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Default Susano'o the Kid

Tanshin Susano'o
That Cool Kiid

“Percosets, molly, Percosets. Percosets, molly, Percocets. Chase a check. Never chase a bitch. Mask on, fuck it, mask off. Mask on, fuck it, mask off. Percosets, molly, Percosets. Chase a check, never chase a bitch.”
original app

full name, tanshin susano'o
nicknames, susu, the kiid
age, twenty-one
height, five foot nine-ish
village, kirigakure no sato
rank, jounin
division, navy ensign ://: pirate hunter
ship, dagger

Physical Description:
Susano'o stands at a rather underwhelming height of five foot nine, though having stood at such a height since his early teen years there was a time when he was considered tall by his classmates. He is handsome and well built, with clay-colored skin and dark brown eyes; many would say telltale signs of a desert citizen. His hair, a twist of kinked curls, thick and unruly, yet cool and stylish. His look is the one of a casual superstar, not too worried about his appearance but somehow styled to perfection.
Carrying himself with a cool swag and gait that speaks paragraphs of his inherent uniqueness that just makes him seem fresher, more at ease, more confident than you or anyone else in the room.

Susano'o can be commonly seen with half his face covered with a mask, mostly to discourage fans of Hase from recognizing him. Still, he's grown attached to the style and rarely thinks to change it or take it off when not outdoors. Like most Tanshin, he has a unique style all his own, and apart from the occasion clan symbol stitched into some of his attire, he's very casual and, dare I say, trendy.

If gauged by survey of the people closest to him, his friends, fellow teammates, clan, and family, you get several key words pop up in your data analysis thereafter: crazyyyyy, sexxyyyyy, coooool!

Susano'o is truly a man of many faces. His personality is as multifaceted as the day is long. Unlike most other mist nin, or shinobi period, for that matter, his life involves more than just serving his country or his carnal needs. Instead, Susano'o has multiple commitments to fulfill, each as important as the next, which tends to call for a wide range of traits and personas.

Susano'o the Clansmen

Raised as a member of the Tanshin Clan, Susano'o was born with the knowledge that it was his job, his family’s responsibility, to ensure the longevity of their people’s way of life. As a Tanshin, he was tutored since his early years in the basic arithmetic: math, reading, writing, history, finance, etc., for the sole purpose of carrying on their tradition. While not directly involved in most of his clan’s, or his immediate family's financial situations, he does occasionally attend family board meetings, vote in major clan decisions, and receives a monthly, unwanted stipend from his parents.

Because of this background, the man is extremely intelligent, able to calculate complex mathematical equations with little more than a parchment and a pen, if that, and recite famous quotes from many foreign, historical, or fictional pieces of literature if asked. He is most certainly not a genius, but very far from a jest in the classroom.

Susano'o the Shinobi

Like many of his clan brethren, Susano'o chose to pursue the life of a Kirigakure shinobi. Well practiced in his clan’s famous arts of stealth and water manipulation, he has taken on the air of a shinobi with ease. Like any who are now shinobi, Susano'o first proved his worth by passing the shinobi qualifying exam—the defeating of any other Academy students who desired to become shinobi. Ever since he has continued to show nothing but promise as a shinobi. With his above average stealth training, there is no confusion why he chose to pursue a career in pirate hunting.

On the battlefield, Susano'o is a beast; a madman with teleporting machetes. Tactful and ever elusive, this assassin pays homage to the shinobi of yore; the vicious, bloodthirsty ninja that struck fear throughout the shinobi countries. Through the art of stealth and water manipulation, he has developed the necessary skills to effectively crush the competition.

Susano'o the Musician

Yet another face of the jounin, when not on "the clock" as most like to refer to shinobi duty, Susano'o is free to truly be who he was obviously born to be: a musician. From an early age, he took a liking to music. From age five until when he dies, he has and continues to use the art form as a means of self-expression. Ever since he can remember, he has always loved the drums. To him, the drummer is the life of a band, the heart of a song and the pulse of a group.

His band, somewhat of an overnight, underground success, and their music is currently ripping through mist filled streets of Kirigakure: through mixed tapes, radio requests, and exclusive concerts. If you aren't a true indie rap lover, whose known throughout the clubs and hotspots of the city, then you probably aren't too familiar with Hase. This would also mean that you are probably a real square. But have no fear, oh lame one; a concert will probably be coming near you, soon!

