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Default [Rain Chuunin] - Ihara Hayate



Name: Ihara Hayate
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Height: 1.72m

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Hidden Rain Village
Rank: Advanced Chuunin
Division: N/A

Physical Description:
Due to his extensive physiotherapy and training, Hayate has a well-defined physique. His forearms and biceps are larger than would be expected, but this is in part due to his arm launchers and the priority that was placed on developing the muscles in his arms. Hayate is average height and fairly thin, and when fully clothed you would not expect him to be physically inclined.

Hayate lets his light hazel hair grow wild, mainly because as a kid at the facility it was always very short and he never really liked it. He has matching hazel eyes with an amber tint, and an innocent child-like face that makes him always appear much younger than he really is.

The palms of his hands each have the tips of four protruding barrels joined by a crossed mechanism and surrounded by a square border. The mechanism allows the barrels orientation to be altered and controlled. The inside of his forearms have two cylindrical openings from which he can insert and expel senbon refill capsules.

Age 19: After undergoing various surgeries and upgrades to his launchers, Hayate has incorporated his hand claws within his implants. This is visible as 3 metal slits in-between his knuckles from which he can extract the blades. The barrels within his palms have been modified as well to be able to combine into a single large barrel from which he can launch rain pebbles. This forms part of an ongoing experiment to allow him to gain access to Acid-based ninjutsu and overcome the damage to his arms.

Hayate and clothing is a an issue, as he is very comfortable being naked and is definitely not shy. He spends most of the time at the hospital being observed in the nude or wearing the very minimal hospital gowns available. Lately his choice of attire is a hazel amber fitted sleeveless top with a black netted vest over. He wears a black belt with his head protecter fixed off-center to the left, and a small shinobi pouch on the back right. Here he keeps his senbon refill capsules. Depending on the season Hayate wears the standard black shinobi pants and shoes or black shorts with ankle guards. When he is not using them his 4 bladed hand claws clip at either side of his hip onto his belt, when using them they cover his four fingers excluding his thumb and clip around his wrists. They are the typical standard shinobi claws and not often used in Amegakure, because of the availability of the Komodo claws. Hayate however prefers them due to their light weight and minimal design which does not interfere with his arm launchers.

Hayate is obnoxiously optimistic and always believes in himself and those around him. He is unbiased and will never look down on another human being. He firmly believes in justice and that those who intentionally abuse and mistreat others are to be apprehended.

Hayate is not always familiar with social norms, and can often get into trouble because of his ignorance. He is still very naive when it comes to women and the “birds and bees,” and no-one seems inclined to enlighten him. And due to his friendly intimate nature can often give people the wrong idea. Hayate is also brutally honest, which can lead to even more trouble as he is often reprimanded by Dr Kozu for pointing out that she has picked up some weight.

Hayate has a strong link to his parents and the background he came from, and thus will always help and assist those less fortunate than he is. He will often break his back and give all he has to those in need which is very admirable, but all also Hayate's greatest weakness.

Overall Hayate is a very determined young man with a strong will, and a drive to be a betterment to the world. And it is really hard to not get along with him, as he brings no negativity to any relationship.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": My ability is stronger than my disability.
Clan/Bloodline: None

Primary Archetype:
Archetypes: Quicksilver (Primary) – Myrmidon (Secondary)
Combo Special: Once per thread, the user can use their Speed (as long as it is superior to their opponent's) to sneak up behind "completely unnoticed". (Read: The opponent can still counter their attacks if he is skilled enough)
Secondary Archetype:



Physical - Primary (30/30 + 9 Advanced Chuunin Points + 2 GMAP)

Strength: 1 - 1 QS = 0 + 11 Pool + 2 GMAP = 13 (+ 8 Yatama no Shikaku = 21)
Speed: 1 + 2 QS = 3 + 17 Pool = 20 (+ 20 Yatama no Shikaku = 40)
Stamina: 1 + 1 QS + 2 MY = 4 + 2 Pool + 9 Adv +3 AP= 18 (+ 20 Komodo Kamisori-ken = 38)

Mental - Secondary (27/27)

Intelligence: 1 - 1 MY = 0 + 8 Pool + 3[TP] + 2[GMAP] = 13
Tactics: 1 - 1 MY = 0 + 8 Pool +4 AP +1[TP] = 13
Willpower: 1 = 1 + 11 Pool +2 AP = 14

Chakra - Tertiary (24/24)

