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Default [TKO] - Aburame Tetsumi

Name: Aburame Tetsumi
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8"

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Konohagakure
Rank: Chuunin
Division: Omoi

Appearance: The teenager's traditional clan concealment of virtually every inch of her skin leaves nearly everything up to imagination. A clinging black sweater outlines the chuunin's deliciously underage curves, only pulling away from the girl's pale skin from the elbow downward. The fabric hangs two inches past Tetsumi's fingertips when her arms hang straight down, veiling her lithe fingers in much the same way the teenager's black hair hides her right eye in tandem with a pair of unmirrored sunglasses. On her belt is a line of black-wrapped projectile scrolls containing a mixture of different projectiles, along with a pouch on her backside full of straight weaponry.

A black collar hugs the line of Tetsumi's neck in much the same way as a corset would; a mask of much more porous fabric for ease of breath travels seamlessly out this from the teenager's chin until just under the line of her specs. Behind these sleek barriers a pair of sharp hazel eyes survey the world, occasionally finding reason to prompt curving red lips to frame some comment.

Tetsumi looks taller than she is, although that's not to suggest that the teenager is in any way petite. Her slim shoulders and hips give the impression that the chuunin is at least a quarter of a foot taller than her five foot eight frame, often leading to some surprise when the girl is seen next to her teammates. Almost to heighten this illusion, the Aburame dons black trousers with a lengthening crease down the front, leaving her with legs that appear near endless. The flattering pants are cinched in just above the knee on both sides for weapon holsters.

Personality: Tetsumi is sensible, eminently so, but she has a propensity for the absurd that's virtually impossible to hide (not that she tries to). This strange mix of down-to-earth logic and nonsensical humor lends Tetsumi a certain je ne sais quoi that can confuse (read: unsettle) those who don't know her. The fact that she's home to thousands of tiny bugs naturally lends to this mystique, as does that fact that Tetsumi, like most members of her clan, remains calm in the face of almost any storm. Her one social weakness is, well, social interaction, specifically that which involves small talk.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": No matter how juvenile, idiotic, or disastrous the results promise to be, everyone deserves to make their own choices.
Clan/Bloodline: Aburame
Archetypes: Aburame Clan Specialist/Tactician
Receive stage one of Aburame list free
+4 Tactics, +1 Willpower, +1 Intelligence
-3 Strength, -1 Stamina, -1 Reserves, -1 Power

- Power: 1-1+11+12+3=26
- Control: 1+9+13+4=27
- Reserves: 1-1+10+13+3=26
- Intelligence: 1+1+13+4=19
- Tactics: 1+4+7+6 =18
- Willpower: 1+1+8+8=18
- Strength: 1-3+9+9=16 (+15 Precision Fist)
- Speed: 1+14=15
- Stamina: 1-1+1=1

Jutsu and Techniques
Kikai Manipulation
[Stage 3] - Stage 3
[Stage 2] - Carapace I
[Stage 3] - Devour
[Stage 4] - Camouflage I
[Stage 4] - Carapace II
[Stage 5]
[Stage 6]
[Stage 6] - Makushi

Universal Ninjutsu
[Stage 1] - Kawarimi
[Stage 2] - Wall/Water Walking
[Stage 2] - Bridge to Nowhere
[Stage 3] - Self-Preservation

Projectile Ninjutsu
[Stage 1] - Projectile Scroll
[Stage 1] - Second Wind
[Stage 2] - Twin Dragon
[Stage 3] - Cherry Bomb
[Stage 4] - Hidden Projectiles
[Stage 4] - Five Pointed Fingers
[Stage 5] - Iron Maiden
[Stage 6] - Dagger Cascade
[Stage 6] - Flaming Projectile Wave
[Stage 6] - Needle Art: Booming Wave

Leaf Genjutsu
[Stage 1] - Sounding the Unfamiliar (2/3/6)
[Stage 1] - Kikai: Prime (2/3/6)
[Stage 2] - Voice of the Peculiar (2/3/5)
[Stage 3] - Spell of the Trees (1/3/5)
[Stage 3] - Genjutsu Kai
[Stage 4] - Legion (1/2/4)
[Stage 4] - Echo of Lament (1/2/4)
[Stage 5] - Sleep (2/0/4)
[Stage 6] - Temple of Nirvana (0/2/3)

