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Default [SHINRAI] Kansei Tanryoku

Voice Actor: Nolan North (English)

Kansei Tanryoku
The Golden Tiger

Country: Kaze no Kuni/Sunagakure
Division: SHINRAI; KATA Airman

Bushido; Warrior's Way:
"There are people in this world who deal only in extremes.
It is naive to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them."

Age – 25
Sex – Male
Height – 6'3"
Rank – Jounin

Tanryoku is a man whose staggering muscular stature often creates the impression of additional height and a more imposing presence. This effect is the product of nearly two decades engaged in rigorous martial arts training. Though he may not look like the lightest of shinobi, he can move like a desert wasp all the same, having shed most of his fat to boost his speed and agility alongside his strength. That which remains has gone into enhancing his rugged good looks.

Tanryoku’s chiseled features, from his bold, stubbled jawline to his solid nose, carry a certain charismatic nobility and natural charm. Within almond-shaped eyes, chestnut irises flecked with lighter brown twinkle like tiger's eye gemstones under the emotive, fiery brush of his eyebrows and his thick mop of bright blond hair. The only features that might seem out of place for a martial artist are his pristine teeth, although they too see frequent action of a kind: broad smiles, lopsided grins, weary grimaces, thoughtful tugs on the lower lip, and bared snarls, brandished readily in the heat of battle.
For much of Tanryoku’s later childhood and adult life, his preferred garb was a sleeveless, red martial arts gi and bottoms – as stark a departure as any from the dark shinobi uniform of rank and file. With each promotion came subtle shifts in both hue and decoration, but after a certain encounter with an old ally-turned-enemy, Tanryoku was forced to come to terms with the fact that he had been a man playing soldier for too long, entertaining childish and impractical eccentricities. To be good at his job meant equipping himself for success as a shinobi, and accepting the extremes to which he would need to push himself.

Two things would never change. The first is his preference for bare feet over the SUNA-issued tactical sandals, his soles toughened from an early age and far more flexible than the standardised alternative. The second is the gleaming hitai-ate proudly displayed on the bandana around his forehead. Everything else evolved as required.

Now, black shinobi leggings and fingerless gloves are bordered by gold where they meet the knee and the forearm respectively, giving way to rosewood trousers and a swathe of scarlet in the vest under his single-sleeved crimson tunic. A practical utility belt also circles the waist, secured at the front with a thick, wooden plate on which one half of the surname 'Kansei' (the kanji for 'Perfection') has been ambitiously engraved – an ideal to strive towards, with its other, more important half (the kanji for 'Becoming/Reaching') emblazoned on a badge over his heart.
Named for the courage that his parents hoped he would one day possess, Tanryoku came to learn that bravery was not to be found in the dangers he chose to overlook, but rather those that could be overcome. He strives to do justice to this calling, looking to his country for inspiration and therefore too modest to claim that he is doing anything more than his duty when staring down death, failure and uncertainty alike. Another, looser translation of his full name — ‘Dry Grit’ — goes a long way in summarising his grounded sense of purpose, the hard line he takes on the enemies of Sunagakure, and his diligence to a fault.

Yet there is far more to Tanryoku than what one might find on paper. For instance, he bears the ineffable spark of liveliness and humour behind his otherwise fierce guise. This is a man who, should the need arise, can pluck a smile from thin air like a magician, drawing upon his limitless reservoir of hope to brighten even the most desperate of situations. He is well aware of the dangers that lie in blithe ignorance — in viewing the world as one would like it to be, rather than as it is. He is smart, applied, disciplined, and brings a positive pragmatism to all endeavours, along with integrity, honour and compassion. He even extends some of these qualities to his enemies, but knows well before the chips are down when to get serious and power through a conflict to reach a favourable conclusion.

With each experience, he accrues wisdom to better accomplish new goals and strengthen his convictions, which are rooted in ironclad precepts of responsibility and exercised by going to whatever lengths necessary, however extreme, to protect his country and its people. The charisma that he exudes in each pursuit draws many to his side, and they stay for more than just his loyalty and honesty. Anyone who has met Tanryoku will know that his is a future worth being a part of but, because he is not an open book, only his closest friends and allies will be privy to the whole truth lying behind the rich, leather-bound and gold clasped cover of his mystery novel, with some of its chapters unread, others unfinished, and the best ones yet to be written.
Primary Archetype: Daredevil
Secondary Archetype: Taijutsu Specialist
Special: The character can defy the laws of damage once during each thread.
Stat Merit: +3 to Stamina, +1 to Strength, +1 to Speed, +1 to Willpower
Stat Flaw: -2 to Tactics, -2 to Reserves, -1 to Power, -1 to Intelligence

Primary: Physical

Strength: 1 + 1 + 23 + 4 [Thread] + 6 [AP] = 35 + 21 (Gouken-fu) = 56
Speed: 1 + 1 + 23 + 7 [Thread] + 6 [AP] = 38 + 35 (Pi Qua Quan) = 73
Stamina: 1 + 3 + 14 + 8 [Thread] + 4 [AP] = 30 + 21 (Gouken-fu) = 51

