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Originally Posted by S.O.S. Hub

6. KATA Missions may only be taken by members of Hidden Sand and/or Wind Country
Originally Posted by Sun General Seikon

Contact Sand Staff to have 'KATA - Airman' added to your character's division section.

Also, please note that many of these missions may require GM-intervention/NPCing (top brass will frequently be involved in KATA operations)
Changing course!
[KATA Mission List]
Soaring to new heights...
[Class D | Wolf]
Missions often designated to Genin and higher
1. Accidents Happen
Location: Lower Gion
Special Requirement: KAZE Investigator and/or Trainee in team
Crew members aboard an airship have been reporting food rations gone missing and strange noises in the night for several weeks since they last docked outside Gion village. Everyone aboard suspects a stowaway, but all searches of the vessel have turned up empty-handed. When the airship docks for its next re-supply, board her and do not rest until the culprit is found and thrown overboard. We cannot afford to look like fools!
Hidden Details: A young vagrant girl, terribly afraid of heights and small enough to fit in the ventilation systems, really has stowed away somewhere on the airship and is starting to learn that she needs to be more careful about what and when she takes. It is possible that she never meant to end up stuck in this mess in the first place. Your sudden arrival prevents her from slipping off of the ship while it is docked outside of Lower Gion.

2. Weird Science
Location: Southern Sea
KAZE Researchers have requested a sweep of the smaller islands surrounding Seirei no Shima, the Isle of Spirits, for the root of a particularly rare bean plant which is said to possess impressive antidote properties. If there is any left-over from the initial rush of scientists towards that island, or if such a thing ever existed in the first place, bring it back.
Hidden Details: All the bean root has been picked, and even the airspace around Seirei no Shima is charged with powerful chakra and other supernatural forces. Any attempt to fly close enough to the islands where this bean root supposedly grew brings the Airship close enough to the Isle of Spirits that all control over the aircraft is lost. You and your team crash land on the island. The airship, and more importantly, the flight controls, are completely destroyed, and you have no other choice but to seek out some form of civilization and get yourselves home...
[Class C | Tiger]
Missions often designated to Chuunin, but some groups of Genin can take these as a challenge
1. Healing Rain
Location: Rain Country
Special Requirement: HARI Envoy and/or Adjunct in team.
A large delivery of food and other supplies has been prepared in a preliminary round of aid promised by Hidden Sand to Hidden Rain. Escort the shipment aboard an airship and ensure it is received by the proper authorities. The contact on the ground is Maeda Shu, a shinobi from Hidden Rain who has established a secure landing zone. The goal here is to be in and out quickly, as to not draw the attention of the Rain Military.
Hidden Details: Due to a run-in with the Rain Military, Maeda Shu is running behind schedule. Somehow, word has leaked, and several military installations have cropped up in the vicinity of the intended drop site for the aid packages. The Rain Military will not take kindly to Sand Airships deployed within their borders. Any attempt to land, disembark and unload cargo will be met with aggression, or they may try to take the shipments for themselves. Do not allow this to happen.

2. Manifest Destiny Claimed - KATA Airmen: Yasha Hadoubu, Kaihoukan Sei Tento, Renchishin Ume
Location: Southern Sea
The formation of KATA has enabled us to transport large forces over great distances in short amounts of time. However, as the conflict at sea gradually escalates in Hidden Mist territory, it is imperative that we establish Coalition Air Fleet bases on islands throughout the Southern Sea which will permit us a faster response to crises (simultaneously establishing patrol and monitoring routes for our own stretch of sea) One such island has been determined to be of prime location and topography for an installation. Travel there, secure the airfield and begin construction on a temporary command post.
Hidden Details: The jungles centered within the plains that KATA seeks to utilize are home to a tribe native to the island and lost to the histories. Despite their dated technology, their warriors are skilled in various weapons and poisons; crude as either of their homebrews may be, they will certainly not take kindly to their island being seized. Initial KAZE sweeps and a flyover survey mission did not uncover these natives -- a testament to their skills in painting themselves to match their environment.
[Class B | Demon]
Missions often designated to Chuunin or higher
1. Misty Morning Medicine
Location: Water Country
Special Requirement: HARI Medic and/or Apprentice in team.
A small village on a miniscule island has fallen prey to an illness that has claimed the lives of many, young and old alike. As Hidden Mist's resources are tied up in their war, medicine nor medical practitioners have been able to safely reach the island as passing government ships have blown several attempts clean out of the water. The villagers' only hope is that we reach them by air. Given the circumstances, Hidden Sand has agreed that these innocent people be taken aboard our airship, healed and cleansed if possible, and brought back as refugees to prevent their further suffering.
Hidden Details: The illness is actually caused by a poison fabricated by a wayward dustman contracted by the someone within the Water Country government who is living among the people and is fully immune to the effects of his (and many, many other) poison(s). The Dustman's notes would indicate that he is testing his toxic concoction on the small village as a means of gauging its strength before attempting to mass produce the chemical into a weapon. Most villagers who are not exhibiting signs of exposure to the poison will be within the hour after your arrival. Avoiding Water Country ships should be easy enough as their patrols are fairly infrequent of late, which gives us a perfect window to execute this retrieval mission.

