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Default Oda Moko - Grass M-nin

Name: Takeda Ryosuke (Aka Oda Moko)
Shinobi Rank: Jounin Equivalent
Missing-nin Rank: B
Shinobi Village: Grass
Point Criteria
Jounin - 20
Forbidden Jutsu - 20
Stage Six - 25
Murder - 10
Last Location: Sougen
Additional Notes: Former special forces, has special forces techiques. Approach with caution and never trust him.
Age: 27
Sex: M
Height: 5’11”

Character Type: Missing-Nin

Country/Village: Grass/Grass
Rank: Jounin Equivalent (Not formally registered or promoted)
Division: Former Hensou

Physical Description: The old face of Moko still gleams through what he is now. He has a face that can only be called charming, regardless of what is covering it. Deep hazel grey eyes that portray smiling at all times, they are framed by long slick eyebrows that are a brown that is so bright it almost seems blonde.

His hair follows suit, the same color and just as slick. Tended to daily, his hair still doesn’t quite sit well on top of his head. But it definitely makes him look smooth and dignified regardless of the situation. His teeth are tended to on the daily, his smile being his favorite feature of himself. It is said to be disarming, even if it isn’t perfect, his teeth have a gleam of their own.

His body on the other hand doesn’t have as extravagant a story. A few slashes here and there, small stuff and nothing uncommon to even a civilian. His shoulders are a little broad, giving him a stable look, but beyond the years advancing as a shinobi, he doesn’t exercise enough to be huge.

Clothing: Layers, layers layers. The Hensou way is to be unassuming until it is far too late. In Moko’s case that means layers and layers of clothing that makes him seem like nothing more than a man with too much money to spend. When working in Hensou he wears a black long sleeved robe over his shinobi supplies. Usually his hands will not even escape the robe until they are needed, but peering inside will reveal not only that the robe is thick, but that he is wearing another layer of clothing underneath. The robe goes down to his ankles, but the black shinobi pants underneath and sandals are all fairly standard from there.

His Hensou mask is a full black mask that only covers the top half of his face like a masquerade mask, around the eye holes is a flare of purple like long eyelashes that scream excitement. Usually his mouth is either revealed, or covered in a face mask.

When not on Hensou business he dresses much differently. He can usually be seen around with a long sleeved shirt, usually white. Over that a vest of whatever color he chooses for the day. His pants long brown slacks, normal shoes. His hair may be styled differently, but that smile of his is still the same.

Personality: There is no man more lively, more in your face. Fast talking, charming, Moko has a smile that goes for miles and knows just the words to go with it.

Moko’s slight accent, one that he has confessed to laying on thicker than necessary, is part of his ways. He is obviously cultured, knowing more than he lets on, but he is disarming and calming. If he wants you to feel like he is your pal, it won’t take more than a sentence or two. You think he is guilty? He’ll convince you he hasn’t committed a crime since birth. His mouth moves a mile a minute and all that comes from it is half-truths and compliments. His body motions are usually a mix between welcoming and calm, though he can definitely look panicked if the situation calls for it. He has a way of soothing people that have no business being anything but enraged.

He is known as a master of manipulation, the man with the silver tongue. If there is anything that cue people in to him not being on the level it is that he is always looking for a deal to make, he loved to see people dance to his whim in a way that puppeteers would find aggravating. He digs into people, seemingly to know them better until he has them by the sack.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": “I’ll do what has to be done to maintain my part of the deal.”

Clan/Bloodline: None

Primary Archetype: Tactician
Secondary Archetype: Cavalier
Combo Archetype: Harbinger



Physical – Tertiary

Strength: 1 – 2T +14P = 13 (+9 Gouken)
Speed: 1 + 2C + 13P = 16 (+9 Gouken)
Stamina: 1 + 13P = 14 (+9 Gouken)

Mental – Primary

Intelligence: 1 + 1T – 2C + 21P +6(Thread) = 27
Tactics: 1 + 2T + 19P +4(Thread) = 26
Willpower: 1 + 20P +9(Thread) = 30

Chakra – Secondary

Power: 1 – 1T + 1C + 16P + 4(Thread) = 21
Control: 1 + 17P + 4(Thread) = 22
Reserves: 1 – 1C + 17P + 3(Thread) = 20


Jutsus and Techniques:

Gouken (Iron Fist) (F1-4)
Level Three
Speed 10, Strength 10, Tactic 8
Stage Bonus: +3 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Stamina

Grass Genjutsu & Hensou Swaps
Stage One
Tensei Aikou no Jutsu (Love of Nature) (F5)
Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2
Stage Two
Heki Gosunkugi-Tama no Jutsu (False Spikey Balls) (F6)
Requirements: Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6
Stage Three
Men: Za Daremo (Mask: The Everyman) (F7)
Replacing: Kakuu Kagai no Jutsu (Aerial Assault)
Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
Stage Four
Kasou (The Ball) (F8)
Replacing: Kamigami riki no Jutsu (Godly Strength)
Requirements: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12
Kamen Etai (Masked Nature)
Replacing: 6th Slot
Requirements: Intelligence 15, Tactics 15, Willpower 13, Power 14
Stage Five
Gisou no Jutsu (Chameleon) (F9)
Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15
Stage Six
Fugu Zairu no Jutsu (Crippling Vines) (AP2)
Requirements: Intelligence 21, Tactics 20, Willpower 19, Power 17, Control 15
Heki Mokuzai! (False Timber!)
Requirements: Intelligence 23, Tactics 23, Willpower 22, Control 16, Reserves 15