Secondary: Mental

Intelligence: 1 - 1 + 16 + 4 [AP] = 20
Tactics: 1 - 2 + 19 + 2 [Thread] + 4 [AP] = 24
Willpower: 1 + 1 + 15 = 17

Tertiary: Chakra

Power: 1 - 1 + 12 + 3 [Thread] + 5 [AP] = 20
Control: 1 + 17 + 4 + 2 [AP] = 24
Reserves: 1 - 2 + 11 + 3 [Thread] + 5 [AP] = 18
I: Global Ninjutsu

Mental Requirements: Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11
Chakra Requirements: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13

I: Yawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
I: Kakuremino no Jutsu (Magic Cloak Of Invisibility Technique)
I: Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking Technique)
II: Kinobori no Jutsu/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree/Wall Walking Technique)
II: Kyou Masukingu No Jutsu (Sound Masking Technique)
III: Chakra Hikari no Jutsu (Chakra Light Technique)
III: Shukuchi (Reduced Earth)
III: Hitoshizeru Bakuhatsu no Jutsu (Hidden Explosion Technique)
III: Fukuwajutsu (Ventriloquism)
IV: Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Walking on Air)
IV: Tessayose no Jutsu (Iron Chain Calling Technique)
IV: Kisousei Ninpou Kawara Shuriken (Homing Roof Tile Shuriken Technique)

II: Wind Element Ninjutsu: Fuuton

Mental Requirements: Intelligence 16, Tactics 16, Willpower 17
Chakra Requirements: Power 13, Control 15, Reserves 11

I: Kaze Fuuchuufuyuu (Wind Levitation)
I: Hanpatsu Kaze no Jutsu (Retrieving Wind Technique)
I: Chiisa Kaze Setsudanki (Tiny Wind Cutter)
II: Boufuu Kyouzuu no Jutsu (Gale Surge)
II: Kaze Bakuhatsu (Wind Explosion)
II: Okuridashi Kaze (Propelling Winds)
III: Shinkuutai Naihatsu (Air Pocket Bursts)
III: Kaze no Yoroi (Armour of Wind)
IV: Tei Hakusha (Air Riding)
IV: Kaze Ryuu (Wind Dragon)
V: Kaze no Yaiba (Wind Sword)

III: Iron Fist Style: Gouken-fu

Physical Requirements: Strength 35, Speed 36, Stamina 28
Mental Requirements: Intelligence 20, Tactics 24

Stage VII Stat Bonuses: +21 Strength, +21 Speed, +21 Stamina

Gouken-fu is a timeless art of sturdy strikes, speed and dexterity, in which practitioners employ wide and confusing attack patterns (including aerial leaps and kicks from incredible angles and directions) to leave a path of broken persons and terrain in their wake.

IV: Chop-Hanging Fist Style: Pi Qua Quan

Physical Requirements: Strength 31, Speed 38, Stamina 30
Chakra Requirements: Power 20, Control 24

Stage VII Stat Bonuses: +20 Strength, +35 Speed, +8 Stamina
\\Special Techniques//
IV: Hebi no Su (Serpentine)
VI: Hebinoyou Kuufuku (Serpent's Bite)

Pi Qua Quan is an extremely active style. Motions are smooth and flexible, demanding an incredible degree of suppleness and permitting swift, hard-hitting jabs and counterattacks, the user's fingers folded and angled like the heads of desert serpents.
Item Points Max: 9
[0] Shinobi Kit
[7] Hyougetsujin
[2] Limb Armor (Forearms & Shins)
Item Points Spent: 9
Item Points Remaining: 0

Originally Posted by Bureaucracy of Kaze no Kuni—SHINRAI Review

Hard to believe that the man sitting before me is the same little kid that we used to see climbing the drainpipes across the street during breakfast. You’ve come a long way, Tanryoku-san.

Um, well, I guess we all start somewhere. I’m surprised you remember that. And knew it was me.

It’s not every day you see something like that. Except it was every day. Can’t help but be impressed by your dedication. My younger sister was in the Academy with you. We thought you had a death wish … You don’t still have a death wish, do you?

No. Definitely not. And, well, that’s not really what it was. I was a very…curious child. I used to climb the neighbourhood buildings in Zoukei too, which is where I lived with my aunt Shizuko.

Not your parents? Er…Kansei Akeryuushi-san and Sanshouuo-san?

Not at first. My mum was a Chuunin at the time, so she and my dad lived here. He moved from Zoukei, where he’d worked in the refineries, and wanted to get set up properly before bringing me over. And my mum was all work and no play too, back when she still held out hope that my grandparents might turn up. They, uh, disappeared together during a mission when she and her sister were still teenagers.

So perhaps you were acting out?

That’d be the most likely explanation.

But you didn’t stop when you got here.