Susano'o the Man

As I've reiterated over and over, there are many sides to this man. But there is one side that you'll see in most situations not involving work. Susano'o is a man of mystery and level-headedness. Completely in touch with who he is as a man, he's almost freakishly comfortable with himself and openly displays his "quirks". He often prides himself on being in touch with his feminine side, even going so far as to consider himself a non-binary and gender queer. From his makeup to his painted fingernails to his love of pole dancing, thinking you've pinpointed exactly who he is is a mistake. While he takes much of life in stride, he does have a very stern, solemn side that mostly comes out while on the job. Through all of the horrors and awful parts of his work, however, he makes it a point to remain as respectful to any and everyone; even those who he's been tasked with torturing. With a "live and let live" kinda outlook on life, he remains passive and a pacifist until threatened or forced to confront. Like most, if not, all of his clansmen, he has a soft spot for children. If he wasn't so stretched out and busy with his current endeavors, he'd seriously consider adopting a little brat of his own... Even though he considers them extreme nuisances, he'd rather have them around than not at all.
Nindo: "Look. I'm just gonna do me, kill pirates and rep Mist."

1 - Base
[1] - Archetype
1 - Account Point
1 - Thread Point

Tanshin Clan Specialist x Ninjutsu Specialist
Tanshin gains a free Tanshin jutsu
Primary \\ Physical
Secondary \\ Chakra
Tertiary \\ Mental
+2 Power, +3 Control +1 Speed,
-3 Strength, -1 Tactics, -1 Stamina, -1 Willpower
Those who sneak around in the shadows, the truest Shinobi of the Mist. They kill without being seen and leave no traces of their existence. They’re the Tanshin, and their blend of ninjutsu is a mix of Water manipulation and stealth. Any member of the illustrious clan requires this Archetype.



Strength: 1 - [1] - [2] +19 = 17 [8] [Level Five]
Speed: 1 + [1] + 28 = 30 [25] [Level Ten]
Stamina: 1 - [1] +13 = 13 [8] [Level Four]


Intelligence: 1 + 14 = 15
Tactics: 1 - [1] + 14 = 14
Willpower: 1 - [1] +12 = 12


Power: 1 + [2] +17 = 20
Control: 1 + [2] + [1] +15 = 19
Reserves: 1 +18 = 19

Tanshin Taijutsu ://: In the Name of the Father
Stage Five
Stat Requirements: Thirty Speed, Fifteen Strength, Eleven Stamina, Sixteen Control
Stat Bonuses: Twenty-Five Speed, Ten Strength, Ten Stamina

Tranquil Pond – There is a reason why those who have fought the Tanshin up close are hesitant to attack. Once a member of the clan have reached this level of skills, things start to go snap, crack and most certainly “Ouch”, even if very little strength is involved. [Keep in mind that actual grabbing ahold of the opponent requires their permission]

Raging Rapids – The Tanshin must learn to be aware of his surroundings and how to cope with it. At this stage they can throw their knives at one target and then, in the same motion attack another with the very knives he threw only moments ago. Their thrown attacks are carried out with enough skill and force to pierce a tree trunk and pass through on the other side.

Deceiving Depths - Tread carefully my enemy. No matter how hard you try you will never be able to foresee your evident doom. It is hidden. Yes, it is hidden well. While the user’s smell is not yet masked, the signs are there if one were to look carefully. Even the sound of them being triggered is muffled (yet still there).

Special Techniques:
Tanshin Ninjutsu - For King and Country
Stage One: Teachings of the Tanshin Lesson I ://: Control 2, Intelligence 2
Stage One: Sharpen ://: Control 3, Willpower 2
Stage Two: Teachings of the Tanshin Lesson II ://: Control 5, Reserves 4, Power 4
Stage Three: Lone Figure in the Mist ://: Tactics 9, Intelligence 9, Reserves 7
Stage Four: Teachings of the Tanshin Lesson IV: Stealth Maneuvering ://: Control 12, Reserves 11, Power 10, Tactics 12
Hyouton - Ice Release
Stage One: Frozen Claw ://: Power 3, Willpower 2
Stage Two: Spyglass ://: Willpower 5, Intelligence 4, Tactics 4
Stage Two: Zero Grip ://: Reserves 6, Power 6, Willpower 4
Stage Three: Freezing Trap ://: Willpower 8, Intelligence 6, Tactics 8, Sealing Tags
Stage Four: Cruel Winter’s Mantle Willpower 12, Intelligence 11, Tactics 10, Reserves 12
Suiton - Water Release
Stage One: Water Manipulation ://: Power 4, Control 4
Stage Two: Water Shield Technique ://: Intelligence 7, Tactics 7, Control 6
Stage Three: Water Puddle Technique ://: Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8
Stage Four: Instant Vertigo (Replacing: Underwater Breathing Technique) ://: Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control
Stage Four: Underwater Pressure (Replacing: Mud Ball) ://: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15
Basic Ninjutsu Techniques
Stage One: Elemental Hand ://: Power 2, Tactics 2
Stage Two: Wall Walking ://: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4