Global Ninjutsu & Mamotou Swaps
Stage One
Henge No Jutsu (Transformation Technique) (A1)
Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2
Kawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) (A2)
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
Stage Two
Kyou Masukingu No Jutsu (Sound Masking Technique) (A3)
Requirements: Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5
Contact Contract Swapped for "Nin Shiki Kaado (Secret Information Cards)"
Requirements: Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6
Stage Three
Genjutsu Kai (A4)
Replacing: Hitoshizeru Bakuhatsu No Jutsu (Hidden Explosion Technique)
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
Stage Four
Shunshin no Jutsu (Instantaneous Body Technique) (AP1)
Requirements: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12
Boyougan (Dancer's Eye)
Replacing: Saihen no Te (Hand of Debris)
Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10
Stage Five
Men: Za Oni (Mask:The Demon) (Thread)
Replacing: Hiritsuku Kasumi no Jutsu (Stinging Mist Technique)
Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15
Stage Six
Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) (Thread)
Requirements: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15, Admin Approval
Fuuja Houin (Evil Sealing Method) (Thread)
Requirements: Intelligence 21, Tactics 20, Willpower 19, Power 17, Control 15,

Mokuton & Hensou Swaps
Stage One
Moku Seiha (Wood Mastery) (F10)
Requirements: Control 2, Intelligence 2
Stage Two
Moku Chuuseki no Jutsu (Wood Pillar Technique) (F11)
Requirements: Willpower 5, Intelligence 4, Tactics 4
Stage Three
Moku Nottori no Jutsu (Wood Capture Technique) (F12)
Requirements: Willpower 9, Intelligence 9, Power 7
Fukumen (The Mask) (F13)
Replacing: Moku Yakuin no Jutsu (Wood Staff Technique)
Requirements: Willpower 8, Intelligence 6, Tactics 8
Stage Four
Moku Enchou no Jutsu (Wood Dome Technique) (F14)
Requirements: Willpower 14, Intelligence 13, Tactics 11, Power 10
Moku Horimono no Jutsu (Wood Sculpture Technique)
Requirements: Willpower 12, Intelligence 11, Tactics 10, Control 12
Stage Five
Moku Heki no Jutsu (Wood Pierce Technique) (AP3)
Requirements: Control 18, Power 17, Reserves 17, Intelligence 14
Moku Sajiki no Jutsu (Wood Box Technique)
Requirements: Willpower 18, Intelligence 17, Tactics 17, Power 14
Stage Six
Ukiyo Ki (Life Tree)
Requirements: Willpower 21, Intelligence 20, Tactics 19, Control 17, Power 15
Mokuzai! (Timber!) (Thread)
Requirements: Willpower 23, Intelligence 23, Tactics 22, Power 16, Reserves 15
Stage Seven
Horimono Shuujuku no Jutsu (Sculpture Mastery Technique)
Willpower 30, Intelligence 27, Tactics 26, Control 22, Power 20

Body Armor - 2 (Front)
Arm Guards - 1
Shin Guards - 1
Wrist Blades - 4 (Knife 1 + Hidden 1 X 2)

Weapon Points Remaining: 0

Additional Weapon Points Gained:


Writing Example: N?A

Other Info:
- Lives a non-shinobi life as Oda Moko outside of being a Hensou. Usually seen in Sougan.
- Is super big on his appearance, spends plenty of time polishing his pearly whites.
- Isn't formally a shinobi of Hidden Grass at all, his loyalty is with Hensou and Hensou alone.
- 3 AP spent, all on jutsu.

Thread Log
04/10/08 Hensou: Don't Kill the Messenger : +3 Power
04/10/08 Fake Names and Fake Faces : +2 Control, Boyougan
05/1/08 Hensou: The Task Part 3 : +1 Power +1 Reserves, Masked Nature
07/28/08 Hensou: Seed Yourselves : +2 Willpower and Mask: Za Oni
11/3/08 Hensou/SS: What Mission : +2 Reserves and Ukiyo Ki
1/12/09 Hensou: Cup of Joe : +2 Willpower and Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
2/6/09 Hensou: Fishing For Attention: +2 Willpower, Point Stored for Stage 3 Gouken
3/24/09 Hensou: The Boys are Back In Town: +2 Willpower, Stage 3 Gouken
5/08/09 Honeymooners (Incomplete): Missing
4/10/10 The Grand Deal: +1 Willpower, +1 Power, Contact Contract swapped over Ninja Cards
6/29/10 A Creepy Caper Part 1: +2 Intelligence and Timber
9/06/11 A Sound Proposal: Never claimed points.
3/22/15 All Collectors Start Somewhere +1 Willpower, +1 Intelligence, +Evil Sealing Method
5/25/17 The Unburied +2 Intelligence, Moku Sajiki no Jutsu (Wood Box Technique)
5/31/17 Pay Day +1 Tactics, +1 Intelligence, Heki Mokuzai! (False Timber!)
6/20/17 Vision Quest +2 Intelligence, +2 Tactics
8/31/17 Past Lives +1 Tactics, +2 Control, Wood Sculpture Technique, Sculpture Mastery Technique

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Very interesting character o_o and lovely picture >>

Everything is checked out, so here's my Half-approval n_n
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Oh merdle, you know this is ABSOLUTELY halfulous!

Told you she didn't have a dick.
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[Halfproved] for Hensou. Let's go arpee.
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Works for me m8. I don't suppose you can give yourself GM Approval, but... I don't think it matters lulz.

Admin Approval for you please.

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Erectin' a Welsh Half Approval and ready for moving!

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