Hah, not a chance. My parents still seemed to be just as busy.

And the Academy wasn’t challenge enough for you?

Not at first. No. I don’t think I let it present a challenge; I don’t think I took it seriously enough. So my grades started to slip. And I just kept on climbing, as if that would make it go away. As if that was all the training I needed to buff up my little body. I understood the technical aspects of every lesson, but I was weak. Couldn’t muster the chakra. Couldn’t endure in combat. Short and scrawny, and full of piss and wind.

What changed?

Well, I didn’t. Even with extra practice after school. So I decided to change my environment. Go to the extreme. It was tough getting my parents to arrange for me to return to Zoukei-

-Wait. How did you manage that?

You know, I’m not really sure. My job was to convince them. I never asked how they managed to convince the brass. I just…went with it.

How old were you?

Nine. I was due to return a year later to complete my studies. My instructors probably figured it couldn’t hurt. They weren’t making progress, at any rate.

I’m assuming it worked. You are a SHINRAI, after all. If the story stopped there we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Bingo. I set up on a spot of hard ground in the desert just within sight of the town to weather the intense heat and up my endurance. After a couple months of drills, I’d tacked on a few pounds of muscle and was bandaging my hands and tying my hair back like a professional, believing, or rather make-believing, that I was well on my way. I thought I had everything under control. Until I didn’t. The desert had always been the one calling the shots, allowing me to dream. Then one day it caught me out, engulfing me in a sandstorm from out of nowhere. It was hell. To a nine-year-old kid, it was a biting, breaking, raking, ravaging hell. And with only a loincloth about my waist, I raced back to town but collapsed one the way. The sentries saved me and the doctors saw to it that my body was treated, but I’d been skinned raw. What grew back was wan and tough. I looked sickly for months, and the colour took years to return.

I imagine that changed your attitude some.

You'd think. But no. I went right back out as soon as I received the all-clear. A bit more mindful maybe, but there was no time to waste.

Dedicated and stubborn.

Like a mule.

Or a tiger?

Mm, not yet. But that day was the precursor... I might just have that sandstorm to thank for everything that followed. Some people get lost out in a storm. I was forged in one.

You discovered something about yourself.

Uh, no, actually.

You decided to get a teacher?

Close. One found me. A Chuunin from Hidden Leaf, who was due to leave a few days after completing his mission, learnt of my story from the locals and followed me out to my spot. Introduced himself and offered to instruct me in the basic principles of Gouken-fu. He said my durable skin, inquisitive mind and determination to progress at any cost would serve me well, and that if I wanted to get stronger in all areas, there was no style better suited to doing just that. He left me with the style’s history, ethos and a basic regimen of exercises. And then it was up to me. Of course, I was a full year behind everyone else when I returned to Sunagakure, but I was also fully empowered to achieve my promised potential, so I sought out a Village instructor, donned a red gi — in honour of the Fire Country — and got to work.

And the result?

Delusions of grandeur. Trouble-seeking. Getting into scuffles. Getting walloped by ninjutsu and tricked by genjutsu. Some damaged pride and knocked confidence. Realising that being physically more adept didn’t make me a good shinobi. Just a good sparring dummy. That I’d have mountains to move before I could even approach the kids who we called ‘the best’. So I did what I could to round out those other skill sets, like tactics and chakra control. Feeding the coils. It was actually easier than I imagined because I had such a good mind-to-muscle connection. And my Taijutsu instructor approved so much of my shift in focus that he rewarded me with training in the more advanced foundational teachings of Gouken-fu.

And you passed the exams.

To my surprise, this time. I’d set my expectations low, even with the extra training. It was the right attitude. But once I’d passed, so did the attitude, and I let it all go to my head. I snuck off to take part in the Gion tournament before the Summer Solstice passed me by and was beaten like a drum in the first round. I think that’s what finally knocked enough sense into me to give up those delusions and just take life a day at a time. Join my first Genin team and…live in reality, as a shinobi, where it wasn’t a constant competition any more. Where my duty came first.

And so it did.

Aye, so it did. Hard work keeps a man honest. It’s the making a young man, too. The next few years were highly formative. Not least in getting some of the colour back in my skin! And skin on my bones.

The hair along your jaw too?

Gods no, that’s far more recent. I couldn’t have fielded a face full of fluff back then even if I’d wanted to. None of us could. I had a good team, a strong sensei and a welcome place. Gone was that child of the iron storm. Naturally, I was still fairly self-conscious and unsure of where my personal path would lead. I’d say that a big part of my journey began when I was fourteen and went to stay with uncle Moko in Garasu. He and aunt Shizuko had separated long before I came into the world, but he was still family and Shizuko had said he’d been having difficulties that a good boy like me might be able to put an end to. What was I training for, otherwise? Certainly not to chase pet armadillos and help the elderly with carrying their shopping. Get me out of there, if you know what I mean?!

Believe me, we all go through that phase, if we’re lucky enough for it to be a time of peace.

