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Default [SUNA Chuunin] Renchishin Kazumi

Renchishin Kazumi
Aka "Ice"

Age: 20
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"

Country/Village: Sunagakure
Rank: Chuunin
Division: SUNA: Soldier

Physical Description:
Like a large majority of the population of Suna Kazumi has darkly tanned skin from exposure. The slightest touch could attest to just how soft her skin is, having been taken care of well due to impeccable nutrition. Scars of course appear here and there but are mostly faint. The most prominent scarring is on her forearms and fingers, refusing to use jutsus from medical nin to make them less visible. She sees them as badges of courage and pride. The silky smooth blue black hair is all natural, most of it pulled up in a messy ponytail. Bangs and strands along the side of her face hang freely, the slightest breeze making them dance.

Like a pure blooded Renchishin her eyes are a brilliant ruby red that shine like brimstone during battle. Due to her physical discipline she has the build of a hybrid cross of a gymnast and a runner, flexible and fast is her goal. This physique hasn't hindered her more womanly assets take shape, that much is obvious. A black dragon with teal detailings marks her body, the head coming just below her right shoulderblade, the length of it snaking down her back and right thigh to have the tail end at her knee. It symbolizes the ferocity of her soul and dedication to her career, calling it the shugoryuu or "guardian dragon".

Preparation is key thus the same outfit is worn on a daily basis. A black sports bra is overlayed by an equally small black tanktop for stability. Drab green cargo pants are held up by a thick canvas belt. Bronze canisters wrap around her hips, holding all her supplies. The ends of her pants are tucked into knee high combat boots, hands protected by thick black leather gloves. A simple pair of bronze triangle earrings hang idly from each ear. The sand hitai-ate is tied around her neck on a black sash, placed just so for all to see.

There are just a few additions for when she's in the field. Metal armor plates are strapped on her arms from wrist to shoulder, on her legs from ankle to hip, and her torso from front to back, neck to pelvis. This armor is interlinked and sectioned to provide maximum protection while not compromising mobility. Small spikes are attached to the armor, each individual one coated with hallucinogenic poison making it a nightmare if someone hugged her.

Strict, stoic, proper, punctual, and proud. All of these words can easily be tagged onto Kazumi. Ever since she was a toddler she always had an air about her of seriousness. As a child she never laughed, never smiled, her parents believing they might have spawned a half braindead child. But, this lack of emotion was simply the way her genes had formed.

As she grew older it became more apparent that rather than having a mentally handicapped child Kazumi simply believed she existed to serve. There was a higher calling for her, rather than just being another face in the crowd, another nin in the squad. This little ball of fury had it in her mind that there was a reason she was born a Renchishin, to bring honor back to its name.

This invoked a drive to be as studious as one could be. There's never any fun to be had for her, its all work all the time. If she's not in the field she's training, meditating, or studying. If she's not sleeping she's recalling her previous battles to try and think of a way to better herself. But, none of it is strictly for her own glory. Rather, she knows that within the privilege of serving Sunagakure and ultimately the Kazekage she will earn respect.

Though it may seem to anyone that doesn't truly know her that Kazumi is an emotionless soldier and only throwing herself into battle to die, its quite the opposite. People may call her "Ice" due to her cold demeanor but she's more than that. For those that consider a friend, ally, anything of the sort, they know one thing. If they ever need Kazumi for anything, no matter how minor or major, she will be there. Its her way of showing she cares, since she really does.

Never will she wish she was someone else somewhere else. This can be seen when she's in the beat of a fight, eyes vibrant as ever. If one truly looked close enough they would see a smile upon her lips and hear a light laugh escape her throat. This is when she feels fully alive.

Nindo: "Why does it sound like the devil is laughing? Oh wait, that's me."

