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Default Takeda Ryosuke - Wandering Priest

Name: Takeda Ryosuke
Age: 27
Sex: M
Height: 5’11”

Character Type: Miko

Country/Village: Grass/Sougen
Rank: Reibai (Jounin)
Division: Chosen of the Red Mother Kami

Physical Description: Ryosuke has a face that can only be called charming, despite years of struggle. Deep hazel grey eyes that portray smiling at all times, they are framed by long slick eyebrows that are a brown that is so bright it almost seems blonde.

His hair follows suit, the same color and just as slick. Tended to daily, his hair still doesn’t quite sit well on top of his head. But it definitely makes him look smooth and dignified regardless of the situation. His teeth are tended to on the daily, his smile being his favorite feature of himself. It is said to be disarming, even if it isn’t perfect, his teeth have a gleam of their own.

His body on the other hand doesn’t have as extravagant a story. A few slashes here and there, small stuff and nothing uncommon to a civilian. His shoulders are a little broad, giving him a stable look, but beyond the years of wandering, he doesn’t exercise enough to be huge.

Clothing: Layers and layers. Ryosuke tends to keep himself covered in layers of clothing that can make it hard to assume he is anything but a wandering priest. When performing as a priest, he tends to wear bright colored robes, beads, and sometimes other accessories that make sure anyone looking will understand what he is 'selling' right away. Sometimes he will dress casual, and just in a long coat, slacks, a vest, fancy suits that remind him of his time before going to work at the shrine. He does like to wear light colors though, whenever possible.

When on a long journey, he switches to thicker robes of brown, carrying a bundle. Mostly it just makes sure people won't try to rob him, if he looks like a poor beggar priest. He often carries Sounding Staff, or a Khakkara, that jingles as he walks.

Personality: There is no man more lively, more in your face. Fast talking, charming, Ryosuke has a smile that goes for miles and knows just the words to go with it.

Ryosuke speaks with an even and 'faux cultured' tone, though there is a hint of a 'River Country accent' that usually comes through with his colloquialisms. He is obviously worldly, knowing more than he lets on, but he is disarming and calming. If he wants you to feel like he is your pal, it won’t take more than a sentence or two. You think he is guilty? He’ll convince you he hasn’t committed a crime since birth. His mouth moves a mile a minute and all that comes from it is half-truths and compliments. His body motions are usually a mix between welcoming and calm, though he can definitely look panicked if the situation calls for it. He has a way of soothing people that have no business being anything but enraged.

He is known as a master of manipulation, the silver-tongued priest. If there is anything that cues people in to him not being on the level it is that he is always looking for a deal to make, he loves to see people dance to his whim in a way that puppeteers would find aggravating. He digs into people, seemingly to know them better until he has them by the sack.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": “I’ll do what has to be done to maintain my part of the deal.”

Clan/Bloodline: None

Primary Archetype: Tactician
Secondary Archetype: Cavalier
Combo Archetype: Harbinger



Physical – Tertiary

Strength: 1 - 2T +14P = 13 (+9 Gouken)
Speed: 1 + 2C + 13P = 16 (+9 Gouken)
Stamina: 1 + 13P = 14 (+9 Gouken)

Mental – Primary

Intelligence: 1 + 1T – 2C + 21P +6(Thread) = 27
Tactics: 1 + 2T + 19P +4(Thread) = 26
Willpower: 1 + 20P +9(Thread) = 30

Chakra – Secondary

Power: 1 - 1T + 1C + 16P + 7(Thread) = 24
Control: 1 + 17P + 4(Thread) = 22
Reserves: 1 - 1C + 17P + 3(Thread) = 20


Jutsus and Techniques:

Gouken (Iron Fist)
Level Three
Speed 10, Strength 10, Tactic 8
Stage Bonus: +3 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Stamina

Miko Powers (Black/Deny/Divination) & Mother's Blessing Swaps
Stage 1
Kurai Geijutsu - Dark Arts
Requirements: 2 Control, 2 Intelligence
Shinpo Ofuda Gijutsu: Kuro no Kunou - Hex Seal Technique: Black Affliction
Requirements: 3 Power, 2 Willpower
Gai Kyohi! - Deny Harm!
Requirements: 3 Control, 2 Tactics
Kogei Ofuda - Seal Crafting
Requirements: 3 Willpower, 3 Reserves
Jikan wo Tsutaeru - Telling Time
Requirements: 4 Control, 4 Power
Hiya Yomi - Cold Reading
Requirements: 4 Willpower, 4 Intelligence