Good point. But it was. So I welcomed the chance to take a brief respite from team activities, and walked right into the midst of Moko’s alcohol addiction. Seemed a bit beyond me, at first, given how extreme the irony was: a glass blower whose very garden and house were littered with empty bottles. Not to mention the fact that Moko had no clue who I was and was mistrustful even after reading my aunt’s letter of introduction. It took him two days to accept the familial similarities, during which time I had to find my own lodgings.

A working holiday, then?

Indeed. A week of intensifying encouragement and manual assistance just to get Moko to tidy his residence, mend his broken windows, and cut down down his consumption by a bottle or two a day. It didn’t really do much to improve the quality of his glass blowing but in his rare moments of lucidity he did show some appreciation, if only through the act of taking me for a drink. To be honest, I didn’t know how much good my actions would do for his liver and kidneys in the long term, but if I was with him then at least I could monitor his habits. And I guess I was curious as to whether I could handle my liquor.

It all comes out now, eh? Underage drinking? Tut tut, Mr. SHINRAI.

I never said I was a saint.

Not…a…saint. Duly noted. Continue.

…Right. Well. Long story short, Moko let slip the fact that he owed money to certain people whose dealings had depended on him stocking and moving certain shipments of glass. He’d gotten behind on account of his addiction. They’d taken issue and had roughed him up. That was his reason for why the house looked like it had been ransacked and I was effectively the one paying for the drinks. The next day, while nursing his hangover, I refused to let him drink any more and demanded the truth. There was some awkwardness for a while, but eventually he confessed that his drunken ramblings were actually the truth of the matter. Together, we hatched a plan to reclaim some of his lost honour by ensuring that his remaining shipments were all conducted to the letter. And to that end, I needed to go to Bouryoraku to pick up a batch of minerals that would make the glass burn hotter and cool faster without losing integrity. I'm sure you can guess the issue I took with that idea.

Another sin, perhaps?

I swear, it’s almost like you’ve read through my file and we’re just rehashing conversations from past reviews.

It does, doesn’t it? … Was I correct?

Mm. Sometimes being a saint prevents you from being a saviour, and engaging in certain illicit activities for what my uncle called ‘the greater good’. I was to be an errand boy only, but it didn’t make the job any easier. I arrived in the dark hours of the morning, tired but ready to be done as soon as possible. I cut through the back alleys, hoping the make better time. Lo and behold, there was a gang of thieves hijacking a caravan of traders, or what appeared to be the more innocent of the two parties. And to be fair, there were at least two women in the group who seemed unable to defend themselves, so I launched into action. I took on as many of the thieves as I could, making myself the bigger target, hoping to distract them so the traders could make their getaway. But then I won. My first real battle fighting alone against such odds. The caravan’s testimonies exonerated me in the eyes of the authorities when they arrived, while the gang’s leader was led away to the stadium to face judgement, vowing to track me down and rip out my throat. It seemed extreme at the time, but I took it on the chin. How was I to know he’d catch up to me one day?

It was Bouryoraku? People like that always seem to find a way.

20/20 hindsight; can’t beat it.

What happened next?

Good things! It was Chuunin Examinations year, after all. I left Moko to give tee total a shot and finish his orders, having discarded some of my innocence and indecision in the process. I now wanted to actively protect the people of my country, if only from themselves, so I vowed to do so as a fully fledged shinobi.

That was a good year for us. If I can just find your results…

It’s cool. I look back now and realise that it was a big deal at the time, but not in the grand scheme. I didn’t become SHINRAI off the back of my Chuunin results, and that’s what we’re here to discuss.

You’re right. Though the exams will always present a milestone for each of our Genin to aspire to surpass, not all of them do, and that in no way lessens their subsequent contributions. But might I just add that it is a little surprising to think that we’re talking about the same child who had to take a year out, who served, as you say, as a sparring dummy, and who never even triumphed at Gion. Was your brief stint in Bouryoraku such a formative experience?

Looking back, I think each of my actions certainly had an impact on my successes. And there was a lot of ground gained in the years before, working with my team and learning under my sensei, but it was more my mindset — that confidence based in reality and my clarity of vision — that allowed me to cross the divide I’d been holding myself back from.

Do you still harbour reservations about yourself? Are there any other self-imposed limitations we should know about?

Not that I can see. Those fell away over the years.

What was the next one to go?


I guess…ego.

That’s a big one. And you’re now completely ego-free?

Well, no, but there’s a healthy kind and another kind. The kind that wraps you up in knots of pride if it isn’t regulated by humility. I was getting good. I was blazing ahead. Taller, stronger, steelier. My skin was back to normal, my hair was glorious. I was eighteen and so full of myself it’s unreal remembering it now. I’d swapped my bright red gi for a maroon number and had even taken to calling myself the Hidden Dragon. Though we all know that there was only one dragon deserving of such a moniker at the time, and it wasn’t this punk.