Clan/Bloodline: Renchishin Clan: Bumon of Sunagakure

Primary Archetype:
Phantasma Warrior
Gain access to Stage I of the Ekitai-Kenfu: Rittaisen for free.
Primary: Physical or Chakra
Secondary: Physical or Chakra
Tertiary: Mental
Stat Merits: +2 Speed, +1 Control
Stat Flaws: -2 Willpower, -1 Tactics
A clan of warriors often described as Phantoms, the Renchishin pride themselves on their impressive skill in hand-to-hand combat. Strikingly fascinating intellectuals when it comes to on field battle as well, members holding this archetype seem most at home while fighting. And why blame them? They’re good at what they do.



Physical - Primary

Strength: 1 + 10 = 11 (+10 Fluid Fist)
Speed: 1 + 2(PW) + 10 = 13 (+15 Fluid Fist)
Stamina: 1 + 10 = 11 (+9 Rittaisen)

Mental - Tertiary

Intelligence: 1 + 7 = 8
Tactics: 1 - 1(PW) + 8 = 8
Willpower: 1 - 2(PW) + 9 = 8

Chakra - Secondary

Power: 1 + 10 = 11
Control: 1 + 1(PW) + 10 = 12
Reserves: 1 + 7 = 8


Jutsus and Techniques:

Ekitai Kenfu: Rittaisen (Fluid Fist Style: Three-Dimensional Warfare)
[Free] Stage 1 - Kihongata “Kata of Basics” (Control 5, Power 3)
[1] Stage 2 (Control 8, Power 6, Stamina 6)
[2] Stage 3 - Heishugata “Kata with Closed Hands” (Control 11, Power 9, Stamina 8; Water Walking)
Accumulated Bonuses: +9 Stamina

Ekitai Kenfu: Fluid Fist
[3] Stage One (Speed 5, Strength 3)
[4] Stage Two (Speed 8, Strength 6, Control 6)
[5] Stage Three (Speed 11, Strength 9, Control 8; Water Walking)
Accumulated Bonuses: Speed +15, Strength +10

Global Ninjutsu
Stage One
[6] Kawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) (Intelligence 3, Reserves 3)
Stage Two
[7] Kinobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking Technique)/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Wall Walking Technique) (Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4)
Stage Three
[8] Suimen Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Water Walking) (Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8)

Wind Ninjutsu
Stage One
[9] Fuuton: Kaze Fuuchuufuyuu (Wind Element: Wind Levitation) (Power 3, Willpower 2)
Stage Two
[10] Fuuton: Okuridashi Kaze (Wind Element: Propelling Winds) (Willpower 6, Intelligence 5, Power 5)
[11] Fuuton: Henshin Bakuha (Wind Element: Deflection Blast) (Control 6, Power 6, Willpower 4)
Stage Three
[12] Fuuton: Shinkuutai Naihatsu (Wind Element: Air Pocket Bursts) (Willpower 8, Intelligence 6, Tactics 8)

- Comm Unit [1]
- Kunai [2]
- Body Plates [4]
- Hallucinogenic Poison [3]
- Armour Spikes [10]

Weapon Points Remaining: 0


"Are you sure of this?"

"Absolutely, I dug as far back as I could. Its true."

"That explains alot then. The fights, the choice of tai style, even the hoodie and sunglasses all the time.
She hid it all very well in plain sight for a child."

"I don't think she was ever a child."

Kazumi of the Renchishin clan was born in the dead of night, not disturbing the serenity of the full moon with her cries. The world knew not of what had just entered, not an inkling of what the child was. There was a great amount of concern over the girl's degree of muteness. Not a fuss was made when normal children wailed for food or a changing, not a whimper she was wasn't held. Parents believing they had a child of special needs, touched in the head, they hired a nanny. But they had judged too soon.

As she developed and grew it became more and more apparent that not only was the child normal by all regards, she was incredibly bright. By the time she was five Kazumi had become an absolute handful, having her own entourage of nannies, tutors, and instructors. This only child was doted on in every way an intellectual could be, books, scrolls, and academic material filling every corner of the house. Although they wished for their daughter to become a scholar, a politician, or a diplomat there was a downfall to being a pure blooded Renchishin. Kazumi had an exceptional grasp not only on her own body, but a deep well of chakra she only described at the time as "a flying spirit".