Precision Fist
[Stage 1] - Stage 1
[Stage 2] - Stage 2
[Stage 3] - Stage 3
[Stage 3] - Throwing Punches
[Stage 3] - Escape Protocol
[Stage 4] - Stage 4
[Stage 5] - Stage 5
[Stage 5] - Missile Deflection

Body Armor (2)
Night Vision + 20x Zoom + Hidden [Sunglasses] + Extrasensory [Poison] (2+1+1+2=6)
Weapon Points Remaining: 0
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

Biography: Shippori tore her jacket off the second she entered the Aburame compound, decidedly ignorant to the disapproving glances—presumably, although one never could quite tell for sure—of the nearest clan members. It was the middle of the summer, and scorching hot; the teenager had nearly given into the temptation to shed her bulky outfit dozens of times during her mission. Not bothering to push up her specs, dangerously close to falling off, Shippori tied the sweat-soaked jacket around her slim waist and sighed. Why had she agreed with her parents when they said it would be just wonderful to live in the canopy?

"Pori! Pori-chan!"

The teenager paused with one hand on the ladder. She would recognize that shrill, loving cry until the day the Kikai claimed her body; with a wide grin, Shippori turned and knelt, already prepared for the child that flung itself enthusiastically into her arms.

"Pori-chan, I missed you so much!" the child cried, burying its head into the teenager's chest. Shippori's expression melted into one of pure affection as she gazed at her favorite follower; one of her gloved hands came up to stroke the child's hair back until a pale face emerged, obviously fighting back tears.

"Not so loud, Tetsu-chan," the girl whispered, patting Tetsumi's cheek gently. "You know that we're not supposed to be loud."

"But Pori—"

"No buts, sweetheart!" Shippori pulled the young girl into her arms and stood, hefting her young admirer onto a hip. "You're not going to get to hear any of my brand new stories unless you're very good!"

"New stories?!"

"Shh, Tetsu!"


"Yes, new stories!"

And what stories they were! Aburame Shippori was a loss for the world as a shinobi; the chuunin's true calling was weaving tales so enthralling that even elders were drawn in. Her words flowed freely for one of her clan, but all but the strictest members forgave the girl thanks to the joy she brought to the somber compound. Shippori's tales ranged from the mundane to the extraordinary, but one topic that frequented her accounts was one that she lived through daily; the journey of a shinobi.

The chuunin had amassed quite a following in the young people of the clan, and Tetsumi had been among the first. There was something about the girl's blind enthusiasm for the unknown that had kept the two glued together since their first meeting; Tetsu served as a constant boost to the teenager's ego, and Shippori was a child's much needed hero. Tetsumi would give anything to be just like her dear Pori-chan.

Therein, of course, lied the problem.

It was dark. Tetsumi could barely make out a hunched figure through the gloom of the cavern's interior. She knew there were more, had to be more people arranged around her in the underground haven, but the girl's vision was hazy and distorted for some reason she couldn't fathom. It was almost like Tetsumi's eyes were filled with tears—but why in the world would she be crying? They had finally seen her point… finally given in…

Her mother had been crying, before. The young girl had been overwhelmed with how happy the woman must have been and thanked her for seeing it her way; Tetsumi's aunt had whispered that maybe… it was better this way.

The insistent drone echoing through the cavern increased in volume.

This was it.

"Tetsumi… are you sure?"

She was.

There was a reason why the Aburame performed the Bonding Ritual before memories could begin to form. The pain the recipient suffered through was that of nightmares; there were genjutsu crafted after the ordeal of kikai forging their home under the helpless victim's skin. Living flesh was torn asunder, bones were drilled through, and marrow was sucked away to provide a home for the mindless servants. Those shinobi bound with kikai had a body no sane doctor would agree to operate on for fear of collapsing some section of the skeleton riddled with tunnels and holes.

Every distant corner of the Aburame clan compound rang with the girl's scream.

Miles away, Shippori compromised her team's position when she doubled over with pain, insects tearing their way out of every part of her body.

