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Default Glass Swap

Alright y'all, tried to register this before but it had a lot of comments so I pushed another technique through. I'm shooting for Stage 6 for this, so please let me know what I need to do to make it fit there. Thanks!

  • Creates a 1 post sand/glass storm in a 10 foot radius around her capable of causing a multitude of minor cuts and gashes.
  • Grants Eri a set of glass armor [chest plate, back plate, helmet, limb armor] capable of blocking stage 5 nin and tai attacks up to stage 6
  • Storm lasts for 1 post, Armor lasts for 2 posts after that
Name: Aegis of the Colossus
Stage: 6
Description: Upon completion of the requisite hand seals, a storm of sand and glass shards forms around Eri for one post, completely obscuring her from view and creating a painful maelstrom in a radius of 10 feet around her. Capable of causing minor cuts, any who enter this storm would feel an intense pain as they subject their skin to the harsh elements whirling about.

After one post, the storm dissipates, and Eri now stands clad in beautiful, crystalline armor, reminiscent of that used by medieval knights. Her head is protected by a shimmering helmet, her chest and torso by a pristine breastplate made of the clearest, multi-colored glass. Even her shield has been encased in this new armor, now resembling a tower shield more than a buckler. The armor she is wearing is capable of deflecting up to stage 5 ninjutsu, as well as any attack with a strength level 6 or below. Any attack greater than those levels will shatter the armor entirely and harm Eri.

The armor itself is fairly lightweight, despite its defensive capabilities, and as such allows Eri to move around with ease. This protection lasts for a base two posts after it is formed before it dissipates, evaporating into the air in a beautiful shower of shimmering sand.

Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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