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Default Akagawa Ryuunosuke - Akagawa's Brewmaster

Name: Akagawa "Ryu" Ryuunosuke
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11''

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Grass Country - Kusagakure
Rank: Chuunin
Division: KSHD - Combat Medic

Physical Description:To say Ryu understands hygiene would be an overstatement. It isn’t that the man is dirty, but rather, inattentive to the small details of his person. His reddish-brown medium length hair is always unkept. It’s like the man gets out of bed and only runs his hand through his hair enough to keep it from actually looking like bed head. His eyes have a special hint of orange that seems to melt and mix with his red irises. It’s truly a unique feature and one that he uses to engage women. The rest of his body is fairly unfeatured from the rest of the shinobi in the world. Due to intensive training in the Akagawa’s unique taijutsu he maintains a body similar to an olympic swimmer with a few more pounds. Overall physically Ryu doesn’t stand out much from others, but what he lacks in physical definition he makes up for in personality and style.

Clothing:Casually, Ryu has no defined style that he leans on the most. Ultimately it ends up being whatever the weather permits him to wear. Raining and warm? Probably a light windbreaker hoodie with some sort of shorts. Raining and cold? Jeans, jacket, or hoodie over a shirt. It all just depends on whatever he finds in the closet.

Working? If studying at a medical clinic, then it’s a lab coat over normal clothing or scrubs. Whatever is permitted. If doing rounds at a shinobi medical clinic, then his headband plus a lab coat over his normal shinobi outfit. His normal shinobi outfit is typical with one addition, a Brewmaster’s Belt.

Personality:Ryu operates on two different wavelengths when it comes to the situation he is in. There is actually a check list for this stuff apparently and it’s a pretty short one. The first and probably true version of Ryu’s personality is that he truly loves and enjoys life. This is not shown better than when the man is off duty or when you find him attempting to make wine. The man seems to secrete happiness and optimism when he is away from anything he considers work. Pratical jokes and tricks aren’t unheard off. He is also known to be quite the funny man, but really only he finds himself funny. Truly the man is like a grown child.

The second would be mostly noticeable while he is at work or on duty for Kusagakure. His attitude tends to do a 180. Instead of being a prankster and a jovial sort of man, he instead seems to be a man on a mission. It’s not that he isn't happy or nice. It’s more like he is focused on what needs to get done. Ryu rather do what is necessary quickly and efficiently so that he can get back to his wine or back home so that he can get back to working on his next scheme, because it seems it’s his ultimate goal in life is to get every one of his family members with one of his elaborate pranks that never seems to work. It’s this focus though that gets Ryu by in his life and many people will say that he never turns it off even though he will refute it.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": “To make the greatest wine that Kusagakure has ever tasted or is it for being known as one of the greatest Medical Shinobi and Akagawa that has graced this country. I don’t know… why don’t you choose for me!”

Clan/Bloodline: Akagawa

Primary Archetype:

Akagawa Clan Generalist - First Stage of Clan Taijutsu for Free
Stat Bonuses: +3 Speed
Stat Flaws: -1 Reserves, -2 Power

Secondary Archetype:

Offensive Healer
Stat Bonuses: +1 Intelligence, +1 Reserves, +1 Speed
Stat Flaws: -2 Willpower, -1 Power


Physical - 30 Points

Strength: 1 + 10 = 11
Speed: 1 + 4 + 10 = 15 + 15 (30 Hoshigami-Ryu)
Stamina: 1 + 10 = 11 + 12 (23 Hoshigami-Ryu)

Mental - 27 Points

Intelligence: 1 + 1 + 9 = 11
Tactics: 1 + 9 = 10
Willpower: 1 - 2 + 9 = 8

Chakra - 24 Points

Power: 1 - 3 + 8 = 6
Control: 1 + 8 = 9
Reserves: 1 -1 + 1 + 8 = 9

Jutsu and Techniques

Global Ninjutsu - 2 Jutsu
Stage One
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)

Stage Two
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique)

Medical Ninjutsu - 3 Jutsu

Stage One
Igaku Kunren (Medical Training)
Kanrinin (Caretaker)

Stage Two
Zesshi Nensan (Fanged Tongue Acid)

Apothecary Ninjutsu - 4 Jutsu

Stage One
Ayatsuri Gomoku (Manipulate Mixture)
Shuuki Bakudan (Stink Bomb)