This decree from the mouth of such a young girl only meant one thing to them, she had the desire like her ancestors before her to live and breathe combat. Six months before her sixth birthday Kazumi was sat down, spoken to like an adult. Over the course of three hours she was given an account of where her roots came from, what those before her had accomplished. This only lit the fire behind her eyes, making them glow like the very depths of a volcano. These stories weren't tales to her, they were a history that had birthed her in existence and she wanted to put her own mark upon it. Given a choice to either pursue her own dreams or to serve Sunagakure she only had one answer, her dream was to serve.

Everything was packed up, a house was found, and the move was made. It was a quite a change, going from a luxurious home in River Country where her parents made good money as personal security to the tiny two bedroom apartment in the desert. The loss of privileged living had no effect on the child, the only real changes she made was that to her wardrobe. Since the Renchishin were still a bad taste in the mouth of the shinobi world all precautions to hide their bloodline were taken. Kazumi was usually dressed in a hoodie that shadowed her eyes, along with a pair of circular sunglasses to hide them from straight on looks. A floor-length jacket was used to cover her stature, making the child more like a mummy. The only thing that could actually be seen was from the tip of her nose to her chin, and it remained that way as she was enrolled into the Academy.

"I really can't believe I never made the connection before. I mean, now that I look at it, its so blatantly obvious."

"Its probably a good thing you didn't know.
You might have treated her differently which would have made her something else."

"You're probably right. If I knew what she was back then, I would have never invested so much time like I did.
I may have even gotten her removed entirely from my class."

"It was really more turmoil inside their clan than the village.
Why are you so hasty against them?"

"Its really more of what they made. I mean their own sold their secrets, what could have kept him from selling all of Sand's?
I don't want to be a part of creating another one of those."

"But you're not, she's totally different from that."

"You're right, she is."

The Academy was neither incredibly kind or incredibly harsh to the little Renchishin. There was teasing from the children since they knew she wasn't born within Sungakure, or even within Wind Country. Yet that didn't seem to shake her confidence or make her shy away from others. Kazumi would simply stand there, not reacting at all, and walk off when they were done. When she saw others being picked on she always came to the rescue, putting herself between the two sides. If it escalated into a fight she knew she had grounds of self defence. This won her quite a few friends, the underdogs and the small ones following her around as if she was their squad leader.

This of course didn't hinder her studies. Not a single minute was wasted on anything to be associated with playtime. Her fun came from studying, sparring, and exercising. The child that never smiled in public, at the funniest joke, or even when she was complimented was an anomally. While it was a bit curious to her Academy instructors it didn't seem to bother the group that followed her around. From this came her skills in leadership, already refining her to take a hold of authority and know what to do with it.

All through out those years not once had anyone ever suspected that Kazumi was a part of the dishonored clan, having hid her physical identity so well. When asked why she chose Ekitai Kenfu over all the rest of the taijutsu styles she only responded with a short explanation that she understood it the most. At home her parents were teaching her the finer points of the same style, but from the Rittaisen influence. The two were conjoined within her own mind to generate a seamless transition between the two. To hide the studies even further she took up Fuuton, focusing on the aspect of defensive winds.

The full extent of Kazumi's natural leadership showed during the Overnight. The girl was in a large group setting, surrounded by fellow students. Yet she didn't feel like she was just another genin. The exercises and such seemed too simple by xesign but Kazumi made the best of it. Like she did in any other situation she asserted herself as a self appointed leader. Others tried to do the same, but not to such a successful extent as her. By the end of the night she had dominated the crowd, her hand chosen squad topping the charts.

When graduation came Kazumi didn't celebrate, as much as her parents seemed to want to. The accomplishment was merely a requirement she had placed on herself, it was to attain her dream after all. Now, as a genin, the world was there to be taken with all its spoils. Of course, she didn't dare reach out and touch. Life was about serving, and she'd only take the pay for the rank she possessed. At the bottom it wasn't so bad, she could only go up from there.

