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Default [Sound Senshi] Hasami Kuma, The Iron Devil of Sound

"The return of the Iron Devil!"


Age: 36 || Sex: Male
Height: 6'3"

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Rice Country/Hidden Sound
Rank: Senshi

Physical Description:

As fearsome as the tales have become, everyone always expects Hasami Kuma to be taller. Sure, he is tall, but not exactly the towering giant people make him out to be. Beyond that, though, all the tales are true. His face has been pounded into shape by thousands of blows, but it isn’t a bad shape. The beast was never going to be pretty, but some have found him handsome in a way. They must get past the jagged smile scarred into his face. Well, and his eyes, the hungry furnaces that have seen so many broken before him. Those can be a put off. The crook in his nose, too, broken and re-broken too many times to count…it is a bit of a mar. But masterpieces can have flaws, no?

When it comes to his build, Kuma is an impressive specimen, his musculature not so much sculpted as it is tightly bound against his frame. The senshi’s limbs are thick and dense, broad tree limbs of muscle and bone that have been built in battle. Iron sharpens iron. At the ends of his impressive arms are broad, craggy fists, the knuckles old friends with fractures, both dealing and receiving. As you shake the man’s hands, it feels like a collective of pythons wrapping itself about your hand, intense power behind phenomenal grace, the knowledge that his will is the only barrier between safety and ruin transmitted wordlessly. The deep chuckle coming from the barrel of iron-like flesh that is his chest serves to punctuate that sensation. The vivid irezumi amongst his arms, back, chest, and legs tell his story, punctuated by scars and stretched by his own power.

His dark hair is still much the same. Yes, okay, there is more grey winding through it, but so goes time. It is still as thick as ever. He still wears it swept up and back, styled as if it were two great horns. The face is still kept clean but for the thick, unruly, and, frankly, intimidating sideburns. It is his signature, after all.


Aware of the power his appearance holds, Kuma’s clothing seeks to press that advantage as much as is practical. A white haori is the only garment on his upper body, the sleeves hemmed at the shoulder and again near the knees, black accents present along the edges and the kanji for “Iron Devil” embroidered into the back, the moniker he earned as ‘Ishii Shibata’ and has decided to keep. Favoring canvas pants with a black, white, and gray camouflage pattern with pockets that are tucked into his black leather combat boots. His old Sound hitai-ate still serves as his belt buckle, just as it has for years. He was offered a new one when New Sound rose, given the gouges and scratches and dings, but that was an offer wordlessly rejected.


The man, the myth, the legend, Hasami Kuma is a man who knows exactly what he is and carries himself as such.*

Hasami Kuma is a warrior. The senshi chases the thrill and challenge that nothing else other than battle can provide. Women, luxury, indulgence, art…these all have their place, but they are merely fruits of the tree that is combat. That tree, that is the sole pursuit of this man. When you meet him, the consuming fires of his eyes are sizing you up from the second you come within range, deciding on your capabilities and intent in seconds. But, a man’s worth cannot be deduced until there is a clash. Even when the clash is not physical, but verbal, Kuma approaches it both as a general and a vanguard, navigating the battlefield with strategy and sureness. However, he has never been much for words. Most times, Kuma’s words are his fists. He speaks more eloquently and powerfully with a kick than a monologue. The most important conversations he will ever have consist only of physical collision. The only way you can truly understand someone is by fighting them.

Hasami Kuma is a monster. Though he holds battle as honorable, he conducts himself more as a beast than a man, letting his instinct guide him more than logic, reason, or sense. He acts without mercy or compassion, though not with any particular consideration for cruelty. He just*acts*It has served him well, after all. Thinking too much instills hesitation. And hesitation instills defeat. This applies to his life in general. Since the Rise of New Sound and the elevation of the Bunraku, he has returned to the life of indulgence. Wine, women, and other pleasures are easy to come by and more easily exhausted for the senshi. Some of more inscrutable morality might venture to call Kuma hedonistic, but never in a way it might return to him. Usually, though, many let him to live the life of the conquering soldier. As much as it may make some uncomfortable, it has been very clear that it does not cloud or diminish him. His focus is always clear, his determination unwavering.