Stage Two
Biransei Funsha no Jutsu (Mace Shot)
Keshi (Popper)

Hoshigami-Ryu Taijutsu - 3 Jutsus + Archetype Freebie
Stage 3
Stat Bonuses: +15 Speed, +12 Stamina
Special Techs: Toorima no Jutsu (Phantom Killer)

Shinobi Kit
Brewmaster’s Projectile Belt - 1
Item Points Remaining: 7
Additional Item Points Gained: 0


Childhood and Academy

Life in the beginning? I don’t know how to answer that. I mean when you are born you don’t really remember anything. What is the first thing you remember when you were a child? Me? The smell of the blooming flowers of spring, as I and my other siblings played just outside of the clan housing. The warm sun on my skin and my parents going about their business. I have never been one to keep up with what others are doing around me. You can call me clueless or whatever, but honestly as a child, I didn’t care one bit what anyone else was doing, especially the grown ups. Don’t misunderstand now I know the things that have happened and where we stand today, as a family. It’s a rough patch, I agree there, but are happy now and I was happy then. My parents weren’t overly protective or closed minded about anything I did. It was and still is an awesome family to be a part off, but to say my childhood was sad or depressing would be way off base. I was a child just as I am a happy man.

Do I have memories of my siblings as kids? Of course. I mean how do I not have memories of the people I see on a regular basis? Anji? Really? You want me to go down that road… Man, the guy isn’t any fun. Do you know he never laughs at anything I do. I mean come on! I only have pure gold when it comes to jokes and did I mention he is impossible to catch off guard. Don’t worry I will catch him one day. That fool will definitely get caught in one of my awesome practical jokes and the day it happens will be a glorious one. You just wait, but memories with me? Not anything of value per say. What I can say is that he is the older one and more accomplished one today, but I wasn't held to some standard he may have set forth being the older one. Anyways, we were kids and we were family. We hung out constantly as kids and we still do today. I am sorry that I didn’t live some extravagant life as a child, but I was just a typical kid and from what I remember, so was the rest of them.

How did I fare at the Academy compared to others? About the same. You go into the Academy with this air about you. You are an Akagawa! The famous clan who has protected the borders and gate of Grass for as long as anyone can remember and then suddenly your family is almost snubbed out and you are back from the shadows. You are now stacked twice as much as anyone else. First, I am part of a clan with a rich history of being successful and second I am clan that is clawing it’s way back to the top. Apparently, that means the day I showed up was the day a target was put on me. I was not just one person's competition, but I was everyone’s.

Man did I disappoint those fools who thought they came to the Academy to show me up! Hahaha! Jokes on them! I didn’t do well at first. See, I have this problem. If it’s boring to me then my motivation to do it is lacking, so I found myself at the bottom of the class for a while. It was probably halfway through my years in the Academy that I wised up and began to rise and man when you put yourself out there and attempt to do it. SHIT! I rose quickly! I finished the Academy at the upper half. I don’t know why I did. I guess it was because I had family riding my coat tails and the last thing I wanted to do was leave an easy hurdle.

The Genin Years and Chuunin Exams

My Genin years? OH MAN! Let me tell you this is when the fun began, man. This was when I finally got shine! This was my moment! My moment to fight to be the top dog in a three person team and guess what! Sure enough I had two other try-hards with me. Look, I am all for being that guy who wants to be the big shot. I mean, to be honest that's what I want to be. I guess, I just want to prove that my life as a Grass shinobi and a member of the Akagawa has bearing. I want my name to carry weight and I don’t think I did when I was Genin. I wanted to be the best member on the team, but the other two were more well rounded than I was. I mean, I was good enough to graduate from the Academy at a decent rank, but it felt like you were taught quickly and you had to learn it all even faster.

The missions we went on at first weren’t exactly exciting. Find a person’s lost animal or escort someone to a village that was two villages over. Hell! We were once assigned to clean up a vandalized area while a two man team of Chuunins tracked down the perps. Do you know how demoralizing it is to be janitors when you are technically soldiers… it’s bad, man. Real bad. Eventually the missions got harder and tougher the more knowledge and skills we absorbed. I remember this one mission where we were sent to escort and protect a caravan of supplies to one of the towns north of Kusgakure. Did you know that bandits will attempt to kill even a child for wine? What’s going through your mind when you want wine so bad that killing a child is an actually option for you. Sick people in this world and I didn’t realize just how sick the world was then. Looking back I still think I lived life with a shrouded veil over my face.