Lists Taken: 5 of 7
Jutsu Taken at Creation: 22 of 19
Jutsu Received Post-Creation: N/A
AP Used: 5

Raging Torrents (6) Image
• Shinobi Kit
• Hallucinogenic Poison (2)
• Combined (Poison/Torrents) (0)

Weapon Points Remaining:
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0


Born to an incapable mother and a missing father, Susano'o’s childhood was not the stuff of fairytales. From the time he was three, he and his mother were forced to fend for their lives as best they knew how. Often made to slip fruit or vegetable under his clothing, bad habits came early to the boy. Shoplifting, fighting and even gangs was pretty much all that Susano'o was affiliated with. His mother, who did not necessary like the fact that her young son was becoming quite the little thug, was forced to accept and adopt this way as well since there was virtually no other means of gaining income.

Around Susano'o’s fifth birthday, however, his mother fell victim to a gang riot and was killed in the massacre brought on by the rivaling groups fighting. This left the boy all alone. Though he did have his fellow gang members to rely on, they could only do so much for him, as most of them were parentless and young as well. Susano'o was reduced to living mostly on the streets. He made a few spots for himself for different occasions: one in an alley behind a restaurant in the winter because the buildings heating exhaust constantly blew in the back, warming him better than anything else could; a spot underneath a great tree in one of the forest areas during the summer; his final spot was in one of the playgrounds in a jungle gym so that when it rained he’d be shielded and raised above the ground to remain dry.

During the nights he retreated to his humble abodes, while he remained in the company of his gang buddies during the day, reeking havoc and vandalizing property whenever they left it necessary to secure their territory. Even he could see that his life had absolutely no purpose. He was living for the sake of living, unacknowledged by anyone in the village. It was as if he and his friends were phantoms. People walked right past them without giving them a single glance. I guess you could say that the more he seemed to be ignored, the worst he began to act out.

However, one thing that Susano'o did that could take him away from his own problems was music. Well, it was his form of music, but it was still music. Anything that the boy could find with a flat surface, he’d bang it until it broke. This usually led to him and his friends spitting rhymes and freestyling to his beats. It soon became a pastime for all of his friends. At noon, they’d all meet up and battle against one another. Some could sing, some could rap and some even beat-boxed.

For a few short years, Susano'o was content with his life. He had his friends, he had fun; there wasn’t much more he could ask for. Until one day, tragedy struck him and his friend’s once more. Now at the age of seven, while airbrushing a local grocery store one night, one of his friends decided to set the place on fire. Grabbing all the liquor bottles they bust them on the side of the walls and tossed lit matches on the soaked wallpaper. The blazes from the fire immediately spread through the store, unfortunately trapping the young children inside. While Susano'o was with the boys, he was the look-out and panicked as his friends began screaming for help. Not knowing what to do, he ran away, knocking on nearby doors for someone to help his friends. He finally found someone, but by the time he got back with a man, a shinobi task force had already responded. He stood there in a state of shock and horror, waiting to see his friends being brought out of the building safely.

Finally, a few shinobi exited, holding several of the young boys in their arms. Overjoyed he raced over to the ninja, trying to wake up his friends who he’d assumed passed out as they weren’t at all burned in the flame. However, medic ninja quickly guided him away from the scene. The young boys had died of smoke inhalation.

Horrified by what happened, he ran off, desperately trying to figure out what to do next. He began to just sit and stare off into space every day, with no purpose or intent to do anything. This was the second time the boy was faced with the death and people close to him. He did not cry, nor get angry. All he did all day, every day was sit alone and watch other kids while they played and laughed and cried and went home every night and came back to the park every afternoon.

