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Default The Komainu Seal

The Komainu Seal
The Guardian Dog Seal

Seal Owner: Inuzuka Taiichi

Seal History:
There is an old folktale amongst the Inuzuka of these legendary warriors and their canine companions becoming so in tuned with one another that the human counter part becomes a canine as well, this transformation and entrance to an entirely different realm, the human turned dog was referred to as a Komainu. These canines were said to have unfathomable strength and unity with their canine companions and the bond was able to over come anything. The clan as the Komainu would revere these shinobi warriors that reached this stage, the duo would be their protectors in times of great need.

Of course this is an old folklore, and no one has seen an Inuzuka able to do this since the clan’s humble beginnings many generations ago. Most of the clan scoffs at the mere idea.

It was not until four decades ago, when a man, Inuzuka Saburo came into the picture. As a boy He became fascinated by the lore, becoming obsessed with it. He wanted to become the first Komainu in generations, a protector and leader for his people. He began searching and researching for clues that would prove that this was more than simply a myth that the Inuzuka tell their children for bedtime stories. Many of the clan thought he was insane.

His zeal for it infected his family life, his young chuunin son, Taiichi, also is aware of this myth, and his fathers’ obsession with it. He is more than willing to help his father’s side hobby, though as the two get closer and closer, the myth becomes more reality in the form of a seal. Saburo, getting old in his age and closer to retirement more than anything, had wanted to do the procedure on him, but between his wife and Taiichi they convinced him out of it, but the son volunteered for the process – to become the first Komainu in generations.

Seal Description:

When the seal is activated it transforms the human into a beast, a canine. With this initiated the user is able to have the full senses and strengths of the canine plus his natural size. With the added power of the Inuzuka clan, it makes for a disastrous combo for any who are against it.

This is the tattoo that is the key to activating the seal. It is placed on the back of Taiichi’s neck at the base by his collarbone. To open the seal he must use his own blood and place it along the dog’s mouth, when seal is opened the Komainu’s mouth will be open (abet covered in fur), and when its’ closed the mouth will also be closed.

When the seal is opened it will take one full post to transform into the Komainu canine. If he is hit or disrupted in the process the transformation will stop and he will return to his human form, not allowed to try and re-open the seal for another 5 posts.

Once seal is open and transformation complete, Taiichi can remain in this form for 3 posts, then the seal is automatically closed, and he is reverted back to his human form.

Seal Stages/Bonuses:
A. Stamina
B. Strength
C. Speed
D. Willpower
E. Intelligence

*Note: The bonuses can only be applied when the seal is active (in the transformed state) in addition to his taijutsu bonuses.

Level 1
Requirements: Stamina 15, Strength 15, Speed 13, Willpower 14
Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

In the early level of this seal, the transformation looks primarily like a Tibetan Mastiff in appearance for Taiichi. The size of the transformation is not much bigger than the high standards for the breed. He reaches to about 40 inches in height, weighing in at about 150 lbs of muscle. He has short rough hair that is primarily black on the top and a tan coat on his tail and legs.

Taiichi remains most of his instinctual nature in this stage, and is generally friendly to his comrades, but is a monster to anyone who threatens him or them.

His senses are that of a dog’s at this point, with slightly weaker sight due to the additional strength in his sense of smell and hearing.

Level 2
Requirements: Stamina 30, Strength 25, Speed 20, Willpower 20, Tactics 16
Cumulative Bonuses: +10 Strength, +8 Speed

The final level of this seal reveal the dangerous nature of it. The appearance changes at this point, Taii develops all black fur with yellow eyes. He takes on a more black wolf appearance, a large one at that. The size of this wolf is 50 inches weighing in at about 170 lbs.

This is when things become hairy for anyone working with him who is not a canine comrade. Normal mental facilities that Taii may have had as a human, are gone, he only knows to protect for himself, feed for himself, and his pack (if you are not apart of what he has defined pack, you better start running.) He is very aggressive.

He is at his most aggressive now, as well as possessive, considering himself the self-appointed leader by sheer size and power he exudes. He is the ultimate alpha male.

Seal Weakness:
- Once the seal has been opened in one thread, seal cannot be opened for 2 threads after the fact, if Taiichi tries, he will die.

-Once in transformed state, Taiichi can only use his clan’s taijutsu techniques. (No Genjutsu/Ninjutsu/other Taijutsu styles.).

-Is unable to speak in human tongue whilst in this transformation, though the canines can understand him, and he still has his nonverbal communication skills.

-After seal has been closed, the remainder of the thread, Taiichi’s physical stats are cut in half.

-After each use, There is a period (in OOC terms, 1 thread) where Taii must re-adapt to human speech, in which his language is muddled, hard to understand by both human and dog.

-Taiichi will begin to lose his already enhanced senses (smell and hearing). After 5 uses, Taii's sense of smell and hearing will be reduced to normal human levels; After 10 uses, Taii's sense of smell and hearing will be gone, unless in the activated seal transformed state completely.

-Seal will cost 1 list slot + 2 thread points
----Level 1 will cost 2 thread points
------Level 2 will cost 2 thread points

OOC Notes:
-Will plan on having a thread to obtain seal after approval
-if anyone wants it from me, must have thread with Taii, must be at least chuunin rank, and must be an Inuzuka.
-Inspired by The Komainu statues/legends from Japanese Mythology

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