disagreement she will see it as simply her job, rather than taking it personally. Tezawari believes that in time, with the smiting of the military, the Amagakure shinobi will be recognized worldwide for their strength and perseverance. One task will take care of the other, as she sees it. As a genin she looks forward to a future of bloody success no matter where she's assigned.

Still to this day she does not know she's adopted.

Other Info: Theme Song: Watercolour by Pendulum

Writing Example:
[This is taken from a Star Wars roleplay site in which I play a Mand'alor, leader of the Mandalorians. Currently her cancer riddled arms are being operated on the Grand Master of the Jedi. Mar'eyir is her NPC son.]

It may have been practically insane to be awake to watch the progression of the surgery, but Ge'carta would rather face the horror than have her vode charging in thinking that the Jedi had knocked her out and was viciously attacking her. Then again, they'd have to actually believe that a Jedi got the best of her. It was better safe than sorry though.

The local anesthesia numbed her arms which was already void of pain due to Dei's application of the Force, the concentration to keep that up would probably be a strain while he did the surgery, she could only guess. If any other Jedi had used the Force around her at any other time, they would have been cut down on the spot. But this was different, this was her life on the line along with the leadership of the Mandalorians. The passing of the title at this point in the war would weaken them all. Ge'carta suddenly felt guilty for being so selfish as to let the frost bite progress into cancer, being so willing to give up on life. So many lives relied on her, she shouldn't had given up so easily.

The stripping of the blackened flesh made her look away, though she could still hear the slickening sound of the mass being cut into. To distract herself she looked down to Mar'eyir, still sleeping against her leg and hugging her helmet. It was ironic that he was there, since it was when she saved him that she contracted the frost bite. Her mind wandered to other times in which the Jedi had wronged her.

Nearly three hundred galactic standard years ago there had been an uproar in the Senate, Necropolis had been invaded by Nar Shaddaa, the priority being to dig up the dead to collect precious treasures buried with them. The Hutts had hired a group of Mandalorians to go in first and clear out a few towns before the grunts were sent in to do the digging. Ge'carta had been one of the hired guns, slaughtering whom ever had stood against her with a weapon. Those that did not she had let live. Though, that's not how the Republic military saw her.

Necropolis was located in the Inner Rim, well within Republic territory and control. This kind of attack from the Hutts was something that wouldn't be ignored. The Senate sent armed forces, troops landing on the surface to save the civilians. So many where sent that the Mandalorians had to pull back and retreat, though not with out taking the lives of a few soldiers. With their transports being surrounded Ge'carta had stayed behind to hold off the Republic as best she could. Her fellow vode made it away, jumping into hyperspace before the fleet could shoot off more than a couple shots.

Ge'carta was overrun by the troops, taken hostage, stripped of all weapons and armor then sent back to Coruscant. While she was sitting in a maximum security prison cell she was charged with three hundred twenty seven counts of capital murder, four counts of conspiracy to commit murder, and nineteen counts of home invasion. Usually Mandalorians would face some judicial scrutiny, but this was a crime on a far larger scale than a simple bounty. Whole villages had been lost, a planet ravaged and left to bleed. Ge'carta was facing certain execution.

Four Jedi had been given the duty of guarding her while she was transported in heavy restraints to the Senate courts, citizens screaming for justice at the top of their lungs. Ge'carta stood tall on the dais, restraints binding her to the center of it. She was calm, collected, and by no means enraged at the unfolding events. The judge read her rights, what she was being charged with, then asked if she had anything to say in her defense.

"I was simply doing the job I was paid to do. If you put me to death, then you are just as guilty as me," Ge'carta said in an even tone, the statement sending the courts into an uproar. One of the Jedi was so furious by her words he struck at the back of her knees, making her fall to them. He brought up his lightsaber to behead her, only to be pulled back by the other three. After several minutes the court was once again back in order, the crowd quiet but tense. Once again the judge asked her if she had anything to say, and she did.