Stage 2
Shinpo Ofuda Gijutsu: Hai Bukuro - Hex Seal Technique: Ash Bag
Requirements: 5 Control, 4 Power, 4 Reserves
Shinpo Genkaku: Kuki no Me - Hex Illusion: Stalking Eye
Requirements: 5 Willpower, 4 Intelligence, 4 Tactics
Ofuda Gijutsu: Kyohi Toojo - Seal Technique: Deny Entry
Requirements: 6 Control, 6 Power, 4 Willpower
Shinpo Ofuda Gijutsu: Kindan Kotoba - Hex Seal Technique: Sealed Words
Requirements: 6 Willpower, 5 Intelligence, 5 Power
Ofuda Gijutsu: Shiten - Seal Technique: Perspective
Requirements: 7 Control, 7 Power, 6 Willpower
Bimyou Gijutsu - Subtle Technique
Requirements: 7 Willpower, 7 Intelligence, 6 Power

Stage 3
Shinpo Genkaku: Yami no Kankeki - Hex Illusion: Bolt of Darkness
Requirements: 8 Control, 8 Power, 6 Reserves
Blessed Red Forest Technique (Megumareta Akai Mori no Jutsu)
Swapped For: Slot 2
Requirements: 8 Willpower, 6 Intelligence, 8 Tactics
Ofuda Gijutsu: Kyouka - Seal Technique: Reinforce
Requirements: Deny Entry, 9 Willpower, 9 Intelligence, 7 Power
Hitono Kehai wo Kanjiru - Sense The Sign of Life
Requirements: 10 Control, 10 Power, 8 Tactics
Shinjutsuno Kyouyuu - Sharing the Truth
Requirements: 10 Willpower, 10 Intelligence, 8 Reserves

Stage 4
Fuhai - Rot
Requirements: Black Affliction, 12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Willpower
Subete Kyohi - Deny All
Requirements: Deny Harm, 14 Control, 13 Power, 11 Reserves, 10 Intelligence
Ofuda Gijutsu: Genkaku Kyohi - Seal Technique: Deny Illusion
Requirements: 14 Willpower, 13 Intelligence, 11 Tactics, 10 Power
Enkakusokuteiho - Telemetry
Requirements: 15 Control, 15 Power, 13 Reserves, 14 Willpower

Stage 5
Shinpo Ofuda Gijutsu: Haiki Butsu - Hex Seal Technique: Waste Within
Requirements: Ash Bag, 17 Control, 16 Power, 16 Reserves, 15 Willpower
Ofuda Gijutsu: Seishin Kyohi - Seal Technique: Deny Spirit
Requirements: Deny Harm, 18 Control, 17 Power, 17 Reserves, 14 Intelligence
Shinjutsu wo Kankaku - Sensing Truth
Requirements: Sense the Sign of Life, 19 Control, 19 Power, 18 Reserves, 16 Willpower

Stage 6
Offering for My Altar (Saidan no Boshu no Jutsu)
Swapped For: Cloud of Death
Requirements: Blessed State, 21 Control, 20 Power, 19 Reserves, 17 Willpower, 15 Intelligence
Forest Advantage Technique (Ki Riten no Jutsu)
Swapped For: Last Push
Requirements: Blessed State, 21 Willpower, 20 Intelligence, 19 Tactics, 17 Control, 15 Power
Shinpo Ofuda Gijutsu: Kinshi - Hex Seal Technique: Ban
Requirements: 23 Control, 23 Power, 22 Reserves, 16 Intelligence, 15 Tactics
Mastery of acupuncture (Hari no Shujuku)
Swapped For: Spoiled Fates
Requirements: 23 Willpower, 23 Intelligence, 22 Tactics, 16 Power, 15 Reserves

Stage 7
Burgeoning Understanding of Alternative Means (Daitaian no Kido Rikai)
Requirements: Blessing of the Mother, 30 Willpower, 27 Intelligence, 26 Tactics, 22 Control, 20 Power

Khakkara Staff - 3
Shin Armor - 1
Arm Guards - 1

Weapon Points Remaining: 3

Additional Weapon Points Gained:


Writing Example: N/A

Other Info:
- Lives his life as a conman around Grass country and River country.
- Is super big on his appearance, spends plenty of time polishing his pearly whites.
- 3 AP spent, all on jutsu.

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Very interesting character o_o and lovely picture >>

Everything is checked out, so here's my Half-approval n_n
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Oh merdle, you know this is ABSOLUTELY halfulous!

Told you she didn't have a dick.
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[Halfproved] for Hensou. Let's go arpee.
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Works for me m8. I don't suppose you can give yourself GM Approval, but... I don't think it matters lulz.

Admin Approval for you please.

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Erectin' a Welsh Half Approval and ready for moving!

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