Hasami Kuma is a soldier. He lives, breathes, and, one day, will die for Hidden Sound. He walked away from a comfortable, if violent, life as a prize fighter for Sound. When she stood in his way, Kuma removed his wife by force. The Otokage need only command him, and the senshi will go and do, without question and without hesitation. You may call him a dog, but he is the biggest dog around. You may say he has a leash, but it is long. You will never say he is toothless, however, for the flash of ivory white will quickly prove otherwise. You will never call him a coward, for his will is unwavering. No, you may roam and scratch your way through life at the edge of his yard. Meanwhile, he will sup on the finest meats. Come within the yard to try and take what is his, however, and you will learn. Hasami Kuma does not concern himself with his place in life. He has given so much for Sound, that the only thing to do is keep giving until there is nothing left to give.*

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":
"Worth dying for.
Worth killing for.
Worth going to hell for."

Primary Archetype: Daredevil (+2 Stamina, +1 Willpower; -2 Tactics, -1 Intelligence)
Secondary Archetype: Human Tank (+2 Strength, +1 Stamina; -2 Speed, -1 Control)




Strength: 1+2+22+5[AP]=30 (+26 Decaying Fist Bonus) [56]
Speed: 1-2+15+3[AP]+1(TP)=18 (+20 Kadou-Ken Taijutsu) [37]
Stamina: 1+2+1+23+8[AP]=35 (+28 Decaying Fist Bonus) [63]


Intelligence: 1-1+16=16
Tactics: 1-2+19=18
Willpower: 1+1+15+5(Tournament Reward)=22


Power: 1+10=11
Control: 1-1+15+1(TP)=16
Reserves: 1+15=16


Jutsu and Techniques:

Chou Jin Genkutsu (The Decaying Fist)
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6

Req.: Stamina 35, Strength 30, Willpower 21, Speed 10, Tactic 15
Special Techniques:
(III) Masochism
(V) A Crown of Thorns

Kadou-Ken (Vortex Fist)
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4

Req.:Speed 17, Strength 12, Stamina 14, Control 14
Special Techniques:
(II) Kuuhaku Douryou Atemi (Null Momentum Strike)
(III) Shunkoku Kyoten Teiryuu (Instant Point Stop)
(IV) Douryou Shousan (Momentum Dispersion)

Sound Ninjutsu
Stage 1
Myaku (Pulse)
Req.: Control 3, Tactics 2
Stage 2
Kaze Senbon no Jutsu (Wind Needles Technique)
Req.: Myaku, Control 5, Reserves 4, Power 4
Stage 3
Zankuuha (Air Cutter)
Req.: Arm Cannons, Kaze Senbon, Control 8, Reserves 8, Power 6

Global Ninjutsu
Stage 1
Henge No Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
Req.: Control 3, Intelligence 2
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Replacement technique)
Req.: Power 2, Tactics 2
Stage 2
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique)
Req.: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Stage 3
Shukuchi (Reduced Earth)
Req.: Intelligence 8, Tactics 8, Willpower 6

Sound Genjutsu
Stage 1
Okuyuki Katawa (Depth Distortion)
Req.: Control 3, Intelligence 2
Stage 2
Kugurinukeru Meikyou (Through the Looking Glass)
Req.: Reserves 5, Control 4, Power 4
Stage 3
Kenbou no Jutsu (Forgetfulness Technique)
Req.: Reserves 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
Stage 4
Ataeru Kanjoo no Jutsu (Inflict Emotion Technique)
Req.: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Reserves 12

Sigil of the Bunraku

-Arm Cannons (3)
-Harmonic Glove(2)
-Shinobi Kit (0)
-Old Bunraku Mask [Helmet (1) + Night Vision Goggles (2) + Breathing Apparatus (1) + Zoom Goggles (1) = 5]

Item Points Remaining: 0

Additional Item Points Gained: 2

The rain fell against the glass of the window, sounding more like falling nails than droplets of water. The almost musical sound produced by the falling rain rang throughout the small room as a man and woman stood looking into a crib. The man reached his arm out, pulling the woman closer to him and drawing a pleasant sigh from the woman.

“You know Suzuko, things won’t be easy for this kid,” said the man, his voice deep and steady.

“Things never are, Kubimaro,” replied Suzuko, “but he’ll do fine.”

Kubimaro reached down into the crib and pulled the blanket up the boy further, his son fast asleep. “You hear that, Kuma? You’ll do fine.” Turning from his wife and son, he moved towards the door of the room. He stopped and began to say something.

Before a sound could escape his mouth, his wife began to speak. “Go do your duty. We both know what always comes first. You have a job to do. Go kill the enemies of Otogakure.” As she finished that statement, Suzuko turned towards her husband, her face a mixture of happiness and envy. “God knows I would love to be right now.”