Power: 1 - 1 QS = 0 + 5 Pool +3 AP= 8
Control: 1 - 1 QS - 1 MY = -1 + 15 Pool = 14
Reserves: 1 + 1 MY = 2 + 4 Pool = 6


Jutsu and Techniques: (12/12 Jutsu, 4/5 Lists)

Yatama no Shikaku: Assassin’s Projectile (4 Jutsu)
Stage Four
Stat Requirements: 20 Speed 15 Stamina 8 Strength 14 Control
Accumulated Stage Bonuses: +20 Speed, +8 Stamina, +8 Strength

Komodo Kamisori-ken: Komodo Razor Fist (3 Jutsu)
Stage Four
Requirements: Stamina 18 Speed 14 Strength 11 Willpower 14
Accumulated Stat Bonuses: +16 Speed, +20 Stamina

Amegakure no Ninjutsu: Kuro Suiton (2 Jutsu)
Stage One
Abura Aruki (Oil Walking)
Requirements: Power 4, Control 4
Stage 2
Santoarukari Kawarimi (Acid Kawarimi)
Requirements: Intelligence 7, Tactics 7, Control 6
Stage 3
Santoarukari Bakudan (Acid Bomb)
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6

Global Ninjutsu List (3 Jutsu)
Stage 1
Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking Technique)
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
Stage 2
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu
(Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Stage 3
(Reduced Earth)
Requirements: Intelligence 8, Tactics 8, Willpower 6



Implanted Senbon Launcher Equipment 2.0 [5]
(Small Ballistics - Needle launcher [1] + Hand Claw [1] + Rain Pebbles [1] + Limb Armour [1] + Combined [0] + Implanted [1] )

Implanted Senbon Launcher Equipment 2.0 [5]
(Small Ballistics - Needle launcher [1] + Hand Claw [1] + Rain Pebbles [1] + Limb Armour [1] + Combined [0] + Implanted [1] )

The Shinobi Kit [0]

Item Points Remaining: 0
Additional Item Points Gained: 2



Hayate has always been a sweet and positive soul, even through the hardship he has had to endure. Born to the slums of Sector II, Hayate’s family was poor and lived in a pieced together shack on the outskirts of a factory. He grew up weak and sickly, the air near their home was of the most polluted in Amegakure and they would often struggle to scrap together a meal a day. His parent’s worked in the oil factories for minimal wage and he spent his days begging on the streets of Sector I. Hayate had always dreamed of joining the shinobi academy; he would see the children of Sector I coming home from training in the afternoons. Due to his financial situation and sickly body he knew it was not possible for him; he was destined for the factories like father before him.

It was late one afternoon and Hayate had managed to procure some old bread from the bakery in central Sector I. He was rushing down an alley without looking ahead of himself and bumped into some of the academy children of the sector. The knock sent him and his bread flying and they landed in a clogged up drain, the children started laughing as Hayate fought the urge to cry. “Don’t cry little baby,” they mocked him; “we will buy you a brand new bread...” Hayate’s head rose to look at them. “But first you have to climb up to the lights at the top of Sector I.” The girders and lighting above Sector I was off limits, it was used for observation by the shinobi; there were however service landers for the maintenance staff that looked after the sky lights.

Hayate had no choice, it was important that he brought something home; they had not had a good meal all week. He agreed to the terms. The children took him to one of the service ladders, its lock had fallen off due to corrosion. They scouted the area and when it was clear gave him the signal to climb. He struggled quite a bit, he had never climbed that high before; the roof of the sector was about 60 meters up. He was near the top when things started to go wrong, the metal of the ladder creaked and the ladder began to sway. The lock had not been the only thing struck by corrosion, the bolts keeping the ladder to the wall had given in and the entire thing was falling. Hayate did not know what to do; the children below had run away. Believing it to be his last moments he wrapped his arms around the bars and closed his eyes.

Hayate awoke three days later in a hospital bed in Sector I, he had been carried in by a chuunin on sentry duty. Dr. Kozu, the head surgeon at the institute, explained to Hayate what had happened. He had broken all the bones in his arms and the only medical procedure was very expensive, neither the hospital nor he could afford it. The hospital could freely cover him for two more days, and he remained for the duration. The food was better than he had ever had before and the air was so fresh that Hayate forgot about all his problems.

