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As long as he’s paying for the item at its max, Morph will not be an issue. If an item can morph into something with an equal or less cost, it stands to reason it can morph back. That being said, as long as he’s paying for the most expensive weapon, it can stay in a smaller form and morph to its bigger size.

If we’re going to be that picky, though, which I don’t think we will, he can take it at a higher price and literally start every thread with his weapon in its morphed form.

As for hidden, it’s not hidden, it’s a different weapon entirely, right? he’s morphing it. If he’s paying for morphing he shouldn’t have to pay extra for it to be hidden. I know he says it’s in the hilt, but if the morph modifier is covering it, hidden shouldn’t be tacked on as well, I think.

Also I have no idea what was happening with my math there

Anyway, I feel like morph covers it, so I’m going to Half Approve at 6. 4 plus two morphs.
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