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Claiming two AP from Juu.

21:40 EnginoJuushichi Also, yeah Wess claim two AP.
21:40 EnginoJuushichi For doing my job for me.
Thank you much, Juu.

Originally Posted by Rizhou
Sorry it took so long to reply. Sure, take 2 AP. I'll update my AP post to show I gave you 2... If you still want them... >.>
Claiming 2 more AP!

4 AP to Hana's Strength and Power
Originally Posted by Merdle
Now, to the nitty gritty. Due to a mix-up, we are starting this celebration rather late in the day. You will get the traditional gift now. Every member who comes in here and posts can claim 3 AP to use where they please. This is the easy part, this is just because you are here with us. It doesn't matter if you are an old member, or a new member, this is our gift to you.
+3 AP. Yeaaaaaah!

-3 AP to Hana.

16:23SinnocentAhh, well... take one of my AP for her
+1 AP. I love my Sinnies. :>

- 1 to Intelligence

+2 Engi's birfdur

-2 Hana

16:45JeffLongwant two ap?16:45Wessoh em gee yas please16:45Hitokolmfao16:46JeffLongI give my two ap to wess. Written proof right here. Signed and done. Long
+2 mah feels omg i love long

16:56SinnocentGo claim your AP
Sinny had me writing e'eryday for a month. I was bribed with three AP.


-4 to Ume. Get better my child.

+5 Engiversaryyyyy

21:08jungeI actually do have AP21:08jungebased merdle21:08jungehave 2
+2 Junge thank you i love you

- 7 Isoko

Originally Posted by Leaf/Snow: Break For It - Buko
And 1 AP from personal stash to each of you for me taking a year and a day.
loving buko right nao

DB gave me one somewhere around here for a rating, so long as I used it on Ume right then

+5 Engiversary

+Staff AP Breaker

-3 AP to Junichi

+1 Junge

-6 to my Maeda

+3 Junge straight to Maeda

+2 Site Donation Goal

+2 Junge for completing another Maeda thread

+18 AP for donating

+AP Breaker

+Cross List/2 TP

-2 TP/28 AP/AP Breaker

+10 AP Junge/6 AP Engiversary

+7 AP Engiversary

+2 Maeda Clan GM AP for May

-9 AP Sudao

+6 AP Junge

+2 AP June Clan Payment

+7 AP Engiversary

+Heirloom Engiversary

-3 AP Hana

-7 AP Junichi

-10 Kasumi

+3 Kasumi Clan/Path

-1 Sudao

-9 Amane

+4 Staff Payment

+4 Staff Payment

-1 Takumi

+5 Staff Payment

-6 AP Sudao

+5 Staff Payment

+8 Engiversary

+2 Donation Goal

+7 Donation Goal Updates

Total: 28 AP
Available for registry checks, just ask!
If you need character sheet edits done, let me know!

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AP / Swaps

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