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An endless, expansive sea stretched out before them. Waves crashed like thunder on the salty shore and brought renewed sprays of lung cleansing sea air to their lungs as they watched the last of the enemy vessels sink beneath the churning ocean. The sun cast its dying orange and red rays across the wondrous canvas of water as the two powerful shinobi looked on in awe at their handiwork.

Had the traitorous forces of the Water Lord been defeated? Had the mystery of the Priests of Assate and their surprising collaboration with the Seven Swordsmen (several of whom turned out to be the reanimated corpses of once forgotten undersea elder gods given flesh, having broken off from the Leviathan and resurrected as part of a scheme for world destruction)? What did such questions matter when in the embrace of a comrade?

Yes, this was a union of two whom fate had decided should never meet. The mighty sea dragon himself, Gounomono. The stoic Celestial Dragon of the renown Renchishin clan, Hitoko. It was written that the unquenchable sands of Kaze no Kuni would forever remain barren and empty- that the limitless sea of the oceans of Kirigakure could never be tamed. And yet here they both stood, shoulder to shoulder, having effortlessly crushed those which would oppose their respective homelands and earned the undying adoration and respect of their peoples.

But that was not all. Oh no. Theirs was a prize that could not be measured in medals or promotions, bills or debriefings, lives or deaths. A different prize awaited the victors at the end of this tunnel.

The weathered but still pouty lips of one Celestial Dragon let out a deep, satisfied sigh. Before he would speak on that holy and hallowed beach, the proper mood needed to be set.

Theme music:
Music For a Forgotten Future (The Singing Mountain)

Voice actors:
Renchishin Hitoko
Midorikawa Hikaru (Japanese)
David Kaye (English)
Viktor Neumann (German)
Edgar Fruitier (French)
Ivica Vidovic (Croatian)
Gregorius Quartus (Old Latin)
Pablo Santos (Scientologist)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (All)
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Out came the words that neither spoke but both wanted so desperately to hear. Each syllable trembled on the lips of the Celestial Dragon, his thoughts and passions vibrating across the air with the very song his throat released: “Yo.”

Gou looked over and said “hey”

The moment was magical. The two thick, muscled bodies coated in the blood of the monsters they had just slain (including but not limited to two separate krakens, a metal scorpion, and an entire army of undead skeletal mermaids) glistened beneath the reflected light of one of Mist's famous sunsets. Silently they both plunged into the water to wash the sin from their chiseled flesh. The water streamed through Hitoko's gorgeous hair while the blood trickled from Gou's many wounds, mixing and churning with the waves and merging both their body fluids together in a steamy bath. This was it. This was the moment.

Sand's cherished son looked over at Gounomonoumonoumo with his ruby eyes and batted those adoring, firm eyelashes. “Mind if I reveal to you, cherished ally-chan, what the Water Country hermit taught me of life?”

Gou scratched his ass and said “yah”

The acts that followed were swift and unspeakable. The massive, thick weapon of Goudamono and the subtle, delicate weavings of the poetic Hitoko and his fluid-like fists met in ways that could only be described as climatic. Water surged and flowed, fluids mounting and crashing against the shores of the shinobi in great tidal heaps. Gou could feel no pain- but pleasure, oh, but pleasure! The fierce meeting of flesh between the two titans brought eloquence to the mouth of the normally brutish Mist shinobi, who only then found the right words to articulate his profound insight and euphoria.

"aw fawk"

The Celestial Dragon had more than a empty palm with with to lay upon the skin of his partner. Trained in the arts of Raiton and with a knowledge of the human anatomy stretching back to his days as a young tactician, the Renchishin showed the jounin what it truly meant to be put into a compromising position. But the Mist could not be foiled so easily- as the fog rolled in, the great Gounanowrimo had one more trick up his sleeve: Mists infamous chakra cannons, hot and ready to fire from the bow of his vessel.

And so they clashed well into the night, the hot, furious rage of Mist's waters with the cool, serene temperament of Sand's deserts. It was truly an obscene sight to behold.


"so see ya later" said Gou.
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