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Default Simon's Swaps

Seal Name: Shuushuku Gouryoku (Shrinking Strength)

Seal Description: Always wondering about the Akimichi and their fascination with size. Even to the point where he tried to get into a few fights with them. He noticed their power and strength, but did not like the idea of growing to gargantuan sizes. For people of the Akimichi he noticed that they always did missions that involved their size, but what about the regular shinobi? The people that sneak around and kill stuff before people notice?

That is where the concept and idea of the Shuushuku Gouryoku. The first looks and studies for ways to do things such as shrink the size of a person was looked upon thoroughly but the only forms of size change was with the akimichi or with very few animals and summons. So instead of reading up on how to, he decided he was going to make it.

The best choice and method was through a seal, with this it was likely that it could not be stolen or given unless he wanted to give it to somebody. The first most noticeable thing about the jutsu was that his strength was greatly sapped and he could not perform the same things that he used to. This was a great problem for him and thusly needed to find a way to circumvent that. He realized that by limiting his power in chakra he would be able to achieve a size that he liked. When it was finally made, the seal appeared to be in the shape of two circles, one inside the other. It was placed directly on the back of his neck. As the seal gets stronger it starts to move, as if it's regulating the chakra for such feats of 'height'.

Note: When it comes to shrinking it should be noted that the users body is still the same ratio length/width wise. It should also be noted that bunshins are not capable of shrinking.

The user retains his strength at all times. If he could carry one hundred pounds at regular size he could do it at three feet tall as well.

The user activates this in one post. During that post, the user cannot use any offensive or defensive jutsu. De-activating the jutsu requires a post as well, the user is not capable of any offensive actions during this post.

If the user wussies out and unshrinks himself, he faces a six post cooldown, during the first four posts all his physical stats are dropped down three levels (can never go below level 1). for the first two post his jutsu's will still retain the size they had as if he was still small.

Seal Requirements:
Stage One: 8 Strength

Upon the first stage of the seal, the user is capable of shrinking himself one foot. This is the beginning stage of the seal and with it the user feels no affects except a major sap to his chakra usage due to the heavy usage of the seal. An increased detriment is that the user is only capable of using stage one Ninjutsu and Genjutsu and is banned from user any form of kawarimi jutsu.

The seal itself just starts to slowly make a wave effect during the use of the seal. Nothing truly incredible to see, then again who sees a waving tattoo everyday?

Stage Two: 10 Strength, 4 Speed, 6 Control

The next stage the user can achieve, he is capable of now shrinking himself 2 feet. During this stage people would consider the user a dwarf or a child. The user can still only use stage one ninjutsu and genjutsu but the user can now use a kawarimi jutsu once during his shrunken size. The body is slowly adapting.

The circles are still waving, however it seems that the waves are more violent and turbulent. As if it is having problem focusing with chakra,

Stage Three: 15 Strength, 5 Speed, 8 Control

The suspected maximum for the user, he is now able to shrink himself until he is 2 feet tall. He is now just a spec on a larger scope called earth, and can work as such. His abilities to adapt to size has started to strengthen. The user can now use stage two ninjutsu and genjutsu, as well as all uses of Kawarimi jutsus.

The seal now appears on the body and moves to several different points, as if it is isolating certain disruptions of chakra and keeping the body in the check. The seal itself is still wavy and looks very chaotic.

Stage Four: 25 Strength, 20 Speed, 14 Control

A surprise? Incredible! With this the user achieves something closer to the seals expected results; 1 foot in size! Ironic thing is, is that his body is actually getting better with the size! He can now use stage 3 ninjutsu and genjutsu.

The outer circle of the seal vanishes and re appears from time to time, as it moves around the body now. It can be seen for a mere second and then disappears completely. No more shake or vibration, the seal it just moves.

Stage Five: 30 Strength, 26 Speed, 16 Control

The highest...and yet the shortest the user can ever reach with the power of the seal. Nobody has ever been capable of doing something like this until now. The user sinks down to the maximum size of six inches! His ability of chakra control has been stunted still at stage 3. The user is truly a small man in a big world. The seal does not have a significant change physically.

