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Default Ueda Chuu

Six AP spent on this character!

Name: Ueda Chuuya (Chuu)
Age: 12
Sex: Male
Height: 4'5

Village: Rain
Character Type: Shinobi
Rank: Genin

Makeup and Costume:

Cute and small—that's Chuu. His body isn't built for much combat. Thin legs, and scrawny arms that have close to no muscles on them. Standing a head under most children his age, it's fairly easy for Chuu to be pushed around. He's easily overpowered when it comes to wrestling, grappling and most other forms of fighting. This is the reason why Chuu focuses mainly on ninjutsu and genjutsu. There is one (and only one) thing that Chuu's body favors physically, his speed. Chuu has never really trained in hardcore taijutsu, but because his body is small and light, he can run pretty fast.

When seen running through the streets of Rain, the first thing that sticks out about Chuu is his hoodie—black and white with green stripes along the arm. The head of the hoodie has two black ears sitting on top of it, and the area lining the face is dyed black as well. Chuu's favorite animal is the panda; it's not so surprising that he wears the hoodie to prove it. From under the hood, Chuu's soft face can be seen, bright green eyes, a small nose and a rounded face. Chuu's skin is dark which is a bit odd for one who spends all of their time in the sewers of rain, but everyone else in Chuu's family has the same pigmentation, so Chuu supposes that it isn't too odd. Normally it's impossible to see Chuu's hair color when he has his hood over his head, but every so often a soft ringlet of hair pops down.

Whenever Chuu pulls his hood down, his hair immediately falls into place—stark white, cut in layers, the longest parts falling down to dangle right above his shoulders while the rest frames (or sometimes covers) his face. When he gets older and taller, he'd most likely grow into quite the handsome young gent; but until then, he's just cute little Chuu.

Along with his panda hoodie, Chuu can usually be sen earing either black or white shorts with black or white close toe'd shoes that were designed for running. Chuu rarely ever takes off his hoodie, but underneath it lays his insulation clothing, and a redcuffed-black shirt with white sleeves. Chuu's hitai-ate is always kept tied around his waist, but his hoodie usually covers it. The last item found on Chuu's person is a set of yellow headphones that are usually tucked under his hoodie. Chuu never goes anywhere without his music.


Runt, ruffian, rascal, hooligan, whatever term you prefer to use, that's Chuu. Chuu is a notorious troublemaker. Living in sector two, Chuu has never had much of anything. He and his crew often go to vandalize property in the other sectors (never sector three, but usually sector one). Often times they stole or begged for money. When Chuu wasn't in the academy, he was out with the crew—trying to get monies—and when Chuu wasn't doing that, he could be found sleeping. Surprisingly, Chuu can behave and act like the perfect gentleman. Whenever in sector three, or in sector one for purposes other than begging or robbing, Chuu is a well-behaved young gent... but when that irresistible urge to steal comes, all bets are off.

Chuu loves to sleep and zone out while listening to his music, and whenever/wherever food is available, Chuu can be found tearing it up. Despite being quite the hooligan, Chuu isn't as much of a talker as one would expect. He's lighthearted, extremely laid back, friendly and super loyal. He treats everyone like family, and for his mother Chuu would do anything—which is usually the reason he's in trouble. Chuu's speech is often long and slow, he doesn't like talking fast. When listening to others talk fast, he misses half of what was being said. Why make someone else go through that? Despite his laid back personality, Chuu is quite excitable. He loves food; he loves music and poetry, so of course they get him excited and hyper, but more than anything else, Chuu is excited during a chase. Whether running from the police or just running away from other gangs in town, it's a rush that Chuu loves.

Chuu often pulls the "cute" act to get out of trouble. After all, he looks young, and he wears a panda suit. Once the puppy-dog eyes and the crocodile tears are played, who could help but to let him go with more than a slap on the wrist? Whenever caught in a fight, be on a mission or in the allyways of sector two, Chuu can be described as spunky and daring. He's a quick thinker, and uses any and every type of tactic that comes to his mind—usually at the cost of his own safety. Chuu is truely a reckless and fierce fighter.

Ironically enough, Chuu actually feels bad about stealing from people. He always returns the items that he stole, unless his family seriously needs it, or unless he was stealing the for a purpose. Chuu would prefer not to steal, but usually this irresistible urge overcomes him. Nothing will alleviate that urge unless he takes it, and Chuu knows first hand that if he doesn't, a panic attack is on the way. As far as vandalism goes, it's a rush; it's fun. It's not like the people they vandalize can't afford to get some paint and cover up their graffiti; it's an easy fix.