I’ll admit, that does sound like quite the departure from the child we were just discussing.

Oh, too right. My fighting spirit had only soared in the intervening years. I was catching up to my instructor and able to stand on par with most of my contemporaries from a close combat perspective. I cleared my final evaluation as a recruit with flawless results amid the accolades of superiors and fellow candidates alike. Boy, was I loving the attention. Dreams were coming to a head quicker than I could make new ones. Even when running more advanced missions, I craved the chance to go beyond. And the little boy scrambling over rooftops returned, getting ahead of himself by refusing to look at the ground. When I didn’t progress as quickly as I wanted to, I blamed my imperfect skills and experiences. Started obsessing over my combat training, as if, again, that was all I needed to be the best.

It was crazy.

Sounds slippery.

And dangerous. I began to look for alternative methods and intensified my regimes to breaking point. This wall appeared and I couldn’t power through it. Little did I know it was my limited perspective, and I wouldn’t suffer others to point this out. I got frustrated. Edgy. And then one day I went overboard in a mission, using excessive force. I was crushed. Not by what I had done but that I’d been reprimanded for it. That I’d been ordered to take a leave of absence and meet with the military psychiatrist once a week. I went to Garasu instead. Moko understood having his livelihood taken away. We understood each other. Or, I thought we did. Both bitter men who didn’t fully comprehend the extent of their own blame. We shared a few drinks, then a few more. When I left the bar I was in a pretty heady state.

This doesn’t sound like it’s going anywhere good.

It’s not. Worse, in fact. My past had chosen that night to catch up to me.


Fifty men. Moko was their target. They didn’t recognise me. I was in civvies, had a cap on. Must have seemed like a simple drunk, slumped against Moko’s fence. They were going to go through my uncle to get to me. Show of force. Weed out the kid who’d caused them so much grief. And that did it. I snapped.

Not my finest moment.

But one which seemed to spur you to meet with the psychiatrist, as directed — twice a week, in fact — and face the consequences. It also says you took full responsibility for your actions. That can’t have been easy at the time.

Well that’s the thing. It’s what your version doesn’t say. What I only told the doctor. Moko got hurt. I struck him down, thinking he was an enemy, but he was only trying to stop me from ending the other man. I could have taken it too far that night and not come back from it all, so I had to take responsibility. I should never even have been there in the first place.

But if you hadn’t, your uncle might have been murdered.

Which is why I wasn’t court marshalled for my misconduct. But I had to take a good, hard look at myself, and the doc helped me through that. All the way. I don’t think I would have been ready to take the Jounin exams when I was nineteen if it hadn’t been for her, and I definitely wouldn’t have passed.

We take care of our own. Nevertheless, the progress was yours to make; how far you went to change your ways rested entirely with you.

Aye. Took me a couple more years to ingrain those decisions. And all the missions therein. More than training. Living and experiencing the learning process from new perspectives. I towered over the others but felt like my cognitive and emotional journeys were years behind. An adolescent in a man’s body.

Except they weren’t. From what I’ve heard, Tanryoku-san, your trials were on another level, and the resulting need for self-reflection all the more pressing. You were determined to take control of your life, at a time when most people — and soldiers especially, I might add — are content to go with the flow. Those are leadership qualities.

Funny you should say that.

How so?

Because I’d also decided to let the flow guide my journey, to an extent. To direct me towards the what I needed to become in order to do the job, rather than doing the job to become something else. I started to pick up complementary taijutsu and ninjutsu, run tactics simulations, participate in war games, volunteer around the barracks, mentor some of the recruits and…well, serve as I was directed. Transfer into SUNA when it was created. And those are the things that inspired me to consider officer training.

A cyclical process, then.


That’s not unnatural. Some staircases go straight up whereas others run in spirals, and revisiting past experiences certainly helps refresh one’s convictions.

That should have been the case, but I wasn’t out of the woods yet. See, I had options, and those have never served me well. Did I put myself forward to be a role model or a mentor? How should I lead — officer or sensei? My life has just been one self-imposed plateau after another.

Except that’s not the man I see before me today. I see a man whose life has been spent obliterating those barriers.

With a little help each time.

But of course. Accepting the aid of others is noble. Admitting your limitations is humble. Who was it this time?

Shizuko, actually. She reminded me that the path I’d been following before I started letting this quandary play havoc with my mind was a good one. That, whatever kind of leader I wound up being, it had to come from a place of peace. If I forced it, I would always regret the hypothetical life I might otherwise have led. So she told me to stop looking and let it find me instead. Like the way she’d asked me to help with Moko, and I had wound up changing his life for the better. She said he’d taken to calling me a man cub on account of my child-like insecurities.

… This is it, isn’t it? This is when it happened.

You know something I don’t?

Man Cub. Tiger. That’s where it came from, right?

Uh…sort of. Yeah, maybe? I guess that probably had something to do with it.

You knew you weren’t a dragon.