On the final day Dr. Kozu came to see him again, this time with a folder in her hands. “There may be another way,” she said to Hayate as she handed him the folder. The folder read ISLE, Implanted Senbon Launcher Equipment; it was a 50 year old trail system that the hospital had in archive from before Hidden Rain went underground. Dr. Kozu explained that it had never been used before, and that she was not even sure if it would work, but that she was willing to do the operation if Hayate gave his consent. Hayate thought hard and realized if it succeeded he would have the strength to become a shinobi. “I’ll do it, but if I survive I need help getting into the shinobi academy.” The doctor smiled at him and put her hand on his head, “I’ll make sure of it.”

After his recovery and physiotherapy, Hayate was admitted to the academy in Sector III. Dr. Kozu had arranged a scholarship for him with food and accommodation at the communal shinobi dorms. Hayate trained and studied hard, he was determined to make a difference with the opportunity he had been given. Hayate’s body grew strong and healthy; he had good genes, but had been hindered previously by the environment in Sector II. However whenever he had free time he would visit his parents and take them some food. They were so proud of him, and cheered him along which gave him even more strength.

Hayate had to go for regular checkups at the hospital, and eventually for servicing of his equipment as well. He became somewhat of a celebrity at the hospital, and always helped out and inspired some of the more terminal kids there. At the academy he had also developed a following, especially among the girls. He had become a physical specimen, lightning fast and masterful with both claws and his ISLE launchers. Within no time he graduated and began his shinobi journey.

Hayate was assigned to team eleven along with Asanuma Mai and Gensai Ayumu. Mai was a young kunoichi specializing in medical ninjutsu and mechanics, she had also been trained to service and repair Hayate’s ISLE launchers. Ayumu was the polar opposite to Hayate in every way; he was a master of ribbon-based ninjutsu, but a very insecure feminine boy often teased by the other students. Hayate accepted Ayumu openly, and often defended him when people tried to pick on him. Together the three of them became inseparable, with Hayate as their leader there was nothing they could not achieve. Eventually both Mai and Ayumu developed a crush for Hayate, who was ever oblivious to it all.

The team found their calling one afternoon when walking past a sign posted outside the Kage’s building which read, “My fellow shinobi, my friends…we are abandoning our conquest to reclaim the surface. Instead we will help the people of Rain. We will take care of what we have already and weaken the militia all the while. Our goal is not to look to the outside but to the inside.” They were reminded of the coronation of Amekage Ayame that took place while they were in the academy. It was a large ceremony with all the shinobi of Rain present, a sight not often seen in the underground. The war with the surface had been going on since they became genin, but they were never directly involved in it. Genin are not often informed of the plans of the village, but this time they were and Ayame’s message held deeper meaning to these three.

Knowing they would not be able to attend the chuunin exams, the three went on a mission rampage. They did every single mission related to helping the village they could get their hands on, especially in the poorer areas. They collected medicines, distributed food supplies and helped build and repair houses in Sector II. They even turned down higher ranking and more dangerous missions, in order to continue providing aid to the people. Their team sensei quickly got bored of them, and took missions of his own as he realized they did not need him at the time. Team Eleven continued on this path for many months and their reputation in the village grew. Eventually Amekage Ayame caught wind of their activities and called them in. They were all three promoted to chuunin level for their outstanding humanitarian services and contributions in the recents military attacks; notably for their efforts in defending the village supply lines and in minimizing collateral damage by prioritizing the evacuation and protection of civilians on the battlefield. Hayate received additional recognition for swiftly taking down two enemies who had broken through to the backlines.

Soon after the promotions their team disbanded, they decided that to best help the village they needed to spread their efforts further. Mai joined the hospital in order to provide relief and medical services to the poorer areas in Amegakure, while Ayumu became an instructor at the academy. There his plans were to instill a culture of unity in the younger generations. Hayate was unsure where he would go, but realised that he needed to do more than just provide aid to the village. The village needed him to use his strength and combat prowess, which lead to his next destination: the battlefields. Thus his journey to find where Amegakure needed him the most began.

Other Info:
-Hayate has very minimal ability to use chakra in his hands and arms.
-Hayate has to regularly return to the Medical/Research Facilities of Amegakure to have his arm launchers upgraded and serviced. He often has the opportunity to test new equipment and functions.

Writing Example: N/A

Thread Ratings: Engiversary AP: 3 Stamina, 2 Willpower, Stage 4 Komodo
AP Usage: +3 Power, +4 Tactics
Draining the Swamp: +2 WP, Santoarukari Bakudan (Acid Bomb)
Lab Control: + 3 Intelligence, +1 Tactics[Motm]
[Calamity] Meeting the High Oracles - Participation GMAP: + 2 Intelligence
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