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Default Nut's Swap Thread

These genjutsu swaps are to be swapped from the Mist Genjutsu list, and are for Shin Hachi on creation

Jutsu Name:Shiiru Ninpou: Shutten (Force Ninja Art: Authority)
Stage: 2 (given by Rizhou)
Trigger: This jutsu is activated when user says "Listen here."
To Accompany the other Shiiru Ninpou arts. This one is very similar to Shiiru Ninpou: Hoshou, but with one key difference. Instead of trust as if they were life-long friends, it creates the feeling of the user outranking the other, therefore as a senior officer, the other is more likely to do what is asked of them.
Duration: 1, 3, 5

Jutsu Name: Shiiru Ninpou: Shinrai (Force Ninja Art: Confidence)
Stage: 1 (given by Rizhou)
Trigger: This Jutsu is activated when the user says "Yes, We can."
*Courtesy of President Obama, but...being used in different context. :B
To Accompany the other Shiiru Ninpou Arts. Similar to Shiiru Ninpou: Shutten and Hishou. This genjutsu fills the comrades of the user with a winning attitude as it were, therefore the comrade is likely to fight harder. It is like a pep-talk in fewer words.
Duration: 1, 3, 5


These ninjutsu swaps are for the Jouki Mizu (Steam Water) list - and are meant for Hachi to discover in RP.

Jutsu Name: Jouki Hou (Steamthrower Techique)
Stage: 3 (Given by Juu)
Requirements: Umihebi no Ibuki (Serpent's Breath)
Description: A surge of steam sent at the opponent, originating from users' mouth. Power of steam is said to leave the flesh it makes contact with in second degree burns. Surge of steam lasts 2 posts.

Jutsu Name: Jouki Butoukai (Steamball Techique)
Stage: 4 (Given by Juu)
Requirements: Jouki Hou (Steamthrower Techinque)
Description: Using a large ammount of chakra, user is able to breath out a dense cloud of steam that forms into a tight ball, able to cause 3rd degree burns if hit directly with it -largest area it can damage is 1 foot diameter circle with direct hit-, mere graze causes other to obtain 2nd degree burns on location. Steamball lasts 1 post.

Note: Steamball is not shot, but formed near the target, at point blank range.


Yoshi's Swaps

Lifelike Cadaver
Trigger: “Let’s Pretend…”
This genjutsu is a noncombative training technique. Yoshi has developed it to help his medical students develop their skills in diagnosing quickly. This jutsu requires the person be in view of the student, and Yoshi just creates the illusion that they are still in fact alive. An illusionary heartbeat, breath, bleeding – all of it is replicated as if the person had not died at all. The injuries and affects produced in the illusion are entirely based on the corpse itself, meaning each time the technique is used, the corpse will exhibit different symptoms based on how it had died. This jutsu can be used for only one cadaver at a time, and has a one post cool down before being able to cast the technique again.
Duration: 1/2/4



Hell’s Gate
Stage: 3
After a set number of handseals, Kanji has molded his chakra, a significant amount, into one of his fists. That fist then slams into the earth below him, and creates a straight 10 foot crack in what ever direction the fist is facing. Within seconds of that, it opens wider, the crack widens to about 4 feet in diameter and drops down about 10 feet.

The 7 Rings of Hell
Stage: 6
Requirements: Rock Prism Wall
This technique builds off of the concept from which the rock prism wall technique was created. It starts with a wide five foot ring that starts at 10 feet wide around the victim and is one foot thick. The second ring comes up right on the inside of it, increasing the thickness of the wall to two feet thick, and shrinking it down to 9 feet in diameter on the inside. This happens seven times in the matter of one post, by the beginning of the next the victim finds themselves in a 3 foot diameter area to move in, with seven foot thick stone wall surrounding their every size and stretching up past their head to ultimately 15 feet in the air. The stone wall requires two stage 4/5 ninjutsu strikes to break through, or one stage 6 technique. It requires multiple taijutsu strikes from anyone under level 6 strength, but level 7 strength can be punched through.

-This technique can be surpassed easily by kinobori technique, but requires a post to get out of.
-Due to the extensive amount of chakra to make this technique effective, the first post can only summon 3 of the rings, while the second post does the last 4. (This also means if the opponent attacks and disrupts the process of the rings arising, Kanji will not be able to complete the technique)

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