Nah, I wasn’t a celestial serpent. I was never weaker than the times I thought I was soaring, and I was always stronger with my feet firmly on the ground.

So, a terrestrial beast, grown from a cub.

And a soldier, a protector of Man. With these eyes. Staring back at me from the mirror, right in front of me all along.

A fitting counterpart to a certain colleague, no? Him watching over the skies, and you the earth? That can’t have been lost on you.

Least of all when we set out to do battle with a snake.

You speak of Kijo Saigowan.

Yeah. They knew themselves so intrinsically. Saigowan was willing to surrender his soul for power, and Hitoko his own life for revenge. I was distracted by career paths. What was the point when I could have died that day? A conclusion I clearly hadn’t come to terms with.

How did it affect your battle?

Even pushed to the back of my mind, I could feel it clouding my judgment. It’s shameful. I lacked the singular focus that might have helped us end things sooner. The enemy had known what he’d wanted for years. Hitoko too, I feel. My desires were trifling and served myself before my country. The extremes I went to were made to further my own ambitions. To help the right thing find me. Ignoring that the right thing had, yet again, been in front of me the whole time.

They say the simplest answer is usually the right one, yeah? What could have been simpler than sharpening myself to be the sword that my country needed? To be the shield defending its doorstep? The tiger safeguarding its future? To walk the path that it set out for me.

Some might say that’s simply following the flow again. Becoming a sheep.

Not if you walk side by side with it. If you trust in it completely and give it cause to trust implicitly in you.


I had never dreamed… But then, that’s the point, isn’t it? It’s not something you can take. Trust can only be given.

Earned, by one who’s ready.

Ready for anything.

Even being a team sensei?

I know. Ironic, right?

Let's find out.
Other Information
  • AP Limit Breaker (Donation Reward).
  • Tai Savant (Donation Reward) ~ Tanryoku can take any number of taijutsu lists at one stage per jutsu point because he's just that good.
  • Tanryoku still visits his uncle when he can. Thanks to his nephew’s determined and creative interventions, Moko has been sober for over four years. The pair celebrate the anniversary of Moko’s last drink each year by crafting a new glass item for Tanryoku to keep on the shelf above his military cot. In his own time, the Jounin has also begun to sculpt increasingly ambitious objects from wood, clay and sandstone.
  • Though he is now SHINRAI and counts himself a friend to Renchishin Hitoko, he still finds himself starstruck by the renowned clansman at times, considering the gap in their abilities despite their age. Recognising this, Tanryoku has made it one of his life goals to close down this disparity by all means necessary, and to one day look upon the sennin as a peer, if not an equal.
  • Special mentions go first to Scruballz and then Marvelmania for their original Kansei Tanryoku illustrations.
  • Character Influences:
    [+] Iron Fist: The Living Weapon (Marvel Comics)
    [+] Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)
    [+] Ken Masters (Street Fighter)
    [+] Kittan Bachika (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan)
    [+] The Arrow (DC Comics)
    [+] Hal Jordan (DC Comics)
Writing Example

As the doorbell sounded from somewhere within the structure with a satisfyingly heavy clang, Tanryoku took a small step back and played the time-honoured game of guessing where in the building the other man might be, and how long it would take him to respond. It helped pass the time as he considered what he would say. Hi there - I'm part of a two-man army sent to protect your village from an impending attack by seaborne marauders. Mind if we rouse the whole populous, upend their pleasant lives and stage a counter-offensive from their doorsteps? The big man winced, rubbing a thumb first across his right temple, then through his hair. As an aspiring leader of men, Tanryoku still worried about logistics. It didn't help that somehow he had switched places with his KAZE partner and had volunteered himself for the diplomatic role. Some hidden desire to experience a command position perhaps? He had devised the plan, after all, and his tall order of a request demanded complete understanding if he wanted to avoid any hitches. He hated hitches. But where's the fun in things going smoothly, eh?

“Be right down!!”

A clear, crisp voice cut through the Jounin's inner monologue and caused him to look...up. The late morning sunlight was filtered thrice through his eyelashes, the vertical beams of the lighthouse, and their crossover with the dark form moving about the tower's interior. Yet the voice did not lie; in less than thirty seconds, Tanryoku could hear the latch move on the other side of the door. The gaunt man who revealed himself stood at just over average height, wearing a white-trimmed, olive-green robe and scratching his brown, unkempt beard as he made his own estimation of the stranger at his door. Although initially wary, the older man (whom Tanryoku estimated to be in his late thirties) stepped into the sunlight, whereupon the golden sun motif on his sleeve became apparent and his bright eyes settled upon the shinobi's hitai-ate. Head bowed, he shook out a smile and a light chuckle.

“Apologies, my friend. You have traveled some distance and I am being rude in my reticence. I am Kiyomizu Kenji. Welcome to Yashi, Breezy Paradise of the Southern Coast. Well, what's left of it, that is. I assume you have come about the raids?”