Then one day a middle-aged couple, who had seen the boy sitting there many times before whenever they came into the village, approached him and asked who he was with. Having been approached like this many times before, he got up and tried to run away. However, as he got around the corner, he found that the man was there waiting for him. Now scared he tried to run in another direction, only to be met by the woman. They tried to get him to calm down; however, he panicked and tried to scale the building next to him, only to slip and fall, knocking himself unconscious.

When he awoke, he found himself in a small bed, clothed in a pair of pajamas that obviously weren’t his. Scared and unsure of what was going on, he climbed out of the bed and began to tiptoe around the strange house, peeking around corners for his abductors. As he got closer to the door, he passed by the kitchen, filled with breakfast delights of all kinds. The boy hadn’t had a decent meal in, well, never, actually. Unable to contain his hunger, he crept into the kitchen and reached for a few strips of bacon. Suddenly, he heard a woman’s voice from behind him.

“You can have as much as you like, you know.”

He turned around with a look of fear all over his face. He began to back up but found that he had hit the back wall with no escape in sight.

“Don’t be afraid, little one. My name is Kimura. My husband and I always see you sitting alone in parks. We figured at first that you were just running away from home for a little while but we also saw that you were there almost every time we visited Kirigakure. We know that you are all alone, and we’d like to help you. We’d actually like to you live here with us. Would you like that?” The boy said nothing. “Hehe, you don’t talk much do you? Well, you don’t have to say anything. How about you just sit here and have a nice, big breakfast.”

The boy still did not say anything, though he followed the woman’s instructions and sat down. This was how it continued for a good bit of time. While he never expressed it, Susano'o felt like a stray cat that the couple had found. While he didn't fear being released back into the wild, he was always nervous and waiting for them to come to their senses about their decision. When was the new kitty gonna pee on the carpet for the last time? How many more fish were they going to have to buy before they realized that the cat was simply untrainable?

Susano'o never said anything, but he stayed with the people and they tried their best to get him to open up. He would always refuse, or rather not accept any of their offers to join them in activities. He stayed in the room they prepared for him and minded his actions. When they'd reach to embrace him, his flinches would shake the confines of their hearts. They truly hated to see him so uncomfortable, especially Kimura. She knew that there was this amazingly interesting person waiting to pop out of the boy in due time. Hashiyo, however, did not hold such high expectations. He suggested on numerous occasions that they simply release the boy into the custody of Kirigakure, but Kimura would not allow it.

And then one day, she asked him to come with her to help her with something. She guided the boy through the clan compounds and into the Training Center where they were met by almost everyone within the clan. She had asked them to gather to welcome her new son. Susano'o was speechless, though this was not a shocker. He had never even had a real family and all these people, most of whom were orphans themselves, were waiting to welcome him into their family. Kimura believes that it may have been the first time in months that she'd seen him smile.

After a few months, he finally began to speak more and more. He told them that his name was Harushi, however, he wanted to keep the name they had given him, Susano'o. And it turned out that he had a lot of questions for the couple. He asked about where they were, who they were, what they did for a living. The questions seemed to go on for days. Finally, after everything about themselves was out on the table, they asked the boy about his own past. He told them, and while it was a very sad conversation, they held him and told him that he had a new life and a new home with them. And after that, they decided to finalize the adoption.

Soon after that, they fully delved the boy into the life of a Tanshin Clan member. He was filled in on their entire history and what they had planned for his future. They told him that they both were shinobi, though Kimura was retired. Her husband, Hashiyo, began to train the boy on his days off and thought him the fundamentals of their clan's ancient and treasured secret techniques.

And so began Susano'o’s life as an official shinobi-to-be, a life in which he took a while to get used to. There are those who conform so nicely to shinobi life that it seems it was who they were born to be. There are those who breeze through their tests, assignments and presentations and are just naturals. And then, there are those like Susano'o, who just can’t seem to do anything right. Not only was he not at the top of his class, or not considered a genius, but he remained on probation for just about his entire academic career. Just because you get adopted and you’re technically not a gang member anymore, doesn’t magically make you a goodie-two-shoes straight A student. Oh no.

From the moment he stepped into the classroom, he was made an example of by his teacher, a man who seemingly wasn't too fond of the Tanshin clan and their beliefs that only their outside teachings can shape the perfect shinobi (or at least he thought that was what the Tanshin believed.) Whether he'd had a bad experience with the clan or he simply held a grudge for no apparent reason, it was obvious to Susano'o that he was unliked by the man. Whenever it was time to learn a new skill, it seemed like he was always called first and always failed at it miserably. The strain of feeling like a failure got to him more and more and he began to act out. First, it was just talking back to his teachers, then he began skipping, and then it began to escalate to fights and accusations of him bullying other students.