"How did you handle her anyways? Didn't she get in alot of fights?"

"Yeah, she did. But the strange thing is, she never instigated them. It was always in defense of someone else.
I knew she was picked on for the way she dressed, it was kinda creepy.
Yet, she never did anything to the bullies when they went after her."

"How did think she did afterwards? As a genin?"

"Passed my expectations like you wouldn't believe."

"I drove her as far as I could into the ground. She always got back up."

The day Gin laid eyes on Kazumi her life took a turn for the worse. He saw a soldier begging to be shaped, fined tuned, and honed to be the best. From this came daily physical and mental torment. The other two genin on the team received the same anguish but eventually they broke down, pleading for leniency. But not Kazumi, not the girl who never cried out no matter how hard he punched her.

Once it was determined they could actually work as a team they were sent out on missions. Despite having a jounin sensei the little Renchishin still composed herself as a leader. Many of their assignments consisted of mundane patrols, uneventful escorting of civilians, and menial tasks such as fixing fences and heavy lifting. Not a complaint came from Kazumi, unlike her two counterparts. Everyone started out at the bottom, knowing it could only get better.

Over the years the team sustained their near perfect record. Kazumi and Gin had their regular evening spars, resulting in both personal and physical growth for the girl. As much as she should have had an air of entitlement and an ego, she had not the slightest hint of such. Humble, dutiful, and responsible she gave no indication that she looked down on anyone or any assignment. During battles she never grumbled about how much pain she was in, never yelped when strucked, never cringed at oncoming blows. This was why Gin started calling her "Ice" due to her seemingly emotionless and straightforward attitude on everything, and it stuck.

Time going on the team was given more difficult missions. Still, it seemed they could handle it. Little by little Gin faded himself out, overseeing how Kazumi would lead when given the opportunity. More often than not he was satisfied with her out of the box thinking, prioritizing and looking out for the entirety of the team. Even this unconventional way of teaching didn't harm their record, the sensei there more or less to step in if things really got out of hand.

While on a simple assignment to escort a group of orphans to Sunagakure they had been overcome by a band of thieves with murder for undertones. There was little time to react, Kazumi putting herself between the children and the criminals. Orders were shouted, hand seals were formed, she had taken charge. Both fellow genin were led into a battle not only for their lives, but for the lives of the children. Gin stayed at the back of the fight, letting the genin handle it.

It didn't take long to bring it all to an end, apprehending the thieves. Not one life was taken, the assaulters were brought with the group to face trial for their crimes. In the report of the incident Gin made it a prominent point that it was Kazumi who took control of the situation. With this, her track record, and amount of skill she was promoted to chuunin. Again, her parents wished to celebrate but she would have none of it. It was another requirement reached, that was all.

"So just like that, huh?"

"Just like that. If it had been anyone else I wouldn't have let them take control."

"That's a pretty risky move, letting a genin call the shots."

"By that time she wasn't really a 'genin' anymore. I would have been proud to call her a colleague, a friend, or a fellow soldier.
Anything but a subordinate."

"Someone getting a little crush? It sounds like it."

"You would too if you've seen her in the last couple months."

Now faced with the responsibilities of the higher rank Kazumi only continued to blossom. Every mission was taken seriously, prepared for meticulously, and carried out in the most professional manner. While this would be expected from nearly all shinobi she had the uncanny ability to be what her very nickname meant. If a teammate was compromising the mission she didn't hesitate to tell them. No mercy was ever shown to enemies, doing her best to take them down in the least amount of time possible.

This continued on for years, gaining quite the impressive record. Side notes made by colleagues revealed just how seriously she took her job. The loyalty she had was never shaken when she heard harsh whispers of her clan's past. As she matured she realized there was a heavy responsibility on her shoulders to restore the honor of the Renchishin. She knew there was a man already trying to do so, one that went by the name Hitoko. There was little to be known of him, but then again she didn't vigorously inquire either.