2. Grand Tour
Location: Wind Country
Special Requirement: KAZE Investigator and/or Trainee in team.
Namizuchi Souzen, Daimyo of Wind, has oddly requested a Shinobi security detail for his aerial tour of Wind Country aboard his personal KATA flagship. Escort the Wind Lord. Keep your eyes out for anything suspicious, but otherwise, enjoy the break! Relax and take in the sights like never before on a week-long trip around the country.
Hidden Details: There are still some in Wind Country who believe our resources should stay focused inward, used for rebuilding in the aftermath of the war against Assate and his army of priests. The extravagance of KATA and its air fleet is the equivalent of spitting in the face of this faction of dissent, led by Jounin-level Fukura Kihei who was, until now, considered loyal to Wind and Sand. Fukura would seek to assassinate Namizuchi and take control of his airship alongside his crew of mutineers disguised as members of the Daimyo's guard. Protect the Daimyo at all costs. Namizuchi is aware of this political adversity and has reason to suspect that he would be attacked in the air, but did not disclose this when he requested an escort.
[Class A | Dragon]
Missions designated to Jounin, but some groups of Chuunin take these as a challenge
1. In Another Castle
Location: Bird Country
Special Requirement: HARI Envoy and/or Adjunct in team.
A notorious warlord, Yamamoto Akira, has killed his rival and seized his lands. Yamamoto's armies cover the landscape surrounding the ascent up into his ex-rival's mountain fortress and block any interference by anyone who would seek to put an end to Yamamoto's mad power grabs. Worse still, Yamamoto has rounded up the townspeople in the central courtyard and has threatened to execute them all if his demands are not met. While the affairs of minor, non-shinobi nations do not necessarily concern us, we cannot allow such aggressive behaviors in a neighboring nation to go unchecked. Attack this newly dubbed "Akiyama Castle" from the air liberate the prisoners held within. If necessary, eliminate Yamamoto and any who would prevent you from carrying out your duty.
Hidden Details: When you arrive, remnant forces of Yamamoto's rival have rallied and are currently laying siege to Akiyama's defenses. Yamamoto's demands are simple enough: his daughter must be freed and returned to their home castle a fair distance away. The deceased rival's younger brother, even more brazen than Yamamoto himself, kidnapped Yamamoto's daughter without his elder brother's knowledge when his marriage proposal was formally denied, and this action was the catalyst for all preceding events. Do your best to negotiate a peaceful settlement between all parties involved.

2. Welcome to Wind
Location: Eastern Wasteland
Special Requirement: SUNA Soldier and/or Officer in team.
Reports from a distant border patrol have identified an intruder who bypassed two northern security checkpoints and is currently making his way southeast into Wind Country. We will not tolerate unauthorized access by unknown parties into our lands. Move to intercept him in the Eastern Wasteland aboard a nearby airship and stop him before he reaches any towns. Identify the rogue. If necessary, arrest him. If they refuse to comply, return with their body.
Hidden Details: The nukenin is actually Nakamura Zenshi, an aging A-ranked Stone M-nin (well above a beginner Jounin's paygrade) proficient with a wide variety of ranged weapons who will refuse to cooperate and not say a word about his intentions under any circumstances. Despite his age, he's fast and accurate. To avoid sustaining damage to the airship, engage with the traitor in close-quarters-combat.

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