Kubimaro smiled to his wife as he exited the room and moved through the house, collecting his gear as he went. As he exited the house, an image of his son standing atop a pile of corpses of the enemies of Sound flashed in his mind and he was ecstatic.


Time passed and Kuma grew. He wasn’t brilliant and it was clear to those who surrounded him that his avenue of ability would not be ninjutsu or genjutsu. Kubimaro, desiring his son to be the best at whatever path he did, consulted many trusted comrades for advice.*

One discussion on the subject was between Kubimaro and his brother-in-law, Sizuro. Sizuro was a skilled swordsman who had been in much the same case as Kuma as a child. He had been rather unskilled in the use of chakra for ninjutsu and genjutsu as a child, though he had eventually grown out of it and become an extremely well rounded shinobi.

The two had been sharing a fine bottle of wine when Sizuro offered to take Kuma under his wing as an apprentice, teaching him his sword style as well as developing the boy’s use of chakra. While the idea did have some merit, Kubimaro politely declined. He asked his brother-in-law what he knew of a style called “The Decaying Fist”.

Sizuro off-handedly made a comment on it being a “monstrous style suited only for monsters.” Shocking the swordsman, Kubimaro replied with a statement that would follow Kuma for the rest of his time in Otogakure.

“Good. The world can always use a new monster.”

Sizuro tried to dissuade his brother-in-law from this decision, citing that it was an awful style to train in, the student having to endure horribly cruel tortures to develop the tolerance for pain necessary for the style. Kubimaro admitted to the worried and slightly hurt man that his concern was admirable, but the issue was already settled and Kuma would begin training under a master of The Decaying Fist the next day.*

And so, Kuma did. The boy became an apprentice to a figure known simply as “The Devil”. His name had long been forgotten and the nickname had been burned into the collective psyche of humanity. A tall, boulder of a man who was well over the age of 40, The Devil was rumored to have fought the gods themselves and made them submit in defeat from mere intimidation and steadfastness.

The experienced warrior was a harsh teacher, unforgiving and steel-fisted. However, his teaching took with Kuma and brought out the best in him. The boy seemed to have an innate knack for the Decaying Fist and progressed quite well. Countless afternoons spent having his body battered to kill the nerve endings and learn to simply deny the existence of pain passed during his years of tutelage under The Devil, who, it was revealed to Kuma, didn’t even remember his own name anymore, nor his country of origin; in fact, the only thing the aged warrior clearly remembered were battles, wounds, and massacres. Many children would be scared that they would become like their teacher.

Such was not the case with Kuma. The boy admired his teacher and aimed to be like him one day. And it was this attachment that made things slightly difficult when The Devil left Sound to wander, putting his student under the tutelage of another master of the Decaying Fist. But Kuma got over it.

Things went good for a time. Kuma became a genin and had begun to garner himself quite the reputation as something of a monster among his peers not only because of his style of fighting, but also because of his build; he was quite a deal taller than his peers and quite a bit more muscular. Kubimaro and Suzuko were quite proud of their child and glad that he would be in the service of Otogakure.

Then, when Kuma was fourteen years of age, the other ninja communities of the world descended upon Sound, razing it and killing many loyal Sound shinobi. Kuma’s parents were among them. Kuma should have stood and fought and died for Sound. But he didn’t do the right thing.

He did the smart thing. The boy, realizing that if he stayed and fought that he would undoubtedly die, ran. Kuma fled deep into the woods and eventually the mountains that surrounded the valley that Sound had once stood. He watched from a cave as the flames danced throughout what had been his home his entire life. Figuring Sound for dead, the hitai-ate came off its place on his forehead and into a pouch on his belt.

Wandering the wilderness for nearly six months in total isolation, Kuma learned to survive on his own. He was doing decently, attempting to keep his training up in the Decaying Fist while trying, though unsuccessfully, to train himself in various other styles. The boy began to ponder just giving up any shred of the ninja life and heading to a nearby town to try and carve out a living.

Then, out of the blue, The Devil walked back into Kuma’s life. According to the boy’s teacher, he had been too far away from Sound to do anything when the other villages had struck and when he returned to Sound and found it in ashes, he was distraught for the first time in a long time. He swore to have revenge on the guilty one day, whether directly or indirectly. Soon after being reacquainted, Kuma again entered the tutelage of The Devil.