Aside from Chuu's semi-petty life of crime and ninja escapades, Chuu is quite the artist and poet. He keeps a tiny booklet on his person at all times. He draws and writes songs and poems inside. Chuu aspires to get a book pulished someday with his poems and/or pictures inside. Chuu also loves to sing (and is pretty darn good at it); he's often spotted singing along (rather loudly) with his headphones.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "...and that makes Chuu a (happy/sad/angry/upset/excited/hungry/any other adjetive) Panda!

Primary Archetype: Maverick
Stat Merits: +1 Intelligence, +1 Tactics, +1 Willpower
Stat Flaws: -1 Power, -1 Control, -1 Reserves

Secondary Archetype: NA



Physical - 8

1 = 1
Speed: 1 + 7 + 2(GMAP) = 10 (+9 Madoiken)
Stamina: 1 + 1 + 2 (Threads) = 4

Mental - 10

1 + 1 + 5 +3(AP) + 1 (Threads) = 11
Tactics: 1 + 1 + 2 (GMAP) + 7 (Threads) = 11
Willpower: 1 + 1 + 5 + 3(AP) = 10

Chakra - 6

1 - 1 + 1 = 1
Control: 1 - 1 + 2 = 2
Reserves: 1 - 1 + 3 = 3


Jutsus and Techniques:

Global Nin - Jutsu One

Stage One

Kawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

Maikoken - Jutsus Two through Five

Stage Three

Stat Requirements:
10 willpower, 10 intelligence, 8 speed
Total Stage Bonuses: +9 Speed
Special Techniques:
Stage Three - Youma Batsu (Spirit Strike)

Kishju No Mokushi - Jutsus Six and Seven

Stage One

Kyoukou: Kaiga (Famine: Hunger)
Intelligence 3, Control 2

Soeki: Okkuu Seiki (Plauge: Annoying Cough)
Willpower 3, Reserves 2

Stage Two

Ham Hands no Jutsu! replacing Kousen Kagai
Willpower 5, Intelligence 4, Tactics 4

Stage Three

Kai replacing Kousen: Sono Ken Kageboushi

Requirements: Willpower 8, Intelligence 8, Tactics 6



Communication Unit - 1
Fake Explosive Tags - 1
Lighter - 1
Kunai - 2
Breathing Apparatus - 2
Insulation Clothing - 2
Sensitive Contacts - 2

Explosive Tags - 4

Weapon Points Remaining: 5
Additional Points Gained: 0


The Story:

Interrogation #2383

"Hey Chuu, back in here again I see!"

Chuu straightened himself in his chair. He was ready for it. "It" meaning the questioning. Once again Chuu found himself in holding, and he was probably goign to be there until his mother figured out that he was there, and came to get him. The room they were seated in was well lit and the light stung Chuu's eyes. "Yeah, I just love tihs place so much, you know?" Chuu whispered jokingly. The laughter that erupted from the two of them warmed the room, but the warmth lasted only for a second. The holding rooms at the police stations weren't meant to be fun places at all. It was brightly lit and cold. Living in sector two, Chuu was very used to dim lighting, and constant warmth from the factory always running.

It was silent for a while after the laughter until the man started chuckling again. "Haha, Chuu, it looks like you really got thrashed this time. How's the eye?" Chuu lifted the hunk of ice from his left eye and showed it to the man sitting across from him. His name was Raikatuji Kiyomitsu, but Chuu and this man were so well aquainted, that Chuu simply refers to him as Kiyo. After getting a good look at Chuu's eye, Kiyo shook his head and gave Chuu a half smile. "Can you see out of it?"

"Not yet." Chuu shrugged. "It was a well placed punch, so I'm expecting to not be able to see out of it for a while. It's not too bad, I've been in worse fights. In a few days I'll be fine."

"I will make sure to have someone come and take a look at it. Go ahead and put the ice back on it." Kiyo sighed and leaned forward in his chair; allowing his elbows to rest on the table before him, Kiyo set his head on his open palms and stared at Chuu. "So what happened this time? From what I heard, it was a pretty big fight—your condition confirms it. I know that you and your buddies try to stay out of that kind of stuff, right?"

"Yeah, it was a huge one; I was a bit surprised at how fast the fuzz got down there, but the fight was over drugs."

"How did you get involved in this one?"

"Well... I was hired."

"Hired? Again?"


"By who?"

"Let's call him Toshiki." Chuu began. "He was supposed to make a delivery, and he and his gang planned to double cross the buyer and make off with the money without exchanging the drugs. I was hired to survey the whole thing, and make sure everything went as planned on Toshiki's side. Unfortunately, the buyer of the drugs suspected this to happen and readied up his gang."

Kiyo nodded slowly as he took down notes of Chuu's words.

"I overheard the buyer giving orders to his gang members who were present. There were a few people that I recognized, so I'm guessin that they were a part of one of the bigger gangs in the sector. I ran off to tell Toshiki, but I was caught and taken hostage. They roughed me up a little big, then decided to just take me to the exchange site. It seemed that Toshiki was prepared and had some people from his gang to back him up. One thing lead to another and a huge brawl broke out, then the fuzz came in."

