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Engiversary AP update +6 to a grand total to 13

Edit: Spent it all in one place. I'm at 0 now.

Edit:Edit: Got some more APs I am now at 27

Edit:Edit:Edit: Spent 25 AP on Hotaru; I have two left

Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit: Engiversary 2016 6AP. I now have 8AP.

Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit: Engiversary 2017 7AP. I now have 15AP.

Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit: Spent it all in one place. AP = 0

Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit: Engiversary 2018 7AP. I now have 7AP.

Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit: Easter 2018 +1AP. I now have 8AP.

Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit: Spent 6AP. I now have 2AP remaining.

Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit: Engimas 2k18: +2AP; so 4AP remaining.

Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit: Edit: Member of the year - nice-ness: 2GMAP (and still 4AP from before)

Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit: Edit:Edit:
Engiversary Donation Drive: +34 AP (17 from $$ donated, 8 from initial engiversary post, 6 from engiversary unlocks and 3 from bulk ap pack) + 2TP (still 4ap from before along with 2gmap from before); so 38AP, 2TP, and 2 GMAP total

Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit: Edit:Edit: Engiversary Donation Drive Part 2: +18 AP (+3 from crossing 2200$): This leaves me with 59 AP, 2TP and 2GMAP

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