Back at home, Kimura and Hashiyo had no clue what to do. Hashiyo worked with his new son almost every time be got a chance, and he always performed fantastically during their sessions. It simply wasn’t adding up. Then one day Kimura decided to stop by at the academy to observe Susano'o and get a feel of exactly what he was having trouble with. As she got up to the door of the classroom, she realized that the instructor was introducing the Mizu Soujuu technique to the class. She was about to open the door when she heard the instructor call Susano'o to the front.

“Tanshin Susano'o, come to the front of the class now and show the class exactly how the Mizu Soujuu technique is carried out.” Kimura was thrilled because Susano'o was not only this close to mastering the Mist Creation technique, but he had already perfected its alternate steam version. As he slumped down in his chair, seemingly horrified, you could hear the other students giggling and some of their comments about him being a screw-up and how he wasn’t going to be about to do it. The boy finally made his way down to the front, clearly not enthused about the situation.

“Well, well, Tanshin, why don’t you show us, commoners, how it's done. Ha.”

With a last look around and a very big swallow, he slowly formed the hand seals, with a look of fear clear in his eyes.

“M-Mizu Soujuu no Jutsu”

Mist began to form in the air, his head down, his eyes shut as tight as ever and his chakra pouring into the technique. Suddenly, the mist changed form and a downpour of water hit Susano'o and the instructor like someone dumped a bucket over their heads.

“Damn, Tanshin, are all you damned orphans such screw ups?" Immediately after, Kimura suddenly burst into the room took a hold of Susano'o’s wrist with her left hand as her right one crashed into the side of the instructor's face, sending crashing into the floor.

“You son of a bitch, how dare you? No wonder my child is having trouble. You bastards aren't giving him any choice in the matter." After that, she had a little conversation with the Head of the Academy. The instructor was suspended for a short time and after that never really bothered him again. After he was able to study and participate in class more without fear of being made example of, he began to do better and better, eventually making it to the students final performance where he participated in the genin final trials. Using the variety of techniques from his clan and his teachings, he ended up winning his match.

After he was about 12, he began to commute between the two islands in order to be placed in a genin team. It was during his genin years that he truly rediscovered his love of music; it was a love that he had buried away ever since that day. he was placed in a team of all boys, and they all had a passion for the art of shinobi and the art of fine music. The three clicked immediately. They went on missions, they trained and they talked about the latest songs, groups, and artists.

Suddenly, they came up with the idea to start their own little garage band. The three of them, all very talented, still needed something else, though. They needed a vocalist, and they found one. He wasn't a shinobi, but Susano'o remembered him from his days as a street urchin. He would sing and uplift them with they were all down. The four of them were almost inseperable, and the dream was so big they could all sit and dream about it forever. But dreams weren't something any of them were accustomed to actualizing. And reality struck hold quickly. Putting that dream on hold, the boys were told to refocus on their genin responsibilities, as they'd been neglecting them for a while.

The team eventually made it to the chuunin examines after four years, no doubt because of their laziness and lack of completed missions. The exams pushed the three young men almost to their breaking points. After the first exam, the team was sure that they were shoe-ins to win the entire thing. After the second round was over, however, the three were viciously beaten down and worn out. While they were successful in their ambitions to get to the third round, none of them were in well enough position to compete, though that didn't stop them. The trio tried their best to win their matches but they were no match for their competitors in their conditions.

Amazingly, the three became chuunin due to their drive and determination, though they were forced to part as they were all completely different types of shinobi. Now separated from his buddies, Susano'o committed himself fully to his shinobi duties. While training with his father and mother, he attempted many missions, using the refined talents of his clan to breeze through missions of stealth and espionage.