The assassination of the Juudaime Kazekage was like someone had shoved an e-tag down her throat. It felt like a destructive failure on her part, like she hadn't worked hard enough to protect the one thing she looked up to. The death rocked the rest of Suna, and like most of them she felt it down to her core. Uncharacteristic of her she spent a day in mourning, sobbing until she had no more tears to give. The night was entirely dedicated to burning a single fire in the dunes, praying the deceased would find peace in the afterlife.

While the voting for a new Kazekage was taking place Kazumi was re-evaluating herself, wondering how she could improve to prevent the catastrophe from happening again. A more rigorous training schedule was self imposed, just as Enzan was named the new leader. It didn't matter who he was, or what his background was. He had the title, so he had her loyalty, unquestioningly. Atleast, it didn't matter from a Renchishin perspective. For Kazumi herself, the self dedication was even more cemented since the new leader was the son of the previous.

Just after the Zoukei village was wiped from existence Kazumi heard mumblings in the streets. The clan grounds that had long been deserted were being remodeled and a Renchishin had attained the coveted honor of Shinrai. This was an absolute surprise to her. Was the clan finally being revived? It was a wonder and she continued to keep her distance, still hiding her own roots until she could see it was a genuine movement. As the months went on more and more proof was brought to her attention, even the Kazekage was backing it. When this was learned she shed her cocoon all at once.

Fellow shinobi were caught off guard when they learned that Kazumi was one of the Renchishin. The hoodie and sunglasses were left behind, replaced with a midriff baring military fatigue type uniform. Such a reveal not only boosted her own confidence, it also brought many other things to light. It now made sense why she had been so secretive, having come from River Country, and the amount of stress she put herself under. It was also obvious why she acted the way she did.

Now she was curious as to who this Hitoko was. In a single swing he had brought the Renchishin back into the light. A part of her was jealous since she wanted to be the one to do so. The other half was relieved since she wasn't the only one fighting for a revival. In a sense he became an idol to her, a person to look up to just as much as the Kazekage. She made it a goal in life, to meet the man and become a valuable asset to him.

There was hardly enough time to let the waves in her own social circle subside. The raid on the Priests was conducted, Kazumi wishing she could have toed the line. It was a relief to finally have the guerilla war come to an end even if she hadn't been involved. For a month the village celebrated, merriment bountiful. But she wasn't among it, atleast not in the physical crowds. Instead she celebrated in her own way, with yet another bonfire ceremony and prayer. This time she thanked the gods for strength and perseverance of her fellow shinobi.

The kidnappings put her on edge, making the decision whether to stay with her parents or to take a dwelling on the clan grounds rather difficult. For some reason she felt compelled to stay within the village, to self assign a night watch. Just as one evil had been wiped out another was cropping up. Such an unseen threat was something she couldn't ignore. But then again, her dedication to the clan was screaming to be proved. In the end, she decided to go, wanting to live among her own.

The most recent raid and the jailbreak has only made her step up her game even more. While there seems to be too little sunlight in the day for searching she does work on it. Using her own time and resources Kazumi travels to the other establishments, checking up on the civilians. From this she has made quite a few allies, having a couple contacts in each village. While they could prove useful in certain situations, she does genuinely care about their well being. It became the reason why she had a black and teal dragon tattooed on her body, claiming its her inner soul.

On a day to day basis, when not on assignmemt or traveling, Kazumi wakes up at dawn to jog five miles before having her morning spar with her old sensei. After just a bowl of rice for lunch she spends her afternoon studying and meditating. A dinner comprised only of noodles and chicken is followed up by training herself in the main courtyard of the Renchishin compound. A simple solo tea ceremony is performed by candlelight right before bed. Its a schedule she is not willing to break.

"She hasn't beaten you yet though, right?"

"Not yet no. But I have to take her seriously more and more."

"How far do you think she's going to go?"

"As far as the Kazekage tells her to."

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