Tanryoku was relieved. This was a man with his finger on the pulse and who was able to retain a positive attitude despite that knowledge. “We have.” He took a breath. “My partner and I have been dispatched to rout these criminals before they can strike again. Our deductions have placed your village next on their list and, well, with such little time remaining we need to be getting down to business.” There was no point in musing over the matter any further - chase-cutting was in order. Marauder-cutting would come later.

Kenji's face fell into contemplation. “I thought as much.” He moved aside and invited Tanryoku into the cool space of the atrium. "Then we have much to discuss. Please.”

The solder nodded and stepped into the dimly lit vestibule, confident yet curious. "Thank you. My partner, Chouku Shuju, is out familiarising himself with the lay of the land and making suitable advance preparations should the enemy make its move sooner than expected. Time is of the essence, after all.”

"So you said. And what do I call you?”

“Kansei Tanryoku, at your service."

"Hm. My service."

The tiny atrium opened into a larger, wood-panelled hallway from which a number of rooms appeared to stem. There were seven doorways, five of which emitted the cool light of disuse. Lamplight spilled through the other two; from what Tanryoku could discern as he passed the first, it was a study of some kind with a set of spiral stairs in the corner. However, the two men were bound for the kitchen instead. As he entered the large, open chamber, the Jounin became immediately aware of the faintest smells - baked bread, worked leather and ripe fruit over a prevalent waft of charcoal, which would sit at the back of his nasal cavity for some time. Set deep in the central wall was a massive hearth that would have warmed the backs of anyone sitting at the large, wooden table dominating the room. Presently, it glowed quietly from beyond a reclining chair moving gently on its carved rockers. Taking up the rear of the building, the kitchen was blessed with windows on either side, lateral blinds drawn down and surrounded by simple, richly coloured wall hangings to brighten the dark stone walls. His host moved first to the window facing the ocean and adjusted the angle of the blinds to permit more light, then crossed back to the hearth and knelt in order to add wood to the fire. With his free hand, he gently shook the knee of the rocking chair's occupant until the blanketed form shifted.

“Tea, Kazuki?”

A grunt and nod were all Kenji received, but he smiled nonetheless, his thin features warmed some by the new light blooming from the hearth. He stood.


"Thank you.”
Mission Log
A Tiger's Path

Intro: Becoming
Outro: Trust
Chapter I: The War might be over; the Battle is not [Kijo Saigowan; Renchishin Hitoko]
+2 Stamina, +Hebi no Su (Pi Qua Quan).
Chapter II: War Games (explosions optional) [Takeshi Huuraba]
+1 Strength, +1 Power, +1 Reserves, +Kaze Ryun (Wind Dragon).
Chapter III: Final Adjustments (Arc)
+2 Tactics, +Stage V Pi Qua Quan.
Chapter IV: Wind Message - Act I [Renchishin Hitoko]
+3 Speed, +1AP Strength.
Chapter V: Wind Message - Act II - Part I of II [Renchishin Hitoko]
+2 Control, +2 Power.
Chapter VI: Wind Message - Act II - Part II of II [Renchishin Hitoko]
+2 Control, +Stage VI Gouken-fu.
Chapter VII: Night Raiders [Chouku Shuju]
+1 Strength, +1 Stamina, +Kaze Bakuhatsu (Wind Explosion).
Chapter VIII: Rehabilitation [Chouku Shuju]
+2 Reserves.
Chapter IX: Scoundrel Town [Hakkenshi Masahiro]
+3 Speed.
Chapter X: A Scheme of Scoundrels [Solo]
+1 Speed.
Chapter XI: The Dwarf in the Flask (The Betrayers Arc / Phase III) [Renchishin Hitoko; Kijo Saigowan]
+2 Strength, +1 Stamina, +Stage VI Pi Qua Quan.

Chapter XII: Interlude ~ The Wind in his Sails
+1AP Power, +1AP Kaze Fuuchuufuyuu (Wind Levitation), +1AP Kaze no Yoroi (Armour of Wind).
Chapter XIII: Undiscovered Paths [Solo]
+2 Stamina.
Chapter XIV: Rediscovered Paths [Solo]
+2 Stamina.
Chapter XV: Tying Loose Ends (Arc)
+Chiisa Kaze Setsudanki (Tiny Wind Cutter), +Okuridashi Kaze (Propelling Winds).
Chapter XVI: Celebrations
2 Thread Points: +1 Inventory, +Limb Armor.
Chapter XVII: Moving Forward (Arc)
+Kakuremino no Jutsu (Invisibility Cloak), +Hitoshizeru Bakuhatsu no Jutsu (Hidden Explosion).

Chapter XVIII: Interlude ~ To Meditate on Mastery
+AP Limit Breaker, +Tai Savant Perk, +4AP Intelligence, +4AP Reserves, +4AP Power, +4AP Tactics, +2AP Control, +Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou (Air Walking), +Hebinoyou Kuufuku (Pi Qua Quan).
Chapter XIX: [Spartoi] The Language of Flowers
+Tessayose no Jutsu (Iron Chain Calling), +1AP Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking), +1AP Chakra Hikari no Jutsu (Chakra Light), +1AP Fukuwajutsu (Ventriloquism), +1AP Kisousei Ninpou Kawara Shuriken (Homing Roof Tile Shuriken).