"What drugs were they supposed to be exchanging?"

"Some heroine, and some cigs laced with LSD. There was probably a lot more, I only overheard what the buyer said that he was going to share with the group that was with him."

Kyo put down his pen and scratched his head, obviously stressed and unsettled. "Chuu, why do you involve yourself in this type of stuff? From what I know of you, you don't like drugs or dealing with dealers or anything. And I know that your mother has been in and out of addictions too. What are you thinking?"

Chuu half shrugged. "We need the money. Mother..." Chuu stopped himself and shook his head. He didn't want to talk about his mother. She's been dealing drugs along with Toshiki for quite a while now. She's been doing that ever since she was laid off of work. It's the only way to get money into the house for food. In fact, that's part of the reason why Chuu agreed to help Toshiki. His mother asked him to. Toshiki and his mother have been doing a lot together, and Toshiki has helped them out financially quite a bit. Chuu and his mother were seriously in debt to him, and Toshiki wasn't going to let it go; he holds it over their head. "Ever since Dad left, money has been very very hard to come across and get our hands on."

"You're a promising ninja who just graduated at the top. I can't beleive how you'll sink so low and continue wasting your talent." Kiyo stared Chuu long and hard. "Does your family need the money so severely that you'll put your life and skill in jeporady like this? The report filed said that you were unconcious on the ground when they got there. This wasn't some little fight, Chuu; this was big, and dangerous."

Chuu half laughed. "Yeah, we need it that bad." Hopefully, now that Chuu just graduated the academy, he'll be placed on a team quickly and start doing missions. Money would start coming in, and they could quit this for good. 'How good it is to dream...'

Kiyo sighed and decided to move on to the next question. "How did Toshiki get in contact with you about this?"

Chuu grimaced inwardly; he needed to choose his words carefully in order to cover for his mom, and to not reveal who Toshiki really is or who he might possibly be. Kiyo was good at reading Chuu like a book—that was the reason why he was in here talkign to Chuu—he could pick up on any lie instantly. "Toshiki and my mom had some relations in the past. My mom grew up in sector two, and was in some gang activity as well; she and Toshiki dated for a whiel back then, and were in the same gang. After Dad left we needed money, so Toshiki said that we could borrow it from him. In order to pay him back, he calls us to do stuff for him. But Toshiki knows me personally because of Seiji-san."

Kiyo leaned back in his chair thoughtfully. "I remember... Ishimura Seiji. He used to come by here all the time to check up and make sure that you and your friends kept out of trouble; he cared about you kids a lot. He even put you guys in the academy right? Good guy... How is he doing these days? I haven't seen him around lately."

"He's dead. He died a few months ago."

"Oh," Kiyo whispered. "I'm sorry to hear that, how are you and your friends taking it?"

"We're doing well enough."

"Good to hear. How did Seiji know Toshiki?"

"They were close friends for a long long time. You could almost call them brothers. We owe a lot to Seiji-san. He's the one who taught me how to fight with Madoiken, and he taught me all the genjutsu that I know. He also built a bathroom for our house, and a pit so we can cook soup in our house every once in a while. Seiji-san also took our group out to eat a lot. Whenever he was in town, he was with us. He invested so much in us, and Toshiki promised Seiji that he'd look out or me and our family.

"It sounds like this Toshiki person is holding stuff over your family's head in order to manipulate you." Kiyo stated flatly. "And I'm guessing that its a lot more than what you are letting me know."

"No, no no. It's not like that—" Chuu lied. Kiyo raised a single eyebrow at him, and Chuu shut himself up. Lying to Kiyo would get Chuu nowhere.

"Chuu, what is this man demanding of you and your family?"

Chuu sighed yet again, now he had to choose his words carefully again. "Whenever my mom gets money, it goes directly to Toshiki. He takes out his portion and sends us the rest, usually it's not enough, but he says he'll bbe generous and take it out of the next one. He also has me work for him whenever possible, doing the same thing that I was doing today."

Chuu stopped there; He couldn't tell Kiyo that his mother was working for Toshiki, and he couldn't even give Kiyo a hint about the 'deliveries' that Toshiki sends him on.

"Does your mother have to do anything for him specifically?"

Chuu nearly glared at Kiyo; he was so good at reading Chuu and finding what he was trying to avoid. "I don't know exactly what my mother has to do for him." That was true, Chuu didn't know any specifics or complete details. "She's at his house a lot. Often times I spend the night with the twins, or another one of the group. I'm guessing that it's sex. I honestly have no clue; I've never asked my mom."

"Do your friends in your little gang know about this?"