"The soldiers who had arrested me are paid to put their lives on the line, and kill those they are commanded to. The Jedi who stand here as guards put their lives on the line, and kill those that disturb the peace. The civilians who cry out for my death expect justice, and kill those that kill for a living. I'm a Mandalorian, a soldier for hire, a peacekeeper for the highest bidder, a simple Sephi with her own family to look after. I'm no different from you, so why am I the only one being persecuted? If you kill me, then you're obligated to execute every soldier and Jedi."

The statement had rang so clearly that the Republic considered her punishment time served along with a favor for the families whos' dead had been dug up and valuables stolen. They asked her to recover the items from the Hutts, to track down every scrap of gold, silver, jewel, and precious treasure. Free of charge, of course. It was better than death, and she was more than happy to track down every little thing.

In the end it took her the better part of a year to gather everything back up and return it to the rightful owner. She became a faded memory to the public, though the Senate kept tabs on her, close tabs. Ge'carta never forgot the Jedi that was so eager to cut her down. That particular Knight was found dead in his own dorm room on Coruscant, a single bone worm only found on Necropolis lodged in his throat. There were no suspects. Not officially.
The sound of the bone drill starting up made Ge'carta snap out of the past. When her purple eyes laid on her arms completely stripped down made her nearly jump up and shout obscenities, thankfully she had more self control than that. Mar'eyir on the other hand slowly awoke, sitting up and rubbing his eyes before shrieking at the sight of his mother's appendages having been stripped down.

"Ge'buir! Ge'buir! He hurteds you?!" Mar'eyir shouted, his armor clinking together as he pulled free his little vibro blade, shaking it at Dei.

"Usen'ye, ad'ika," Ge'carta spoke softly, waiting for a pause in the drilling to lean over and put her forehead to his helmeted one in what was known as a Keldabe kiss, "I'm fine, go train with your brothers and sisters. I'll make dinner when we're done here."

She really didn't know if this would all be done by the time supper time rolled around, but it was enough to calm him down. Mar'eyir sheathed his sword with some difficulty, setting Ge'carta's helmet with the rest of her armor set off to the side, then meandering out.

Silence fell through out the medical wing again, save for the whine of the bone drill. She didn't want to speak and break Dei's concentration. It was hard for her not to look at her own arms, stripped down to the bone and then some. The vibrations ran through out her body, though theree was no pain, which she was grateful for. While she stared her mind wandered again, trying to pass the time.

While doing a simple recon mission on Naboo she had an eight year old Chiss she had adopted, coming into the first throes of his training to be a Mandalorian. It was rigorous training, unforgiving no matter the age of the trainee. She had the boy running laps around the courtyard with a pack on his back that was half his weight. It was a lesson of perseverance, one that was ingrained into every one of Ge'carta's children.

A Jedi who had been visiting caught sight of the struggling boy, lashing out at Ge'carta for being so harsh and cruel. There had always been differences between the way the Jedi and Mandalorians raised their young. That day Ge'carta wasn't about to let some mystical mob master tell her how to raise her child.

Heated words were exchanged, the Jedi being far more subtle than her in his sentences. It nearly came to blows between them, the little Chiss still running the laps, though he had collapsed a few times. When he had she demanded he run two more until he could do them with out dopping, bu t he could only take a few steps before collapsing, repeating the cycle. The Jedi grew more agitated as he saw just how hard she was pushing the child, nearly intervening. But before he could Ge'carta was at her son's side, gently pulling the backpack off before lifting him into her arms. He was completely exhausted, but the lesson had been ingrained. The Jedi, though still disgusted by her methods, left without fuss.

Twice now Ge'carta's mind went to when the Jedi had wronged her, there were more memories of such but her attention came back to the situation at hand. The sight she saw now was that she was cancer free, incapacitated, but cancer free none the less. The tension that she had held of death looming over her shoulder dissipated, relief washing over her like a fresh cry of victory. Yet, that wasn't what she mumbled, "... Fierfek..."

The one obscene word was muttuered low under her breath, not wanting to disturb the Grandmaster in his work. They were only half way through, and by now the rest of the compound would be wondering what the hell was going on inside. It had been hours since Ge'carta had been seen, and being alone with a powerful Jedi for so long only caused greater concern. She'd explain it all when it was finished. For now, she just sat tight.

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