Chapter XX: Interlude ~ Extreme Measures
+1AP Reserves, +4AP Stamina, +6AP Speed, +5AP Strength, +Stage VII Gouken-fu, +Stage VII Pi Qua Quan.

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Moved as per request ... and WOW that's a long bio ...
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Right you are, Tigresama. Too true. And thanks again for the move.

I apologise in advance if anyone feels annoyed at having to read through so much. If you're reading this page for reference and really don't want to trawl through 24 years of life in the land of the shifting sands, then I would suggest scanning over all the regular info and stats before the bio, and ending with the fifth and final segment at the very end, which, although a fraction of the action, will tell you who Tanryoku is at the moment and what his goals are.

Feel free to take it in chunks. I've separated it into five somewhat manageable sections for more reasons than the obvious age thing.

This is, for me THE character. Even though I've been requested to make a Rain nin...I think I'll stick with my current two for a while, if Tanryoku is to your liking, that is.

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Wow... I want to marry him. I don't usually comment in the registry, but this one seemed to warrant it. I'm both impressed and absolutely floored by the level of depth you've given this particular character, as well as just a little envious.

Im not going to make any comments about how approvable he is, since I cleary don't have the rank to make such distinctions, but really, you wrote a great description.
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Jeese mate, now, when I talked to you about investing time in a Sand Jounin I didn't expect this.

This is... for lack of a better word... Redonculus.

Man, even though my Sand guy's bio was 11k, this thing... this thing dwarves mine. Not just in length but in depth. I really really fell in love with him when I looked him over, more so and more so as you worked on it. I must say, this is absolutely registry win (not the sarcastic kind.) And you deserve a bucket full of praise for pulling this off.

He's almost like an older version of my Genin of the same village.

Your math checks out.

Only thing on the sheet that I can pick out that would be better off changed is the title. Kansei Tanryoku [SUNA] is the format for most Sandies (I think it became a rule or something a few months back)


AP: 56
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Thank you, Seikon. Just think: none of this would have been possible without your suggestion. I see what you mean about your Genin. These two would likely get on very well.

*gives the Kansei Tanryoku thumbs up of approval*

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Yet another tai primary jounin... Suna is really turning into a village of brutes.

While I did enjoy your bio, and yes, I did read through the entire thing, I've just one problem.

A paragraph should, at maximum, consist of seven sentences. Five is the default number and six relatively acceptable. Is it possible if you were to space the paragraphs more often so those of us who wear glasses won't have to squint?
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This is true. I'll make it a little easier on the eyes.
Some paragraphs though, while they might be longer that seven sentences, rely on an uninterrupted flow of images. They may have to be longer. Still, I know for certain that those massive chunks in the first two segments of the five will definitely be cut down. Thank you for emphasising this point though.

*flexes fingers*

Time to make it preeetty.

EDIT: Done. Crikey, it looks even longer now! Holy Hera...

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Much better. Thank you~! ^^

Nothing major - It's easy to condense the sentences without losing information. Example:

"He took after his mother though, as eventually he was old enough to join the Academy and move to the Hidden Village to live with his parents."
Since the Academy is situated in Sunagakure and impossible to attend without residence within the village, the moving part is redundant. The same result can be achieved with just

"He took after his mother though, as eventually he was old enough to join the Academy and live with his parents."

"He still got into trouble aplenty on the tall walls where the sentries prowled and an assortments of other sizeable structures, but gradually this side of him receded into the background and his struggles in the Academy came to the fore."
You can take out those red quotes and add in an "s" for "assortments."

"As an incredibly short, scrawny boy, he always had great difficulty in keeping up with the others of his class. Mentally, he was very capable, and knew ‘how’ to do most things, but because he was physically unable to do so, he never strayed far from the middle of the class."
"Incredibly short and scrawny, he always had great difficulty keeping up with his peers. While his high intelligence easily grasped the technical, his physique hindered and held him near the middle of the class."

"In fact, if it had not been for these drawbacks, his ingenuity and natural acuity would have placed him far ahead. His chakra manipulation was standard, and would get him by, but he wanted more. Simply put, he wasn’t strong enough. He continued as best he could, but by the age of 9 he truly began to crave a way to advance, and he was determined not to get left behind."
"But was it not for the drawbacks, his ingenuity and natural acuity would have placed him far ahead. While his chakra manipulation served him well he wanted more; strength. He continued his best, but at the age of nine he craved a new method to further his growth.
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*Grins* Well this is just nitpicking now, but alright, hehe.
Thanks for the heads up.

EDIT: For me bumping when I wasn't meant to, all future update and edit notices will go here. Sorry Kym. *shrugs*

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