"We're not a gang, Kiyo," Chuu sighed, a bit annoyed. "We're a crew at best. We don't deal in or with drugs, and we try to stay out of fights. The worst we do is small scale theft and graffiti, and most of what we steal is food."

"Fine fine, Chuu. Does your crew know what you do for Toshiki?"

"They do, and it hurts, but it's not so bad." Chuu explained. "I am the only one who gets involved in the fights. But because I'm hired help from Toshiki's gang, we get some protection—even though I'm not in the gang. That gang often mugs and kidnaps people and kids for money, so whenever they're with me, or if the gang knows that I am cool with them and Toshiki's cool with me, we're safe—in a sense. As for other gangs, we bump heads a little bit, but we've never gotten into any serious danger with them. Plus, whenever Toshiki comes looking for me, they often hide me. Toshiki's never caught on to that before. But in our crew, we look out for each other. We're family."

"Are you ever in any danger from Toshiki himself by working for him? Or the better question is, if you or your mother slip up during a job for Toshiki, what happens to you guys?"

Shrugging nonchalantly. "He'll cut off our money." That was true—partial truth. Toshiki was known for turning on the rage, and Chuu has been a punching bag quite a few times, usually to cover for his mother.

"Do you realize how much danger you and your mother are in by being affiliated with this guy?"

Chuu nodded and half smiled. It was alright, they were managing. "Kiyo, you don't understand; you live in sector one. Things down here in sector two are different. Danger is everywhere down here. That's why there are so many gangs, and that's why no one is anywhere alone. Strength in numbers, that's why we form crews or gangs. And right now, Toshiki is providing more safety than harm. Mom is safer by being with him."

Kiyo shook his head. This report says that in the past two years, you've been taken down here for fights twenty-two times."

"That's almost once a month. It sounds about right."

"I suppose you won't give me an answer if I ask you how many jobs you work that don't break out and alert the authorities?"

"You 'spooose correctly."

"Alright then. I think that;s it for now, others might come down with questions for you. You have the right not to talk if you don't want to." Kiyo rose from his seat and headed towards the door. "From what I've heard, we've launched an investigation on the people we did catch and everyone is coming out clean, and there are no current leads to this mysterious Toshiki person. All the other guys will be released soon enough, and will only be charged with disturbing the peace."

"So, it's the same as always?"

"Yeah... Are you sure you don't want to give me any more information that can lead us to catching this Toshiki guy?"

"I'm quite sure." Chuu smiled sweetly, swinging his short legs from his chair.

"I'll send for a medic nin to come down here and tend to you, and I'll have him bring a blanket, you're going to freeze down here."

"Thanks Kiyo. See you next month-ish?"

Kiyo shook his head sadly. "You know Chuu, you can't keep this up for long? You can't protect your mother like this forever?" It took a second for Chuu to understand what Kiyo was saying, but it sunk in clearly. Kiyo knew that Chuu wasn't completely open/honest with details, in order to protect his mother.

"I'll go as long as I can, Kiyo." Kiyo smiled down at Chuu and ruffled his hair, making sure to avoid any bruises on the boy's face.

Kiyo thought for a moment with his hand on the door handle. "You do that." Chuu waved goodbye as Kyo exited and locked the door of the holding room. 'That kid is something else...'

[center]Other Info:


—The hitai-ate that Chuu wears, is the one that belonged to Seiji. The hitai-ate that Chuu received at graduation hangs on the wall of his house.

—Chuu is prone to having panic attacks if he resists the urge to steal something for extended periods of time.

—The members of Chuu's crew (oldest to youngest): Jin(m), Koi(f) and Kai(f)(twins), Yaichiro(m), Chuu, Oharu(f)

Mission Log:

11/04/08: +2 Tactics GMAP
11/27/08: Team Nine - Don't Run, Don't Fear - +2 Tactics
11/30/08: Team Nine - Fear Through the Eyes of Madness - +2 Tactics
12/01/08: Team Nine - A New Teammate! - +1 Tactics, Ham Hands no Jutsu!, Kai (AP)
12/22/08: Team Nine - Curry of Life - +2 Stamina
01/04/2009 - +2 Speed GMAP
2/27/08: Team Nine: Bondin' Time! - +2 Stamina
12/28/12: A Happy Reunion - +1 Intelligence

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Everything seems to check out stats wise. Interesting bio, I liked it.

Half Approved

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An interesting illustration of Sector Two. I like the character and the biography was very nice as well. <3

GM approved
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It doesn't give his country or village information. Unless I missed it somewhere (of course I understand he's a Rain though, after reading beyond the first few lines of info xD)

Cute kid. Half-Approved.


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Geez chi, you fixed it quick.


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What's up with Amegakure and pandas? XD

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they lovin' the crew
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