Small, tear sized holes the only mark on her body, Tetsumi laid rigidly in her bed and willed the buzzing to go away. She couldn't hear over the clicking and whirring of the kikai crawling through her; the girl was oblivious the hand gently cradling her own. Through her tightly closed eyes Tetsumi couldn't see the worried cloud of insects spiraling above the bed.

Shippori let her sunglasses fall, unheeded, into her lap. What was the point?

Pleading softly for the kikai within her beloved Tetsumi to settle down, the chuunin half-heartedly ordered her own colony to return. Nothing could calm the agitated insects; the steady hum of hundreds of beating wings, while soothing to the chuunin, was no doubt distressing Tetsumi further.

Giving a final sniffle, Shippori straightened and took a deep breath.

"You're never going to believe this, but… I know this girl…"

"Shh, Pori-chan," Tetsumi whispered, soothing the jounin's hair back. "Save your breath, okay?"

"But—" The woman coughed wretchedly, not seeming to notice the mixture of crushed kikai and blood that left her throat at the action. "I have a story, T-tetsu!"

"You have a serious wound, Shippori." The chuunin quelled her panic and looked up from the broken form in her arms, trying to assess the situation. Her own condition was only marginally better than the jounin's; gashes of various sizes decorated both Aburame. If they had been expecting anything when the order to go straight through the Yuki line came, it hadn't been an underground base and ice shards materializing from thin air.

Eyes trailing over the half-devoured corpses of the enemy shinobi, Tetsumi was barely able to keep from being sick. It was hard to think clearly with a horde of nervous insects crowding around her wounds; the chuunin had never fully trusted the kikai. Even after making a full recovery from the Bonding Ritual, the teenager's view of the creatures was rather dim.

"—she was always one t-to make her own… decisions…"

Tetsumi attempted once again to shush Shippori. The woman's eyes were becoming more and more glazed, a clear premonition of her fate unless help arrived within the next few minutes. Tetsumi herself was under no false assumptions; there had been death at the now burning Yuki base that day, and there would doubtlessly be more.

"The girl never seemed t-to know how… proud… everyone was… She spent her time f-fight… fighting against what she had… paid dearly to get. The girl… she couldn't see how… strong she was… how well she worked with what……… she hated…"

Shippori's voice caught and faded. In the next second Tetsumi felt the woman's kikai surge; the body in her arms went from corpse to skeleton in less than ten seconds flat. The chuunin squeezed her eyes shut and pulled away, chilled by the rather ridiculous sight of a skull with sunglasses.

It… was that simple. Shippori was gone.

The Aburame pulled her mask down and was sick before passing out, blood loss and the smothering blanket of smoke from the burning military post finally getting to her.

Days later, when the teenager finally woke up, the clan medics told the girl bluntly how she had been found. Luckily for her, the kikai had slowed her bleeding with the mindless desire to keep their host alive.

Coming back from the brink of death, the chuunin finally began to realize that all the desperate attempts to move away from using their power as a genin had been useless. Tetsumi had handed her body over as a shelter for the kikai so long ago, and in return, the insects would keep the girl alive for as long as they could.