For the next five years, Kuma trained intensively under the elder warrior, advancing greatly in the Decaying Fist. Every person that crossed their path was declared a test by the man’s master, and every test put before him, Kuma passed. By the end of the five-year tutelage, Kuma was truly a monster: savage, unrelenting, and cruel.*

When the five years were over, the man known only as The Devil—a warrior who had survived having spears jabbed through his lungs, limbs nearly severed, and poured gallons of his own blood while ripping his opponents limb from limb—died of a heart attack. Kuma would have laughed if the dead man had not been his only non-violent outlet for human interaction since the Fall of Sound.

With his master dead and his skill progressed far enough that he could teach himself the rest, Kuma made the decision to return to civilization. He didn’t know the name of the city and still doesn’t care to remember it, but it was big and it had plenty of opportunities for a monster like him to make a living. He quickly found a place fighting. Back-alleys, basements, smoke-filled clubs—if there was money to be made bludgeoning people’s heads in, the former Sound-nin could be found there, the blood of both his opponent and himself splattered on him.*

Over the ten years he spent in the city, many things changed for Kuma. He became moderately wealthy for his fighting abilities. He fell in love—or what he figured to be love; all the time out in the wilderness had altered his ability to properly define relationships for the worse. He got married. He lived happily in the city with his wife for another six years. Many things changed but one thing remained the same as the day Sound had been razed. Kuma still kept the metal plate of his hitai-ate in his pocket.

When rumors of a marauding bunch of raiders bearing the dreaded mark of Sound reached the man’s ears, Kuma was curious and excited. It had been 15 long years since he had heard neither heads nor tails of Sound. Both pride in knowing that Sound would not die that easily and a longing to reunite with his fellow Sound-nin took root in his chest.

However, not all were so receptive or excited about the news. His wife was one of these. Kuma, 29 at this time, told her of the news of Sound. Her response was not as…open as he hoped it would be. She declared Sound to have been sick freaks that deserved nothing short of total annihilation, citing their several known experiments that were abhorrent to most of society. Her vehement rhetoric against Sound hurt Kuma, each word like a hook being ripped from his chest. What would he do? Kuma wanted so badly to return to his people yet the woman he loved was adamantly against Sound. He had never told her of his past. He had never told anyone. What would he do?

What did he do?

Kuma broke her. That is the easiest way to describe it. He shattered her petite form, grabbed what he needed, and left the city behind him, hunting for the rumored marauding Sound-nin. Somebody stumbled upon the corpse of his wife the next morning, but by then Kuma was again lost in the wilderness.

It took him four months to catch up to them. Well, more like it took him four months to be caught by them. The only thing that saved Kuma from being killed on the spot was the scratched steel plate with the eighth-note engraved on it and that somebody recognized the name “Hasami”. Before long, the monstrous warrior found himself back among the numbers of the soldiers of Sound, the dreaded icon of Sound burned into his neck. Sound gave him access to those aspects of shinobi he had always had trouble with: ninjutsu and genjutsu. With some assistance from his comrades, Kuma has advanced considerably in these areas, although his biggest benefits are still his pure, brute strength and sturdiness.

The rest has been history. Hasami Kuma brought attention to the Sound Nomads in the great tournament, rising to the semi-finals and capturing a valuable biological asset in the form of a set of Fugoushou eyes. When the Nomads were contracted to raise hell in Water country, he was declared Bunraku and did the bloody work it all entailed. When the Nomads descended into the Catacombs of Old Sound in search of a home, he served as a vanguard for the Sonou, Seijuu Raimei. He was there when Egao cracked the skies. Hasami Kuma was one of the first to feel sunlight on the streets of New Sound.

The next chapters remain unwritten.

Other info:
-Has a child out there, somewhere
-"Old Bunraku Mask": Practically a relic, this item is his old Bunraku mask from the nomadic days. The mask itself appears to be a polished piece of featureless steel aside from small dark horizontal slits for eyes. This apparent simplicity obscures the impressive level of technological accomplishment involved. A simple feat for the engineers of the Naga, this mask combines a breathing apparatus and a optics setup integrating night vision and zooming functions. The breathing apparatus involves a series of practically microscopic ventilation holes on the surface, just big enough for air to pass through without being obvious. in addition, despite the eyes being made up of thin slits, they allow for a full range of vision as if the wearer was not wearing the mask at all.

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the more highly I think of what you call savagery!"

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