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Default Takeo Swap

Kasai no Uzu Fire Vortex

Stage: (Shooting for 5)

The user manipulates his chakra in conjunction with his knowledge of katon to create a vortex of fire around him that has the ability to draw in any airborne ninjutsu or projectile with within five meters of the target. The torrent lasts for one post after which there is a one post cooldown. Any attacks pulled in by the vortex pass through the spinning fire further unaffected and people are free to pass through without damage as well. This technique can only pull objects up to 20 pounds which means any people around or anything secured to whatever medium they are against are immune. Outside of the vacuuming effect it creates, the vortex causes no damage as it is completely self-contained. In addition, the vortex could be expended to protect the user from a technique stage four or lower.
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