The Chuunin Exams? The moment I shined! Well my team and I shined. The first part of the test was pretty simple. You either got a key or a box. Your job? Get the other piece you were missing, so you could obtain the map that you needed in order to find the final part of the exam. There was some written exam in the beginning, but it was boring and rather easy, I guess, but back to the key and box thing. So we had a box, which meant we needed the key. You may ask why we didn’t break the box and take the map. Simple answer to that. They had someone lock the box with ninjutsu and the only way to open it was the key. It was impervious any other way, well any way we could possibly attempt.

My team and I found ourselves travelling the forest, they set the teams up in, looking for a good place to ambush someone. That was our plan. Ambush a team and attempt to take the key by force. Our only problems were we didn’t know what teams had a key and that we were also being stalked by another team. The attack came at night and was quick. The group moved in fast and attempted to subdue one of my teammates, but they didn’t count on me reacting faster than them. Thanks Akagawa taijutsu training! The fight was pretty intense and back and forth, but with some lucky projectile usage from our specialist and me able to overpower one of the attacking members we were able to subdue our opponents and win, but our luck ran out there, as they also had a box.

It took us two more days of survival in the forest before we finally got our hands on a key. It was pretty simple for us. The group was exhausted. It was obvious they were new like us, but we are surrounded by a forest. We learn quicker than other genin groups how to survive in them. That and the last member of my team controlled the forest, as if it was an extension of herself. Man, I miss her… She was really awesome, but died during the all the commotion recently, but that's later. With the key in hand and the box we were able to get the map and with the map we followed it to the last area.

I am beginning to think these exams always end in one on one combat. I don’t know, but it’s like they ran out of ideas a long time ago or people just get off watching gladiatorial combat. Who knows. I will be honest about the final part of the exams. They sucked. I watched enemies fight, team mates versus each other, and even friends. All for the enjoyment of people who would end up signing our checks. I think this was the part of my life that made me kind of sick that I signed up for this. I didn’t like this idea. I hated it. We were humans. Hell, we were still just kids, well most of us. I think I took my anger of the situation out on my opponent and each one I beat it grew even more. It wasn’t their fault or mine. It was the people watching and cheering, as we fought for a lifestyle we thought was worth it. It would take me a long time to regain myself from what I experienced there…

The Chuunin Years to Current

I was in a rough place after the Chuunin exams. Sure, I was promoted, but I didn’t like what I had to do to get there. The things I saw. I was just a kid back then and I didn’t understand why the world was so dark. I experienced it once with the bandits trying to kill me when I was just a genin child, but that didn’t bother me as much as this. The bandits were evil and sinister. This just felt different…

Back to the Chuunin stuff. At the time I gritted my teeth and did what I was required to do and I only did enough to get by. My family urged that the world was dark and sometimes you had to do things that would sully your hands, but you did them to protect what was precious to you. They tried to pick me back up, but it didn’t work. What finally turned it all around for me was Medical arts. I never really thought about being a doctor or a medical shinobi at all. It’s not a path an Akagawa really takes, but I felt that was why it would be perfect. I had this idea of being able to be one of the greatest frontline shinobis who used my clan’s taijutsu with the knowledge and understanding of the medical arts. What better way to slow down an opponent than actually knowing how to do it in the most precise way possible. Sure throwing high powered ninjutsu or being exceptional at physically overpowering works, but nothing stops a person more than something medically shutting down the body. The strongest warriors in the world aren’t immune to sickness and with medical knowledge I became a double-edged sword, a healer and a fighter. Perfect.

Recently Kusagakure and the country have went through a fairly large upheaval. Where some of my family wasn’t heavily involved, I was different. I can’t say I played a huge part in what happened, but because of my involvement with the medical arts I found myself constantly at various camps doing what I could to stabilize and help with the injured on both sides. This was probably my defining moment. It was during this fast and chaotic time that I came into my own as both a man of the Akagawa and a Shinobi of Grass. I now spend my days doing what Kusagakure needs me while finding the greatest recipe for wine ever, as Kusagakure recovers from the recent events.

Other Info:

- Ryu has it out for Anji. Anji is the ultimate target for his pranks and to this day he has yet to get. One day though... one day.

- Ryu is a huge drinker of wine and wishes to one day make the greatest wine Grass Country has ever tasted.

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