Thread Log
[07/07/08] - AP [Genjutsu Kai] Replacing: Konoha no Jumon
[08/16/08] - The Written +2 Reserves
[11/05/08] - No Man's Land +3 Reserves
[12/02/08] - Hope for the Lawless +2 Power
[01/01/09] - Moments Before Getting Fisted +2 Power, +1 Control
[01/01/09] - Fisted all Over Again +2 Control, +1 Willpower
[01/04/09] - Fist Roulette +3 Willpower
[01/08/09] - AP [Stage 4 Kikai Manipulation]
[02/02/09] - The Bare Truth +2 Willpower
[03/16/09] - Fistcon +2 Control
[05/11/09] - Rescue And Retrieval +1 Control, +2 Power
[05/30/09] - Turnback and Turnabout +2 Power
[05/30/09] - AP +1 Power
[06/18/09] - AP +3 Reserves
[07/01/09] - Reclamation and Recovery
[10/11/09] - The Seigyoto Massacre
[03/22/10] - A Kind of Persuasion +2 Reserves, Stage Five Kikai
[04/19/10] - Wilted Roses and Rotten Chocolate +2 Tactics, Camouflage I
[07/31/10] - Disasterpiece +1 Control, Rebound
[08/01/10] - Teeth Sinking into Heart
[08/16/10] - A Fistful of Nostalgia to the Face! +2 Control, Cloud of Pain
[08/28/10] - Pause the Tragic Ending +1 Power, Tactics
[10/02/10] - Operation Wildfire: Squad 3 +1 Control
[12/18/10] - Palmfury and Blackbumble +2 Tactics, Carapace II
[12/26/11] - Fist Buddies - +1 Strength, +1 Intelligence, Raising Rain
[01/21/12] - Ghosts of the Past - Stage 1 Precision Fist
[02/05/14] - Projectile Update - 1 AP (Intelligence)
[03/01/14] - S'no Shame in Sightseeing - Kikai: Prime, +1 Intelligence
[03/05/14] - Support Network - Dagger Cascade, +1 Intelligence
[04/05/14] - Bro Pound - +1 Strength, +1 Control
[03/16/14] - Bee Mine - +2 Strength
[03/24/14] - Megalomania - Stage 2 Precision Fist, +1 Strength
[04/03/14] - The Catalyst - Stage 3 Precision Fist
[04/03/14] - Happily Ever After - +2 Strength
[04/05/14] - Red Rampage - +2 Strength, Legion
[04/06/14] - AP +1 Control, Sleep
[04/18/14] - Temple Run - Stage 4 Precision Fist, +GMAP: Stage 5 Precision Fist
[04/19/14] - Carapace Rising - +1 Willpower, Wallwalking
[04/21/14] - Bugging Out
[04/22/14] - Prelude in Bee - Self Preservation, +1 Power. AP +1 Power, +2 Control
[04/28/14] - Chrysalis - +2 Reserves
[08/05/14] - Crawling In My Skin
[08/21/14] - The Aftermath - +1 Willpower, +1 Tactics
[08/23/14] - The Fist and the Bee - Flaming Projectile Wave, +1 Control
[09/16/14] - Flight Patterns - Echo of Lament, +2 Power
[09/19/14] - Weta Turnout - Bridge to Nowhere, +1 Reserves
[11/15/14] - Rose-Tinted - +1 Intelligence, +1 Power
[09/27/14] - Raid - +2 Reserves
[01/26/15] - The Dimming Spark - Stage 6 Kikai Manipulation, +1 Intelligence, +1 Reserves
[07/15/15] - Awkeye and Hotlisps - Temple of Nirvana, +1 Control
[08/06/15] - Hive: Ritual -Booming Wave, +1 Control
[10/01/15] - Rule Breaker Rewards - Throwing Punches, Escape Protocol, Missile Deflection, Makushi

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Archetypes: Aburame Clan Specialist/Tactician
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+4 Tactics, +1 Willpower, +1 Intelligence
-3 Strength, -1 Stamina, -1 Reserves, -1 Power
- Strength: 1-1+8=8
P.S. I <3 you, Oak.

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D'oh XD

Fixed, though. And we're going to have one hell of a team ;D
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Deal w/it
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Oh, clannies. lawl at 1 stamina.


(Down ta roleplay, yo.)
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Your bio is really confusing....

I had to read it twice...

But I think I got it.

Regardless, you know i love this.

Full Approval

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Nicely done. I can forgive the lapse in administrative details because the character itself is pretty stunning.

Leaf GM Approval

Let's just hope Res agrees.
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Completely unbiased Half-Approval.

...did I mentioned it's unbiased? Because it definitely is.


Please do not request registry checks. I'll get to it soon enough.
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Half-proved for you! :3

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Eated from the inside out, huh.

I was actually looking around Unfinished since I know VD wanted to make a non-conformist Aburame, too, and didn't really want two of the same RPC theme in the clan. But since his is junked, that leaves you no competition. Hooray?

It took me a while to make sense of the bio since it wasn't clear cut and dried like others, and that picture wigged me out, too. I was looking at it late last night and couldn't make heads nor tails of it, and it wasn't til I looked at it today and finally got it =P

But anyways, I dub thee Shit Etsumi : ) LIKE MY SHIT AIZEN. Aburame GM approved, moved.
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