Stage Six: 30 Strength, 30 Speed, 15 Stamina, 18 Power, 18 Control

Quite the accident! The user never thought that he could reach this stage of the seal! By now even trying to look at the seal by normal eyes in impossible as the user is now at an incredible size of half an inch! This was something that true shinobi dream of, capable of hiding anywhere and still able to activate stage three ninjutsu with his small size!

The seal is now placed on the back of his neck without movement...atleast that is what people would think. At this size the seal is unlikely to be seen unless some form of magnification is used.

Stage Seven: 40 Strength, 35 Speed, 24 Stamina, 22 Power, 22 Control

What the hell? At this stage the user might not even be real. Being the size of barely 1/8th of an inch. Being able to do whatever he wanted at a size that shouldn't be measured. He is still restricted at stage three ninjutsu but his body is rapidly shrinking, causing him to lose 2 stamina per post until he no longer has the stamina required to retain the size (he recovers one stamina for every two posts afterwards or until the thread is complete).

Seal Weaknesses:

Although the user's ninjutsus stats are not hindered, they are considered moot. As with him shrinking, the size of his jutsus do the same. An example is a fireball will always be proportional to the size of the man making it. (If a six foot man made a six foot fireball, at stage three the fireball would only be two feet; the proportional size to the user).

Along with the Jutsus, the user's items are also hindered size-wise. Including the important explosive tag, which is still proportional. If he is given an item by a comrade, it shrinks with him, even if it was given to him after the seal was used. When it comes to poisons the chemicals don't change, just the portion size.

The users ability to speak is hindered a great amount since he is now smaller, with his size physically, the size of his voice goes down as well.

Can only get stage 1 at creation. All others must be obtained by thread points (Not AP).

When using the seal his abilities in bed falls dramatically :'(

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Default Simon's Swaps

Snake Movement:
Type: Ninjutsu
Stage: 1
Description: Really a jutsu for show. This allows the users snake tattoo to move around his body. It's passive and it does not do anything but move around.

Snake Swallow:
Type: Ninjutsu
Stage: 4
Description: A defensive jutsu that is meant to caught the opponent off guard. Instead of creating a wall of an element. The users tattoo moves around the body rapidly, swallowing any projectiles that are thrown at him that are equivalent to stage 3 taijutsu or ninjutsu. If the opponent does a physical attack the snake will open it's mouth to hold the opponent back from causing the user damage. The sad thing is, the snakes fang will not hurt the target (think of it like someone pushing a thumb against you). It may also only jump out two feet from the body. This jutsu may last up to three posts. This jutsu then has a cooldown of 3 posts.

Note: The snakes head must be in plain sight or the jutsu is canceled.

Snake Strangle:
Type: Genjutsu
Trigger: Seeing the tattoo
Description: The snake moves around the body and actually leaves! It gets off the persons body and chases the opponent until he reaches him. Once he hits the opponent, it will climb up the person, as if they have the tattoo. Then it will move around the neck and begin to strangle it. Although this does not kill, after the first post the opponent will be disoriented from the lack of air. Once the genjutsu ends, the snake will quickly leave and go back on to the user, usually making the opponent gasp for air.

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Default [Swaps] Do what you want

Master of the Sea
Beast Master – Blade Dance
Combo Special: A user may have one animal considered an aquatic animal and receive the Large Beast key trait free without using a key trait slot.
Description: A specialized beastmaster that dominates the water. Their beast, already a king in the sea, uses a shinobi to completely dominate it.

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u havin a giggle m8
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Hey, didn't Sleepy make this?

Half Approved since Merdle said specific free traits were alright. Though, one could make the argument that the Large>Huge>Big McLargehuge traits are balanced around excluding other key traits, but I'll let someone else argue that since I can't think of any reason why else it wouldn't be allowed.
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Half'ed. I'm going to assume that the restrictions on taking Large beast still apply even tho you get it for free.

Thank you Relu for the buttons!


~ Mist Secondary GM [ in training :P ] ~

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Bumping! If you need help or have questions hit me up.
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This is simple Approved
Rain GM

Items/Swaps/To Do List
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Straight forward, does what it says on the tin.

Half Approved
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Approved & moved into your swap thread.

Currently [OPEN] to character registry checks.
Currently [OPEN] to item/jutsu registry checks.
Got a Mist question? PM me.

Master RP Thread
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