It was during these chuunin years that Susano'o truly earned his stripes. As the war with the Seagull Country broke out, hunter-nin were extremely necessary to keep tabs on the enemy, as well as to reduce defectors carrying Mist secrets with them. Now 20, Susano'o spent an unusual amount of time outside the country, reporting back to Mist officials after every successful and unsuccessful assignment. He entered the country so frequently that he had his own official residence and a multitude of identities, one of which was his most prized and well, most liked also: Nakinaru, a solo artist who he used to get closer to the Seagull higher ups when they met and needed entertainment. In one of his more difficult missions, he was booked to perform for the Seagull Country's Head of Weaponry Research and Development. It turned out that the stern, old fellow was a huge fan of the indie rap genre in general. Knowing the fact made it quite painstaking for Susano'o to chain the man to a pole, torture him for information with steam techniques and slit his throat in the end, but it had to be done.

It was during this time that he came into contact with the many refugees from Yukigakure. Despite what they must have surely heard about the sheer brutality of the Mist Country, of Kirigakure, many fled to the sea front, hoping to align themselves with the Mist armies, clearly having heard the rumors of the Seagull Country's imminent defeat. There were one or two or ten that were more liability than an asset, but eventually, the government of Mist did allow asylum to those who proved their worth and assisted in the ending of the war. It was from his time at arms alongside these shinobi that he learned a thing or two about the what warfare meant to Yukigakure. The prowess of the Snow ninjutsu was a fearsome thing, not unlike that of Kirigakure's arsenal, if not somewhat tamer. But nonetheless, it proved so useful that Susano'o took to learning more about the famed ice ninjutsu, a talent that took well to the natural chakra leanings of any Mist shinobi already skilled at water manipulation.

Not long after this, the war was officially ended and he could return home permanently. The man was clearly above and beyond the standards set for chuunin, but with all the chaos of the war, jounin promotional ceremonies weren't exactly at the top of the Mizukage's to-do list. Susano'o attempted to reenter life in the Mist Village, but things weren't so smooth. Still a chuunin on the books, he was only able to take basic assignments available to him, leaving him with much time to think. In this case, a bad thing. His mind, ever racing and scattered, was constantly harrassed by the events of the past few year +. PTSD had taken become a common condition in the bloody mist village, raving those who weren't strong enough or supported enough to deal with it. In Susano's case, however, he had his friends and his music. Finally able to hang out with his old buddies again, many wild and crazy nights were sealed with polished off bottles and mindless chattering on a dream of finally getting their band together. They seemed like boys back then, though not so long ago, the weight of the fighting had aged them all.

Taking days off of their busy shinobi lives, they would meet up every other day to record songs and practice on whatever they felt needed work. It was difficult at first to categorize their sound, for them to understand what it was they were doing. But it all became apparant soon enough. Their voices began to spark notice. The garage band group blending instruments, vocals and hard hitting raps was becoming something of an underground success. With the release of an rough recorded EP, a debut single was lighting up the clubs and kickbacks. Early to claim stardom for sure, but certainly rising sensation. Eventually coping became easier, and be grew to at least be at peace with what he did and his place now in the village. The relative ease of his missions gave him more time to focus on the group. Six more months passed and times were better than ever, their band was requested more and more, radio play, touring across the country, it was a dream that he never thought could be his dream. Not since his adopted family took him in. He was, after all, bred to be a soldier, a shinobi. Soon, however, the dream was threatened by that very fact. The backlog corrected itself and official promotions were sent out to several ''well-deserving" laborers. Now all Jounin, with the exception of Eikomaru, a non-shinobi and Hatsuhi, an academy instructor, they're finally getting the fruits of their labor.

But the life of a Jounin is more peralled than that. Gone were the days that he could play the day away, with his friends, ignorning his duties. He had to return to warfare. This time, assigned to the Dagger, a pirate hunting vessel commanded by a warlord like no other. For the most part, it was perfect for him. Never one for the rigidity and sternness of the Navy, a career in pirate hunting was one fits his lifestyle him perfectly. Pirate hunting requires not only an understanding of at-sea warfare, but also espionage, insurgency, and subterfuge: key elements of the Tanshin base training. Something of a wild card, he's been recently chastised about the length of his scouting and assault missions, frequently becoming distracted and wandering off course. Still, an essential tool in Commodore Tsuseki's warbag.

Other Info:

- Hase Debut Single: Mask Off
- The group name 'Hase' is derived from the member's first initials: Hatsuhi, Akishou, Susano’o, Eikomaru
- Is Bowlegged.
- Is currently working with his fellow members on their next single: No Heart

Mission Log:
The Captain's Log
Intro: Brook - Bink's Sake
Outro: 21 Savage - No Heart
Log I: It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times
Character Creation; +3 AP (3 Jutsu) Cross Village List

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